Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conspiring terrorists & insurrectionists

The Moneychanger

On 18 April 1775 three terrorists rode though the midnight Massachusetts countryside from Boston to Concord to warn their conspiring terrorists & insurrectionists that enforcement officials of the legitimate government were on the way to confiscate their assault rifles. Known to be prone to violence, the anti-government activists aroused fellow insurrectionist/terrorist forces -- militia types -- and over 500 of them unlawfully assembled to resist with armed violence the 700 lawfully authorized agents of the legitimate government come to confiscate the assault rifles from these dangerous anti-government activists.

The three anti-government terrorist gun nuts were later identified as Paul Revere, William Dawes, & Samuel Prescott, and had they not made that ride, terrorists, insurrectionists, anti-government activists, and gun nuts that they were, y'all would still be singing "God save the King" at the opening of baseball games.

And the legitimate government agents never did get their assault rifles.

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