Thursday, December 16, 2010

The American Dream

I. Recently, TSA began subjecting passengers to "enhanced" pat-downs. I took them up on the free massage offer but was quite disappointed by the service. One of the two gropers was civil, the other surly. The massage was quite superficial, without proper warm-up of the muscles or a "happy end". Massage parlors near truck stops don't have to worry about TSA competition just yet. Their performance wasn't worth the $35 "security fee" added to the ticket price or the ten minutes of my time.

The crotch-sniffers involved didn't have very high morale. One of them insisted on explaining to me that they were trying to observe proprieties. Their self-justification wasn't any more interesting or relevant than the motives of leg-humping dogs. I got an impression that the TSA creatures understand well just how undignified, ridiculous and useless their work is. They may view it as preferable to being on the dole, though many taxpayers would happily pay them to just stay home.

I didn't have to deal with as much idiocy when leaving the USSR in 1989 from a Leningrad airport. Had the Soviets done this, we would have viewed it as an outrageous example of totalitarian harassment. When our own federales do it, it's supposed to make foreigners even more "envious of our freedoms". The insistence on official documents -- equivalents of internal passports -- for travel is another similarity to the USSR. Not a surprise from the agency that treats "1984" as an instruction manual rather than a dystopian cautionary tale. Explaining our recent acquiescence to indignities to my foreign friends is becoming awkward. What do I tell to people accustomed to travel without physical molestation by fast food rejects?

II. The outrageous behavior of TSA isn't yet a cause for worry. At this time, parents are still not able to explain to their kids why certain strangers are allowed to touch the whole family inappropriately. So long as the outrage lasts, we have hope for an eventual solution.

When the outrage wanes and gives place to apathy, resignation and habituation, then we will be in trouble for real. To a European or an American boarding a ship or a train in 1910, the quiet surrender to TSA and their DHS backers would have been unthinkable. A civilized person could travel armed, unmolested and treated with courtesy. Today, we practice submission rituals no different from ritual mounting among baboons.

In today's land of the free, the debate centers on whether nudo-scans or intimate groping by uniformed strangers is a lesser evil. Rosa Parks objected to something so comparatively benign as sitting in the back of a bus...I wonder how she would have reacted to blue-gloved hands under her skirt. The indignities of racism have abated...the indignities of being an American traveler are just starting. What would it take to end them -- court decisions, airline bankruptcies or direct pressure on individual perpetrators and their bosses?

III. American Dream
When we came to these shores of Promise
We were given a new lease on life
And welcomed newfound freedom
With tears in our eyes

But we noticed with passing years
The rank, familiar smell
Of government domination
Turning paradise into hell

Papers required for travel
And permits for everything
Controlling on many levels
What once was the American dream

Sure, the past wasn't truly perfect
And today is not so bad
But the future will be a horror
Unless we reverse this trend

Reverse it, resist, but truly
Protesting is not enough
Beauraucrats don't care
We argue and they just laugh

When we came to these shores of Freedom
We ran from unequal fights
But the front has caught up with us here
We ran out of havens for flight

It's the last, lonely line of trenches
And the choices are do or die
We could live as serfs, I am sure
But who would want such a life?

What have you done this year?
This month? Or even today?
Not time for open warfare
But long past for clandestine raids

Give one inch and they will take miles
So allow them nothing at all
Give them neither votes nor money
Deny your approval, walk tall

Let the feds be like dogs in the wild
Surrounded by wolves
Let them bark, posture and growl
Then help their bodies cool

It may be too early to shoot them
But leave them out in the cold
Deny them your business and company
Like forefather had done of old

Boycott any foul creature
That denies your freedom and lies
That all their crass impositions
Are for the betterment of our lives

Being a klansman is held by most
In very low esteem
TSA should be viewed also
As stupid, useless and mean

Let them cry, unheard in the wilderness
Give neither shelter nor aid
They already spread too much fear
It's now their turn to be afraid

Oleg Volk

Pilgrim And Indian From Our Local Newspaper

Pilgrim And Indian

Day By Day



Has Political Correctness Blurred Interpretation Of The Civil War? (Sic)
(WABE) - As we approach the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has launched a media campaign emphasizing the "Southern" view of the causes of that conflict. Here, Ray McBerry head of public relations for the Georgia SCV, talks with WABE's Steve Goss.

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Senate Republicans Urge Proper Debate On New START

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.........Bond said classified documents from the administration that he had reviewed as vice chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee disturbed him so much that he was urging his colleagues to reject the treaty outright.

“I have written a classified letter summarizing my views that is available to all members in Senate security,” he said. “I urge them to read it.”

The classified record made it clear that the treaty cannot be verified
Bond said.

Two Californias

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"In two supermarkets 50 miles apart, I was the only one in line who did not pay with a social-service plastic card (gone are the days when “food stamps” were embarrassing bulky coupons). But I did not see any relationship between the use of the card and poverty as we once knew it: The electrical appurtenances owned by the user and the car into which the groceries were loaded were indistinguishable from those of the upper middle class.

California does not care whether one broke the law to arrive here or continues to break it by staying. It asks nothing of the illegal immigrant — no proficiency in English, no acquaintance with American history and values, no proof of income, no record of education or skills. It does provide all the public assistance that it can afford (and more that it borrows for), and apparently waives enforcement of most of California’s burdensome regulations and civic statutes that increasingly have plagued productive citizens to the point of driving them out."



RICHMOND, VA – "Citing failure of the defendants to address a key element of Candice Hardwick’s in-school Confederate clothing ban case, the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has remanded the case to the lower court in which it was originally filed.

The appellate court’s action leaves the door open for further arguments in the case, which the lower court had summarily dismissed, and was hailed by supporters of Ms. Hardwick as a tactical victory. "The court could easily have dismissed the case, but instead did the only thing they could do for Candice - send the case back to the Florence District Court with instructions to ‘do it right.’ Anytime the lower court and the defendants get spanked by a higher court, that is cause for us little people to rejoice," said SLRC Board Chairman Neill H. Payne.

Ms. Hardwick began experiencing “disciplinary” action at the hands of various teachers and administrators in her home town of Latta, S.C. beginning when she was in middle school, for wearing clothing items depicting various inoffensive Confederate images. School officials contended that such clothing might foment racial unrest and disciplinary problems, though no such issues were reported in connection with her wearing it. In 2006 , Ms. Hardwick, then in high school, filed suit against the school board and certain administrators in U.S. Circuit Court in Florence. After three years of legal wrangling the court eventually granted summary dismissal of the case, whereupon the SLRC filed appeal at the Fourth Circuit level. Oral arguments in the case were heard in Richmond on October 27.

The appeals court based its remand on failure of the school board’s attorneys to answer Ms. Hardwick’s claim that her First Amendment rights were further violated when the school prohibited her from wearing t-shirts protesting the Confederate flag ban, even though the so-called “protest shirts” bore no Confederate images. The defendant’s legal team “inexplicably [did] not address [Ms. Hardwick’s] argument that the case must be remanded for the court to consider her First Amendment damages claim involving the protest clothing,” the court’s ruling states.

“Candice has waited very patiently for 7 years for someone in authority to deliver her the simple justice she and all Latta students deserve,” said SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk Lyons. “She has inoffensively displayed pride in her heritage for 7 years that has caused no verifiable disruption, she has been denied even the right to protest the school's decision to violate her rights - and now someone in a black robe has listened and acted - this is a great day for every school child in South Carolina and a great day for freedom. The fight now goes on - back to the District Court in Florence - but we look forward to the continued contest - and eventual vindication for Candice Hardwick,” Lyons concluded.



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North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Secure Our Borders - Enforce Our Laws

The mobile Mexican Consulate is coming to the Greenville NC Convention Center this Saturday AND Sunday (18th and 19th) to sell Mexican matricula consular ID cards and Mexican passports to "UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS" in the area. They will also be REGISTERING PEOPLE TO VOTE!

The Mexican Consulate has leased space in the TAXPAYER FUNDED Convention Center for 2 days because of the large number of illegal aliens they expect to show up. Why is a foreign national government handling their affairs on North Carolina taxpayer property?

The center is located at303 Greenville Blvd., Greenville, NC. Their phone number is: (252) 321-7671. Here is the Greenville Convention Center calendar which shows the event:

The local Hilton Hotel is sponsoring the event and Tom Glennon is the CEO of the hotel. His contact info is: (252) 355-5000. **Call Mr. Glennon and ask him why he is aiding and abetting illegal aliens by sponsoring this event on local taxpayer property?

Talking Points

1. No foreign governments should be using U.S./NC taxpayer property for the purpose of selling ID cards to those illegally present in OUR country.
2. Legally present foreign nationals have a passport from their home country and a U.S. VISA. Nothing less.
3. Continuing to "aid and abet" ILLEGAL ALIENS is VERY costly to taxpayers. Schooling, medical, housing, interpreters, legal representation, etc.
4. Insist that your elected officials represent legal citizens and their interests. We are the voting constituents.
5. Border enforcement; first, foremost, and only. No AMNESTY, aiding or abetting is acceptable.

Contact List Below...please be the polite and respectful Americans that we pride ourselves on.

1. Contact: Congressman Walter Jones at the phone numbers below and ask him to continue his support of immigration enforcement in North Carolina.

Greenville N.C. Office:
1105-C Corporate Drive
Greenville, NC 27858-4211
Phone: 252-931-1003 or toll-free 800-351-1697 (in N.C. only)
Fax: 252-931-1002

Washington, DC Office:
2333 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-3415
Fax: 202-225-3286

2. Contact the Greenville City Council:

Mayor Patricia C. (Pat) Dunn
1103 Ragsdale Road
Greenville, NC 27858
Telephone: 252-758-1692

Mayor Pro-Tem Bryant Kittrell
PO Box 7207
Greenville, NC 27835
Telephone: 252-355-0088

Council Member Kandie Smith
PO Box 7207
Greenville, NC 27835
Telephone: 252-565-4617

Council Member Rose H. Glover
2115 South Village Drive
Greenville, NC 27834
Telephone: 252-752-1113

Council Member Marion Blackburn
PO Box 7207
200 West Fifth Street
Greenville, NC 27835
Telephone: 252-931-0728

Council Member Calvin Mercer
PO Box 7207
Greenville, NC 27835
Telephone: 252-551-9189

Council Member Max Joyner, Jr.
105 East Arlington Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858
Telephone: 252-756-8300

3. Contact the Pitt County Commissioners:

Kimberly W. Hines, Clerk to the Board
Pitt County Office Building
1717 W. 5th Street
Greenville, NC 27834
252.830.6311 (Fax)

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879

The Latest New York Times Nonsense About Lincoln

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On March 4, 1861, Lincoln praised the Corwin Amendment in his first inaugural address, offered his support of it, and said that while he believed slavery to already be constitutional, he had no reservations about making it 'express and irrevocable' in the text of the U.S. Constitution"

Tea Party Leader Slams John Boehner For Michele Bachmann Snub

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"The conflict is evidence of a broader rift between the Republican establishment and tea-party supporters, who helped vault the GOP to power this year."

The 12 Days Of "Winter":)

"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the opulent and respectable stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment."
--George Washington, Address to the Members of the Volunteer Association of Ireland, 1783


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AK vs. AR vs. Mosin Nagant:)

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one."
-- Alexander Hamilton

Mosin Nagant Humor

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Textbook Should Reflect Truth About Civil War

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one."
-- Alexander Hamilton
According to the 1860 census there were 58,000 free blacks in Virginia alone (659 in Pittsylvania County which Danville was a part of).

The irony of his comments is that one of his own books that he authored in 1984 titled "18th Virginia History" in the "Virginia Regimental History Series" lists one of these free blacks who enlisted in the regiment (which contained two companies from Danville and one from Spring Garden) as a drummer.
Textbook Should Reflect Truth About Civil War