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MAD DOG: The Legend and Truth of Jerry Shriver

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"It's that ambush-like reception despite a B-52 strike that opens the disturbing possibility of treachery and, it turns out, it was more than a mere possibility. One year after the COSVN raid, the NSA twice intercepted enemy messages warning of imminent SOG operations which could only have come from a mole or moles in SOG headquarters. It would only be long after the war that it became clear Hanoi s Trinh Sat had penetrated SOG, inserting at least one high ranking South Vietnamese officer in SOG whose treachery killed untold Americans, including, most likely, the COSVN raiders.

I wonder what was being said by Mad Dog on the radio after his death or capture.

No one has ever said so I guess it is 'classified.'

One article stated the attack by the VC was an ambush and the enemy was very prepared.

They walked right into a trap."

 I stand humbled, every-time I post on the man.

If you read much fiction about Vietnam, or even watch movies about it, chances are you’ll frequently bump into a character who has become a stereotype of the subgenre. This stereotype was rarely, if ever, seen in film or fiction before Vietnam.

The character is eccentric on his good days; psychotic the rest of the time. He is almost oblivious to regulations, protocol, rank and military traditions. He wouldn’t last a day in a professional military force…if he wasn’t such an effective killing machine in the bush.

He is almost a super-soldier when in the field. He’s got the hearing and smell of a dog, the vision of an eagle and the lives of a cat. His instincts are far beyond Sgt. Rock’s “combat antenna.” He’s fearless in battle, probably because there’s nobody as scary as him on the battlefield. He’s rarely seen in garrison, but when he is, he’s a peacetime/rear echelon sergeant-major’s nightmare.

In short, he’s not so much a soldier as a warrior. And he’s probably as insane as the Vietnam War itself. At least he seems so to your average civilian.

Turns out this stereotype had an archetype…or prototype, if you will.

This recurring character is strikingly similar to (or perhaps a caricature of) the real-life special operators on the SOG teams and various reconnaissance projects in Vietnam. And the most legendary (and archetypal) of those operators was Jerry “Mad Dog” Shriver.

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SC cops refuse to release dash cam video of police shooting to death an unarmed, white teenager; family claims police desecrated his body

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Angie Hammond and Paul Hammond, parents of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond have begged for the release of police dash cam video showing the fatal shooting of their son.

State investigators have refused to release dash cam videos from the shooting death of an unarmed, white teenager in South Carolina as his family claims police desecrated the young man's body.

The State Law Enforcement Division denied a public records request by the The Post and Courier to disclose videos from Seneca Police Department patrol cars.

Zachary Hammond, 19, was shot twice inside his car at a Hardee's parking lot, where he was on a first date with a 23-year-old woman. HIs family's lawyers, in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, also claim Seneca police officers desecrated Hammond's body by lifting his dead hand and slapping it with a high-five gesture, WCSC-TV reported Friday.

More with video @ New York Daily News

Wow – MSNBC Targets “Stump for Trump” Ladies – Demanded To Know Employers, Addresses and Children’s Names…

Via comment by Sioux on Game Change: Trump Consults with Sen Jeff Sessions...

Weeks ago we stated the broad-base support from the “Salty Girls”, ie. Stump for The Trump Sisters, represented a visible threat to the power structures that like to keep people inside their special interest boxes. Their infectious enthusiasm is brilliant, but beyond that their advocacy cuts through a million strands of carefully placed narratives.

It was only a matter of time before the liberal wing of the media turned the Eye of Sauron toward the threat and targeted Stump for Trump. Apparently, it has begun.

(Via GWP) This weekend the duo was scheduled to go on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki but they were cancelled at the last second. The ladies said MSNBC wanted to know where they live, the names of their children and names of their employers. Then MSNBC cancelled their segment when they wouldn’t disclose the information. This set them off.

The end of the invasion

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It looks like the end of the Mediterranean Invasion is now in sight:
A Greek coast guard vessel allegedly sank a rubber dinghy full of Syrian refugees, including women and children, according to film footage shot by Turkish fishermen.

The footage, which was reportedly recorded a few days ago and obtained by Turkish media, suggests that the Greeks sank the migrant boat with some sort of “lance”. 
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Re-post: Pastor John Weaver's Confederate related sermons

He comes to the Sam Davis Youth Camp each year and is a favorite along with another from NC.

Jindal Wants To Block Removal Of Confederate Monuments In New Orleans

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The New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission recommended removing the four Confederate monuments around the city on Thursday night.

“Gov. Jindal opposes the tearing down of these historical statues and has instructed his staff to look into the Heritage Act to determine the legal authority he has as governor to stop it,” Jindal spokesman Doug Cain said in an email to the New Orleans Advocate.

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Game Change: Trump Consults with Sen Jeff Sessions on Immigration Strategy

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Jeff Sessions

In what may be the most important development in the 2016 Presidential race to date, Donald Trump has announced, and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-A) office has confirmed, that the GOP front-runner is consulting with the Alabama Senator in crafting his immigration plan for the future of America.

The real estate mogul’s announcement will send shock waves through Washington D.C. and all across primary states.

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Democrats Now Displaying Mexican And LBGTQ Flags at Their Campaign Events in Iowa

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Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.46.58 PM

Leave it to the Democrat party to include the Mexican flag and the rainbow LGBTQLMNOP+ flag at their Presidential forum in Iowa tonight… Right next to the POW-MIA flag. Looks like someone goofed up and accidentally included a few American flags, which I’m sure someone will find “offensive” and demand they be removed.

Good shot

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Was the Civil War (sic) About Slavery?

 Magnolia Cem 1908

A new video entitled “Was the Civil War About Slavery?” from Prager University is currently making the rounds on the Internet. A caption claims that the video “settles the debate once and for all,” superseding over a century’s worth of scholarship by historians who have argued this matter.

But does it really?

The video is filled with misconceptions and myths about the Civil War. The few facts it does get right are vastly outnumbered by the promulgation of incessant fallacies and significant omissions that would severely contradict the narrative.

It is true that several states in their secession ordinances claimed the reason for seceding from the government concerned slave rights. However, this was not the case for the mid-south states, which definitively rejected secession on those grounds and provided different explanations for leaving the union. Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, and North Carolina departed from the union only after Lincoln resupplied Fort Sumter and pledged to raise an army of 75,000, while Congress was not in session, with the express purpose of invading other states.

Challenge stops Confederate statue move at Univ. of Texas

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The University of Texas on Friday abruptly canceled weekend plans to relocate a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis after a legal challenge from the same group that recently lost at the U.S. Supreme Court over rejected Confederate license plates.

The cancellation was announced a day after new University President Greg Fenves said he would uproot the century-old statue away from the center of campus, but leave statues of other Confederate figures untouched.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, which says it seeks to celebrate Southern heritage, filed for a temporary restraining order Friday but has not yet received a decision from a judge. However, university spokesman Gary Susswein said the school agreed to wait until a court can review the challenge, all the while expressing confidence that the Davis statue will ultimately be relocated to a museum.

William & Mary drops Confederate emblem, moves plaque

Via Billy "Their excuse, so everyone would feel welcome at William & Mary College. Everyone except the 80 million or so who have Confederate ancestors, don`t they matter?"
 Image result for William & Mary drops Confederate emblem, moves plaque
The College of William & Mary said Friday it is scrubbing imagery of the Confederacy from its ceremonial silver mace and has removed a plaque honoring rebel soldiers from a prominent location in its iconic Wren Building.  
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Farrakhan Shouts “Allahu Akbar!” and “White People Deserve to Die” In Latest Sermon

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Louis Farrakhan delivered a three hour sermon this week on August 13. The Nation of Islam leader shouted “Allahu Akbar” and told his congregation white people deserve to die.

The crazed racist addressed his flock in Wisconsin.

A Clear-Eyed Look at the Old South

 chicora woods

Now that a third Reconstruction is very much underway in the South, it is more needful than ever to know and understand her history and her ways of living. Thankfully, Mrs. Elizabeth Allston Pringle, a South Carolina plantation owner and rice planter (1845-1921), has left us a valuable guidebook for doing such things in her written account of her family’s life in South Carolina, Chronicles of Chicora Wood (Atlanta, Ga.: Cherokee Publishing Company, 1950 [1976 reprint]).

As the plantation class was the ideal most in the Old South aspired to, the views of Mrs Pringle and her family may be taken more or less for those of Southerners as a whole at that time.

Since it is foremost on the minds of many right now in the debate over Confederate symbols, let us first mention slavery. Mrs. Pringle also brings up this subject early on in her narrative, saying,


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 Image result for confederate soldier blood

Ive roamed the hills of might've been
and the swamps of just suppose
Ive read of our southern Confederacy,
its poetry and its prose

i have crossed the deserts of what if,
Through the bleak and burning sand
A thirst with longing still unquenched
and a love for this dear land

how close we came to victory!
how close and yet, so far.
with nothing left but glory's ashes.
And a bitter unhealing scar

Who can tell the moment
When our star crossed cause was lost?
who can tell with certainty what the death of Stuart cost?

Had Bragg stood fast at Munfordville
Buell's way to bar
Had Neer Pickett's men been ordered
to cross that field so far

Had Albert Sidney Johnson's blood
not soaked the ground where he lay
might the Victory grasped in Shiloh's woods
Made complete the second Day?

Had Jackson lived... and westward gone
To command the army of Tennessee
with that wizard of the saddle
Forrest as his chief of cavalry

What of those lost orders
in the grass at Fredrick town
Was this the straw, blown in the wind
That blew our banners down?

Was the fate of our proud nation
There written in the stars....
And did anyone, i wonder
ever smoke those dammed cigars?

Though im looking back in anger
Down the roads of long ago
Tis better than what the future holds
if our heritages laid low

Lift your heads, ye Southerns
and do your fathers proud.
Teach your children of their birthright...
For though yet conquered we're unbowed!

By Sgt Benjamin R Gormley
April 1992

BEHIND THE COVER: Why is Sheriff Ozzie stepping on a snake and some flags?

Via comment by Anonymous on EPA, FBI, DOJ, FDA, CDC, ATF: Nearly every governm...


 This week's cover story has a lot of accusations being thrown around: It has Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich warning that "folks that want to overthrow the government," accusing a local state Rep. Matt Shea of "preaching hate and falsehood," of getting elected based on fear. He doesn't call Shea terrorist or a white supremacist, but he does warn that anti-government rhetoric could inspire anti-government violence.

It also has a state representative predicting government collapse, accusing the sheriff of lacking integrity, and saying things like "I'm going to submit today, that the Southern Poverty Law Center — and the sheriff that backs them — is the most dangerous organization in this country."

There's the challenge. How do you communicate that that on a cover? We wanted an illustration that would capture both the way the sheriff sees himself and the way that his critics see him.

So we commissioned an illustration by artist Jeff Drew, and photoshopped Knezovich's head on (it's larger than life to show that it's an artist's rendering, not a staged photograph). It shows the sheriff standing on a big, mean-looking snake atop a pile of the "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden Flags. (It isn't the original Gadsden Flag used in the American Revolution, mind you. The green grass at the bottom of the flag show's it's a later version.) It symbolizes a number of things:

First, the sheriff has specifically aligned himself against elements of the local Tea Party, who he sees as pushing dangerous rhetoric.

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