Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBI's handling of Clinton email case

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Republicans on key congressional committees say they have uncovered new irregularities and contradictions inside the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

For the first time, investigators say they have secured written evidence that the FBI believed there was evidence that some laws were broken when the former secretary of State and her top aides transmitted classified information through her insecure private email server, lawmakers and investigators told The Hill.

That evidence includes passages in FBI documents stating the “sheer volume” of classified information that flowed through Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of criminality as well as an admission of false statements by one key witness in the case, the investigators said.

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'CA Better Hold On Tight': ICE Dir Promises Doubling of Officers After 'Sanctuary' Law Signed

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Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said California "better hold on tight" after its liberal Democratic governor allowed a sanctuary state law to take effect this week.

Neil Cavuto said that Gov. Jerry Brown claimed the law will protect illegal immigrants living quietly in the shadows of society from law enforcement intent on "yanking them out of there."

"I think it's terrible," Homan said, adding that Brown's action put politics in front of public safety.

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The Two Clinton Issues That Could Shake America in 2018


American courts promise 'equal justice under the law,' but will that maxim be applied to the tarnished couple?

Congresswoman Corrine Brown reports to a federal prison this month to begin serving a five-year sentence for her role in an $800,000 charity fraud, the question will be raised about why she is in jail — but Hillary Clinton remains free.

That question and the fact Clinton has never been charged with mishandling classified national security documents during her four years as secretary of State raise serious doubts about whether justice is applied equally to powerful and influential citizens, as well as everyday Americans.

Brown, the African-American Democrat who represented Jacksonville, Florida, for many years, was convicted last year in a case that in dollar terms pales by comparison with the Clinton Foundation. The latter began in 1997 as the former president’s library but became the $2 billion entity described by one nonprofit expert as “the biggest charity fraud ever.”

Who Stole Our Culture?

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 Originally published in 2007 on WND

Sometime during the last half-century, someone stole our culture. Just 50 years ago, in the 1950s, America was a great place. It was safe. It was decent. Children got good educations in the public schools. Even blue-collar fathers brought home middle-class incomes, so moms could stay home with the kids. Television shows reflected sound, traditional values.

Where did it all go? How did that America become the sleazy, decadent place we live in today – so different that those who grew up prior to the ’60s feel like it’s a foreign country? Did it just “happen”?

It didn’t just “happen.” In fact, a deliberate agenda was followed to steal our culture and leave a new and very different one in its place. The story of how and why is one of the most important parts of our nation’s history – and it is a story almost no one knows. The people behind it wanted it that way.

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Greatest false predictions of 2017: The left must face facts and admit they’re wrong about Trump and the economy

 The Trump effect on the stock market

Since the day Donald Trump was elected president in November 2016, the Dow Jones industrial average has risen by some 35 percent, making the last 14 months one of the greatest bull market runs in history. Some $6 trillion of wealth has been created for Americans — which is very good news for the 55 million Americans with 401k plans, the 25 million or so who have IRAs, and another 20 million with company pension plans and employee stock ownership plans.

The left was certain that exactly the opposite would happen with a Trump presidency. To borrow a recent phrase from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, President Trump’s policies would cause “Armageddon” for family finances, the American economy, and the stock market.

Keep all this talk of economic meltdowns and financial market doomsday in mind the next time you hear a new commentator say that “most economists” believe that Mr. Trump’s policies won’t work, or “mainstream economists” believe Mr. Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. When it comes to Mr. Trump’s critics so far have almost all been not just wrong, but dead wrong. Here are some greatest hits that we’ve gleefully compiled from the past 18 months or so.

Southwest announces $1,000 bonuses for employees because of tax bill

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Southwest Airlines is awarding its employees with $1,000 bonuses in response to the GOP’s tax bill, the company announced Tuesday.

“We applaud Congress and the president for taking this action to pass legislation, which will result in meaningful corporate income tax reform for the transportation sector in general, and for Southwest Airlines, in particular,” Southwest’s CEO Gary Kelly said. “We are excited about the savings and additional capital, which we intend to put to work in several forms — to reward our hard-working employees, to reinvest in our business, to reward our shareholders, and to keep our costs and fares low for our customers.”

Kelly also said the company donated an incremental $5 million to charities because of the tax reform bill.

The Bundy Affair #25 – Steven Myhre and His Fraud upon the Court

The concept that the Founders had when they wrote the Constitution expected that those in government would be honest and have the highest degree of integrity — That they were expected to be above the average person on the street.  Now, we find that the have less integrity than those on the street, though the average person would be in prison, should he do what these government employees do.

Recent events in Las Vegas have led to a completely new perspective on the misdeeds of government.  Failure to provide timely Discovery, especially that of an exculpatory evidence (proving innocence or to impeach witness testimony).

As Judge Gloria Navarro pointed out in the seven know violations, six of them were deemed “willful”, where the seventh could possibly be inadvertent.  However, in the closed session that followed the declaration of a Mistrial, there may have been as many as 20 more violations of either Brady or Giglio.  Those cases establish precedence with regard to the timely disclosure of evidence to the Defense.

Before we proceed, perhaps reviews of the timeline of primary events in this case are necessary:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Urged to Scrap Obama-Era ‘Black Lives Matter’ School Discipline Policy

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Civil rights and education experts say signs are pointing to the Trump administration education department’s finally getting around to rethinking the Obama-era “guidance” on school discipline that many say has hurt minority students most and made schools more dangerous.

Former President Barack Obama became known for inserting civil rights issues into a great many of his policies, including those involving campus sexual assault procedures, public school bathrooms and locker rooms, and how schools implement disciplinary procedures.

The Trump administration has scrapped Obama’s transgender bathroom and campus sexual assault policies, and – according to civil rights experts – may now be poised to tackle the former president’s school discipline “guidance” that threatens school districts with federal investigation if their discipline measures resulted in statistics that showed a greater proportion of minority students are disciplined than white students.

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Max Eden, explained at National Review in November how the Obama-era school discipline policy “extended Black Lives Matter’s ideology down into America’s classrooms”:

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OH-6 Cayuse and AH1-G Cobra, 'Hunter Killer' or 'Pink' Teams

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 OH-6 Cayuse and AH1-G Cobra, 'Hunter Killer' or 'Pink' Teams


These 'Loach' pilots were crazy mother fuckers, flying at tree top level to irritate and draw fire from the VC, then the Cobra's would roll in and neutralize the situation.

The Boeing (McDonnell Douglas, formerly Hughes) OH-6A was designed for use as a military scout during the Vietnam war to meet the U.S. Army's need for an extremely maneuverable light observation helicopter (under the 1963 LOH program).

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Prank California highway signs 'welcome' felons, illegal immigrants and MS-13

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Drivers entering California are being greeted with signs proclaiming the liberal bastion an "OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE," according to photos and videos circulating on social media appearing to show a prankster attached the official-looking blue signs just below legitimate "Welcome to California" markers.

The sanctuary state sign, which adds "Felons, Illegals and MS13 [gang members] welcome," is similar to one hung up by a Malibu activist last year. 

“Democrats Need The Votes!” reads a message on the signs, which are plastered with the Great Seal of California and a donkey, one of the symbols of the Democratic Party.

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Left Marooned By Trump Tax Cut

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Democrats and liberals have bet the house that the Trump tax cut would either not pass or not work. Now that the first has happened and the second is happening, they have no good place to position themselves.

They complain that it gives too much to the rich and does nothing for the poor, an accusation that rings more and more flat as black unemployment reaches a twenty year low.

They can argue that it is a giveaway to rich corporations, even as its job creating impact among smaller companies becomes more and more evident.

The impact of this tax cut is too wide and too broad for even Democrats to miss it in their daily economic lives.

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Papadopoulos' Barroom Boasts Are 'Thinner' Explanation for Russia Probe Than Dossier

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Rep. Ron DeSantis expressed skepticism about a New York Times report which states that a former Trump campaign adviser's drunken boasts - not the Trump-Russia dossier - led to the FBI's Russia investigation.

According to the report, Papadopoulos was drinking heavily at a London bar in May 2016 when he revealed to a top Australian diplomat that Russia possessed "political dirt" on Hillary Clinton. The information was then passed from Australian authorities to their U.S. counterparts.

The Times report states that it was Papadopoulos' statements that triggered the FBI counterintelligence probe of Russian interference in the election, not the dossier from former British spy Christopher Steele.

Desantis, however, said he still has a lot of questions about the dossier and other issues surrounding the counterintelligence probe.

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Hey kids, if your dad's white, straight and drives a car...you might be 'privileged'

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If you are a white, heterosexual, Evangelical Christian, male whose parents are still married and can afford to send you to summer camp – then you are privileged, according to the West Bend School District in Wisconsin.

As many as 150 students at Badger Middle School were given an optional “privilege test.” The 55 questions covered a wide range of topics from sexuality and race to religion and economics. Click here to see the full list of questions.

Among the items on the questionnaire:

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Women are leading in Iran. Where is their voice of support from the left?

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 An Iranian woman escapes tear gas during the unrest at the University of Tehran as students joined in the country's ongoing protests
"You raised your fists and ruined our lives. Now we raise our fists. Be men, join us. I as a woman will stand in front and protect you. Come represent your country.”

The most striking images coming out of the Iran human rights protests are not of men – they are of women. And while American media was slow and even hesitant to pick up that anything at all was actually happening – this, while protests ignited for what is now six full days around Iran, nine years after the Green Movement protests began – Twitter was flooded with videos and photos on the ground, in defiance of the Iranian regime’s social media policy.

Almost none was more striking than a young Iranian woman standing atop a container and shedding her hijab – a garment mandated and enforced upon her and all women in Iran – while simultaneously waving it as a flag. It was an act of defiance much like that of the Iranian chess champion Dorsa Derakhshani, who was expelled from competition in Iran for refusing to wear a headscarf in competition.

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Alabama: Blacks are 26% of population but 29% voted.........

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African-Americans constitute 26 percent of Alabama’s people, but they accounted for 29 percent of the voters in last month’s special election for the U.S. Senate. Whites make up 69 percent of the state’s population, yet they were only 66 percent of those who voted. Black voters, in other words, punched above their weight on Election Day, turning up at the polls at a rate that exceeded their share of the general public. Whites, by contrast, underperformed.

But surely that’s impossible!

9 more people killed, 100 arrested overnight as nationwide protests in Iran continue

 9 more people killed, 100 arrested overnight as nationwide protests in Iran continue – local media
At least 9 people were killed and some 100 were arrested overnight as unrest across Iran entered a sixth day, Iranian media said. The country’s supreme leader accused “enemies of Iran” of orchestrating the demonstrations.

Among those killed were six protesters who had attempted to steal guns from a police station in the town of Qahdarijan, Iranian state TV said, as cited by AP. Another two people were killed in the town of Khomeinishahr, and the ninth fatality was a member of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard in the town of Najafabad.

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German Political Leader Under Police Investigation Over Tweets About Muslim Rape Gangs


A member of the far right German political party AfD is being investigated over an incendiary New Year’s Eve tweet, that cast Muslims as violent and rapacious.

Beatrix von Storch, a member of the German parliament and deputy leader of Germany’s far-right AfD party, accused the Cologne police of pandering to “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men” after the department sent out a celebratory tweet in Arabic to ring in the new year.

Gun range owner who declared a ‘Muslim Free Zone’ will run for Arkansas governor

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A gun range owner who drew national attention for calling her establishment a “Muslim Free Zone” will run for Arkansas governor.

Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, made the announcement in a video posted to YouTube on Dec. 30.

In the Republican primary, she’ll challenge incumbent Asa Hutchinson, who was elected in 2014.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article192535829.html#storylink=cpy

MSM Reluctant to Report on Iran Protests Because a New Regime Would Release More Corrupt Obama Actions


The Obama Administration did all it could to put together the nuclear deal with Iran with hopes to show the world that they had prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities. Instead Obama got played and ended up giving the evil Iranian regime billions in cold hard cash and covered up Iran’s human and drug trafficking operations as well. A new regime would no doubt release devastating information on the Obama Administration’s actions to coddle Iran into the nuclear deal which is why the MSM is refusing to promote Iranian independence from the Ayatollah.


The Washington Post reluctantly reported over the holiday weekend that the protests in Iran should be supported by the West, which is what President Trump has done to date as opposed to Obama’s actions in 2009

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Sailor cited by Trump as evidence of Hillary Clinton double standard now works as garbage man

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Trump invoked Kristian Saucier repeatedly during the presidential campaign to highlight the double standard between the treatment of Saucier, who served a year in prison for taking photos inside a submarine, and Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo)

President Trump tweeted Tuesday there’s a double standard in the government’s treatment of Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin, pointing to Kristian Saucier, a former Navy sailor jailed for taking six photos inside a submarine.

Saucier, 31, was released from prison in September after receiving a one-year sentence for mishandling classified information. With a felony conviction, he now works up to 70 hours a week collecting garbage in Vermont.

“Obviously with his tweet today he still recognizes my case, so hopefully he will do something about it. I think my family and I have been punished enough," Saucier told the Washington Examiner. "I made an innocent mistake as a kid, it wasn’t planned like Hillary Clinton and them blatantly flouting the law."

Operation "Bolo": Clash of Generations Over North Vietnam

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 Col. Robin Olds, Commander, 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, United States Air Force
The exploits of the legendary Col. Robin Olds and the "Wolf Pack" of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing during the Vietnam War are well known among military aviation enthusiasts.  Col. Olds' skill as a fighter pilot and reputation as an effective combat leader, earned during three decades of distinguished military service, are held in high regard by peers and historians alike.  The story of his principal adversaries in Southeast Asia, the pilots of the fledgling Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF), is not well known in the West.  Preeminent among these pilots was Capt. Nguyễn Văn Cốc of the 921st Fighter Regiment, the top scoring fighter ace of the Vietnam War.  On 2 January, 1967 the destinies of these two formidable air warriors came together during a brief and decisive air battle over North Vietnam.  This encounter ended in a lopsided victory for the "Wolf Pack," but that was not the whole story.  The VPAF proved to be resilient and resourceful in recovering from this defeat, and lessons learned from this epic air battle shaped strategy and tactics employed by both opposing forces throughout the remainder of the war. 

WikiLeaks Drops Proof That NYTimes Colluded With Hillary Clinton

You thought 2017 was going to end without a bang — other than the fireworks?

Think again.

After The New York Times on Saturday published a story headlined "Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in G.O.P.," WikiLeaks couldn't stand it anymore. In a late-night post on Twitter, WikiLeaks revealed that a Times reporter used to feed State Department email updates of the stories the paper would be publishing DAYS before the stories appeared.

At the time, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.

Goodies from Ol' Remus


I've long believed growing up rural and poor confers a survival advantage not replicable with training or gadgets. Coping with hard work, stress and scarcity aren't learned on weekends at a hobby retreat. 

Aristotle warned of immigration in his treatise, Politics, of 350 BC. This is from Book 5, Chapter 3:

Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution.

  Daily Mail - Horrific New Year's Day assault on a female police officer in Paris was filmed by her attackers as they kicked her around like a rag doll ... escapees from Detroit or Baltimore perhaps

  All Outdoor - Watch: How To Avoid Garand Thumb, Hickok45 gives a lesson ... includes video, 2m 55s [In military school we called them M-1 thumbs, same result though.] :)

  Return of Kings - 38 Pictures That Show The Decline Of America Since The 1950s