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(Dean Martin Roasted) Don Rickles Host: Best Highlights 1976

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Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, "Protect our Children"

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Rage: Bette Midler Attacks West Virginians as 'Poor, Illiterate and Strung Out' After Manchin Kills Build Back Better +

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., a centrist Democrat vital to the fate of President Joe Biden's $3.5 government overhaul, updates reporters about his position on the bill, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021. Despite months of being courted and cajoled, Sen. Joe Manchin is still not a yes …

Rage: Bette Midler Attacks West Virginians as 'Poor, Illiterate and Strung Out' After Manchin Kills Build Back Better 

Joe's Agenda Crumbling: Manchin Won't Support 'Build Back Better'... Report: May Become an Independent After WH Insults

Graham warns GOP about Trump's wrath on debt vote

In blunt remarks to the Senate Republican Conference, Graham harshly criticized McConnell for putting Senate Republicans in position to get “shot in the back” over the deal.

He said McConnell had backed away from his vow earlier this year to not give Democrats any help in raising the debt limit.

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Italian Archbishop Vigano: “A Global Coup Has Been Carried Out All Over The World”

DEAR AMERICAN PEOPLE, DEAR FRIENDS, for two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators enslaved to the interests of international high finance.This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects.

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano continues to be one of the rare heroes in the Catholic Church.

Fearless, he continues to speak out against all elite power structures, including the Pope himself.

And today he came right out and said it: a global coup has been carried out.

He’s 100% correct.

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Storied 29th Infantry Patch Possibly on Chopping Block Due to Confederate Ties

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 color guard presents their unit’s colors during the 29th Infantry Division’s transfer-of-authority

Even today, the division's 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is known as the "Stonewall Brigade" after being led by rebel Gen. Stonewall Jackson.

Thousands of soldiers with the 29th Infantry Division were among the first wave of troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy in the U.S.-led invasion of France in 1944.

When the doors to the landing craft opened, entire units were killed almost instantly by dug-in German forces. Scores of the division's troops were among the 3,000 killed in the opening hours of the assault on Fortress Europe in one of the most gruesome and heroic battles in U.S. military lore and immortalized in the opening scene of "Saving Private Ryan."

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Bringing A New Plant Home


Doing Satan’s Work: Pentagon Orders Company to Stop Making Faith-Based Dog Tags (Video)

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