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Beagle thinks owner drowning. :)

This devoted beagle still gets credit for bravery... even if its services weren't needed.

How an African Slave in Boston Helped Save Generations from Smallpox

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A Boston advertisement for a cargo of about 250 slaves recently arrived from Africa circa 1700, particularly stressing that the slaves are free of smallpox, having been quarantined on their ship.
Boston Ad

The news was terrifying to colonists in Massachusetts: Smallpox had made it to Boston and was spreading rapidly. The first victims, passengers on a ship from the Caribbean, were shut up in a house identified only by a red flag that read “God have mercy on this house.” Meanwhile, hundreds of residents of the bustling colonial town had started to flee for their lives, terrified of what might happen if they exposed themselves to the frequently deadly disease.

They had reason to fear. The virus was extremely contagious, spreading like wildfire in large epidemics. Smallpox patients experienced fever, fatigue and a crusty rash that could leave disfiguring scars. In up to 30 percent of cases, it killed.

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UPDATE: ScottEvest CEO calls conservatives Idiots! SCOTTeVEST: RFID Travel Vest for Men

This would definitely be better than what I normally use.

Cooking Tips from AOC

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Brick by brick- The Deplorable Choir

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Sad News & a Class at UNC

Matthew Silber, better known to Abbeville Institute readers as Lewis Liberman, passed away suddenly on February 3 at the age of 41. He was responsible for cartoons like the one above below and wrote articles for our website. We published a review of his book "Snowflake Buddies" last week. He leaves behind an obviously devastated wife and son. They are both in need of spiritual, emotional, and financial support. If you would like to help them in this difficult time, a Go Fund Me page has been created in Matthew's honor. Rest in peace.

Understanding Modern African Horrors by Way of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade

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On January 15, and well into the morning of the next day, terrorists affiliated with the Somali Jihadi group Al Shabab forced their way into an upscale Nairobi hotel and business centre, killing 21 innocent civilians. Kenyan authorities, with some help from Western allies, killed some of the terrorists and captured the rest. Al Shabab justified the attack by denouncing the Kenyan government’s participation with African Union forces in Somalia, which has been in a state of civil warfare since the early 1990s.

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Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal'

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HEARTBREAKING: Iowa Boy, 9, Holds Stuffed Animals In Court While Describing Alleged Torture

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On Wednesday, a heartbreaking scene occurred in an Iowa court as a nine-year-old boy, holding his stuffed Paw Patrol Chase dog and a Spiderman action figure, told the court that his father’s girlfriend locked him in a cement basement for at least nine hours a day in the summer of 2017, beat him with a wire handle of a flyswatter, and forced him to carry a backpack filled with rocks.

Traci Tyler, 40, and her boyfriend, Alex Shadlow, 30, the boy's father, are being tried on first-degree kidnapping charges.

Did Ulysses Grant Own and Rent Slaves?


Even among the most Grant-partial historians there’s no denying that Ulysses Grant and his wife owned slaves prior to the Civil War. In fact, “Ulysses Grant” is the correct answer to a crafty American history trivia question that asks: “Can you name the last slaveholding President?”

As growing political correctness causes our culture to increasingly condemn historical figures connected with slavery, Grant supporters are scrambling for explanations to exempt him from denunciation. Foremost among these are his role in defeating the Confederacy and his (suspect) advocacy for minority civil rights during his presidency. But Grant fans also try to explain away his pre-war participation in the slave economy. Here are the facts:

DOJ Opens Probe Into ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal for Billionaire Child Predator Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein (Public Domain)

The U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday, Feb. 6, that it has opened an investigation into a 2007 plea deal that allowed New York billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to serve only 13 months in a Florida jail while being accused of molesting more than 100 underage girls, some of them just 14 years old.

In a letter to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd said that an internal investigation is now underway to examine whether DOJ attorneys committed “professional misconduct.”

“The Office of Professional Responsibility has now opened an investigation into allegations that Department attorneys may have committed professional misconduct in the manner in which the Epstein criminal matter was resolved,” Boyd wrote.

Trump for President ?

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