Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opening speech on HBO's "the Newsroom"


I agree that the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that the problem exists. The second step is whether the problem is worth addressing. If it is worth addressing, then a solution to actually fix the problem must be found. If the solution will not fix the problem, we are wasting time and resources.

Although this is a simple concept, consider the following questions:

1. Did the stimulus programs lower unemployment?

2. Did the $5 trillion increase in our debt in 2011 happen under a Republican or Democrat controlled House of Representatives? The House can defund spending such as Acorn at its convenience.

3. Why is the Federal Reserve not audited when a majority of House members are sponsors of this legislation?

4. Why does the president’s birth certificate on have layers?

5. Why doesn’t the Department of Justice prosecute Eric Holder for contempt of Congress?

6. Why isn’t Jon Corzine arrested for theft of private property while in charge of MF Global?

7. When does taxation become tribute?

8. Why do we let “liberals” and “conservatives” dictate the discussion instead of Americans?

9. Why did both parties support and pass the NDAA?

10. Why is no one asking how we can restore America without political parties?

11. Did our dependence on foreign energy increase or decrease since the Department of Energy was formed?

12. Has the level of education increased or decreased since the Department of Education was formed?

I can add more simple questions but the real point is that we will never restore the Constitution until we start addressing our problems with real solutions. The first step is also simple: we need to stand up for America’s founding principles, not political ideologies.

David DeGerolamo


  1. This is SPECTACULAR.

    looks like you missed the "sourCe" link, though...

    I *THINK* it's here:


  2. Looks like the whole episode is at

    Why do I fear that watching the whole thing is just going to piss me off?

  3. I *THINK* it's here:

    I always hotlink sources except when those sources don't hotlink me!:)
    Why do I fear that watching the whole thing is just going to piss me off?

    Please do watch and then tell me if I'm allowed......:)

  4. This is my THIRD attempt at typing this!


    It not only showed supposed "conservative" people in an overall-positive light, it made what I believe is the most critical point in our current reality: Without a trustworthy media that tells us the *TRUTH* instead of pandering to ratings, WE'RE FOOKED.

    Holy cRAP! Something on *TV* actually gives me **HOPE**!!

  5. Oh my, I'll post it. I assume from your glowing review that I won't pull an Elvis, correct?:)If I do, you're paying for a computer!:)

    1. As I said, it was my third try to post - something kept making the page reload.

      I left out that there were some points that bothered me - it's not like the writers were all threepers - but overall it was the best thing I've seen on "TV" in a long, long time!

  6. overall it was the best thing I've seen on "TV" in a long, long time!