Friday, April 1, 2022

Belated Birthday

Crash Positions

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Well, folks, we’re here.

Over the past decade I’ve written a few essays on the coming economic collapse of the USA.  I noted in 2013 that the on-book national debt was an estimated $16 Trillion.  The actual debt using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which includes all off-book obligations (promises of future payments such as Social Security, government retirement accounts, Medicare A & B, was $238 Trillion.  Today the on-book debt is $30.3 Trillion, not quite double what it was when I last wrote about this.  We can reasonably assume the total debt according to GAAP is similarly doubled, all in at $450 Trillion.

HOW does one mentally conceive of such numbers?  I’ll put it in simple terms; if you printed 450 trillion $1 bills, they would create a layer of paper covering the entire planet that’s ½” thick. 

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The Nation in a Vice: Joe's Mad Entourage

This nation is in a vice. Some on the inside might not feel it like those on the outside, who’re subject to the iron jaws against flesh and bone, but we’re all there. Those turning the handle, cranking it down, feel nothing. The force from immigration is no different than the force of inflation. The force of corruption is no different than the force of perversion. They all work to tighten the screw.

The interesting thing about this point in American history is that you don’t have to agree with anything, you can stay at home and mind your own business and it won’t make a difference. The monsters have all escaped and the American people are simply points targets in a bigger game.

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