Sunday, May 3, 2015

What the “News” Media Isn’t Telling Us About Baltimore

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Originally I had not planned to comment on this situation. There have been enough like it recently, all pretty much following the same pattern, that you know someone’s agenda is at work here. We’ve all heard this scenario before—the “innocent” Trayvon Martin, the “innocent” gentle giant in Ferguson, Missouri that just happened to be robbing a store when apprehended and now we have another “innocent,” Freddie Gray, who just happens to have a rap sheet as long as your arm. The innocence of all these “victims” is simply amazing and the planned (yes I said planned) moral indignation over all these is something to behold—unless you realize that the indignation over all of it is orchestrated.

I have often wondered—if these had all been white folks that had suffered these things, would there be the rioting in the streets and the willful destruction of private property? In some cases there might be some, but not to the extent that we observe in these situations.

Let me state here that I do not condone police brutality against anyone—lawful restraint against anyone resisting arrest, yes, but brutality, no. Having said that, I feel there is much more involved than “police brutality.” And, as usual, our intrepid “news” media is telling us almost none of what we should be aware of and is parading the same old bugaboos of “white racism” and “white privilege” out there as some sort of exoneration for all the black destruction.


  1. Too many people wish to conflate the rioting with the death of Freddie Gray....and while there may be a connection between them that connection is minimal. ALL of
    the rioters are doing so BECAUSE THEY CAN. The anger at what the Baltimore PD
    did is real. What happened was criminal and justifies the anger of the citizens of Baltimore and elsewhere. But anger of official misconduct does not justify wanton
    crime. The death of Freddie Gray is an excuse for those who wish to riot to do so.
    The excuse could be something else....what is irrelevant. Thus we have two issues.

    The most visible issue is the willful and wanton looting and destruction of private property by people who have no fundamental morality, actions which are aided and
    abetted by the mayor of Baltimore and others whose words encouraged this public
    outburst of criminality. No rational logical argument can EVER be made to tie the need to hold LEO accountable to the theft and destruction of private property. If true
    accountability for these officers was the real agenda then we would not be seeing the fires and theft, we would be seeing combat, we would be seeing the anger of the people being inflicted on those with badges. But we are that faux anger is just
    an excuse.

    The second issue is the talk of the 'innocent' Trayvon, the 'innocent' Michael and the 'innocent' Freddie.....again we see someone conflating incidents as if they were
    the same. THEY ARE NOT. One incident was the lawful act of self defense by a
    citizen who as assaulted by a criminal. The second was the lawful use of force against a criminal who was committing assault on a public employee. The third is
    the death of a man who AT THE TIME OF HIS ARREST AND MURDER HAD DONE
    NOTHING ILLEGAL. Massive difference. Freddie Gray looked at those officers and ran.....not an illegal act, and as born out by his death he apparently had good reason to fear them and run from them. He was arrested for carrying a LEGAL KNIFE....a case of false arrest. And then....after having the ability to RUN AWAY he somehow magically managed to break his own neck and sever his own spinal cord while IN CUSTODY....or at least that is what the Baltimore PD wishes we were stupid enough to believe. No.....what happened to Freddie Gray has NOTHING to do with his criminal record....because his assailants simply could not know what that record was until AFTER they killed him. He could have been a Rhodes scholar with a spotless record.....the badgemonkeys could not have known and indeed did not care. Like
    sight hounds seeing a rabbit.....he ran, they chased and then they did what hunting animals do....they tortured the prey to death.

    1. his assailants simply could not know what that record was until AFTER they killed him.

      Thanks and excellent comment, but I read that the cops recognized him.

    2. Did they recognize him as in "I KNOW YOUR NAME" or was it "You look familiar". Pretty big difference. And unless they KNEW who he was and
      also knew he had a warrant they had no PC to seek contact.

      LEO seem to always think they 'know someone'. I live in a low population county. We only have a sheriff's dept. No other agencies. While in the ONLY chinamart in the area a deputy in the parking lot approached me as
      I was leaving wanting to talk to me. His reason....he 'knew' me. He was quite certain he knew my face and that since he knew my face I must be
      up to know good and by god he's gonna find out what it is. Another deputy
      rolls I know personally. And at THAT POINT the first deputy was
      made aware that he 'knew' me because he sees my face working in the ER on a regular basis. It was made very clear to him that a familiar face means NOTHING if you cannot know for certainty who that person is and
      why they look familiar. But if the deputy who had been my patient had NOT
      arrived and reigned in his eager beaver sociopathic associate I would probably have been hauled to the jail. So just because someone 'looks familiar' or is an 'I know you' candidate MEANS NOTHING.

    3. Where in the world do you live?

    4. The very rural great basin desert.

    5. I've never had any sort of problem with cops, all courteous in my two areas.

  2. Ray Charles could have seen where this colossal goat mating is headed. Regardless of their involvement, the LEO's were overcharged. Many of these charges will be dismissed. I seriously doubt all six will be convicted or serve any prison time. So, I imagine anything short of sacrificing all six to an active volcano will give the savages/agitators an excuse to go "Shaka Zulu".

    1. Unless there is something intimidating from the unscheduled stop video, I agree.

    2. They could have been 'overcharged' by design knowing that the indictment would serve to quell the people, the trial would be paid for by the taxpayer and the evidence would not support the charges so a not guilty verdict would be the result. Everyone to speak. It's theatrics at it's finest.

  3. Everyone has to understand this is not about what is right and true. This is about America's version of apartheid, only in America the minority is in control, and they have stated their desire to kill the crackers.

    1. in America the minority is in control, and they have stated their desire to kill the crackers.

      No guessing there.

  4. As far as I am concerned, the police are the Golden Knights and if it weren't for the
    local police, the trance people would be up a creek without a paddle - rapped,
    robbed, assaulted, murdered, dissected, etc.
    The communists are behind stirring these riots up and the DHS is communist backed.
    Hope and Change minus Whites.

    1. The communists are behind stirring these riots up and the DHS is communist backed.

      As are the leaders of the governing administration.

  5. The police are trying to get rid of this mayor. Michael Savage said the mayor
    sounds like a child. She is rather juvenile like.