Sunday, February 10, 2019

Is Congressman Al Green the Dumbest Man in Washington? In Texas? America?

It is unclear how far Rep. Al Green is on the articles and whether he plans to file a privileged resolution for impeachment. (Godofredo A. Vasquez/AP)

Apparently so.  Rep. Al Green (D-TX) announced today that the reason why Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was photographed in blackface in his 1984 medical school yearbook is Donald Trump’s “bigotry.”  The governor is apparently clairvoyant enough to have known in 1984 that Donald Trump would be elected thirty-two years later, and so he must have thought he should board the bigotry train early.

Reminds me of how some critics of my book, The Real Lincoln accused me of veiled “racism” by writing the book as a  response to the election of Obama.  The Real Lincoln was published in 2002; Obama was elected in 2008.  I apparently share Governor Northam’s clairvoyance.



  1. A close second to Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state.


      Can't forget Hank Johnson also. :)

  2. I don't know Brock. he has some pretty stiff competition. like ole Hank Johnson that wondered in a Congressional hearing if Guam might tip over if too many aircraft, equipment, and people were brought onto the island. Then there is Mad Maxine, Sheila Jackson Lee and Nancy Piglosi. Not to forget AOC. But you did ask if he was the Dumbest Man. Obozo still thinks there are 57 States in these United States. Less we forget Big Mike, aka Michelle OHHH-Bomba, as if we didn't know it's not so lil secret. There are so many to choose from.

  3. Even after eliminating the women it's a very crowded field. I don't know whether he is the dumbest, but will agree he's a front runner.