Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Two Clinton Issues That Could Shake America in 2018


American courts promise 'equal justice under the law,' but will that maxim be applied to the tarnished couple?

Congresswoman Corrine Brown reports to a federal prison this month to begin serving a five-year sentence for her role in an $800,000 charity fraud, the question will be raised about why she is in jail — but Hillary Clinton remains free.

That question and the fact Clinton has never been charged with mishandling classified national security documents during her four years as secretary of State raise serious doubts about whether justice is applied equally to powerful and influential citizens, as well as everyday Americans.

Brown, the African-American Democrat who represented Jacksonville, Florida, for many years, was convicted last year in a case that in dollar terms pales by comparison with the Clinton Foundation. The latter began in 1997 as the former president’s library but became the $2 billion entity described by one nonprofit expert as “the biggest charity fraud ever.”

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