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It's a No-Knock Raid

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Police assaults continue

Platteville Officer Charged In At-Risk Assault. Also Charged In Earlier Case Involving Leaving Scene Of Accident.

A Platteville police officer charged in an assault on an at-risk adult at a Thornton gas station also faces charges in a previous case, court records show.Caleb Daniel Hughes, 26, was formally charged with third-degree assault against an at-risk adult, according to Adams County district attorney spokeswoman Krista Flannigan.Hughes was off duty at the time the confrontation happened on June 7.

The case involves a confrontation at a Thornton Costco at 16375 N. Washington St. The 60-year-old Costco employee had asked Hughes to turn off his engine while filling his vehicle with gas, according to sources familiar with the investigation. After asking the second time, the off-duty officer flashed his badge and said what he was doing was not against the law, the sources said. At that point,
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NC cuts public funding for Planned Parenthood

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The North Carolina Legislature overrode a veto by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue Wednesday, approving a state budget that bans public funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

That makes North Carolina the third state in a month to move toward restrictions on government funding of the reproductive services group.

Kansas GOP Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill barring funding for the organization in his state in May. That move came only a few weeks after the Indiana GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the first Planned Parenthood defunding measure in the nation.

The state laws are not identical. For example, neither the North Carolina nor Kansas measure would directly affect patients on Medicaid. All three, however, would limit funding under the federal family planning program, Title X of the Public Health Service Act. More.
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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06-15-11

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, June 15, 2011:

  • Mt Vernon NY appeals $315k brutality judgment to cop against cop facing 2nd brutality suit involving 12yr-old [3]
  • Williamsburg County SC deputy fired & arrested for beating detainee on video while he was being booked into jail [1]
  • Refugio Co TX sheriff & 2 deputies sued by 2 women claiming they were strip searched at roadside traffic stop [3]
  • Plattville CO cop charged w/assault of at-risk adult for shoving 60yr-old who asked him to turn off car at gas pump [0]
  • Leon Valley TX cop resigns while under investigation for allegedly firing shots in neighborhood while drunk [0]
  • Helotes TX cop suspended 1wk for failing to detain cop accused of firing rounds in neighborhood while drunk [0]
  • Nassau Co NY cop arrested on multiple charges on allegations he forced woman to touch him sexually at traffic stop [0]
  • Honolulu HI cop convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault for forcing a prostitute to have sex under threat of arrest [0]
  • Alorton IL police chief sentenced to 6mo home detention & probation after pleading to filing fraudulent tax returns [0]
  • Fort Collins CO deputy suspended after arrested on multiple charges including domestic violence & drunk driving [0]
  • Pender Co NC sheriff’s capt suspended after arrested on solicting prostitution & crimes against nature charges [1]
  • Palm Beach Co FL sheriff’s lt charged w/official misconduct for fixing a public official’s daughter’s tickets [0]
  • South Carolina state trooper fired after US DHS executes search warrant on his home in unspecified investigation [1]
  • US FBI, Pennsylvania state & Bellevue PA cops sued by family of 11 subjected to pre-dawn wrong door raid [0]
  • Nashville TN cop indicted on charges including money laundering in alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy [0]
  • Durham regional ON police officer arrested on drug possession & trafficking charges after internal investigation [1]
  • Oxnard CA cop arrested for workers comp fraud after allegedly caught playing basketball while too disabled to work [0]
  • 2 Mission TX cops under investigation after caught on video crossing into Mexico while chasing suspected car theif [0]
  • Pennington County SD deputy pleads guilty to 6 counts possession, manufacture & distrubution of child pornography [0]
  • Phoenix AZ police sniper allegedly shoots wrong woman in face during stand off when female suspect ran into her home. While I was suspicious when I read the early accounts on this one, I’m questioning it more now that additional information is being released, it may get dropped from the database. [3]

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North Carolinian’s Act Now To Pass Castle Doctrine & Parks Carry

BELLEVUE, WA – -( In the shell game characterizing the North Carolina legislative process, a modified HB 650 passed the Senate Judiciary II Committee today and heads for the floor for its Second and Third Readings, quite probably tomorrow.

With the legislature likely to recess on Friday, time is short. YOU MUST RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.

In its current version, HB 650 contains Castle Doctrine, parks carry, enhanced concealed handgun reciprocity, improvements to our concealed handgun law, and far more.

Sadly, HB 650 – and your rights – face a threat not from legislators, but from the efforts of an organization ostensibly dedicated to defending the Second Amendment. Below is an open letter to North Carolina gun rights supporters – but equally vital to gun rights supporters everywhere – which explains the problem.

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Another Arizona Killing

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Southern Patriotic Appeal at Wilmington, 1862

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North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission"
“During a dress parade [at Camp Davis, near Wilmington] on the evening of May, 31 [1862], [Col. Collett Leventhorpe] read the infamous “Woman’s Order” (General Orders No. 28), issued by the Union commander of occupied New Orleans, Maj. Gen. Benjamin “Beast” Butler, in response to various indignities – spitting, curses, hateful glances, etc. – heaped upon the Yankee soldiers there. Leventhorpe told his troops [of the 11th, 43rd and 51st North Carolina Regiments]:

“Fellow soldiers: The infamous order which you have just heard, proceeds from the General, whom fortune of war has placed in possession of one of the noblest cities of the South. The base enemy we oppose, not content with crimes of invasion, with insurrectionary attempts among our domestic population, and with pillaging the fairest regions of our country, has now openly dared the threaten our most sacred relations, and to place our wives and daughters upon the footing of common prostitutes of the town.

Gentlemen of North Carolina, the debased passions of soldiery need no such incentive. The records of crime written in the sad annals of Maryland, and in those other unfortunate portions of our country which have been polluted by the enemy’s feet, prove but too well the fate, worse than death, which awaits those most dear to us in the event of his conquest and our humiliation.

But, fellow soldiers, with the blessing of god, we need fear no such destiny for our country. Relying then on that blessing, let us resolve as one man that Wilmington shall not be reached by the invader, and, in the hour or trial, recalling these scandalous threats against our wives and daughters of New Orleans, let us meet him sternly and hurl him back upon his beats at the point of a bayonet.” Read more at:

(Collett Leventhorpe, the English Confederate, Cole & Foley, McFarland & Co., 2007, pp. 70-71)

Southern Patriotic Appeal at Wilmington, 1862

Guerena Analysis - Final Analysis

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"........for those of you calling me a cop hater or a traitor - remember this fact - I have more time patrolling the streets of a city consistently ranked among the nation's top twenty most violent than you poorly educated college f---- have had free of your mama's teat."
The rest here.


Guerena Analysis - Search Warrant Affidavit

I was about to toddle off to bed when I found a link to a .pdf version of the probable cause affidavit used to justify the SWAT raids at the four Guerena/Celaya homes on 5 May, 2011.

I scanned the seventeen pages and I believe most of the Guerena family may be pretty well hosed. None, other than Jose Guerena, have any documented income, some are on welfare, yet they own a lot of property and thirty-two vehicles. Six of those are in Jose's name, although there was only one parked in his driveway and the affidavit alleges Alejandro sometimes drove that one. No, it doesn't look good for the family, but allow me to sum up what they have on Jose.

1) He was arrested, but not indicted, on a trafficking charge when ICE agents observed some suspicious guys dropping off packages at a house. Some of the agents got a search warrant and found one-hundred pounds of marijuana. Some of the agents followed the suspects to another house where they arrested everyone inside. Jose was inside, but it is not alleged he was present during the drop-off of the drugs.

Once again - no indictment, no trial. The arrest still shows on his rap sheet for some reason. I assume Arizona doesn't have a law that says if your charges are dropped your rap sheet gets wiped. And seriously, do you folks have any idea just how easy it is get an indictment from a grand jury? Hell, it's just the officer and the grand jury hanging out, telling tales. No defense presentation is allowed. I would have to say a grand jury was actually doing it's job when it wouldn't hand down an indictment based on those tenuous facts.


Historic: NC General Assembly Overrides Governor Perdue's Budget Veto

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Both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly voted to override Governor Perdue's irresponsible veto of the 2011 state budget. The House voted 73-46, with 5 Democrats joining the Republican majority, to override the veto. The Senate completed the veto override this afternoon with a party-line vote, 31-19. The historic state budget is now the law of the land.

Below are highlights of the bipartisan budget.

Keeps campaign promises

-Balances the budget, closing a $2.5 billion shortfall
-Allows the temporary sales and income tax increases to expire, putting $1.3 billion back into the hands of North Carolina taxpayers
-Provides tax relief for small businesses, allowing them to expand and put people back to work
-Protects education - fully funding all classroom teachers and teacher's assistants
-Brings state spending in line with revenues and places North Carolina back on the path to fiscal responsibility
-Right-sizes state government
-Cuts state spending by four percent (spending has more than doubled in the past 10 years)
-More than doubles the amount of money in the Rainy Day Fund ($185 million)
-Allocates $125 million for renovation and repair of university and state buildings
-Fully funds the state's retirement system

Creates private sector jobs

-Cuts taxes for EVERY North Carolinian by allowing temporary taxes to expire, reducing the state's sales tax from 7.75% to 6.75%
-Implements small business tax relief, exempting the first $50,000 of small business income from income tax
-Creates nearly 14,000 private sector jobs in the first year (30,000 over the next two years) by returning nearly $1.5 billion to the hands of taxpayers of North Carolina
-Extends unemployment benefits for 40,000 North Carolinians whose benefits have expired

Protects students and teachers

-Reduces class sizes in grades 1-3 from 18:1 to 17:1 - adding more than 1,100 new teachers
-Protects every teacher and teacher assistant position currently employed
-Provides liability insurance for teachers and school employees to help ensure their safety in the classroom
-Does not pass down fiscal responsibility for school buses, tort claims, and worker's compensation claims to the counties like the Governor's budget proposed (saving counties $75 million)
-Allocates $100 million to the Public School Building Capital Fund to assist counties in building, renovating and upgrading schools with new technology (Governor Perdue's budget proposed only $55 million)
-Creates a performance pay model for teachers and state employees to retain and reward our state's best and brightest employees

Protects Health and Human Services

-Over half of all the budget reductions in the Department of Health and Human Services have been achieved through savings with no loss of services.
-All DHHS treatment facilities, schools, mental health hospitals and contract beds have been preserved.
-All 23 optional medical services in the Medicaid program have been preserved.
-We have paved the way for major Mental Health Reform in North Carolina.
-We have achieved pharmacy and medication savings through new initiatives to increase utilization of generic drugs.
-We have restored the Governor's proposed cuts to local health departments and senior services and taken steps to lessen the financial burden on counties.

NCFIRE Action Alert

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HB36 E-Verify Gutted by NC Senate Commerce Committee
The citizens have been duped

(If you want illegal immigration controlled in NC, this is your last chance to do it! You must contact them today, before they vote!!!)

The version of HB36 E-Verify, that was passed by the NC House and sent to the Senate, was NOT the one passed by the Senate. The House version, (ver 4), applied to ALL businesses in NC that had 25 or more employees.

Members of the Senate Commerce Committee, in overnight consultations with the NC Chamber of Commerce, stripped the provision that included ALL businesses in NC. The new version, (ver 6), applies ONLY to contractors and sub-contractors doing business with State Government that have 25 or more employees.

The new Senate version omits and exempts 90% - 95% of the businesses and people that HB36 was intended to apply to.

The bill was changed so drastically that it must now go back to the House for concurrence.

NCFIRE urges everyone contact all NC House members to demand they DO NOT CONCUR. Implore them to send HB36 to a committee and replace the language of HB36 ver. 4, to include ALL businesses in NC.

As always be respectful in your comments. (name calling and threats will get you nowhere, but, your future voting decisions will get their attention.)

NC House members:

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879
cell # 910-286-3022

"Connect the Dots"

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