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Repost 2013: See My Jumper Hanging On The Line

See My Jumper Hanging On The Line


“Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home”


Seventy-six years ago, on May 8, 1945, at 2301 hours, Central European Time, World War II in Europe officially ended. Although the war would continue in the Pacific Theatre for several more months, May 8 marked the dramatic end of what was certainly the most horrific and disastrous land war in history. European culture was changed irrevocably. A civilization which had survived the devastation and depopulation of the Thirty Years War, the horrors of the French Revolution and Napoleon, and then the calamity of the Great War of 1914-1918, now witnessed a kind of final collapse, a coup de grace by which its politics, its history, its traditions, its very mode of viewing the world were undone.

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The Real Jim Crow: How Northern Jim Crow Laws Moved South


 Thomas D. Rice, The Original Jim Crow

“Jim Crow” was the stage name of New York actor Thomas D. Rice (1808-1860), who made a career of minstrel performances in blackface and thus popularized that form of entertainment. The name “Jim Crow” came from a popular 1832 song, “Jump Jim Crow,” written and sung by Rice and became a common term referring to African-Americans.  Later it became a nick name for legislation restricting the rights of African-Americans. Blackface is not necessarily demeaning. Rice may have based his character on slave folk tales about a clever trickster.  Al Jolson (1886-1950), a Russian Jewish immigrant, and the most popular and beloved American entertainer beginning with the movie The Jazz Singer in 1927 and lasting for many decades, was said to be the “king of blackface.”  Jolson’s personal feelings and many of his songs were certainly sympathetic to African-Americans. What most people do not know is that Jim Crow laws first originated in Northern States.  Northern Jim Crow Laws were the model for Southern States following the ruin, corruption, and oppression of Reconstruction. As author C. Vann Woodward has stated, “Jim Crow has had a strange career.”

In Aexis de Toqueville’s 1835 book,  Democracy in America, he wrote that "the prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the States that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists; and nowhere is it so intolerant as in those States where servitude has never been known."

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I Don't Believe It: Former CIA Director John Brennan Concerned About Far-Left Democrats and Antifa Violence

Former CIA Director John Brennan Concerned About Far-Left Democrats and Antifa Violence

Former CIA head John Brennan expressed concern about the extremist of the left-wing as well as Antifa during a conversation with a Harvard Kennedy School professor.

The story: Brennan, who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and is now a senior intelligence and national security analyst for NBC and MSNBC, took part in a virtual conversation hosted by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute last week. During his appearance, Brennan discussed a number of topics with Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Juliette Kayyem who is a former Assistant Secretary at DHS and a Security Analyst for CNN.

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Senator Tom Cotton: Fauci Is ‘Playing Word Games; Trying To Cover Tracks’ Senator warns this is a “genuine scandal”

 Via David

Senator Tom Cotton accused Anthony Fauci of ‘playing word games’ regarding his involvement with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and attempting to cover his tracks where the origins of COVID are concerned.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Cotton said that Fauci could be involved in a “genuine scandal”.

“It is imperative that the NIH come clean and tell us exactly what happened,” Cotton said, adding “Well, I think that a lot of these so-called experts and scientific bureaucrats are trying to cover their tracks.”

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MSM Caught LYING About Deleted Database

Outlets in the mainstream media were caught printing mistruths about the deleted database which was recovered during the Arizona election audit.

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Biden Receives 100% of the 950 Military Ballots Recently Audited in Georgia


In a recent interview on The War Room with Steve Bannon, John Fredericks revealed that amidst the election investigations going on in Georgia there were 950 military ballots audited.

And, of course, every single one of those ballots just happened to go for Biden.

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                                                           May be an image of text that says 'STUPIDITY: IMMIGRANTS WHO ESCAPED COMMUNISM TO SEEK FREEDOM IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY, VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS WHO PROMOTE SOCIALISM!!!'

The survival of our Nation and its historic values, liberty and freedom are at state.


I’m emailing you because you responded to the retired Generals and Admirals (Flag officers) open letter in support of our Constitution. Unfortunately, we could not add your name to the letter due to our extremely small volunteer staff size; we had to limit it to retired Generals and Admirals.

So many wonderful patriots responded that we looked for a way outside of the small retired Flag letter team to accommodate your desire to sign a letter similar to the one the retired Flags signed.

Former Congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has taken up the mantle and is organizing a letter to encompass ALL retired military.  He is on the Policy Board of the American Constitutional Rights Union, a non-profit that is helping to coordinate the letter.  From my understanding, LTC West is looking forward to receiving a large groundswell of support from concerned patriotic citizens like you.

I’ve attached a copy of LTC (ret) West’s letter.  Please let me know if you would like your name added and his team will get back to you.

Thanks and may God Bless America.

 Joe Arbuckle

Major General

U.S. Army (retired)


 Open Letter from Retired U.S. Military: Support and Defend

As former members of the U.S. military who have proudly served our nation, we write to express our support for Constitutional freedom and liberty and our concern for our country as many powerful forces seek to bring Socialism and Marxism to our land.

When we agreed to serve our country, we pledged to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. During our active duty service, we did just that.Today, although no longer active duty warriors, we are still bound to this pledge and believe we are ethically obligated to protect our country. As such, we put our nation’s leadership on notice. We believe the hard left turn toward Socialism and Marxism endangers our citizens and the future of this great nation. Although a difficult step to take, we believe this step is necessary for us to continue to demonstrate the integrity and moral courage our oath requires.

• We are disgusted by the dismantling of the rule of law in our great country. We never thought we would see the return to Vietnam-style disdain for public service. Unfortunately, this disregard and disrespect is corrosive and will lead to dangerous situations for citizens and law enforcement. A revolving door for criminals and a two- tiered justice system that offers up different penalties based on the viewpoints of the accused must end.
• It disturbs us to see the erosion of fair and honest elections. Civilians doubt that our electoral system accurately reflects the will of the people. Current service men and women struggle to find clear instructions on how they can execute their own constitutional right to vote and doubt their ballots will be counted. We reject efforts by those who seek to avoid fair and honest elections by deeming commonsense voting measures “racist.” The gold standard in voting, recognized throughout the world, is in- person, with identification, yet politicians are seeking to end this in the U.S.

• We oppose the politicization and ideological purging of our military. The focus of our military should be on training, readiness, and defense of our Nation, not leftist cultural “wokeness”.
• We decry the assault on our constitutional rights through censorship of written and verbal expression and we point out the complicit arrangement between private corporations and those in power to present only one point of view. Never did we think we would see the day when our media resembled Pravda.
• Bureaucratic abuses that have led to business and school closures and excessive lockdowns should not be tolerated by the American people. We do not get our rightsfrom the CDC, the FDA or from private corporations. And, as such, we will not toleratSoviet-style internal passports or anything resembling the Chinese social credit system where citizens are monitored and controlled, whether that system be carried out by the government or by their cooperative partners in the private sector.

• We stand with Israel and call upon all Americans to continue with the Mideast peace initiatives, the “Abraham Accords” and oppose re-engaging in the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is not in the interest of freedom-loving individuals.We believe it is in the self interest of all Americans to oppose this deal.
• We must continue our efforts for energy independence. We believe it is in our nation’s best interest to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and focus on regaining U.S. jobs and protecting the national security interests provided by energy independence.
• The perforation of our southern border is a lifeline for terrorists, drug cartels and human traffickers. The current administration’s position on open borders and illegal immigrants places our nation at risk from a health, economic and safety perspective. As a sovereign nation we have a right and a duty to protect our borders.
• We oppose the establishment of cooperative relations with China as we believe the Chinese Communist Party is focused on global militaristic and technological domination. It is currently amassing weapons to stage a takeover of Taiwan. America is bound by the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty which protects Taiwan from invasion by the People’s Republic of China. Our cooperation with China is at odds with our signed alliances and is not in American self-interest. We must focus on preventing Chinese
expansionism and protect our nation from attacks on our infrastructure by securing our gas pipelines and electric grids from penetration. We call upon the American people to join us in opposing the advancement of socialism by holding public officials accountable in the public square and the voting booth. We must elect local, state, and federal candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic.

The survival of our Nation and its historic values, liberty and freedom are at state.



The purpose of these rants is to make this point.  HE WHO CONTROLS LANGUAGE; CONTROLS DEBATE.   Everyone who speaks or writes about 'Vaccine' in the current Covid context lies.  Everyone who speaks or writes about Police killing George Floyd lies.  No equivocation.  If you're too ignorant to know better, then accept that and don't write or speak reinforcement of the establishment's lies.

1)  There is NO Vaccine. Period.  Vaccine has a specific meaning and definition.  The current Experimental injectible does not meet the criteria on several levels.  The current injectible has several purposes, none of which have anything to do with immunization against a virus.  It protects no one from anything.  IT IS AN EXPERIMENTAL DRUG COCKTAIL AND YOU ARE THE LAB RAT.  Stop calling it a Vaccine.  Caall it what it is.  Experimental drug. Covid 19 was and is, no more than a seasonal flu, with a 99.68% survival rate.  No vaccine was ever needed, nor is one needed now.  Lies, all of it.

2)  George Floyd swallowed his drug stash when confronted by police.  Police had legitimate cause to address Floyd, he having tried to pass a counterfeit bill - a crime, on a business.  Floyd was a known bad boy, and one who had swallowed his cache previously when in custody.  Floyd was known to be a violent felon and one used to carrying and using guns.  Mr Floyd swallowed a buffet of drugs, including fentanyl and cocaine both oin lethal dosages.   MPD performed the proper protocols for a man in respiratory distress, got him on the ground, to help him breathe.  Officer Chauvinapplied an approved hold technique . . . Floyd was a known violent felon, remember, Video shows Chauvin's knee, not on Floyd's neck as alleged, but pressing on his shoulder to keep him from raising up.  FLOYD KILLED FLOYD WHEN HE SWALLOWED THOSE DRUGS.  Chauvin didn't kill him,his own drugs and stupidity killed him.  The Trail was a Soviet show trail, intended to placate the savages.  The 27 millions awarded is Danegeld to buy off the savages.

Stop spreading the lies.  PBS is about to broadcast their propaganda piece. Tell them to stick it.  Do not accept the lie, the truth is the truth.  Do not let the enemy media and political class get away with yet another fraud.  Refuse to be their ventriloquist dummy.


US Capitol Doors on Jan. 6 Were Magnetically Locked – Someone Inside Capitol Security Had to Release the Lock to Open the Doors (VIDEO)

 Via G.W. Long

Last week a member of the Oath Keepers called The Gateway Pundit to tell us his story of the January 6th protests and riot. He is living in fear since the Jan. 6 protests at the US Capitol and wanted to get his story out.

More @ The Gateway Pundit

Hate America?

Via Oleg

                                May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Hate Capitalism? America's Racist? YCL YOU CAN LEAVE Book BookOne-Way a One-Way Flight Today! CAN JET YOU CHIN VENEZUELA LAD P CUBA ENLIDY Ask about our discounted rates to Sudan!'