Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Georgia Deputies Leave Gun on Playground after Demonstration

Via Iver

A group of metro Atlanta sheriff's deputies face disciplinary action after accidentally leaving a gun on an elementary school playground.

Col. Jeff Nalley tells reporters that three deputies were at Mt. Carmel Elementary School for a demonstration and left the gun behind Monday.

Department spokesman Lt. Glenn Daniel says the gun was loaded with blanks. Nalley says deputies fired the blanks into the ground before dropping the gun and being chased by a police dog. Nalley says deputies forgot to pick the gun up before they left.

Nalley says two students found the gun Monday afternoon and told school officials, which prompted a lockdown.

Nalley says three deputies who were involved will be disciplined.


  1. How do you _forget_ to pick up a gun that was just the centerpiece of the demonstration you did? Are these people brain damaged?

    And of course there's the question of what would happen to a mundane who "forgot" his gun on an elementary school playground. Forget "disciplinary action," they would probably be behind bars until the sun was a white dwarf. No double standard here...