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Mass. RNC Decertifies 16 Ron Paul Delegates

Freedom Outpost

It looks as if the Republican National Committee and the Mitt Romney campaign have officially taken a stand to oust Ron Paul supporters in Massachusetts. On August 10, the RNC’s ‘Committee on Contest’, chaired by Mike Duncan, released their recommendation to uphold “Romney for President, Inc.” decision to ignore the official caucus results. Instead they manipulated rules to decertify sixteen duly elected delegates. On August 14, the decertified delegates filed a Notice of Intent to Object. They are expecting an impartial hearing prior to Tampa.

It seems that Team Romney and the RNC do not care about unifying this block of voters at all because, at every turn, they have looked to undermine their organization and hard work and to shut their voice out of the convention. Last week it was Maine, this week it’s Massachusetts.

From the official release of the Massachusetts Liberty Caucus,

These sixteen duly elected Liberty delegates wanted to participate in the Republican National Convention to promote three platform issues, specifically Auditing the Federal Reserve Bank, Requiring Congressional Declaration of War for Funding Wars, and Protecting Internet Freedom.

This flagrant violation of the foundation of American Democracy has not killed the spirit of Liberty, but rather strengthened the resolve of activists to continue to reform the Massachusetts Republican Party, by actively supporting the removal of leadership that undermines fair elections, promotes cronyism, and whose policy positions clearly infringe on personal liberty. One example of the lack of liberty in the current state Republican Party Leadership is the recent endorsement by Republican State House Minority Leader Bradley Jones of ‘price controls’ on health care that every small government Republican should be opposed.

The tactical purge of duly elected delegates by the Romney Campaign’s top attorney, Benjamin Ginsberg, sends a clear message that grassroots activists are not welcome to participate in Romney’s Presidential Campaign. The grassroots activists that organized, worked hard, and campaigned to elect those decertified delegates can take a hint, and while committed to defeating President Barack Obama and his policies that promote poverty, not prosperity, moving forward, will pledge their time, talent, and treasure towards supporting local candidates.

These are people that had already purchased plane tickets and made travel arrangements to Tampa as official National delegates to the convention. Now they have been undercut by both the RNC and the Romney campaign.

Brutal Attack = I Remember

Release Date - unknown A Wasted Life (The Ballad Of C.c.)
A Wounded Man
All Alone Again
Always Near (For Ian Stuart)
Aryan Child (For Candice)
Blind Fury
Blood Of Our Kin
Can Anybody Hear Me?
Do Not Cry For Me
Dragon Tears
Embers Of Yesterday
European Unity
Falling Down
Field Of Glory
For The Fallen And The Free
Forever England
Hate Rock (The Vinyl Solution)
In The Hearts Of Highland Men
Is This The End?
Last Day Of Summer
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My Last Goodbye
My Lionhearted Son
My Sworn Duty
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Put Your Hands In My Hands
Ride On Bro'
Running Down The Road To Freedom
Shut You Down
Something Is Missing
Stormclouds Over Europe
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The Quest
These Tears Are Real
Through The Darkness (You Shine )
Time Bomb
Tomorrow's Dream
Warrior Of Truth (My Name Is The Blood)
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When Odin Calls
White Pride, White Passion
Winds Of Change
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Dear Mother
Fields Of Glory
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The Angels Of Dunblane
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We Stand And We Fight
White Pride White Passion

CALL TO ARMS! Flaggers needed in Manassas! The Custermobile says it is all about slavery and we have nothing to be proud of! Are you mad enough yet?

HistoryMobile Heading Back to Manassas

Susan Frise Hathaway

A walk-through, interactive "museum on wheels" was unveiled at the 150th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas in July of 2011 and now it is heading back to Manassas for the commemoration of the Second Battle of Manassas, Aug. 24-26.

The tractor-trailer will be arriving to the Manassas Visitor Center (9431 West St.), at the corner of West and Prince William streets in Old Town, Thursday, Aug. 23, where it will remain for the weekend. Admission to the HistoryMobile is free.

Its arrival and opening to the public will be marked by a reception and remarks event Thursday evening beginning at 5:30 p.m. That will be followed by entertainment by the Army Blues Band at the Harris Pavilion as well as the 1-2-3 Art Exhibit at the Art Beat Gallery, Creative Brush Studio, and the Manassas Art Guild at 7 p.m.

The HistoryMobile exhibit takes the visitor on a journey to the battlefield, homefront and shows the impact of the Civil War on Virginia's people.

More @ Manassas Patch

$PLC’s hatewatch gives cover to hate

As long-time readers surely know, I have examined the pernicious methodology of the Southern Poverty Law Center in moving from fighting Klan and neo-Nazi groups to fighting for the Democratic Party agenda against conservatives and the Tea Party.

In seeking to justify its hefty salaries, budget and fundraising, SPLC made a very dangerous leap to treating political opponents as “hate groups” and speech it didn’t like as “hate speech.”

My first post about SPLC was when Mark Potok, head of SPLC’s Hatewatch project, smeared a prominent black female law professor at Vanderbilt as an “apologist for white supremacists,” based upon a complete misreading of her review of a movie involving racially inflammatory rhetoric. It was a vicious attack, taken apart by James Taranto in The Wall Street Journal.

Since then I examined the SPLC’s tendency to exaggerate hate group statistics for fundraising purposes, including inventing hate groups in my home State of Rhode Island:

When it came to the Tea Party, I wrote that SPLC Completed Its Descent Into Madness when it called a speech by Sarah Palin at the National Tea Party Convention in February 2010 one of the landmark events in the “Patriot Movement” (which SPLC defined as Tim McVeigh-type anti-government violent groups):

Whatever SPLC once was, it now is a bastion of political hackery which, by equating legitimate political opposition with criminal violence, is doing substantial damage to our national fabric.

It is time for people of conscience to speak out against SPLC’s tactics.

SPLC continued its agenda against the Tea Party and conservatives when it persisted in claiming that Jared Loughner was “right wing” long after it was clear that was not the case.

SPLC also moved on to the issue of marriage, and named several groups — including the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage — as hate groups, SPLC Demonizes Supporters of Traditional Marriage:

More @ Legal Insurrection

Obamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls for Free--Without Parental Consent

Via Cousin John

hanks to an Obamacare regulation that took effect on Aug. 1, health care plans in Oregon will now be required to provide free sterilizations to 15- year-old girls even if the parents of those girls do not consent to the procedure.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finalized the regulation earlier this year.

It says that all health care plans in the United States--except those provided by actual houses of worship organized under the section of the Internal Revenue Code reserved for churches per se--must provide coverage, without cost-sharing, for sterilizations and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives to “all women with reproductive capacity.”

In practical terms, "all women with reproductive capacity" means girls as young as about 12. That, according to the National Institutes of Health, is when girls usually start menstruating.

More @ CNS

Injunction Motion Against DNC Filed with 9th Circuit

Today Liberty Legal Foundation filed our motion for preliminary injunction against the DNC with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If the 9th Circuit grants our motion it will issue a court order preventing the DNC from certifying Obama as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

You may remember that the states will not place candidate’s names on the ballot unless and until they receive a document from the political parties identifying their candidate. So, the national political parties send notifications to all 50 states identifying the party’s candidate for president. These notifications come from the DNC and RNC immediately after the parties’ conventions.

Until 2008, each one of these notifications included a statement from the parties that certifies that the candidate is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President. In 2008, for the first time since this practice began, the DNC sent out 49 notifications that did not include a certification that their candidate, Obama, was constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President. No explanation was offered. Because its laws required the eligibility statement, Hawaii received a notice that included the eligibility statement. The other 49 states, which received notifications without the eligibility statement, all accepted them and placed Obama’s name on their ballots. Perhaps they were relying upon the fact that the DNC’s bylaws state that they are not allowed to support a candidate that is not constitutionally qualified to hold office.

Whether the eligibility certification is express or implied, the political parties and the states understand that these notifications represent the parties’ representation that their candidate is constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President. This is why Liberty Legal Foundation sued the DNC to prevent it from sending notices to the states after its 2012 convention. Our lawsuit points out that such notices are either fraudulent or, at a minimum, represent gross negligence on the part of the DNC.

Our lawsuit makes no claim about where Obama was born. It simply points out that Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen and that the Supreme Court ruled in 1875 that a natural born citizen must have two parents that are U.S. citizens.

We filed our lawsuit in Arizona because Arizona is part of the 9th Circuit and the 9th Circuit had already ruled that any candidate running for any public office has legal standing to challenge the eligibility of any candidate running for the same office. The Arizona District Court is bound by the 9th Circuit’s ruling on this point. One of our named plaintiffs is Presidential candidate John Dummett. Mr. Dummett’s inclusion as a named party to this lawsuit gives all other CCA plaintiffs standing to challenge Obama’s eligibility.

Rather than address the substantive issue of Obama’s eligibility, Judge Susan Bolton of the Arizona Federal court dismissed our case by claiming that the DNC’s act of sending a notice to the Arizona Secretary of State did not amount to purposefully directing activity toward Arizona. This ruling is absurd, as I discussed in last week’s message. You can read our response to the Arizona court's ruling on pages 6-9 of our motion to the 9th Circuit.

The best news is that Judge Bolton’s action allowed us to appeal to the 9th Circuit. Now that we are before another court we have filed another motion for injunction against the DNC. We are very hopeful that the 9th Circuit will FOLLOW THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION.

Please continue to support our efforts by spreading the word about this lawsuit, forwarding this e-mail to everyone you know, and donating what you can to Liberty Legal Foundation.

For Liberty,

Van Irion, Founder

Fictionalized Northern Views of the South

My Black NC Kinfolks


The States of the northeast in 1860 were better termed former-slave States, a region that eradicated slavery by statute and sold its slaves to work Southern plantations. It was not a hospitable place for free blacks as New York passed Jim Crow laws in the 1820s to intimidate black voters, and Frederick Douglas complained of the intense racism against his race at Philadelphia.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Fictionalized Northern Views of the South:

“There has been a tendency, stubbornly persistent even in our time, to mistake the planter aristocracy for the entire South. It is therefore important to point out that if one could identify an average Southerner of the eighteen-fifties, statistics would demand that he be, at least by plurality of numbers, a non-slaveholding white farmer who cultivated a few acres with the help of his wife and children. A small nucleus, about 4 percent of all slaveholders, held on hundred or more slaves. Yet it was the large slaveholder, fictionalized by partisan pens, that has constituted popular portraits of the South.

Moreover, a sense of history was conspicuously lacking in antebellum Northern views of the South. It is not inappropriate here to recall that the beginnings of slavery coincide with the first English settlements in America. During the seventeenth century slave-traders of many nations joined in establishing in America, North and South, an institution which was not to become “peculiar” in anyone’s eye’s for nearly two centuries.

No generation was alone responsible for the enslavement of men; but no generation could escape the mounting social tensions and moral complexities that accompanied its growth. By the time prevailing ideologies of the world had become expressly opposed to slavery, most Southerners had come to consider it indispensible to either their economic or their social well-being. To understand the tragedy of the South is to realize that it is inescapably America’s tragedy.”

(The South in Northern Eyes, 1831 to 1861, Howard R. Floan, McGraw-Hill, 1958, pp. viii-ix)

Fictionalized Northern Views of the South

Safety First

Via Jason

February 14, 1922. "'Safety first' is the motto of Miss Mary Jayne of Keith's vaudeville circuit."

"Miss Jayne claims exemption from concealed weapon regulation by saying her thirty-two isn't a concealed weapon in these days of knee-length skirts."

New Black Panther: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

Via Billy

National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers King Samir Shabazz who was caught on video tape allegedly intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 08 is now in charge of the New Black Panthers plan to create inner city militaries that would go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people n the street.

Radford business owner declines request from Joe Biden's entourage to stop in store

Via The Feral Irishman

The owner of Crumb and Get It says he doesn't agree with the Obama administration's policies.

Would you say no to the Vice President?

One New River Valley business owner turned Vice President Joe Biden down. To see video of the story, click here.

This might happen more than you think from both political parties, most businesses just don't talk about it. The owner of "Crumb and Get It" - did.

Chris McMurray's bakery has been open only since May, barely three months.

Wednesday morning, advance teams for Vice President Joe Biden walked in.

"I approached her she said Joe Biden is coming to town today," McMurray said.

"Crumb and Get It" is a mom and pop store. Literally. Chris and his wife Kelly run the place and need all the business they can get.

McMurray said the Vice President's entourage got to the point and made its pitch.

"She said they have selected 'Crumb and Get It" to be his stop on his way to Blacksburg and was wondering if that was ok."

Here's the part that might make other business owners crazy.

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime but essentially I said 'No offense to you or the campaign but I just decline you guys coming in here. At that time she said 'Are you sure? There's going to be a lot of press, a lot of activity,’" McMurray said.

Why in the world would a new business owner say "no" to a photo op with the Vice President of the United States?

McMurray said it was President Obama's recent remarks about small business and who built what.

"Very simply, ‘you didn't build that’” McMurray said. “Speaking of small businesses and entrepreneurs all across this country and actually last night my wife was up all night. No sleep, she's worked a full 24 hours."

More @ WDBJ

Few know much about Jefferson Davis before presidency


Every two years, descendants of Jefferson Davis— the only president of the Confederacy— gather at Rosemont Plantation near Woodville, Miss., to celebrate a person they consider an American hero.

"He's one of the most misunderstood figures in this country's history," Davis' great-great grandson Bert Hayes-Davis said.

Hayes-Davis recounts a long list of his great-great grandfather's accomplishments: West Point graduate, war hero, U.S. congressman, senator and Cabinet member.

"He was an American patriot," he said.

As a U.S. senator, Davis was a key proponent of The Smithsonian Institute's creation.

As secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce, he helped design the National Capitol and the Statue of Freedom atop its dome.

"No one knows that," Hayes-Davis said. "Those are the things we want people to realize."

To most people, Davis' life boils down to one day: Nov. 6, 1861 — the day he was elected president of the Confederate States of America.

"That's what bothers me the most," Hayes-Davis said. "We lost the first 51 years of his life."

More @ USA Today

Want to really tread some hallowed Civil War ground?


These should be good to metal detect.

Discover the Potomac's strategic crossings. Indeed, read on to the surprise we have in the last paragraph.

Maryland commuters have long known that there are only three ways to cross the Potomac between Point of Rocks and the nation’s capital. What they don’t know is that a century and a half ago, there were more than a dozen.

Forget bridges. Think ferries, and especially fords. Throughout history, waterways have exerted profound influences on military campaigns. During the American Civil War, these nearly forgotten, but in many cases, still scenic and even pristine crossings along the Potomac River endure as reminders of how and where commanders Blue and Gray dealt with the riverine obstacles confronting their armies.

Many students of the war can easily point out Conrad’s Ferry where such Confederate commanders as Col. John Mosby, Lt. Col. Lige White, and Gen. John McCausland crossed their cavalry. Known today as White’s Ferry, this still active cable ferry which is named for Confederate General Jubal Early, regularly floats traffic between Loudoun County, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland, 18 hours a day, weather permitting.

But how many have heard of Rowser's Ford, just a dozen miles northwest of the Beltway?

Mosby crossed Rowser’s in an attack on the camp of the 6th Michigan Cavalry at Seneca Mills on June 10, 1863. Two weeks later, JEB Stuart's cavalry rode across the Potomac here in their pre-Gettysburg raid on Rockville which gained them 150 enemy wagons…but deprived Lee of his “eyes and ears” in the war’s most decisive battle. Today, the curious will discover Rowser’s Ford is still there, a literal stone’s throw from Violette’s Lock, #24 in today’s C & O Canal National Historical Park.

More @ Examiner

Executive order from Governor Jan Brewer blocks IDs, benefits for illegal immigrants

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday ordered state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration policy.

After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

More @ ABC 15

Iowa deli co-owner caters for Obama visit, but his T-shirt tells another story

Ross Murty likes business, but he doesn’t like President Obama.

And so the co-owner of the Village Corner Deli here agreed to cater Obama’s visit Wednesday — but not before donning a T-shirt blaring the message: “Government didn’t build my business. I did.”

It was a reference to a remark Obama made several weeks ago that his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, has seized upon to portray Obama as anti-business. Obama, referring to the help government provides to businesses by building roads and providing education and other services, said, “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that."

“No one from the government was there when we were sweating it, when we were building this business,” Murty said. Before him was a bank of chafing dishes filled with smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, vegetable parmesan bake and cheesy hash brown casserole provided to the White House press corps covering the president’s three-day swing across Iowa this week.

More @ Washington Post

Why Socialism Doesn't Work

SPLC connected to Left-wing terrorist in DC?

Via Nancy

Southern Nationalist Network

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been fanning the flames of extremism against the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian lobbying organisation. Now we have word that a gunman, perhaps radicalised by the SPLC’s far-Left propaganda, has stormed the FRC’s headquarters in Washington, DC, opening fire on a security guard. The guard, who was shot in the arm, managed to wrestle the shooter to the ground and thereby prevent a possible massacre. The Washington, DC police are calling the security guard a hero for stopping this act of domestic terrorism.

Click here for the Fox News report

Given the Southern Poverty Law Center’s extreme language against the Family Research Council, questions are being raised about the group’s possible connections to the shooter. Did the would-be killer visit the SPLC’s website and was he inspired by their radical, anti-Christian ideology? These are questions we need answered in order to assess the possible threat that the SPLC and their followers present to the general public.

Update: The SPLC has issued a statement about the shooting saying ‘We condemn all acts of violence.’ However, they have not retracted any of their extremist language about the Christian lobby or apologised for promoting hatred against them.

Click here for more information on anti-Christian hate and the shooting

IQ and the Wealth of Nations: Richard Lynn Replies to Ron Unz

Via Ryan


Scientists defend genetic contribution to group IQ differences.

Editor’s Note: Ron Unz, publisher of The American Conservative, recently published a lengthy critique of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s IQ and the Wealth of Nations. Several critiques of Mr. Unz’s article have already been published, and may be found here, here, here, and here. What follow are replies by Richard Lynn and Helmuth Nyborg.

Richard Lynn’s Reply to Ron Unz

Ron Unz has made a number of criticisms of our work first published in IQ and the Wealth of Nations, in which Tatu Vanhanen and I presented IQs for all nations in the world. We showed that these are correlated at 0.50–0.75 with income as measured by GDP per capita, and we argued that national IQs are a significant determinant of economic development.

I reply here to Mr. Unz’s criticisms.

The Direction of Causation

More @ American Renaissance