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Mother of Benghazi Victim: Hillary ‘Ought to Be Wearing Stripes,’ ‘My Son Is Dead Because of Her’

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Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean, was killed in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya said that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “ought to be wearing stripes” and “My son is dead because of her” on Monday’s “Varney & Co.” on the Fox Business Network.

Smith said, “My feeling is that she went on TV afterwards, telling everybody that I was the liar, that there’s someone here that is lying, and it wasn’t her, and that I was liar. I want her to apologize to me for calling me a liar on TV, because this is clearly not true. And I want to know why my son was left to die breathing in diesel smoke, which is the most horrible way to die, and she didn’t do anything to stop it. She could have.”

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Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan Introduces Donald Trump in Buffalo (4-18-16)

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TRUMP SUPPORTERS Make Citizen’s Arrest After Anti-Trump Goon Spits on Child Video

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trump protester
Several Trump supporters made a citizen’s arrest after an anti-Trump goon spit on a child and tossed ice on a Trump gathering.

The man was chased down the street and held by Trump supporters until police arrived.

"The Southern States are already the Ireland of the Union." : Richard Henry Wilde


Richard Henry Wilde (1789-1847) was regarded as one of the finest American poets of his day.  Born in Ireland, he settled in Georgia and served several terms in the United States House of Representatives as a Democratic-Republican and later Jacksonian Democrat.  He supported William H. Crawford for president in 1824.  Wilde left the United States for Europe in 1835 then returned in 1843 where he resided in New Orleans and served as professor of law at Tulane University.

Lord Byron called Wilde’s “My Life is Like the Summer Rose” (printed below) the best poem to come from the United States.  Wilde was truly a Renaissance Man; a gifted poet, student of law, and astute social and political critic.  Also printed below is a letter he wrote after the disputed and corrupt election of John Quincy Adams in 1824.  To Wilde, it was already clear that the South was “the Ireland of the Union” and that the game was rigged in Washington D.C.  The two parties were in fact one with the sole object of enriching themselves at the expense of the Constitution.  Shortly before Wilde penned this letter, Thomas Jefferson had written to Crawford that:

Robert Lee McCoy: Friars Point Blues & Miss The Mississippi And You, Jimmie Rodgers



Mosby’s Raids in Civil War Northern Virginia

A talk at The Fauquier County Civil War Roundtable on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
William Connery, Mosby House Museum docent during 2013 & 2014 will speak on his History Press book Mosby’s Raids in Civil War Northern Virginia
Meeting at 7:00 pm / Speaker at 7:45
The Warrenton Visitors Center
33 N. Calhoun Street Warrenton VA 20186
The most famous War Between the States name in Northern Virginia, other than General Robert E. Lee, is Colonel John Somersby, the Gray Ghost. He stands out among nearly 1,000 generals who served in the war, celebrated most for his raids that captured Union general Edwin Stoughton in Fairfax Court House and Colonel Daniel French Dulany in Rose Hill, near Alexandria. By 1864, he was a feared partisan guerrilla in the North and a nightmare for Union troops protecting Washington City. After the war, his support for presidential candidate Ulysses S. Grant forced Mosby to leave his native Virginia for Hong Kong as U.S. consul. A personal mentor to young George S. Patton, Mosby’s military legacy extended to World War II. William S. Connery brings alive the many dimensions of this American hero. He will have books available for purchase.
William Connery grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a degree in history from the University of Maryland–College Park. Mr. Connery has been contributing to the Civil War Courier, the Washington Times Civil War page and other publications. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal for his previous History Press book, Civil War Northern Virginia 1861. Mr. Connery is a member of the Company of Military Historians, the Capitol Hill Civil War Round Table, and the E.A. Poe Society of Baltimore. He can be reached at or call 703-719-6639.

The Bundy Affair #10 – Again?

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My last article in “The Bundy Affair” was published on October 31, 2014.  That article was “The Revenge of the BLM“, when the Bureau of Land Management tried to promulgate new rules, in favor of critters and against the People of this country.  Their effort failed, and, well, I thought that was the end of the story.

Unfortunately, the government, like a spoiled child, does not like to lose, even when they are wrong.  It appears that we have returned to that age when the King can do no wrong, and when the people do stand up to them, forcing them into compliance with the Constitution and the limitations imposed on them by that document, their vindictiveness does not abate.

The incident that garnered the attention of the country, and much of the world, culminating in the “Unrustling” of the Bundy cattle that had been rustled by the BLM (yes, illegally taking cattle and attempting to bypass Health and Brand inspections is rustling), on April 12, 2014, was, as all assumed, the end of the affair.

When a crime is committed, the government’s obligation is to take the matter before a Grand Jury, obtain an Indictment, and prosecute those who have committed the crime.  Justice should be swift, and the government’s duty is to pursue that justice, if there is a crime, in a timely manner.

Obama Responds To Saudi Threat To Dump Treasuries If Its Role In Sept 11 Is Probed

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This weekend's biggest, and most shocking story, was the report that in response to a proposed Congressional Bill that would allow a probe into the Saudi role behind the Sept 11 terrorist attack, Saudi Arabia had threatened the US with dumping its roughly $750 billion in Treasury holdings.

What was curious about the story is that while Saudi Arabia implicitly admitted it had a role in the September 11, the Obama administration was actively doing everything in its power to prevent the Bill from passing, and thus to keep the truth under wraps, leading many to wonder if Obama was more concerned about his own people or a handful of uber-wealthy Saudi princes.

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Sanders Campaign Doesn’t Like T-Shirts That Say BERNIE IS MY COMRADE

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Bernie comrade
What’s the problem? Isn’t the shirt accurate?
An online merchant has accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of “trademark bullying” after a Bernie 2016, Inc. attorney sent him a cease and desist letter regarding T-shirts, mugs, and sweatshirts depicting the candidate with historic communist leaders.
Claire Hawkins, a lawyer with Garvey, Schubert, Barer — which said it is “the official organization” of the campaign — sent the letter to Daniel McCall, demanding his company, Liberty Maniacs, stop selling the items.
The products show Sanders next Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and others with the tagline, “Bernie is my comrade.”
“I was surprised Bernie’s campaign would have done that,” McCall, who designed the image, told BuzzFeed News. “He didn’t seem to be the type of candidate, the type of guy, who would do something like this.”
“I’m waiting to see what happens, but I would think Bernie, or one of his staff members will step in and put an end to it. It appears to be pretty silly.”

Muslim Brotherhood Day on Capitol Hill

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USCMO, Muslim Brotherhood

On Monday, April 18, legislators' offices will be visited by individuals associated with a group unknown to most lawmakers: The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). In the interest of helping members of the U.S. Congress understand precisely who their interlocutors are, permit a brief introduction: The USCMO is the latest in a long series of front organizations associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

Members of Congress should be clear about the true nature of that agenda. It is laid out most authoritatively in a document introduced into evidence by federal prosecutors in the course of the largest terrorism financing trial in the nation's history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation et al. Written in 1991 by a top Muslim Brotherhood operative, Mohamed Akram, and entitled "The Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal of the Group in North America," this internal correspondence was meant for the eyes only of the organization's leadership in Egypt. So, the document is direct and to the point: It explicitly states that the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is "destroying Western civilization from within ... by [the infidels'] hands and the hands of the believers so that Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

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NC: Plane Forced to Turn Around to Remove ‘Disruptive’ NAACP President

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 Rev. William Barber, President of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, speaks to protestors as they march around the executive mansion to demonstrate against voting law changes by the state's Republican-led legislature. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

North Carolina NAACP President William Barber was removed from a flight in Washington, D.C., Friday night after he was deemed a “disruptive passenger” by an American Airlines pilot.

Barber (pictured) wrote in a statement that he had boarded the plane and was sitting in the two seats he had purchased when he overheard a man sitting behind him talking loudly. Barber says after he asked a flight attended to ask the man to lower his voice, that’s when the altercation started.
“But as she left, I heard him saying distasteful and disparaging things about me,” Barber said in the statement. “He had problems with ‘those people’ and he spoke harshly about my need for ‘two seats,’ among other subjects.

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My 8 Inch .357 Colt Python

I bought a used one in 1977 in a Camino Capistrano, CA gun shop for $175.  I sold/traded it for an AK and a Saiga 12 in 2008 and and thought I did great, well today a 1995 model goes for: $8,000.00

Respond: Can One Knife Do it All? The Perfect Knife Quest Update


We here at GunsAmerica can get pretty passionate about the blades in our pockets or on our hips.

And why should that be a surprise? Our knives are utilitarian tools and backup defensive weapons.

 I’ve been carrying a gun for years, but I grew up with knives. I began EDC of a pocket knife when I earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 13. I didn’t give a shit that my middle school and high school didn’t allow knives. I simply kept it concealed and stayed out of trouble.

As a devotee of all things cutting edge, I really enjoy knife reviews. But to what end? Odds are very few of us will ever take a fixed blade knife to the point of failure. And the nicest knives on the market these days cost more than some guns, and even though they’re built to withstand the Apocalypse, they never leave their original boxes, and stay safely tucked up in the safe.

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RAW: A White Boy (Lookin For A Place To Do My Thing) - Merle Haggard


 A RARE look at Merle Haggard in the studio. Thom Bresh shot this electro-film while "Hag" was recording this song. This is NOT a studio mix. It is RAW, just as it came down on the session. It's incredible to watch him deliver the lyrics. This song was thought, by the record label, to be too controversial to be included on his CD. Isn't that called "Censorship"? It is pure, honest, 100% Haggard.

Some folks call me a ramblin’ man
I do a lotta thumbin’ and a kickin’ cans
And it wouldn’t do an ounce of good to call my name
Cause daddy’s name wadn’t Willy Woodrow
And I wadn’t born and raised in no ghetto
Just a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing

Well I’m out to find me a wealthy woman
And a line of work that don’t take no diploma
I ain’t got much to lose but a lot to gain
Well some might call me a goodtime fella
I ain’t black and I ain’t yella
Just a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing

Yeah I don’t want no handout livin’
Don’t want any part of anything they’re givin’
I’m proud and white and I’ve got a song to sing
Well I’ve said a few things and I’ll admit it
If you wanna get ahead you gotta hump and get it
I’m a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing

Hump and git it now
Yeah I’m a small town boy been around a little
I like guitars and I like a fiddle
And that’s the kinda soul it takes to fan my flame
Well I’m a blue eyed Billy kinda frail and ruddy
So I’ll have to work to be somebody
I’m a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing

I don’t want no handout livin’
And don’t want any part of anything they’re givin’
I’m proud and white and I’ve got a song to sing
Well I’ve said a few things and I’ll admit it
If you wanna get ahead you gotta hump and get it
I’m a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing
I’m a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thing

Wow! Couldn't Be Said Better



“The difference between the leather-clad liar from Lesbos and the disheveled communist from the Old Hippies’ Home is merely one of degree. Both are now committed to the doctrines of Marx and the methods of Lenin. Either one in office will confirm the impression formed in the last 8 years under the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa, that this country is now controlled by its enemies and governed by traitors, and that as in ancient Rome, the republic is dead unless concerned citizens do what is necessary to re-establish it.”
— “Miles Drake”