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Dems Vote To Enhance Med Care for Illegals Now, Vote Down Vets Waiting 10 Years for Same Service

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House Democrats voted Thursday to fast-track an electronic medical records system that would serve illegal immigrants, something America’s veterans have been seeking for years.

The House passed the bill on a largely party line vote of 230-184, American Military News reported.

Only two Republican congressmen supported the bill — Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Fred Upton of Michigan.

The proposal has yet to be considered by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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Intel Community Uploaded Altered Whistleblower Form 2 Days Before Complaint Released to Public

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If you were to file a whistleblower report with the intelligence community inspector general, up until Sept. 24, the conduct you were blowing the whistle on officially had to be witnessed firsthand.

The “Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form — the channel by which one reported such things — specifically stated that any kind of second-hand information about alleged wrongdoing wouldn’t do.
This appears to have changed at 4:25 p.m. on Sept. 24, when a new form was uploaded to the Director of National Intelligence’s website.

On the new form, individuals who “heard about [wrongdoing] from others” can also report it.

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Furious Cox savages Remainers: This is a dead parliament, DEAD PARLIAMENT TURKEYS, TOTAL DISGRACE

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Can Beto Take It?

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Why the left’s belief in a Swedish ‘utopia’ is based on a lie

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Stockholm, Sweden

When Elisabeth Asbrink invites you to visit her in Stockholm, Sweden, be sure to wear your very best socks.

“I hate it when people walk into my home in their shoes. In that way I am extremely Swedish,” she said. “We find it very, very rude.”

Removing your shoes before entering a home is a universal norm in Sweden, Asbrink says — but not a lesson her immigrant parents, born in Budapest and London, ever taught her.

“When they went to the homes of colleagues and friends they would dress up, then had to have dinner in their socks. Which they found very strange,” Asbrink recalled. “They believed that it was an old tradition, from when Sweden was a peasant country full of earth and mud.”

Trump Campaign Releases Ad Torching Democrats

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Zeb & Sam on Liberty

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Zebulon Vance, governor of NC, stood up for civil rights in 1862 when he learned that forty North Carolina citizens had been taken from their homes and put into a military prison on suspicion of disloyalty. He wrote to President Jefferson Davis:

“As Governor, it is my duty to see that the citizens of this State are protected in whatever rights pertain to them, and, if necessary, I will call out the State Militia to protect them and uphold the principles of Anglo-Saxon liberty – trial by jury; liberty of speech; freedom of the press; the privileges of Parliament habeas corpus; the right to petition and bear arms; subordination of the military to civil authority; prohibition of ex post facto laws.”

Sam J. Ervin, Jr., . . . stood up for the rule of law and Bill of Rights in his dealings with President Richard M. Nixon and his aides in 1973-74. In a speech to the student body of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1973, Ervin said: “So long as I have a mind to think, a tongue to speak, and a heart to love my country, I shall deny that the Constitution confers any arbitrary power on any President, or empowers any President to convert George Washington’s America into Caesar’s Rome.”

( Seeking Liberty and Justice, A History of the NC Bar Association, 1899-1999, J. Edwin Hendricks, NC Bar Association, excerpt pg. 115)

Adam Schiff and Democrats are twisting words to smear Trump

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We were promised a Hollywood-style, smoking gun quid pro quo. But after the transcript was released, the whistleblower complaint came out, and the House Intelligence Committee grilled acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, leaving most people with glazed-over expressions, wondering what the big deal is.

Allow me to break down for you exactly what happened: Chairman Adam Schiff attempted to play word games with Maguire in an effort to manipulate the situation and paint the intelligence community and the White House as covering up something really, really bad that President Trump must have done.

Duncan Middle teacher removed from class after ‘inappropriate’ quiz

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A student on Tuesday took a screenshot of part of the quiz that if answered correctly identifies President Donald Trump as the 45th president, a Republican, real estate businessman and “idiot,” and sent it to a parent, according to a School District spokeswoman.

A Watson B. Duncan Middle School teacher has been removed from the classroom and is under investigation after giving students a quiz that if answered correctly identified President Donald Trump as the 45th president, a Republican, real estate businessman and “idiot.”

What a Life! Wild Bill Longley – A Dangerous Man

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William Preston Longley went by several names during his 27 years as one of the most vicious murderers of the American West. Aliases included Wild Bill, Rattling Bill, Tom Jones, Jim Patterson, Jim Webb, Bill Black, Bill Henry, and Bill Jackson.

Longley was a ruthless murderer, killing his first man at the age of sixteen. Growing up with strongly held racist views, he was adamantly opposed to the government’s Reconstruction policy, a view that would lead to enough trouble that he would eventually be hanged.

William Longley was born at Mill Creek, Texas to Campbell and Sarah Longley on October 6, 1851.

When Longley was still very young the family moved to the small town of Evergreen, Texas, where he went to school and worked on the family farm. Longley learned how to use a gun before he was a teenager and would soon prove to be one of the fastest draws in Texas with his deadly accurate aim and participation in numerous gunfights.

Watergate Journalist: Barr Preparing To Drop Proof of 'Deep State Conspiracy'

 William Barr and President Donald Trump together at the White House.

An investigative journalist behind much of the original Watergate scandal reporting dropped a bombshell this week about Attorney General William Barr’s rumored effort to expose the deep state.

Carl Bernstein, who earned his fame by uncovering the massive scandal involving a break-in at the Watergate complex and the ensuing cover-up, revealed in a CNN interview Thursday what his sources say Barr is preparing to do.

“Barr is trying to deliver —  and I have this, as do other reporters from other sources — to deliver evidence that perhaps this has all been a deep state conspiracy like Donald Trump alleges,” Bernstein, a CNN political analyst, said.

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