Sunday, May 3, 2015

Does the United States Need a New Police Force for Stability Operations?

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Stability operations have become a prominent feature of the international landscape.  Recent examples include U.S. and UN oper-ations in Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, Afghani-stan, and Iraq. Such operations involve military forces that often engage insurgent forces until indigenous forces can take over that role. But military forces are ill suited for some critical tasks in stability operations that might be described as high-end police tasks. High-end tasks fall into the gap between normal police and military forces and include such activities as riot control, criminal investigations, and SWAT activities. The police who engage in these activities do so with the intent of rooting out criminals or insur-gents who have a vested interest in perpetuating chaos. 

Unlike some countries that have such police forces—notably Italy with its Carabinieri or France with its Gendarmerie—the United States does not have stability police. Given the likelihood of such operations in the future, the question arises whether the United States should develop such forces. A team of researchers from RAND Arroyo Center studied this issue, and they report their results in A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justifi cation and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities. 

The analysis focused on answering three questions: 

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  1. not on topic again but police shooting and explosion on suspect in Pamela Geller Draw Mohammad event in Garland Texas.

    Was live stream of news but was just shut down

    1. Thanks, I didn't find anything on a search. but do see the empty room on the link. Thanks.

  2. A national 'stability' force? Not just no but HELL NO. Things aren't good under the present system with countless departments covering many different types of jurisdictions but the system we have at least makes it difficult to field a cohesive single 'army' that responds to one command. And that is a GOOD THING. A single
    force would be that much easier to use for political and personal agenda's. The current structure is being morphed into an American Gestapo but the process is not going quickly or efficiently, those in power want such a body they are looking to create it in toto so they can have it NOW. Makes one wonder if the current regime has plans on not vacating the White House and needs a private army to make that plan possible.

  3. Kommt zu uns! That was originally an SS recruitment poster (Come with us!). I suppose it might work to recruit some of these "Call of Dooty" speical forces wannabes for a national police force. LOL

  4. Sounds like the time to get ready is almost over

  5. indyjonesouthereMay 4, 2015 at 3:53 PM

    No, No, no, no. Disarm the federal police in all the federal departments unless they are stationed out of country. BLM and ATF "police" and all their brethren to include the IRS or dept of education are a bigger destabilizer than any state police institution. Better yet, ban all government employees from having a weapon while on the job. Include the FBI...they are supposed to be into "investigation". Make the military the only exception.