Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Way Ahead: How We Can Restore Liberty in Our Lifetime


1. The more people hurt, the more they will have a reason to do something.  Until our potential bases of support are really hurting, they have little incentive to expose themselves to risk.  No pain, no gain.  The worse it gets, the better it gets, as they say.

2. Until we build resilient communities and have leaders in our counties and Sheriff’s departments who will stand up for us, we’re not going to have change.  We need to stop focusing so much on national-level politics and concern ourselves with our communities and our states, which are the only two entities capable of solving our political crisis.

 That’s what makes this argument so powerful.  We already have political legitimacy through the existing state government. Through a vote and signing a piece of paper, we can become an independent entity literally over night. And if we fight a war, it will be fought for an existing state with existing leadership and existing authority and existing support — things that are very non-existing for the very loose, small confederation of the ‘three percent.’

3.  There’s a reason why Obama and Marxists for decades have done community organizing.  It’s because it works.  It’s because it gets your message out in a cost-effective way (what’s the price of a conversation?), you reach lots of people and you build a base that you can mobilize.  We have to become community organizers.  Until our communities and regions get better organized to protect each other from regime incursions, we will remain vulnerable.


  1. How to restore liberty in our lifetime? The 1% have to go down. Skim thru this
    and see if it has some plausible truths. You notice how they are all working
    together. There is not one of the politicians who have any credibility.

    1. Thanks and I put up one yesterday, as I remember, that stated the instigators were being paid $5K a month.

  2. I remember the article. Here is some info on the mining company in Oregon.
    As usual, the liberals working their anti-American magic. Some 1% corp.
    wants the gold which is rich & plentiful, deeper down. So they make something up and just take it. It's what has been done to the Indians, over and over.