Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Urged to Scrap Obama-Era ‘Black Lives Matter’ School Discipline Policy

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Civil rights and education experts say signs are pointing to the Trump administration education department’s finally getting around to rethinking the Obama-era “guidance” on school discipline that many say has hurt minority students most and made schools more dangerous.

Former President Barack Obama became known for inserting civil rights issues into a great many of his policies, including those involving campus sexual assault procedures, public school bathrooms and locker rooms, and how schools implement disciplinary procedures.

The Trump administration has scrapped Obama’s transgender bathroom and campus sexual assault policies, and – according to civil rights experts – may now be poised to tackle the former president’s school discipline “guidance” that threatens school districts with federal investigation if their discipline measures resulted in statistics that showed a greater proportion of minority students are disciplined than white students.

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Max Eden, explained at National Review in November how the Obama-era school discipline policy “extended Black Lives Matter’s ideology down into America’s classrooms”:

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