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Lou Dobbs: Establishment GOP, Far Left and Liberal Media Have Joined in ‘Unholy Alliance’ to Take Down Trump

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Lou Dobbs and Stewart Varney defended Donald Trump’s plan to halt all Muslim immigration to the US until the government can ensure the security of the American people.

Lou Dobbs then lashed out at the “unholy alliance” between the GOP elites, the far left and the liberal media to try to take Trump down.

But so far – they can’t.

Government Raids Mosques – What They Found Inside Proves Trump Has Been Right All Along

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Last month, the world was stunned when ISIS launched a deadly terrorist attack in Paris and killed 130 people. Unlike how Obama’s America would likely react after such an attack, the French government decided to take action.

According to The Political Insider, France responded to the attacks by raiding mosques across their nation. While this caused the government to initially be accused of racism, that all changed this week when a Langy-sur-Marne based mosque was raided. Inside the mosque, investigators found a large collection of 7.62 Kalashnikov ammo as well as boxes of Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda videos.

The Left Calls for Confiscating Your Guns in Wake of California Shooting

I think it's a swell idea and they should go ahead and see how that works out.  Quit threatening, do it!

ACTION:  The anti-gun Left is pulling out the stops and is now calling for gun confiscation.  We have to meet “fire with fire.”  So forward this alert to ten people.  Encourage your pro-gun family and friends to sign up for GOA alerts.

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The Anti-gun Left Declares War on Your Gun Rights


President Obama took to the airwaves on Sunday night and told the nation we need more gun control.
Hillary Clinton -- the one who will most likely be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 -- recently called for an all-out war on guns, as well.

And then, for the first time since 1920, the New York Times published an editorial on the front page of their newspaper.

This is important because the editorial page of the Times reflects the thinking of the anti-gun Democrat Left.

And what is the theme of the Times' most important message in nearly a hundred years?

In two words:  Gun Confiscation

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Support for Trump SPIKES After Muslim Ban Comments – Leads All Candidates by 20 Points in South Carolina!

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Man Behind “Hug a Muslim” Campaign Arrested Over Bomb Threat

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 hug a muslim

Hugs-For-Bombs– Muhammad Mujahid Islam protested outside British Parliament last week with a sign reading, “I am a Muslim, do you trust me enough for a hug?” Muhammad was arrested this weekend for threatening to blow up a lawmaker’s home.

Jerry Miculek and the M44 at 200 and 300




(The one I bought in 2010) 

Izzy 1947 M44 Laminate I have a Izzy M44 1947 with laminate stock. This is a good example of Post-War improved quality rifle with higher polish bluing. Out of the pile of Mosins I have seen in the past several years, this is by far the nicest refurbish I have seen. This is an excellent shooter. I can hold about 2 inches at 50 yards off hand. You will pay for what you get here, not a junk barrel

Behind the 1943 M44, this year is the second rarest year with only ~120,000 made. It has a shiny bore and shoots great with a low wall receiver. All numbers match except floor plate has been force matched. Not counter bored. The only thing that takes a little away from this rifle is a few dings on the stock which are visible in the photos. Also by the import marks they ground off a little bluing above the markings, which is also visible in the photo. I have been meaning to put some cold blue on it but have not gotten around to it and just keep it oiled. I should have a cleaning kit and ammo pouch to go along with this rifle also.

 $150/ OBO shipped. 01/03 FFL.

Judicial Watch Releases ‘Compelling Benghazi Email’ It Says ‘Worsens the Scandal of Benghazi’

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 Image source: Screen grab / Judicial Watch

A conservative government watchdog group released a new Benghazi email Tuesday that then-Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash sent to the State Department offering military forces that could have moved into the area.

Bash sent his email — obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit — to three senior State Department officials just hours after the deadly 2012 attacks initially unfolded.
[W]e have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi,” he wrote. “They are spinning up as we speak.”

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Large Quantity of Cellphones Bought By “Immigrants” at Rural Missouri Walmart Sets Off Alarms

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"Police say cellphones can be potential tools in the hands of terrorists. Besides their use in communication, they can also be used as detonators for bombs."

Two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM last Saturday morning.

Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.
KY3 reported:

The Greatest Murder Machine in History

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Over 110 Million Blacks were killed by Islam.

When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as the worst species of tyranny to have ever arisen. However, the alarming truth is that Islam has killed more than any of these, and may surpass all of them combined in numbers and cruelty.

The enormity of the slaughters of the "religion of peace" are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.
The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. -- Will Durant, as quoted on Daniel Pipes site.

Muslims believe?

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Debts Passed on to Future Generations

Jefferson made it clear that only an immoral people would pass along the debts of their comfortable living to their children and those generations yet unborn. He reminded his listeners that children are born free and should not be burdened by an indebted future.  Prior to the War Between the States a sitting president would endeavor to pay off debts generated by his administration.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Debts Passed on to Future Generations

“As the doctrine is that a public debt is a public blessing, so they [the supporters of State debt assumption] think a perpetual one is a perpetual blessing, and, therefore, wish to make it so large that we can never pay it off.” (to Nicholas Lewis, 1792)

“That we are bound to defray the expenses of the war within our own time, and unauthorized to burthen posterity with them, I suppose to have been proved in my former letter. There have existed nations, and civilized and learned nations, who have thought that a father had a right to sell his child as a slave, in perpetuity; that he could alienate his body and industry conjointly, and a fortiari his industry separately; and consume the fruits himself.  A nation asserting this fratricide right might well suppose they could burthen with public as well as private debt their [children and future generations].

We acknowledge that our children are born free; that their freedom is the gift of nature, and not of him who begot them . . . so when adult is sui juris, entitled himself to the use of his own limbs and fruits of his own exertions . . . we believe [that to] oblige them to pay for all the enterprises, just or unjust, profitable or ruinous, into which our vices, our passions, or our personal interests may lead us.  But I trust that this proposition needs only to be looked at by an American to be seen in its true point of view, and that we shall consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay them ourselves; and consequently within what may be deemed the period of a generation, or the life of the majority.

We must raise, then, ourselves the money for this war, either by taxes within the year, or by loans; and if by loans, we must repay them ourselves, proscribing forever the English practice of perpetual funding; the ruinous consequences of which, putting right out of the question, should be a sufficient warning to a considerate nation to avoid the example.” (to J.W. Eppes, September 1813)

(The Jeffersonian Cyclopedia, Debt and Generations, Funk and Wagnalls Company, 1900, pp. 226-227)

Jefferson Davis Pleads for Peace

On January 10, 1861, Senator Jefferson Davis of Mississippi challenged his fellow United States Senators of the North to exhibit sufficient leadership to avert a coming war. They would not, nor did President-elect Lincoln who avoided any talk of legislative compromise with the South in order to hold the disparate factions of his purely-sectional party together – party over country.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Jefferson Davis Pleads for Peace

“Senator [Jefferson] Davis would speak for the South. He was still Senator, still its spokesman. Mississippi had not yet officially notified him of her action yesterday.

“Events, with a current hurrying on as it progresses, have borne me past the point where it would be useful for me to argue the question of rights.

What, Senators, today is the condition of the country? From every quarter of it comes the wailing cry of patriotism pleading for the preservation of the great inheritance we derived from our fathers. Tears are now trickling down the stern face of man; and those who have bled for the flag of their country, and are willing now to die for it, stand powerless before the plea that the [Republican] party about to come into power laid down a platform, and that come what will, though ruin stare us in the face, consistency must be adhered to, even though the Government be lost.

Why should not the garrison at Fort Sumter be withdrawn, if it would ease the tension and save bloodshed? And as for the flag:

Is there any point of pride which prevents us from withdrawing that garrison? I have heard it said by a gallant gentleman that the great objection was an unwillingness to lower the flag. To lower the flag!

Can there, then, be a point of pride so sacred a soil as this, where the blood of the fathers cries to Heaven against civil war? Can there be a point of pride against laying upon the sacred soil today the flag for which our fathers died? My pride, Senators, is different.

My pride is that the flag shall not set between contending brother; and that, when it shall no longer be the common flag of the country, it shall be folded up and laid away like a vesture no longer used; that it shall be kept as a scared memento of the past, to which each of us can make a pilgrimage, and remember the glorious days in which we were born.

I have striven to avert that catastrophe which now impends over the country, unsuccessfully, and I regret it. If you desire at this last moment to avert civil war, so be it; it is better so.

If you will not have it thus; if the pride of power, if in contempt of reason and reliance on force, you say we shall not go, but shall remain as subjects to you, gentlemen of the North, a war is to be inaugurated the like of which men have not seen.

Is there wisdom, is there patriotism in the land? If so, easy must be the solution to the question. If not, then Mississippi’s gallant sons will stand like a wall of fire around their State . . . ”

(Congress and the Civil War, Edward Boykin, McBride Company, 1955, pp. 269-271)

Indy man stabs, kills 6-year-old boy during Kentucky home burglary

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 Mug shot of Ronald Exantus

Police in Kentucky arrested an Indianapolis man accused of stabbing a 6-year-old boy to death during a Monday morning home burglary.

Authorities in Versailles, Ky., were called to a home on Douglas Avenue around 4 a.m. A homeowner contacted 911 dispatchers to report an armed intruder inside the home.

According to court documents, the intruder, later identified as Ronald Exantus, 32, wandered around the home before walking up the stairs and stabbing a sleeping 6-year-old boy several times in the head “with a large kitchen knife that he obtained in the house.”

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