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Shots Fired During Dallas “Draw Muhammad Day” Free Speech Event – Two Jihadists Dead – One Officer Wounded…

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Evolving sketchy details. During a free speech event, “Draw Muhammad Day” in Dallas, at least two people have been shot.  Additional reporting that two suspects were attempting to bomb the event.

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Baltimore’s Self-Immolation: Democrats, You Built That

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Nothing sharpens the focus on the Unbridgeable Crevice separating th*g (the word “thug” is now banned) apologists on the far left from those of us who use words because they mean something than Baltimore’s self-immolation.

It’s really a tale of two cities, depending on who’s telling the tale.

The borderline-Jacobins at Slate, who believe spanking is child abuse, and personal responsibility is out of fashion, try to explain looting away as a social phenomenon: “Why would anyone burn down the only CVS in their neighborhood?”
The reason, I think, is likely the same reason that poor black Americans in cities across the country burned “their own” neighborhoods in the late 1960s:
They did not experience those places as their own. Then, like now, police brutality was a precipitating cause of the violence, but it was the long-term experience of the indignities of the ghetto that gave shape to the riots. Then, like now, commentators compared the rioters to animals who had run wild and needed discipline. Rioting, to these bystanders, was not proper political protest but the criminal actions of poor people who merely wanted to grab what they could for free. This narrative, which I heard throughout my childhood growing up in Baltimore in the 1980s, put the blame not on the depredations of the ghetto, but on the character of its residents. It completely misapprehends the political economy of our poorest neighborhoods.
In other words:  they riot because society has ignored them.  Not only is that a specious argument, but it also highlights the fact that Baltimore hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1968.  So which party is responsible for ignoring the downtrodden social class?

Told another way, Abraham Miller at National Review wrote:

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Tell People They're Victims — They'll Act Like Victims

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In watching Baltimore burn, “progressives” run out of scapegoats. Over a week ago, a black man named Freddie Gray died after being arrested by police. Videotape shows Gray being dragged into a police van. Within a less than half an hour, his spine was somehow severed and he died seven days later.

Did an officer or the officers intentionally or inadvertently cause the injury? Did the vehicle suddenly stop, causing a possibly untethered or poorly tethered suspect/passenger to break his neck? Why was Gray stopped in the first place? Given that he ran from the police, did this provide a basis for pursuit, search and arrest? Does this not underscore the importance of police body cams and car-dash cams?

These are, of course, legitimate questions. And, in addition to the Baltimore police investigation, the Department of Justice announced that it, too, would examine the circumstances surrounding Gray’s death.

So, why riot?

Baltimore Rally: Burn Down Stores to Get Them ‘Out of Our Communities’

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Useful Idiots

During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man introduced as “Brother Rose,” in winding and sometimes incoherent speech, praised the burning of a CVS store at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues. “America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from… What we saying, ‘Let’s get you out of our communities.’”

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"........ police shooting and explosion on suspect in Pamela Geller Draw Mohammad event in Garland Texas. Was live stream of news but was just shut down."

Does the United States Need a New Police Force for Stability Operations?

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Stability operations have become a prominent feature of the international landscape.  Recent examples include U.S. and UN oper-ations in Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, Afghani-stan, and Iraq. Such operations involve military forces that often engage insurgent forces until indigenous forces can take over that role. But military forces are ill suited for some critical tasks in stability operations that might be described as high-end police tasks. High-end tasks fall into the gap between normal police and military forces and include such activities as riot control, criminal investigations, and SWAT activities. The police who engage in these activities do so with the intent of rooting out criminals or insur-gents who have a vested interest in perpetuating chaos. 

Unlike some countries that have such police forces—notably Italy with its Carabinieri or France with its Gendarmerie—the United States does not have stability police. Given the likelihood of such operations in the future, the question arises whether the United States should develop such forces. A team of researchers from RAND Arroyo Center studied this issue, and they report their results in A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justifi cation and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities. 

The analysis focused on answering three questions: 

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Solitary Prison cell size

Via Charlie "UNBELIEVABLE: It is not enough that we have a myriad of problems in the penal system, but this is the person Obama puts in charge of the Federal Prison System!

Who you are about to see and hear is the Obama-appointed "Director of Federal Prisons" of the United States appearing before the Senate about Federal Prisons.  He is questioned by Sen. Al Franken, a friend and strong supporter of President Obama.  This short video will, if nothing else, demonstrate why this administration is near chaos.

Are all Obama appointees this stupid?"

Valerie Jarrett in 'Regular Contact' With Baltimore Mayor

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Don't worry, Valerie Jarrett is in "regular contact" with the mayor of Baltimore, the White House announced late Tuesday night.

"Jarrett also remained in regular contact with Mayor Rawlings Blake (Baltimore, MD) and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan," an unnamed White House spokesman told the media.

Jarrett, along with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, held a conference call on the ongoing situation in Baltimore earlier Tuesday.

"Earlier today, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett hosted a conference call with over 50 local leaders from across the country including Mayors Michael Nutter (Philadelphia, PA), Tom Barrett (Milwaukee, WI), Karen Freeman-Wilson (Gary, IN), and Chairman John Eaves (Fulton County, GA)," said the White House.



Jade Helm 15 has got the desired traction in the public discourse. It is going viral in April 2015, and a whirl of seething perceptions are featured in an endless variety and range of every conceivable perspective on just what Jade Helm 15 is, what it is really designed to accomplish, and what it signifies. It strikes many people as a portentous government plan, a pre-fabricated and pre-constructed umbrella under which a black op by the Deep State's compartmentalized agencies could possibly "Go Live" in a fantastic sort of Shock and Awe False Flag psycho-coup to jar the public mind of America through fear into acceptance of some nefarious policy the government desires, such as the complete loss of individual liberty and the setting aside of our Constitution under Martial Law.

To conquer "the human domain" the public mind must be conditioned first. That is what is behind the Special Operation Command's Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm 15 would "Master The Human Domain", plain and simple. They even advertise that intent in their logo--

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Heritage Assault Continues in Virginia: SCV Evicted from Confederate Memorial Chapel

In a move that comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed the situation here, the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) and Commonwealth of Virginia have taken the next step in the Confederate cleansing of Confederate Memorial Park, by evicting the Lee-Jackson Camp #1, SCV from the Confederate Memorial Chapel on the grounds of the Old Soldiers home, refusing to renew a decades-old lease that had allowed them to interpret the history of the Chapel and the Confederate Veterans who lived and died on the grounds of the Old Soldiers' home, seemingly, in direct violation of the Code of Virginia

Sons of Confederation Veterans Losing Lease At Chapel

Moving forward, the VMFA and the Commonwealth will provide the "interpretation", thank you very much!

"The museum also will develop uniform and professional interpretation of its grounds and historic properties, including the chapel and the Robinson House, which are the only two surviving buildings from the property’s original service to Confederate veterans."
We strongly believe that Carpetbaggers and Scalawags have no business "interpreting" OUR history.

Japanese ‘Dissected’ US Bomber Crew While They Were Still Alive In WWII

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 Terrible fate: Captain Marvin Watkins, top left, and his crew were downed over Japan. Six of them and two others not pictured were dissected alive or subjected to other terrible medical experiments at Kyushu University. Pictured in the back row (l to r) are: Marvin S. Watkins (interrogated and released at the end of war) William R. Fredericks (died in medical experiment), Howard T. Shingledecker, (fate unknown),  Charles M. Kearns (died at crash site), Dale E. Plambeck (died in medical experiment) Front row: Robert C. Johnson (died at crash site), Teddy J. Ponczka (died in medical experiment), Robert B. Williams (died in medical experiment), Leon E. Czarnecki (died in medical experiment), Leo C. Oeinck (died at crash site), John C. Colehower (died in medical experiment)

A Japanese university has opened a museum acknowledging that its staff dissected downed American airmen while they were still alive during World War Two. The move is an striking step in a society where war crimes are still taboo and rarely discussed, although the incident has been extensively documented in books and by US officials.

A gruesome display at the newly-opened museum at Kyushu University explains how eight US POWs were taken to the centre’s medical school in Fukuoka after their plane was shot down over the skies of Japan in May 1945.There, they were subjected to horrific medical experiments – as doctors dissected one soldier’s brain to see if epilepsy could be controlled by surgery, and removed parts of the livers of other prisoners as part of tests to see if they would survive.

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NC: ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Gang Rape Young Girl

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 Oliver Hernandez and Miguel Angel Alvarez

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrested two adults and two juveniles for raping a 14 year old female on April 21, 2015. A 14 year old female reported on April 24, 2015 that she was forcibly raped by four boys on April 21, 2015.

Miguel Angel Alvarez (17) H/M of 301 Star Ln. Sanford NC, Oliver Hernandez (16) H/M of 45 Big Springs Rd. Sanford and a 15 and 14 year old male were all charged with 1st degree rape, 1st degree kidnapping and 1st degree sexual offense. Alvarez and Hernandez were held under $200,000 secured bond.

The juveniles are being held in a secured custody juvenile facility.

[Video] Racing in Red: Erica Enders-Stevens Looks to Fans to Help Fund Documentary

On Sunday, November 16, 2014, Erica Enders-Stevens became the first woman to win the NHRA Pro Stock world championship at Auto Club Finals in Pomona. After their wildly successful season, Enders and Elite Motorsports decided to make a movie that goes behind the scene and shows what it took for this team to go from underfunded underdog to NHRA MelloYello Pro Stock champion.  However, like racing, film making is expensive and in order to finish production, the team is turning to fans to help fund their small, self-funded project.

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A ’65 Ford Falcon Goes from Junkyard Dog to Prized Pooch

Charley's 65 Falcon 123 feat

When Charley Carnes bought this 1965 Ford Falcon 2 door sedan in 1991, it was a sad scrappy heap of an animal. It had sat there, abandoned by its owner, neglected in every way, but Charley saw within it a car he’d always dreamed about. A love of the 1960s, particularly those early gassers and A/FX cars had fueled his interests for as long as he could remember, and while others might have seen an impossible task, Charley saw a project. He called it his junkyard dog. He took it in, fed it dollars and watched it grow.

The Falcon 2 was originally equipped with a 6 cylinder engine and “three on the tree.”

When Charlie rescued it for $300, it had miscellaneous NOS parts thrown on as well. Charley also acquired a wrecked, abandoned ‘85 Mercury Capri at the same time, but its carbureted 5.0 engine and a 5 speed transmission were a perfect match for the Falcon. The resurrection was on. But this was only the first engine to go into the beast.

Limited-Edition 'Code Black' SD-Camera Drone $69

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16-year-old boy in Afghanistan allegedly gang-raped by Taliban before being sent on suicide bomb mission

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A photo of the alleged teenage victim released by Afghanistan's domestic intelligence agency.

A 16-year-old boy in Afghanistan was repeatedly raped by Taliban fighters before being forced to undertake a suicide bombing mission, the country’s National Directorate of Security says.

The teenager, identified only as Bilal, was intercepted before he could carry out an attack on police headquarters in the Bagrami District of Kabul.

The NDS, the country’s domestic intelligence agency, released a video Sunday in which the would-be bomber told his story of repeated rapes by Taliban commanders. The alleged assaults happened in Nangarhar province, near the border with Pakistan.

In his video confession, Bilal said he was only sent on his suicide bombing mission after local residents found out about the sexual abuse. The night before the planned suicide attack, Bilal says a commander named Abozar taped his mouth shut and raped him, although he says he was abused by at least three other fighters before then.

NYPD cop in coma after being shot in the head

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 NYC cop shot in Queens

A city cop was critically wounded by a cowardly ex-con who blasted two bullets into his head on a Queens street Saturday evening — the fifth NYPD officer to be shot in as many months.
Plainclothes officer Brian Moore, 25, was in a medically induced coma after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The suspected gunman, Demetrius Blackwell, was in custody Saturday night after allegedly firing at Moore as the cop approached in an unmarked police car.

What the “News” Media Isn’t Telling Us About Baltimore

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Image result for What the “News” Media Isn’t Telling Us About Baltimore

Originally I had not planned to comment on this situation. There have been enough like it recently, all pretty much following the same pattern, that you know someone’s agenda is at work here. We’ve all heard this scenario before—the “innocent” Trayvon Martin, the “innocent” gentle giant in Ferguson, Missouri that just happened to be robbing a store when apprehended and now we have another “innocent,” Freddie Gray, who just happens to have a rap sheet as long as your arm. The innocence of all these “victims” is simply amazing and the planned (yes I said planned) moral indignation over all these is something to behold—unless you realize that the indignation over all of it is orchestrated.

I have often wondered—if these had all been white folks that had suffered these things, would there be the rioting in the streets and the willful destruction of private property? In some cases there might be some, but not to the extent that we observe in these situations.

Let me state here that I do not condone police brutality against anyone—lawful restraint against anyone resisting arrest, yes, but brutality, no. Having said that, I feel there is much more involved than “police brutality.” And, as usual, our intrepid “news” media is telling us almost none of what we should be aware of and is parading the same old bugaboos of “white racism” and “white privilege” out there as some sort of exoneration for all the black destruction.