Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hate the South Week

General Uncivil Background

Blessed as we are — so the economists say (they never lie) -– with relentless, inescapable digital bother and cyber-mania, any one of us might occasionally visit news sites and blogs. The ever hopeful soul, seeking its bliss, foolishly expects to find wisdom of some kind on the Internet. Well, there’s not much of it there and finding it is a lot of work.

One thing you do learn on worldwide web is that there are certain forbidden areas into which no one should tread:

1) You must never doubt Mr. Darwin in the slightest. If you do, you will learn that we are all extremely close kin with the anthropoid apes — which is a good thing, except when it’s you, who obviously are descended much too recently from them. A thousand other vituperative posts later, the whole thing is cleared up, and rightly so.

2) Say something suggesting agreement with the “God hypothesis,” and you shall be handed your head, bloody and broken. This may take 2,000 posts, but “anti-science” has no rights (Feyerabend notwithstanding) and must take its just punishment.

Jim Jordan Grills Deputy AG Rosenstein

Black Lives Matter Leader DeRay McKesson Sues Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro

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 If he had a brain.
One of the most well-known faces of the Black Lives Matter movement, DeRay McKesson, has filed a lawsuit against Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Tuesday, alleging that she defamed him when she stated that he had incited violence against police.

McKesson was arrested in Louisiana during BLM protests against 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling, but the charges were later dropped. He was one of 186 protesters who later settled a lawsuit against the police for $136,000.

University’s ‘White Christmas’ Tweet Triggers Snowflakes

 A leading university has apologized after a reference to “White Christmas” in one of its tweets triggered snowflake students who thought it might be a tad racist.

The original tweet from University College London was meant to be a friendly piece of advice about snow conditions:

But then various race-baiting SJW alumni and students claimed to take offense:

So, rather than stand up to them, the university caved with a groveling correction:

More @ Breitbart

Skyraider and Worst U.S. military disaster since Pearl Harbor

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 Image may contain: aeroplane, sky and outdoor
Skyraider drops 500 pound bombs on  February 26,  1964.

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 A1C Sebastian Coco, Bien Hoa AB
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Sessions’ First Year: A Breath of Fresh Air After Years of Obama Scandals


A year ago the Department of Justice was finishing up eight long years of a scandal-plagued term under Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, as President Obama’s political arm. A year later, the department has done a complete 180 degree turn back to upholding – instead of undermining – the rule of law, and restoring law and order.
The last thing we remember about the Obama Justice Department was the unseemly, secret meeting between General Lynch and former President Bill Clinton while his wife Hillary, then running for President, was under criminal investigation by the FBI.  Today, the DOJ is back on track; fixed on its mission to keep the public safe and pursue justice.

More @ CNS News  

GOP leaders reach tax deal, cutting corporate rate to 21% and top individual rate to 37%

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OP leaders on Wednesday agreed on a final tax cut plan that would lower the corporate rate to 21% and drop the top individual rate to 37%, according to a Republican source briefed on the deal.

Earlier House and Senate versions of the measure would have lowered the corporate rate to 20%, but in reconciling the two plans, leaders needed to nudge up the corporate rate in order to pay for benefits elsewhere. The one percentage point increase would provide an extra $100 billion over 10 years.

More @ LA Times

Gowdy goes off on DOJ & FBI corruption & conflicts of interest + Growing Stench of Politics Rising From Team Mueller

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It is becoming clear that the special counsel is merely an arm of the Obama/Clinton deep state.

Doug Jones thanks his supporters.....

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** Mitch McConnell for his support.
** The GOP elites for their $500,000 in financial support
** The GOP elites in Washington DC
** Republican Senator Senator Shelby for his last minute announcement to vote crap on the Republican candidate
** FOX News and FBN elites.
** The Washington Post for their 38 year-old sexual scandal
** Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report for his refusal to report on any news that would hurt the Democrat candidate
** Democrat media — For the constant attacks against Judge Roy Moore
** Democrat media — For their refusal to report on Doug Jones positions
** Greg Gutfeld

Scaramucci Says 'Don’t Underestimate Steve Bannon'

US Surgeon, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti, Found Dead

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Dr. Dean Lorich, an orthopedic surgeon who volunteered in Haiti and exposed Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice on the island, has been found dead in New York.

Dr. Dean Lorich, an orthopedic surgeon who volunteered in Haiti and exposed Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice on the island, has been found dead in New York. He was 54.

Dr. Lorich was found by his 11-year-old daughter on the bathroom floor of his tony Upper East Side apartment with a knife in his chest at around 1pm on Monday.

The knife missed the surgeon’s heart, leaving him to bleed out and be found by his daughter. Despite the fact police were called to the property regarding an “assault“, they instantly registered the death as “suicide” and closed the case.

Tape: Woman offended $200K to make false accusations against Trump

GOP Turnout 50% of 2016; Democrat Turnout 92% of 2016 + Jones Wins, Democrats Lose + Who Really Lost in Alabama

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Republicans (Roy Moore) lost 667,819 votes — or 50% of 2016 vote

Democrats (Doug Jones) lost 58,396 votes — or .08% of 2016 vote

More @ The Gateway Pundit


Jones Wins, Democrats Lose Might be. 

Who Really Lost in Alabama