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The Church of Liberty

Our nation is turning back toward slavery in a very real sense. One man might not keep another hostage, forced into labor to supply the wants of his master, but in every other sense the nation has turned to the same prescription as all the ages before.

What has been lost is the Gospel of Liberty, a gospel so strong that it created the United States of America out of nothing, freeing not only itself, but other nations threatened by the scourges of Nazism and Communism. It held at bay one of the greatest forces known to Man, the desire for security. The need for security is so strong that even good people will turn a blind eye to the fact that many will have to die to provide it. Soon, more will die as a result of restricted care, of prudent uses of resources, as those who died in the gulags and prison camps before them. Dead is dead and when the state makes the decision who lives and who dies it is on a par with the most murderous regimes the world has ever known.

We are there, now.

Trust me, I'm an engineer!:)

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Save the Reidsville Confederate Monument

Photo: "Save the Reidsville Confederate Monument" wishes you happy, safe, and patriotic Independence Day. Happy Fourth of July!

Two arrested in Plymouth shooting that left 3 dead, including Scranton Prep student

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Among the dead from a triple homicide in Luzerne County is a Scranton Preparatory School student.

Two men have been arrested in connection with Saturday's shooting deaths in Plymouth.

State police and the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office arrested Shawn James Hamilton, 18, and Sawud Davis, 16, both of Philadelphia. Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Davis were charged with three counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted homicide. They were found at Rear 178 E. Ridge St. in Nanticoke.

An arraignment before District Justice Donald Whittaker is taking place.

The shooting occurred around 7:45 p.m. at an apartment building, and police quickly blocked First and Orchard streets with police line tape.

Bradley Swartwood, 21, 401 First St., Nicolas Robert Maldonado, 17, of the same address and Lisa Abaunza, 15, of Duryea were killed in the shooting. Danny Maldonado II, 19, 401 First Street, was listed in critical condition, according to state police at Wyoming.

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Actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95

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Marty is one of my favorite films.

Film and television actor Ernest Borgnine, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a lovelorn butcher in 1955's "Marty," has died at age 95, his manager said Sunday.

The thick-set, gap-toothed Borgnine built a reputation for playing heavies in early films like "From Here to Eternity" and "Bad Day at Black Rock." But he turned that reputation on its head as the shy, homely title character in "Marty," taking home the Oscar for best actor -- one of four awards the film claimed.

His manager, Lynda Bensky, said Borgnine died of kidney failure Sunday afternoon. His wife, Tova, and children were at his side at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she said.

"It's a very sad day," Bensky said. "The industry has lost someone great, the caliber of which we will never see again. A true icon. But more importantly, the world has lost a sage and loving man who taught us all how to 'grow young.' His infectious smile and chuckle made the world a happier place."

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What do Native Americans really want?

Joseph Cotto ,Washington Times writer

1. June 20, 2012 “Conversation with a Conservative Comanche

2. July 1, 2012 Changing Challenges for a Changing Country

3. July 2, 2012 “David Yeagley: Can America Stand Divided?”

4. July 3, 2012 “David Yeagley: A Man in His Own Words

5. July 4, 2012 “Guns, Mascots, and Casinos: Native American Life in Real Time

6. July 7, 2012 “What Do Native Americans Really Want?

Couple, 54 and 55, arrested and spent 23 hours in jail for DANCING at train platform

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Caroline Stern and George Hess

Thugs whose time is coming.

A two-stepping couple in their 50s say were trotted off to jail after police in New York City arrested them for dancing on a subway platform.

Caroline Stern, a dentist, and George Hess, a movie prop master, were waiting for a train at the Columbus Circle station after a late evening at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing last year when they began dancing the Charleston to a musician playing the steel drums.

Ms Stern says she and her boyfriend were feeling the beat and there were very few people on the platform so they started moving to the rhythm.

That's when police came in and spoiled the fun, they told the New York Post.

'They said, "What are you doing?" and we said, "We’re dancing,"' she recalled.

'And they said, "You can’t do that on the platform."'

The officers demanded their ID. When Ms Stern only had a credit car, the police ordered the couple to go with them.

When Mr Hess pulled out a camera to start recording the incident, the officers called for backup and the situation turned nasty, the couple says.

They claim more police ran to the subway platform and tackled Mr Hess, 54, to the floor and handcuffed him. Ms Stern, 55, was also cuffed and arrested.

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Monitoring the So-Called Recovery

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Justice Roberts’ Midnight Soliloquy

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To see, or not to see, that is the question.
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind
To suffer the shrieks and sighs
Of Outrageous Leftists,
Or to take a stand against a sea of morons
And, by opposing, enrage them. To try to do
No more and by not doing, say we end
The uproar and the thousand OCCUPATIONS
Democracy is heir to. ‘Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To cry, to weep,
Perchance to grovel. Ay, there’s the rub,
For in that groveling, what thoughts may come,
When we have sloughed the Constitution off,
Must give us pause. There’s the respect
That makes calamity of so long a tenure:
For who could bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressive wrong, the angry man’s outrage,
The pangs of deprived rights, the law’s dismay,
The impotence in office and the spurning
Of the patently unworthy,
When he himself might make an end
With naked capitulation. Who wants to hold a post
And work and strain under a tiring load,
Except that the fear of what comes next,
The unacknowledged tendency, from which
No RINO ever returns, confuses the mind,
And makes us rather give in to those ills we have
Than turn to others we only half believe in.
Thus politeness does make cowards of us all
And thus the feeling of what is right
Is coated over with superficial thought.
And ideas of great intensity and weight
In this respect no longer have their urgency,
And lose their impetus. Gently now,
Fair Leftist kindness, in your prayers
May all my sins be remembered.

3 months to go: Autumn NC PATCON (Patriot Convention)

Autumn NC PATCON (Patriot Convention) Tentative Dates: October 4th - 7th 2012

I. If we have 45 people who pay $20 in advance we can have everything like before. (In advance because of the embarrassment of asking those who attended last time for more)

II. If not we can see how much more each would need to pay in order to make up the shortfall.

III. If too much, we could gamble on the weather and not rent the tent, tables and chairs.

IV. And/or we could purchase individual boxes of Pig Pickin' or whatever from The Filling Station. (A few people could pick everything up once ordered)

V. Finally we could all just bring a cooler with food/drink and a chair.

Any other ideas?

Think Globally, Act Locally

(No, I've not suddenly gone over to the eco-friendly, not-showering-for-weeks-at-a-time, dirty-smelly-hippie, Left. I do however, think the admonishment to think globally, act locally, is one that many, if not most Liberty Movement believers need to focus on more.--J.M.

There seems to be a growing interest in the Liberty Movement to focus on the bigger picture on a national level. This is not a bad trend, and it even makes sense on some levels. It was not your local chief of police who "walked" guns to Laz Zetas and other Mexican cartels. It is not your local mayor who wants to ship your kids off to die in the Iranian desert for no apparent reason.

At the same time however, as has been discussed ad nauseum within the blogosphere, it is your local neighbor who borrowed your lawn mower last week, who's going to turn you in to the regime for stockpiling food storage. It's your local sheriff's department SWAT team that will be kicking your door in to serve a no-knock drug enforcement warrant. It's your local tax-collector who ends up responsible for assessing your property values at a level you cannot afford to pay. It's your local traffic enforcement officer who orders a plate carrier on E-Bay, wears multi-cams and carries PVS-14s and a select-fire M4, and suddenly thinks he's a SFOD-D assaulter instead of a sworn peace officer who will stomp the family dog to death and shove a Remington 870 in the face of a skinny teenager during a traffic stop.

Flagging in the Old Dominion

Southern Nationalist Network

Few Southern heritage activists do half as much to advance the display of our symbols as does Karen. One of the Virginia Flaggers, Karen regularly demonstrates with our colours in downtown Richmond (not exactly the most Confederate-friendly area of the South these days) in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to have the removed Southern flags restored to their former position.

The Virginia Flaggers have unfortunately been opposed not only by the usual anti-Southern suspects but also by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Additionally, Karen and the Flaggers have periodically suffered hateful slurs and derision from hostile, anti-Southern elements. I recently congratulated Karen on being able to stay in good spirits despite the hostility. She said that she thinks of what Southerners once had to endure and feels inspired.

Opening speech on HBO's "the Newsroom"


I agree that the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that the problem exists. The second step is whether the problem is worth addressing. If it is worth addressing, then a solution to actually fix the problem must be found. If the solution will not fix the problem, we are wasting time and resources.

Although this is a simple concept, consider the following questions:

1. Did the stimulus programs lower unemployment?

2. Did the $5 trillion increase in our debt in 2011 happen under a Republican or Democrat controlled House of Representatives? The House can defund spending such as Acorn at its convenience.

3. Why is the Federal Reserve not audited when a majority of House members are sponsors of this legislation?

4. Why does the president’s birth certificate on have layers?

5. Why doesn’t the Department of Justice prosecute Eric Holder for contempt of Congress?

6. Why isn’t Jon Corzine arrested for theft of private property while in charge of MF Global?

7. When does taxation become tribute?

8. Why do we let “liberals” and “conservatives” dictate the discussion instead of Americans?

9. Why did both parties support and pass the NDAA?

10. Why is no one asking how we can restore America without political parties?

11. Did our dependence on foreign energy increase or decrease since the Department of Energy was formed?

12. Has the level of education increased or decreased since the Department of Education was formed?

I can add more simple questions but the real point is that we will never restore the Constitution until we start addressing our problems with real solutions. The first step is also simple: we need to stand up for America’s founding principles, not political ideologies.

David DeGerolamo

Gov. Chris Christie Fightin' Words On the Jersey Shore

Things got downright HOSTILE on the Jersey Shore last night -- with NJ Governor Chris Christie getting into a heated verbal altercation right on the boardwalk ... and it was all caught on tape.

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) was hangin' with his family in Seaside Heights ... and had just ordered an ice cream cone when a passerby fired off some snide comments about Christie's policy on education.

Christie got PISSED -- and while clutching his cone, shouted back at the guy, "You're a real big shot ... you're a real big shot shootin' your mouth off."

The man shouted back, "Nah, just take care of the teachers!"

The comment only inflamed Christie ... who aggressively marched towards the guy and warned, "Keep walkin' away ... really good ... keep walkin'."

More @ TMZ


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From: Donald Brown
Please Pray For Me On the 24th

Earlier today I shared the status of my right leg regarding the blood blockage in my right leg with my fellow 2/3 Marines on our Web Site. I now want to share it with all my FB friends. I met w/ the Vascular Surgeons earlier this week and the news was actually worse than before. I am now scheduled for surgery on July 24th. (the earliest date they can possibly do it).:-( They now tell me that the blockage in my leg is in a vein, -----running from my groin all the way to my knee; ---about 12" to 13". They will be taking veins from both arms, ----leaving scars of the same length on each arm. I was told that I "DO NOT" have a choice in this, for my leg is dying a little each day. I either have the surgery, or lose the "only" leg I have left!

The pain for the last few weeks has been awful. My hospital stay has changed from one week to two weeks, ---one week for the surgery and healing, and the second for rehab. I haven't shared this w/ anyone on FB until today; ----I've been trying to come to grips w/it myself. The surgeon, as he was leaving, looked at my right leg (with all it's scars and skin graphs), ----and my "stump" and said, "well I can see you've definitely been through worse."

I had to agree, but that was over 44 years ago, and I was a young 21 year old Marine. I know I'm still a Marine, and I'll get through this; but it's a "greater" challenge today when you tack on the 44 years !! I will be giving updates from time to time, ----but please let me have your thoughts and prayers on July 24th. Semper Fi

Kylen commented on this today and I thought of you. I've already had one surgery on this leg (on 6/1) when they attempted to place a stint to correct the blockage. However, the walls of the vein was too deteriorated to support the stint. So, the only other option is to do as the above describes. The danger in doing this is that they will have to cut through the large skingraph on my upper thigh. They tell me that they can't be %100 sure that the skingraph will heal as "normal" skin would. My greatest fear (as well as the doctors), is infection and loss of my leg. Please pray for me on the 24th.
Hope you and the family are doing ok.

Global Guerrillas Update

Photo: The throne of the future?


Global Guerrillas

I'm trying to get my enthusiasm for writing Global Guerrillas posts again.

So much has changed since I started it back in 2004 (you will see how much when I update my picture). Part of that process is a new Facebook Page I can share small thoughts with you on a daily/hourly basis. Its for thinking that is too small to put on the site, but may through discussion yield bigger posts. So, if you want to join me, like it to join it.

Why a lull in enthusiasm?

First, a little history.

Global Guerillas started as a personal notebook on the future of conflict. However, since I was running one of the companies that created a lot of the early blogging software (RSS and the first aggregator/subscription system) you now use everyday in Facebook/Twitter/etc., it was natural for me to blog it publicly. The result was pretty amazing.

The stuff I wrote about here, a combination of continuous exploration and constant feedback from amazing readers, led me to formulate three theories of conflict for the 21st Century:

  • Open source warfare and protest.
  • Systems disruption (radically supersized sabotage with new rules)
  • Superempowerment

It appears these theories were at least partially correct. The CIA, NSA, and DoD (including the JCS) all asked me to brief them on numerous occasions. Also, the practitioners in the field from the US special ops world to Henry Okah's MEND and others all used it in conflict. I've heard that many people used the principles of open source conflict/protest when moving Occupy along and I even heard recently that it was very useful in founding Anonymous. So, the theories have traveled, although my part in that was only by publishing this site and writing a book on where things were going.

Since then, I've been focused on building the future of peace and prosperity over at Resilient Communities. As a site and a community it is growing amazingly quickly and well (smart people). It's rewarding work since it is about helping people take advantage of everything that is currently available but undervalued/reported to build successful, abundant, and prosperous lives no matter what happens in the future...

So, while the motto of this site might be, "Bad things happen and here's why," the motto of Resilient Communities is, "Bad things happen, so what? Here's what we can do about it."

I'm not sure if Global Guerrillas has run its course or not. We'll see. There's still plenty of bad stuff in the wings, gaining steam. New revolutions in warfare made possible by self-replicating and self-provisioning weapons, from bio to drones to malware.

Let's see if we can get GG going again. Join me on Global Guerrillas Facebook page and share some pictures/ideas that may spark more thinking....