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Store Owner Posts Signs Saying He Is Leaving Town Because Residents Are ‘Homeless Bums, Lowlifes and Retards’

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A store owner has simply had enough with the “Marxist zombies” who inhabit his town and has even hung a sign declaring as such. Predictably, many residents of the Kansas town are not too happy with the signs that call them out for their supposed laziness and collectivist leanings. The Daily Mail reports:

A Kansas furniture store owner is closing up shop and leaving town, but not before he tells other residents what he thinks about them.

Bob Fyfe, the owner of Payless Furniture in Lawrence, has polarized the community by posting signs on a large truck in his store parking lot that attack the town.

The main sign reads; ‘Lawrence: Commie and Candy Ass Capitol [sic] of Kansas. Goodbye Obamaville.’

Other signs go after the residents of the town, and their support of President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, a man that Fyfe calls a ‘liar, lawbreaker, hardcore Marxist dictator, pro-Muslim, anti-Jew, anti-Christian race divider.’

As for the people of Lawrence, they are called everything from ‘retards’ and ‘lowlifes’ to ‘homeless bums’ and ‘Marxist zombies.’

The children of the town meanwhile are characterized as ‘sheeplike spoiled and lazy urban candy asses’ and ‘dumbdowner slaves.’

I've been listening to the filibuster for hours and it's good. (Rand Paul and others)

NC: Aunt Boo on The Baltimore Riots

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WACO II: CCTV Video of Twin Peaks/Waco Shooting Shared With AP Reporters – Gunfire Began Outside, Bikers Running For Cover, Police Entered Restaurant With “Assault Rifles”,

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 waco 16

We knew there would be CCTV video of both the inside and patio of Twin Peaks.

Because the local Police, who immediately reviewed the footage yet continued to mislead the public about the impetus of the confrontation and gunfire, the owner/operator of the Twin Peaks franchise shared video with reporters from the Associated Press.

WACO, Texas (Associated Press) — As gunfire broke out in the parking lot of a Texas restaurant, dozens of motorcycle riders ran inside seeking cover and tried to guide others to safety, security video reviewed exclusively by The Associated Press showed Wednesday.

The video suggests that Sunday’s deadly gunfight began outside the Twin Peaks restaurant, except for one round fired by a biker on the patio who then ran inside.

On the patio, bikers ducked under tables and tried to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns. One biker was seen running with blood on his face, hands and torso.

NC: New BCA-10 .308 Caliber AR Platform Rifle From Bear Creek Arsenal $949.99

This new BCA-10 .308 caliber rifle sits behind a 20’’ barrel W/ A 1/10 twist rate. It is mounted to our billet BCA-10 lower and includes free floated hand guards.

The rifle is machined from 7075 aircraft aluminum and weighs just 8.5lbs unloaded.

Chambered for both the 7.62 Nato and .308 Winchester Round. It makes a great hunting, target, or competition rifle. The BCA-10 sports a billet upper and lower for a hot fresh look.

First test resulted in 1’’ moa at 100 yards. After over a year in development this rifle promises to be BCA's best performing rifle yet. Barrel is machined from 4140 GB steel and parkerized. 

Rifle is backed by BCA's lifetime warranty and comes with a hard case and 20 round magazine.

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Time for Congress to Stop D.C.’s Anti-Gun Shenanigans

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Since the landmark 2008 Heller v. District of Columbia case, which Second-Amendment lawyer Alan Gura argued before the Supreme Court, anti-gun officials in the nation’s capital have spent every waking hour trying to avoid doing what the high Court ordered be done: allow District residents to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Gura has been fighting them every step of the way; and on Monday, was victorious once again, as a United States District Court granted his injunction to stop the city from requiring concealed carry permit applicants to demonstrate a “good reason to fear injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol.”

More @ Townhall

The Democrat's "Commie Christmas."

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Yes, I know none of the critics of the Democratic party will be surprised by this admission, but most democrats generally deny that they’re communist. But for the first time as far as I can tell, the official Twitter account of the Democratic party is recognizing and celebrating the communist holiday of May Day.

Sen. Rand Paul Filibusters PATRIOT ACT Renewal Live

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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has begun a filibuster-like speech on the Senate floor to protest the renewal of the Patriot Act, highlighting his opposition to the National Security Agency's controversial bulk collection of telephone data. 

While Paul tweeted that he's launched "a filibuster of the Patriot Act renewal," his speech is not a true filibuster at this point because it's not currently delaying consideration of any bill. But the GOP hopeful's remarks will draw attention to his longtime push for more protection of privacy rights. 

"All this gathering up of bulk data records isn't what we needed," Paul said on Wednesday of his perspective on how the terrorists behind 9-11 could have been better tracked.

More with video @ NBC

Police Militarization: Preparation for Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Civil Unrest and Martial Law

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 If the government is stockpiling weapons, ammo, food, water, and medical supplies, it's probably a good time for you to start doing the same thing.

The following is a study I've done proving that the active militarization of police dramatically increased after the financial crisis of 2008. The U.S. military's nationwide Civil Disturbance Operations, Jade Helm and ARSOF Operating Concept are all a cohesive preparation for a forthcoming nationwide economic collapse, civil unrest and martial law due to widespread food shortages and lack of emergency services. It's all connected, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll show you how.

Note to a Generic Pentagon General: A Cause of Delayed-Nausea Syndrome

I have just read in Army Times that, to my delight, the Army is making soldiers wear the prettiest red high-heels in the pursuit of gender-equality. Yes. They look like little girls playing with Mommy's shoes. It has something to do with understanding the psychological problems of women, a matter of importance in combat. It necessarily was done with the approval of the Army's generals in the Pentagon, particularly Chief of Staff Odierno, since they are in charge of the whole Army shebang. I write them in astonished admiration, thusly:

Dear General,

I see that on your watch the Army is turning into a transvestite marching corps in high heels, a Ziegfeld cross-gendered or bisected gay-bath sexual zoo vacuuming up every sort of erotic loony, not to mention becoming a home for unwed mothers and prostitution rings. I commend you. I have always wanted to be defended by a freak show.

I do not question your qualifications for command. You doubtless have a firm handshake, a steely gaze, an imposing presence, and a perfect grasp of PowerPoint. But a general who is so afraid of feminists that he forces his troops to play dress-up, well, I mean, what if there is a real war?

Qualified Immunity Defense Rejected, Officer To Stand Trial For Illegal Arrest Of Gun Owner

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If you’re out in public, minding your own business and breaking no law, you shouldn’t have to fear being arrested, handcuffed, and tossed into a squad car.

But if you are so treated, can you sue the officer for damages? That is the substance of an Ohio case recently decided by the Sixth Circuit, where a man had been arrested for legally carrying a gun. The court’s ruling in favor of the plaintiff is good news not just for gun owners, but all other Americans who might now be spared arrest, humiliation, or worse.

More @ Forbes

For Those Who Have Everything: PowerPot Cooking Pot & Charger Combo


 42b3fbef7e6cac4c12fa27d4f465e65a61d82e65 main hero image

Thanks to thermoelectric technology and the brains behind Powerpot, you can now cook your dinner and keep your devices charged too. Whether you’re facing the elements or struggling through an electricity outage, simply heat water in the PowerPot and plug in your USB-compatible phone, tablet, or camera to get fully juiced and ready for anything.

  • 5 watts on-demand USB power for any device
  • Real-time power meter for optimal charging
  • Works with any stove or heat source
  • 1.2 liter hard-anodized aluminum pot for boiling water

“This amazing camp gadget would definitely be a great addition to anyone’s emergency survival pack,” James Hannibal, Examiner

 Hand-selected from the coolest innovative products at CES 2015!

Mom Arrested, Shackled, Jailed Because Her Honor Roll Son Had 3 Unexcused Absences at School

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julia giles

Screven County, Georgia – Mother and substitute teacher Julie Giles was arrested this week because her son had too many unexcused absences from public school.

Writing on her Facebook page before turning herself in, Giles said “If anyone feels the need to go public with this feel free to do so….the facts are Sam originally had what they consider 12 unexcused absences, 6 are allowed per year, so he had 6 more than is acceptable, but the doctor reissued 3 excuses that Sam didn’t turn in, so basically I am being arrested for THREE days.”

More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come to Light

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Every time we look, we find new admissions of false flag terror attacks.

In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:

More @ Zero Hedge

Georgia Deputies Leave Gun on Playground after Demonstration

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A group of metro Atlanta sheriff's deputies face disciplinary action after accidentally leaving a gun on an elementary school playground.

Col. Jeff Nalley tells reporters that three deputies were at Mt. Carmel Elementary School for a demonstration and left the gun behind Monday.

Department spokesman Lt. Glenn Daniel says the gun was loaded with blanks. Nalley says deputies fired the blanks into the ground before dropping the gun and being chased by a police dog. Nalley says deputies forgot to pick the gun up before they left.

Nalley says two students found the gun Monday afternoon and told school officials, which prompted a lockdown.

Nalley says three deputies who were involved will be disciplined.

The Selous Scouts

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Reposts 2012 & 2014

 Selous Scouts and Rhodesian forces

Roland was a warrior from the Land of the Midnight Sun
With a Thompson gun for hire, fighting to be done
The deal was made in Denmark on a dark and stormy day
So he set out for Biafra to join the bloody fray

Through sixty-six and seven they fought the Congo war
With their fingers on their triggers, knee-deep in gore
For days and nights they battled the Bantu to their knees
They killed to earn their living and to help out the Congolese

Roland the Thompson gunner...

His comrades fought beside him - Van Owen and the rest
But of all the Thompson gunners, Roland was the best
So the CIA decided they wanted Roland dead
That son-of-a-bitch Van Owen blew off Roland's head

Roland the headless Thompson gunner
Norway's bravest son
Time, time, time
For another peaceful war
But time stands still for Roland
'Til he evens up the score
They can still see his headless body stalking through the night
In the muzzle flash of Roland's Thompson gun
In the muzzle flash of Roland's Thompson gun

Roland searched the continent for the man who'd done him in
He found him in Mombassa in a barroom drinking gin
Roland aimed his Thompson gun - he didn't say a word
But he blew Van Owen's body from there to Johannesburg

Roland the headless Thompson gunner...
The eternal Thompson gunner
still wandering through the night
Now it's ten years later but he still keeps up the fight
In Ireland, in Lebanon, in Palestine and Berkeley
Patty Hearst heard the burst of Roland's Thompson gun and bought it

Why I will not fight



I will not fight for a government that wants to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible, forcing upon them the dogma of gay marriage and equality, indoctrinating them into unnatural sexual practices without informing them of the very real and frightening rate of HIV infections in the gay community.

And this government would demand I fight against Russia, which moves to protect its children from this sort of degeneracy and preserve the traditional family structure? No chance. Send the gays and trannies to fight because I’m not fighting for them anymore.

I won’t fight for a government which has commodified the women of this nation and convinced them to give up having children so they can burden themselves with debt and become anonymous, minimum wage cogs in a huge multicultural machine that is obsessed with only a person’s financial value and not their social worth.

I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts. The government sees low maintenance immigrants as the future of this country. Send them to fight for it.

I will not fight for the freedom of speech of people who use it to bully, belittle, and demonize Christians. I will not be lectured on the importance of the right to free speech and then in the next breath criticized for my disapproval of the proliferation of gay marriage and the false idols of equality. If freedom of speech is such a fundamental right to these people then they can take up arms and defend it. But we all know they won’t.

The Way Ahead: How We Can Restore Liberty in Our Lifetime


1. The more people hurt, the more they will have a reason to do something.  Until our potential bases of support are really hurting, they have little incentive to expose themselves to risk.  No pain, no gain.  The worse it gets, the better it gets, as they say.

2. Until we build resilient communities and have leaders in our counties and Sheriff’s departments who will stand up for us, we’re not going to have change.  We need to stop focusing so much on national-level politics and concern ourselves with our communities and our states, which are the only two entities capable of solving our political crisis.

 That’s what makes this argument so powerful.  We already have political legitimacy through the existing state government. Through a vote and signing a piece of paper, we can become an independent entity literally over night. And if we fight a war, it will be fought for an existing state with existing leadership and existing authority and existing support — things that are very non-existing for the very loose, small confederation of the ‘three percent.’

3.  There’s a reason why Obama and Marxists for decades have done community organizing.  It’s because it works.  It’s because it gets your message out in a cost-effective way (what’s the price of a conversation?), you reach lots of people and you build a base that you can mobilize.  We have to become community organizers.  Until our communities and regions get better organized to protect each other from regime incursions, we will remain vulnerable.

Deadliest motorcycle gang in Waco shoot-out was not Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, or Vaqueros. It was police.

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Was the Waco Shoot-out a gunfight between rival gangs or an ambush laid by law enforcement? Police are monopolizing the testimony but the evidence suggests a barroom brawl became a pretext to kill or arrest essentially grassroots organizers, now charged with “organized crime”. Investigators can litter the crime scene with brass-knuckles and knives but the shell casings are going to be police issue.

Motorcycle headlights were on, indicating club members were trying to leave. Police claim that the brawlers redirected their fire toward officers, but did that happen while the bikers were trying to ride off? Because that task requires both hands. This gangland shoot-out has all the subtlety of the St Valentine’s Massacre.

More @ Not My Tribe

$NAACP$ watching for discrimination during bikefest

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Image result for black bike week myrtle beach violence

Thursday the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced year seven of Operation Bike Week Justice in Myrtle Beach. The organization will be monitoring during the weekend of Atlantic Beach Bike Bikefest to see if black bikers are treated the same as white bikers who were just in the Grand Strand for the Harley Davidson Bike Rally.

"When they come to Myrtle Beach they should not be treated differently because of their race," said Rev. Nelson Rivers III, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations Field Operations and Membership Department for the NAACP.

More @ WCSC

Three dead, five wounded during Black Bike Week gathering in Myrtle Beach (Warning: Violent, Graphic content)

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