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The spring “intelligence” report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been released and as usual it has little to do with intelligence and more to do with fear mongering and misdirection. As an intelligence analyst I know what an intelligence report is and this is not that.

They start off with identifying what they call “Patriot” groups in the United States in 2011. Now in my 56 years in this country I always thought of myself as a Patriot. I have served in the military, went to war, was awarded the Purple Heart, swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and always thought being a Patriot was a good thing.

Not these, ahem, intelligence analyst of the SPLC – they classify these groups as anti-government. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of anti-government groups around but just because citizens are wishing to hold government accountable, which is their duty, is admirable and does not make them “anti-government.” Maybe anti-unlawful government.

So how does a group get on this prestigious list? Evidently not hard at all; I personally know of a number of these “groups” that have only just started and have done nothing so far, and I mean absolutely nothing. In fact one group, and I’ll get to them later, has a total of 3 people involved, have only had a handful of meetings and have set up a rudimentary web page – that’s it. They must be very dangerous and scary to the “intelligence” folks at the SPLC.

They say they derive their list from “field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports.” Wow, the internet – really? Hmmm. So they search the internet for any group that may identify themselves as patriots and question government. First of all who are we to question government? They would not do anything wrong, would they? I mean they wouldn’t do things like waste public funds on expensive junkets to Hawaii, and Las Vegas (GSA) on the taxpayers dime, or tell the American people lies to get us into wars (Gulf of Tonkin, etc), cause massive economic ruin (Fannie & Freddie), or pass laws that affect us and exempt themselves, etc, etc, etc. But I digress.

So let’s take a look at some of what the SPLC passes off as “intelligence” these days.

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Levon Helm, singer of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" for The Band, in final stages of cancer


This really hurts. "
He refused the laryngectomy and underwent radiation treatment instead." Man why did you do that? I could have made the same decision 17 years ago, but fortunately didn't, and am still alive and kicking. My 15 year old daughter Dixie, would not have come into this life if I had made the wrong decision. To anyone who reads this, having a hole in your neck is no big thing, take it from me.


The Band singer and drummer Levon Helm is in the final stages of cancer, according to a note posted on his website Tuesday by his wife, Sandy, and daughter, Amy.

“Please send your prayers and love to him as he makes his way through this part of his journey,” the note said. “Thank you fans and music lovers who have made his life so filled with joy and celebration . . . he has loved nothing more than to play, to fill the room up with music, lay down the back beat, and make the people dance! He did it every time he took the stage.”

At Saturday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, former Band guitarist and songwriter Robbie Robertson prefaced his induction speech for recording engineers Cosimo Matassa, Tom Dowd and Glyn Johns saying “Before I start, I need to send my love and blessings to my old band mate Levon Helm,” but he did not elaborate.

Arkansas-born Helm was the only non-Canadian member of the Hawks, a group that first backed early rocker Ronnie Hawkins, and then gained fame in the mid-1960s accompanying Bob Dylan when the singer and songwriter "went electric" to the consternation of many hardcore folk music fans who'd previously supported him.

The Band worked closely with Dylan after he went into seclusion following a near-fatal 1966 motorcycle accident, recording a batch of influential songs that were widely bootlegged and only surfaced in official form in 1975 as "The Basement Tapes." The Band released its first album on its own in 1968, "Music from Big Pink," to broad critical acclaim. It included one of the group's signature songs "The Weight." It followed with the even more highly lauded sophomore album "The Band," which included "Up On Cripple Creek," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and "Rag Mama Rag."

As one of three lead singers for the band, along with Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, Helm was the dominant voice on such signature songs as “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” “Rag Mama Rag,” “Ophelia,” “Don’t Do It” and “Daniel and the Sacred Harp.” Manuel committed suicide in 1986 and Danko died of drug-related heart failure in 1999.

Members of the Band decided in 1976 to quit touring, and threw a gala final concert they called “The Last Waltz,” which was captured on film by director Martin Scorsese. Here's a clip of Helm singing "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" at that concert:

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Update on Today's Cultural Enrichment News

Heh!:) Obama 2008: "If you don't have any fresh ideas, you use stale tactics to scare the voters"

Via American & Proud

"The two most tenacious life forms on Earth are cockroaches and bureaucrats."

James Rawls


"Vigorous measures at present would soon put an end to this rebellion. The deluded people are made to believe that they are invincible…. When this army is ordered to act against them, they will soon be convinced that they are very insignificant when opposed to regular troops."
-- Major Thomas Pitcairn, Royal Marines, in a letter from Boston to John Montagu, Lord Sandwich, the Secretary of State, 1775.

Breaking: There are food deserts in these United States’

Where do these Collectivists come up with this crap?

Via A Trainwreck In Maxwell

- Barack Obama's vision as president is shaped by the fact that he knows what "it's like to take a subway or a bus just to find a fresh piece of fruit in a grocery store," Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said last week.

Donovan seemed to be suggesting that the president had once lived in what First Lady Michelle Obama now refers to as a "food desert"--a place without a nearby supermarket. The First Lady has launched an initiative to eliminate these places.

“Why has all this work been such a priority for the president and every one of us in the administration?” Donovan said. “Because he knows what you know: He knows what it’s like to walk the halls of public housing because he’s worked there.”

- Barack Obama's vision as president is shaped by the fact that he knows what "it's like to take a subway or a bus just to find a fresh piece of fruit in a grocery store," Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said last week.

Donovan seemed to be suggesting that the president had once lived in what First Lady Michelle Obama now refers to as a "food desert"--a place without a nearby supermarket. The First Lady has launched an initiative to eliminate these places.

“Why has all this work been such a priority for the president and every one of us in the administration?” Donovan said. “Because he knows what you know: He knows what it’s like to walk the halls of public housing because he’s worked there.”

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Two days of Cultural Enrichment News

Somali grooming-and-pimping gang


Man Charged With Murder in Beating Death of Stepson, 10.

I posted last night about a Somali grooming-and-pimping gang that has been operating in Minnesota and Tennessee, among other places. Now comes a smaller but deadlier culturally enriched crime involving Somalis, this time in Buffalo, New York.

The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 200%.

Here’s the story from The Buffalo News. If I understand the article correctly, the suspected murderer is actually a security guard at the offices of the newspaper reporting on the crime:

Man Charged With Murder in Beating Death of Stepson, 10.

Breivik: a modern day Bodvar Bjarki

Anders Behring Breivik is currently on trial over his lethal attack on Norwegians when he killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo on July 22, 2011, and then shot 69 at a Labour Party summer youth camp. The trial began Monday, April 16, 2012.

“I acknowledge the acts, but I do not plead guilty. I did it in self-defense,” he responded to the judge who asked for his plea.

Breivik attacked those whom he held representative and responsible for the inimical, nation-destroying influences eating away the heart of Norway and Europe in general. The media calls him an “anti-Islamic fanatic,” and “anti-Muslim,” rather than a Norwegian patriot, or a defensive, pro-white racialist, or a European cultural preservationist. The litigation process, of course, rests on whether or not Breivik is sane or insane. There are different penalties for either condition.

Breivik prefers exoneration or execution. Nothing in between will do, for insanity would totally undermine his purpose in the attack. Being declared “delusional” would erase the meaning–or certainly any validity in his motivation.

In Breivik’s passion one does hear the distant thunder of the great Norwegian warrior, Bodvar Bjarki. Ah, that was a day when war was honorable, when destroying the enemy was noble and heroic. Today, The white oedipal liberals in charge of the world teach that to resist the enemy is unkind and bad. In the instinct of latent homoexuality, the white leaders proclaim the darkies triumphant, and make every arrangement to allow them to bury all things white and descent–particularly Christianity. The whole ‘open door’ policy which allows murderous, barbarous Islam to enter and destroy any nation is the perfect expression of the “delusional” white liberals.

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Escort Recounts Quarrel With Secret Service Agent

Secret Service agent preparing for President Obama’s arrival at an international summit meeting and a single mother from Colombia who makes a living as a high-priced escort faced off in a room at the Hotel Caribe a week ago over how much he owed her for the previous night’s intercourse. “I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money,’ ” the woman said in her first public comments on a spat that would soon spiral into a full-blown scandal.

The dispute was that he offered $30 for services she thought they had agreed were worth 25 times that, and it set off a tense early morning struggle in the hallway of the posh hotel involving the woman, another prostitute, Colombian police officers arguing on the women’s behalf and American federal agents who tried but failed to keep the matter — which has shaken the reputation of the Secret Service — from escalating.

Sitting on a couch in her living room wearing a short jean skirt, high-heeled espadrilles and a tight spandex top with a plunging neckline, the woman described how she and a girlfriend were approached by a group of American men at a discotheque. In an account that tracked with the official version of events coming out of Washington, but could not be independently confirmed, she said the men bought a bottle of Absolut vodka for the table and when that was finished bought a second one.

“They never told me they were with Obama,” she said. “They were very discreet.”

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Conspiring terrorists & insurrectionists

The Moneychanger

On 18 April 1775 three terrorists rode though the midnight Massachusetts countryside from Boston to Concord to warn their conspiring terrorists & insurrectionists that enforcement officials of the legitimate government were on the way to confiscate their assault rifles. Known to be prone to violence, the anti-government activists aroused fellow insurrectionist/terrorist forces -- militia types -- and over 500 of them unlawfully assembled to resist with armed violence the 700 lawfully authorized agents of the legitimate government come to confiscate the assault rifles from these dangerous anti-government activists.

The three anti-government terrorist gun nuts were later identified as Paul Revere, William Dawes, & Samuel Prescott, and had they not made that ride, terrorists, insurrectionists, anti-government activists, and gun nuts that they were, y'all would still be singing "God save the King" at the opening of baseball games.

And the legitimate government agents never did get their assault rifles.

How to defeat ICE hold requests courtesy of Soros

NC Renegade

If you want the definitive guide on how to defeat ICE hold requests, download the PDF here. This publication was supported in part by a grant from the Soros Justice Fellowships Program of the Open Society.


This toolkit is designed to help communities prevent deportations by keeping local police separate from immigration enforcement. The essential link between police and ICE is the ICE hold request, also known as an immigration detainer. On the basis of ICE hold requests, state and local police hold people in jail longer in order to hand them over to ICE. Without police departments willing to submit to ICE hold requests, ICE would not be able to apprehend and deport so many people. Even if Secure Communities, 287(g) and the Criminal Alien Program continue to operate, they are only as effective as ICE hold requests allow them to be. The hold request is what actually allows ICE to apprehend and deport people. Several communities have succeeded in enacting policies to stop submitting to ICE hold requests, and this toolkit is designed to help other communities establish similar policies.

Public outrage builds over police officer who fatally shot dog

The fatal shooting of a pet dog by an Austin Police Department officer over the weekend is sparking outrage near and far.

As of Monday evening, close to 22,000 people had hit the "Like" button on a Facebook page called “Justice for Cisco,” the name of Austinite Michael Paxton's dog, which was killed by an officer.

On Saturday afternoon, a passerby called 911 around 4:30 to report a domestic disturbance.

What the responding officer, APD Officer Thomas Griffin, didn’t know when he arrived minutes later is that the 911 caller mistakenly gave the wrong address.

Upon arrival, the first person Officer Griffin encountered was Michael Paxton and his blue heeler, named Cisco.

Austin police confirmed Monday that Officer Griffin got out of his patrol car with his weapon drawn.

In audio captured on Officer Griffin’s dashboard camera, you can hear the officer give Paxton commands to put his hands up and to control his dog. Austin police removed a few seconds of the tape where Griffin fatally shoots the dog.

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Austrian village F---ing to vote on name change

The Austrian village of F---ing is to vote on a name change in an attempt to escape the constant ridicule and attention the name attracts the hamlet.

The 104 residents of the village will cast their votes later this week on whether to alter the name.

“People are now willing to discuss changes to the spelling of the name,” Franz Meindl, the village’s mayor, said in a television interview. “But first all F---ingers have to agree on whether want to change it or not.”

For centuries the tiny village in northern Austria lived life in happy obscurity, but life changed when US troops, stationed in the area at the end of the Second World War, discovered it, and since then the village’s name has been a constant source of amusement for tourists and irritation for locals.

At least 13 £250 road signs bearing the village’s name have been stolen, and the sight of semi-naked women posing for photographs beside signs has become a common sight. One local business woman, exasperated with people stealing her sign has taken to adding another “g” in the hope it will deter thieves.

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Greetings from Beauvoir Greetings from Beauvoir: Confederate Memorial Day-April 28, 2012

Confederate Memorial Day Ceremonies for the Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Beauvoir will be held Saturday, April 28th, 2012 at 2 p.m. The Keynote Speaker will be Mississippi Division Commander Alan Palmer. The main topic of this year's ceremony will be the return of the 46th Mississippi Infantry Battle Flag, which will be housed at Beauvoir, in the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum. This will be the first time since 1865 that the Flag will have been in it's home state of Mississippi.

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