Sunday, February 10, 2019

ScottEvest CEO calls conservatives Idiots!

Via Spikessib

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SCOTTeVEST CEO Scott Jordan said his company advertises on Fox News because their viewers are “extremely gullible” and “f**cking idiots.”

One is left to wonder just how shoddy Jordan’s product is (a vest with enough inside pockets to carry a phone, tablet, water bottle, etc.) if he counts on “extremely gullible … f**king idiots” to purchase it.

Anyway, sounding like a true elitist, Jordan made the comments on Facebook within the context of meeting people on a “ski lift.”


  1. Ya know I had a niggling suspicion when I watched the video on his vest. It was missing the one thing I would deem necessary, a concealed carry pocket. I mean really, who makes a security vest without a concealed carry pocket but a liberal.


    1. Good point and because liberals prefer I-Pads over guns!