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TRUMP Insider's Update on the NWO's Big Steal! Trump insider launchers dire emergency warning

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"The Big Steal is on – trust me.

The Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Romney, Ryan, McConnell faction has united and is moving into high gear to steal the nomination from Trump. The immediate plan is an all out bid to deprive Donald Trump of victory – and the delegates – in Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker, long reliant on Koch money, will endorse Cruz. A victory in Wisconsin for Cruz makes the big steal possible. A loss there makes the big steal much more difficult.

The power-brokers’ short term game is clear; stall Trump just short of the magic number of delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot with the knowledge that many delegates bound on the first ballot by Trump primary and caucus victories would be unbound on a second ballot. Much in the way the RNC stacked the galleries with anti-Trump partisans in the last two debates, anti-Trump quislings are being planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump on subsequent ballots. 
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A Rural Southern Easter (Don't miss the second music video)

 BF White


Benjamin Franklin White, born 1800 in South Carolina, was a Southern music pioneer. His collection of hymns titled The Sacred Harp, published in 1844, was based on shape note singing and became the standard hymnal in the South. Shape note music first appeared in 1801 and quickly spread through the rural Southern congregationalist communities. The music is performed a cappella and has a thunderous and distinctive–almost hypnotic–rhythm with singers divided into sections based vocal range. Each section takes turns leading. White’s book of hymns served as the textbook for the Southern Musical Convention for two decades. The Convention formed in 1845 in order to provide a gathering place for Southern vocalists and to set standards for teachers in Southern singing schools.

The Chattahoochee Musical Convention (formed 1852) and the East Texas Musical Convention (formed 1855) still meet annually and were founded on White’s work and that of the Southern Musical Convention. The Sacred Harp was republished four times by 1911.

White spent much of his life in Harris County, Georgia, not far from Columbus and Pine Mountain. He edited the first newspaper published in Harris County, The Organ, and also served as the Clerk of the Inferior Court.

Bobby Horton performs his version of one of White’s more powerful tunes, Beach Spring, on his Homespun Songs of Faith Vol. 2. Horton is a modern Southern bard. His work has been featured on Ken Burns’s documentaries on the “Civil War” and in several film productions for the National Park Service. His true love is the South and Southern music. This piece is fitting for Easter Sunday. Also below is The Sacred Harp song I’m Going Home performed in its traditional shape note form.
Happy Easter.


Brion McClanahan is the editor of The Abbeville Review and is the author or co-author of four books, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers, (Regnery, 2009), The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution (Regnery History, 2012), Forgotten Conservatives in American History (Pelican, 2012), and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes, (Regnery, 2012). He received a B.A. in History from Salisbury University in 1997 and an M.A. in History from the University of South Carolina in 1999. He finished his Ph.D. in History at the University of South Carolina in 2006, and had the privilege of being Clyde Wilson’s last doctoral student. He lives in Alabama with his wife and three daughters. More from Brion McClanahan

'That was the moment it became about torture' : Africans sentenced for notorious hate crime torture-killing attack in Nashville

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I hadn't heard about this.

January 11, 2016

After the first time, the pain of the knife slicing into his thigh started to numb.

He did not know his attackers, only that four men who spoke English and another language he did not recognize forced him and his friend into a small sedan. A Saturn.

As the duo was driven to ATMs to withdraw cash in the Antioch area before sunrise in March 2012, they were repeatedly punched, stabbed and taunted. Laughed at. It lasted about 45 minutes.

They were forced to give each other oral sex. Forced to strip off their bloody clothes, told to get out of the car and pushed down on a road before their attackers fled.

The Destruction of Old Sheldon Church and Other Ravages of War


From time to time an unsuspecting tourist visiting the ruins of the Old Sheldon Church will insist that they caught a glimpse of a spectral figure hovering among the scattered remains of the time-weathered gravestones. Some might scoff at such sightings, but the reports of the ghost are consistent. Witnesses describe what appears to be the ethereal figure of a young woman in a plain brown dress of the style commonly worn during the Colonial era. They say she is weeping beside a grave.

Regardless of how one feels about reports of the ghost of the weeping lady, I do not think anyone can stroll through the lonely grounds of the Old Sheldon Church without being strangely moved. And when you learn the tragic history of the church; how it was burned by pillaging armies, not once, but twice, you are struck by how stubbornly this noble edifice refused to succumb. Portions of majestic red-brick walls and columns still stand sturdily, albeit adorned with scattered parasitic ferns.

Gun Control?

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Paul Ryan faces primary challenge from Tea Party wealthy businessman ‘betrayed’ by House speaker

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 The emergence of a viable Republican challenger in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District is the culmination of a monthslong recruitment effort by tea party activists who say they were double-crossed by House Speaker Paul D. Ryan when he passed a $2 trillion spending package late last year. (Associated Press)

A wealthy businessman with tea party ties confirmed Sunday that he is mounting a primary challenge to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, saying that after donating to the Wisconsin Republican’s past campaigns he feels “betrayed” by the speaker on trade deals and immigration.

The businessman, who is not yet revealing his identity, promised that his run will “shake up the establishment in a profound way,” according to a political consultant close to the prospective candidate.

NC: 300-year-old cannon unearthed in North Carolina

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A 300-year-old cannon has been unearthed during construction work in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

The find was made Tuesday directly in front of the federal courthouse steps on Wilmington’s riverfront. The cannon was buried 6 to 8 feet underground.

“It’s right below where there are typically summertime concerts,” a spokesman for the city of Wilmington told “People have danced for years right on top of it.”

“At first, the contractor wasn’t sure what it was - they proceeded to scrape some of the mud away and quickly realized that it was a cannon,” he added.

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ISIS 'crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday' after kidnapping him from old people's home where four nuns were shot dead

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South African nuns called the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen were one of several groups who claimed they had been told Father Tom would be crucified tomorrow

The Indian Catholic priest kidnapped by ISIS-linked terrorists in Yemen earlier this month was crucified on Good Friday, it has been claimed.

Father Thomas Uzhunnalil, 56, was taken by Islamist gunmen, reportedly linked to ISIS, who attacked an old people's home in Aden, southern Yemen, killing at least 15 people, on March 4.

The terrorists reportedly carried out the heinous murder on Good Friday, after threatening to do so earlier in the week, according to the Archbishop of Vienna.

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Viewer Poll: Some Charlottesville councilors are considering removing the General Lee statue and / or renaming Lee Park. What do you think should be done?

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Don't change anything 89%

Vote halfway down page, middle column @ NBC 29

The Pernicious Myth

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Multiculturalism: A narrative popularized by liberal pols and pundits is that the Belgian and French terrorists were mistreated and alienated by the native population, and that’s why they lashed out in violence. It’s a pernicious lie.

A former Obama official summed up this pathetic excuse-making for mass murder on Wednesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “These communities, especially in Brussels . . . are looked down upon because of their religion,” claimed a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, Evelyn Farkas. “The whole mindset in Europe needs to shift in order to give these people equal opportunity, and frankly, respect.”

Added Farkas: “These communities do not feel sufficiently respected and accepted within many of these European countries. And even if you have trouble assimilating them, you have to give them equal opportunity to make a living. A lot of these young men didn’t have many opportunities.”

This is pure mythology.

Swedish women show support for Islam by taking selfies in hijabs after #BrusselsAttacks

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Sharpening the swords of the their executioners. It’s no wonder that Stockholm Syndrome is named after a Swedish city.

These women want to show solidarity? Why not offer themselves as sex slaves to the Islamic State?

Sweden’s goose (or is that goat?) is cooked.

From the hijabuppropet website (thanks to Jim Hoft):

NC: Myths v Facts Common-Sense Privacy Law

--Phil Berger

Worshipers feared for their lives during Easter Mass at St. Pat’s

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Worshipers attending Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral got the scare of their lives when a band of unruly protesters disrupted the event.

“I thought they were going to blow themselves up,” worshiper Carol Forester, 50, confessed.

A group of six animal rights protesters abruptly leaped up from a pew in the middle of the service and shouted, “Easter is a time for love! No more shedding animal blood!” while holding up signs of animals pleading for their lives.

Sex Scandals, Politics, and False Flags

Mike Scruggs

In November 1939, the Soviet Army shelled a small Russian village near the Finnish border. Soviet leaders blamed the attack on Finland and used it as a pretext to to invade Finland four days later. 
“False Flag” (originally Naval terminology) actions are particularly common in covert operations to disguise the identity of the aggressor.

In the four Republican primaries held on Tuesday, March 8, Marco Rubio won only one delegate out of 150.  In the Michigan Primary, he had come in fourth, while Cruz and Kasich were essentially tied at second/third place, each gaining 17 delegates. Rubio got zero delegates. It was then that the Republican establishment began to realize Marco Rubio was probably not going to work out as their ordained candidate to defeat widespread conservative resistance and to maintain establishment dominance over the Republican Party.  Furthermore, he was running far behind Trump and even Cruz in polls anticipating the March 15 Florida Primary, his own home state. In the last few weeks, Rubio brought in GOP consultant and influential RNC member, Henry Barbour, nephew of former Mississippi Governor and former RNC Chairman, Haley Barbour, to work the sort of magic “campaign tactics” that saved Senator Thad Cochran from a Tea Party challenger in the Mississippi U.S. Senate Primary in 2014. Barbour’s tactics had a measurable effect, but they could not make up for the resentment Florida voters harbored against Rubio for his betrayal of them on amnesty and other immigration issues. Seeing Rubio’s inevitable defeat in Florida, influential establishment Republicans had already begun to look to John Kasich to carry the GOP establishment baton to victory.

The Republican establishment can mostly be defined by immigration issues. The big donors who support establishment Republican politicians want cheap labor, and they are willing to give amnesties and import millions of permanent legal “green-card” and guest-workers to displace more expensive American workers. There is close to half a trillion dollars of annual profit in hiring cheap foreign workers, legal or illegal, to replace American workers.  The Democrats favor this situation, because it gains them millions of new low-information voters, without which they would perish as a party. The Republican establishment favors cheap labor because of the enormous political donations it brings from corporations and industry groups lobbying for ever cheaper foreign labor.  Cheap foreign labor also costs federal, state, and local governments more than a hundred billion dollars per year for welfare, healthcare, food stamps, education, and community services.

Most taxpayers do not realize they are essentially subsidizing employers who hire illegal immigrants and cheap legal foreign labor.  Lobbyists spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year to bribe Congress into supporting high levels of legal and illegal immigration that harm American workers and taxpayers and is tremendously unpopular with the great majority of Republican voters. Hence the Republican establishment, which includes House Speaker, Paul Ryan, Senate leader Mitch  McConnell,  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and large numbers of U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and state legislators is facing unprecedented levels of revolt by the conservative backbone of the Republican Party.

Ohio Governor John Kasich was already strongly pro-amnesty and given a D grade by NumbersUSA on immigration issues. He probably had a great advantage in that comparatively few voters realized his very liberal immigration positions, whereas Rubio’s had been thoroughly documented by the 2013 Gang-of-Eight amnesty and legal immigration surge bill.  However, on March 13, speaking to a Hispanic group, Kasich declared that full amnesty would be passed within 100 days of his inauguration as President  He then began to make numerous exaggerated  statements  praising illegal immigrants and declaring a national need to keep illegal immigrant workers here now and greatly expand legal immigration.  His demands closely resembled Marco Rubio’s Gang-of-Eight bill. It was obvious that he wanted to replace Rubio as the establishment’s ordained candidate in the primaries. It was a big help that he won his own State of Ohio’s primary with a winner-take-all total of 66 delegates. Anti-American billionaire George Soros and his closest associates have thus far given Kasich’s campaign and a pro-Kasich Super-Pac over $700,000. Hence Kasich is staying in the race in hopes of being the victor in a convention battle. Soros has given Hillary Clinton and pro-Clinton Super-Pacs $8.0 million in campaign funds. In a recent article in the British newspaper, the Telegraph, Soros named both Trump and Cruz as two of the most dangerous opponents of an open society. While some of the “Stop Trump” GOP faction are willing to go with Cruz to prevent total establishment destruction, it is obvious that Soros is determined that neither shall be President. He is apparently hedging his bet by backing both Kasich and Clinton.

Ted Cruz knew that taking all 40 delegates in the Utah Caucus was essential to blocking Trump’s momentum toward a first ballot GOP Convention victory.  Cruz’s campaign manager has also admitted that their campaign fund balance had dropped to only $8.0 million, not much to compete with the near limitless resources of Donald Trump, although Trump has been extremely sparing in campaign expenditures, depending instead upon his astonishing ability to get enormous amounts of free media exposure.  All stops were pulled to achieve at least the 50 percent requirement to get all 40 delegates. He was polling 52 percent a week ahead of the caucus but actually won a whopping 69 percent. Some Utah delegates have complained of unprecedented laxness in ballot procedures and security, but the fairness of the caucus procedure has paled before more powerful factors that are now getting 20 times the publicity of the entire Utah Caucus.  

Utah’s predominant religious denomination is the Latter Day Saints (LDS), commonly called Mormons, famously conservative on many social issues.  LDS heavy-weights Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck were there during the primary denouncing Trump, with Beck even claiming that no Christian could vote for Trump.  More importantly, an anti-Trump Super-Pac, “Make America Awesome,” managed by former Carly Fiorina staffer, Liz Mair, ran advertisements featuring a photo taken in 2000 of Donald Trump’s wife, before she married Trump.  Melania, a former model born in Slovenia, was in a state of partially exposed nudity. The caption on the ad read: “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady, or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

In a curious transaction last July, $500,000 was transferred from Ted Cruz’s Super-Pac to Carly Fiorina’s Super-Pac. Her former Deputy Campaign Manager, Sarah Isgur Flores, has been identified as one of the five women in the Enquirer story.

Trump was outraged by the attack on his wife and warned by Twitter that he would retaliate if Cruz persisted. A few days later, Trump posted a photo of the two wives, with an unfavorable expression on Heidi Cruz’s face.

On March 23, the National Enquirer published a story that Ted Cruz had sexual affairs with five women. The story had been shopped around for several weeks. Breitbart News reviewed it and rejected it as having insufficient support. Breitbart did not reveal who approached them with the story. It is a common journalistic practice not to reveal the names of such sources. However, they did say the source was an ally of the Marco Rubio campaign, but not actually a member of the campaign staff.

Cruz immediately accused Donald Trump of instigating a false story. The National Enquirer has been favorable to Trump’s presidential campaign, and Trump is a personal friend of David Pecker, CEO of AMI (American Media Inc.) that owns the Enquirer. Trump continues to deny any connection to the story. The National Enquirer has a reputation for publishing scurrilous information on celebrities, but they have proved to be right on John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Jesse Jackson, and many others.

Nevertheless, I do not believe that the evidence released so far will sustain any significant charges against Cruz.  Nor do I believe that Trump instigated the Enquirer’s story.  Yet it could do great harm to both candidates and possibly result in a third person more acceptable to the GOP establishment receiving the GOP nomination for President. Although Cruz is the “accused” and may suffer the loss of badly needed campaign donations, it will probably hurt Trump more in the polls. This is because the main stream media is already bashing Trump 24-7 at every opportunity or excuse day after day. But he has overcome many difficulties and much opposition. It is probable that Kasich will benefit from the troubles of both Cruz and Trump, but I do not believe he is personally involved with the Enquirer story.

I believe we are witnessing a clever political version of a covert false flag, diverting the attention of voters from serious national and international issues and badly damaging the two leading non-establishment GOP primary candidates so that either a GOP establishment candidate wins the party nomination and/or the Democrat candidate, most likely Hillary Clinton, wins in November.

 --Mike Scruggs

Women’s college student president alerts police to ‘Trump 2016’ drawing, calls it ‘racist act’ & New Round of Chalking At Emory

 Image result for scripps emory loffended students
The lettering on the whiteboard and the poster has distinct similarities. Minjoo did not respond to a question of whether it was possible the incident could be a hoax.
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Scripps College’s student president says she alerted campus police after “#trump2016” was found scrawled on a dorm room door, calling it “racist … violence,” according to an email she sent to the campus community, a copy of which was circulated Saturday on social media.

“This morning, a Mexican-American Scripps student woke up to find her whiteboard vandalized with the phrase ‘#Trump 2016,'” Minjoo Kim, student body president, said in her March 26 email.

Shuty 3D Printed Semi-auto is Ready



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PLA plastic printed semi Inspired by the Luty designs, is now here.

Too many pics to post here so here are the imgur gallery links.

Final files done yesterday.

Download the files today.


Matt Forney : "I enjoy the fact that Ted Cruz's fanboys are denying his infidelity by saying he's too big of a loser to get laid." Ha!


The Bitter Cruzingers are getting schlonged today.

I ignored posts with the word "affair" the first 10 times I saw it today on FB.  I figured it was typical noise in a heated election season.  But then I clicked on this ConservativeOutfitters link, then found this ConservativeTreehouse link, which has amassed a ton of information based on the National Enquirer's breaking story.

The National Enquirer posted photos of five ladies.  Some have been identified.  Some are former employees of Cruz.


“The Thing” – An Open Letter to Ace of Spades

Via comment by JWMJR  on John Robb Hits It Out Of The Ball Park

We choose Donald Trump as our destroyer – because we know better than to believe our salvation will ever come from Washington D.C. Oblivion is all that fetid swamp can conjure, so we shall turn it’s power upon itself. When the time comes, we roll the dice on whatever slithers from the ruin.

We’re in the mood for a bonfire Ace. Don’t look so horrified – you suggested it first. We merely liked the concept… and decided to run with it.


And fuck the consequences.  (Amen and Amen. BT)


Dear Ace of Spades: We noticed you’ve been a tad maladroit lately…

Well, we suppose Cruz should have stuck to sticking it exclusively in his spouse – or perhaps he shouldn’t have decided to campaign as Archangel Metatron bearing the gospel of Christ on earth. A wonk can survive infidelity… weathering rank hypocrisy is a smidgen more difficult.

The scope, evidence and sheer number of courtesans leads us to believe this is more than typical scandal-sheet trash – one or two is a standard issue rat-fucking. Three or four is troubling. Around five mistresses, (or eight?!), pattern recognition starts kicking in. The fact that Rancid Rubio’s minions, GOPe shills and several other meathead flocks have been pushing the narrative for some weeks – while the big conservative guns spiked the story – only solidifies our notion something decidedly unbecoming went on here.

John Taylor on Federal and Constitutional Questions

 John Taylor

1. Liberalism

Taylor stood on liberal ground in holding that men were a mixture of good and evil. Self-interest was the only real constant in human action.43 He broke with archaic-republican ideas of mixed constitutions and social balance. His key idea was to divide power up so many ways, federally and departmentally that no set of officials possessed enough of it to overawe the government or the people. This goes far beyond the tame notions of “checks and balances” and “separation of powers.”

John Robb Hits It Out Of The Ball Park


The policy wonks are up in arms over the NYTimes and WaPo interviews with Trump on foreign policy and trade. They simply can't say enough about how uninformed Trump is on this topic.... but there's something wrong with this picture.

The same wonks who claim to "know" everything have gutted the US economy, gotten us into wars we can't win, and plunged entire regions of the world into chaos & terrorism.

Personally, I like that both Sanders and Trump are isolationists.  People profoundly out of step with the demands of an "Imperial Presidency"  In my view, the Imperial Presidency beloved by the policy wonks should have died with the end of the cold war.

Yet it's still here, eating our future, in Zombie mode.

PS:  What if, and this is a crazy notion, we simply focused on making the United States a success story, rather than a poorly run Imperium?  

Burns Chronicles No 16 Ambush - Part 3 As Told and Retold by Government Witnesses


On February 18, 2016, the Tri-County Major Incident Team released a report prepared, primarily, by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.  The publically available version consists of 360 pages, though the page numbering indicates that the entire report consists of at least 714 pages.  The officers involved are identified by assigned numbers, to protect their identity.  There are heavy redactions of experience of officers and substantial portions of their interviews.  References shown thus, {nn}, indicate PDF page numbers from the above linked document.

This article will point out discrepancies, disparities, and other portions that raise a question as to the objectivity of the published version of the report.  The document explains that when they do the interviews, they can use the names of the other officers or personnel, though those names will be replaced by numbers in the documentation.  So, when they speak of “Office #1”, we have no idea who he is, but the numbers remain constant for the various players, throughout.  There will be a distinction between “Officer #4” “DCSO 4”, the latter being on the investigation team, the former being an officer involved from Oregon State Police (OSP).  Italics will be used for direct quotes from the report.

The Cast – All Oregon State Police Officers and present at shooting scene:

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department

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Image result for liar hillarys emails

Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained State Department documents from February 2009 containing emails that appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department and that she did not use her email system until March 2009. The emails also contain more evidence of the battle between security officials in the State Department, National Security Administration, Clinton and her staff over attempts to obtain secure Blackberrys.

The documents were obtained in response to a court order in an April 28, 2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00646), filed after the Department of State failed to comply with a March 10, 2015, FOIA request seeking: