Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WACO II: CCTV Video of Twin Peaks/Waco Shooting Shared With AP Reporters – Gunfire Began Outside, Bikers Running For Cover, Police Entered Restaurant With “Assault Rifles”,

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We knew there would be CCTV video of both the inside and patio of Twin Peaks.

Because the local Police, who immediately reviewed the footage yet continued to mislead the public about the impetus of the confrontation and gunfire, the owner/operator of the Twin Peaks franchise shared video with reporters from the Associated Press.

WACO, Texas (Associated Press) — As gunfire broke out in the parking lot of a Texas restaurant, dozens of motorcycle riders ran inside seeking cover and tried to guide others to safety, security video reviewed exclusively by The Associated Press showed Wednesday.

The video suggests that Sunday’s deadly gunfight began outside the Twin Peaks restaurant, except for one round fired by a biker on the patio who then ran inside.

On the patio, bikers ducked under tables and tried to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns. One biker was seen running with blood on his face, hands and torso.


  1. I used to be acquainted with some of these type of men back in the 80's. I still know a few hardcores even today. The VAST majority were/are good family guys who just chose to live outside the "norm" of polite society. Some even helped me to organize charity events - club rides and such to raise funds for those in need. Several clubs rode together and hung out all day with no issues. They are armed,organized and have long memories. They won't forget, and these type of men don't get scared easy to say the least.
    Red in Ole Virginny

    1. The father of one of daughter's husband has been a cop in Philadelphia for 18 years and he and his wife ride coming down here. Back again to, you can't group everyone of any organization as collectively bad or pick your adjective.

  2. Heard on the radio this morning that several big groups were there including a group of Veteran Bikers and a group wearing USMC logos. (Apparently they didn't realize what they were getting into.) The fight broke out because the Cossacks had the nerve to wear a "Texas" rocker on their jackets. Supposedly the Banditos claim the
    "Texas" rocker to be exclusively theirs. The fight was between the Banditos and the Cossacks and the rest were just bystanders. However, everyone there who was riding a motorcycle or wearing "colors" was arrested and put under one million dollar bond including a retired cop. CH

    1. everyone there who was riding a motorcycle or wearing "colors" was arrested and put under one million dollar bond including a retired cop.

      Insane and others who weren't present are being interviewed. Here is a biker who asked me to put it up Anonymously and we don't have to wonder why.
      Brock, thank you for putting something that's close to the truth about Waco, I'm a Cossack.................., the media is portraying us as a gang which is so far from the truth, it makes me sick, Bandidos are the scum of earth, now here any one that rides is being pulled over and searched for weapons, this is just the start, the Hells Angels are around locally without cuts on, that’s what the vests are called, were vets or retired police dr's lawyers, feds and so on, I just wanted to say thanks for the positive story ,ps. the Hells Angels hate the Banditos and are on way to points unknown to probably destroy them, just wait till this weekend, I'm hearing some bad stuff, just want to say, I wasn't there or knew nothing till I started getting multiple calls telling me this, the Cossacks are family men and don’t pay extortionists ,which is what a COC meeting is, to collect money........... I am your friend, and I read you loyally sir with much ask me anything that’s positive and I will, be OK with this, as long as it's with anonymity, as I don't want to be targeted any more than I already am being followed every day by suspicious vehicles, I know when I'm being tailed.

  3. Did you ask him anything?

  4. Too bad. They just want to be a part of something. Retribution!!!