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Thank You



You taught me to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school.

You taught me the story of our Nation.

You told me about the symbolism of our Flag.

You taught me US History.

You taught me US Government.

You gave me an Oath to take.

You had me face the flag and salute every night at Retreat.

You taught me honor and love of Country.

For that I thank youbut now you blame me for what I am.


I'll say that I'm proud as hell to be a Patriot but at the same time I'm sorry I have to be a III Percenter. I shouldn't have to be in that position but you put me there. Now live with it.

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Constitutional Convention Call Redux – Who Is Behind It


“In questions of power let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.” Thomas Jefferson

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

There are a number of groups pushing a Con-Con today, the Compact for America, the Goldwater Institute, (who supports the group, Restoring Freedom. Org. Inc. who created the National Debt Relief Amendment or BBA), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the National Council of State Legislators (NCSL) and many others. Let’s look at a few of these groups.

Compact for America

Just what is this “Compact for America?”

GOA Action Alert

Here’s where we are on Obama's gun control proposals:
  • Today, the Nut-Left Democrats on the Senate Judiciary voted to report the Feinstein gun ban –which could ban between 50% and 80% of guns and magazines in circulation today. It may not even get a majority in the Senate – much less the 60 votes needed to pass. And it is being pushed primarily to allow anti-gun Democrats from pro-gun states to pretend to be pro-gun.
  • Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee passed, by a 10-to-8 vote, the universal gun registry bill. Chief sponsor Chuck Schumer has been unable to achieve Republican support from anyone other than the anti-gun Illinois Republican Mark Kirk. Therefore, unless another Republican sells out at the last minute, we believe we can successfully filibuster this ill in the full Senate.
  • Tuesday, by a vote of 14-to-4, the Judiciary Committee also reported a Boxer bill that would increase, by $10 million, the funding for an existing school safety program. The money could be used for armed guards, as the NRA proposes, or it could be used for an anti-gun study. It is therefore neither inherently “pro-gun” nor “anti-gun.” We have said we would oppose proceeding to Boxer if it is a vehicle for votes on other anti-gun measures – but that we would not object to its passage, without amendment, by “unanimous consent.”
  • This brings us to the central battlefield: Last week, the committee reported, by a vote of 11-to-7, the Veterans Gun Ban, S. 54. The lone GOP vote in favor came from Chuck Grassley, who indicated he would oppose the bill on the Senate floor unless it was improved from the committee-reported version.
As we see it, the chief strategic objective is now to keep gun control votes from coming to the Senate floor by opposing the “motion to proceed” to any bill which is going to be used as a vehicle for gun votes.
That would certainly mean that senators should oppose moving to proceed to universal gun registries or the Veterans Gun Ban. But it also means that we oppose moving to proceed to so-called non-controversial bills, such as Boxer, if those bills are being brought up as a vehicle for anti-gun amendments.
ACTION: Click here to contact your senator. Ask him to oppose any motion to proceed – by filibuster if necessary – to the Feinstein gun ban, the universal gun registry bill, the Veterans Gun Ban (S. 54), or to any other piece of legislation being brought up as a vehicle for votes on these anti-gun proposals. 

DHS has enough ammunition to supply the US Army for 22 years of intense war.

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A week ago, I laid out a list of things President Obama has put in place to set the nation up for his hostile military takeover.

After my first post about Obama’s hostile military takeover, I received an email from a reader that offered an explanation to my pondering of why NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) would also be ordering millions of rounds of ammunition and assault rifles.  He offered the idea that it is an ironic twist to Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers was a wanted domestic terrorist back in the 1960s and 1970s.  Ayers was a co-founder of the terrorist group known as the Weather Underground.  Now, Obama is using NOAA, a federal weather agency to stockpile weapons and ammunition for his terrorist assault on the American people.
Today, I would like to add a few more items to that list that makes the case for his hostile military takeover even more compelling.

It has now been confirmed that the goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to purchase a total of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  A portion of that ammunition is hollow point bullets, which have been banned from use in war by international law.  Another portion is specialized sniper ammunition.

In case you have a difficult time comprehending the significance of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, allow me to give you a couple of comparisons.  During the height of the war in Iraq, the US Army fired less than 6 million rounds per month

Black History: When We Were Colored



During this my 65th year of being, Black History Month is a time to remember from whence we came, what we went through, what we have achieved and where our promise lies.  My mother used to leave me exasperated referring to us as Colored People; until I found my birth certificate and appreciated that I was listed as Colored.  During my time we have gone in the popular vernacular from niggras to colored to negroes to Negroes to Black to Afro-Americans to African Americans and back to Black again.  NWA a popular group wants to regress us further and comics think nothing of using the N word gratuitously rather than get us to laugh at the humor in our lives.

Growing up “Colored” in Durham, NC in the south, it was unacceptable for kids not to go to school or not read or not behave.  We all were taught and appreciated that for the masses, education would allow us to make a way out of no way.  No one owed us anything; it was up to us to get and fight for what we wanted.  Parents regardless of their socio-economic status took a certain pride in having children who defied the stereotypes placed on us for our families were our safety nets and most important institutions.  On my block most of the children were born within a marriage and every home with a child had a father in that house who worked every day taking whatever pay to help his family find its way.   The Historically Black Colleges were an anchor and stimulator of our cultural and intellectual heritage sponsoring band festivals, summer science and math programs, sports meets, homecoming parades, unparalleled lyceum series bringing in the Joffrey Ballet or an opera singer such as Mattawilda Dobbs of the Atlanta, GA Dobbs and higher educational opportunities denied us by white institutions were made possible through them.

Prior to the sixties we rarely strayed to the white side of town or frequented downtown unless to our businesses there; not because we were afraid, but because with few exceptions we had most of what we needed within the confines of our own community.  There were painters, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, cabs, a dry cleaners, postal substation with likely the first black postmistress in Mrs. Bernice H. Ingram, a newspaper with “The Truth Unbridled”, library, about six doctors, several dentists, our own financial institutions and so much more.  My father would say about utilizing segregated businesses-you don’t pay a man who segregates you to then serve you.

The church was our rock and from the one my father assumed (The White Rock Baptist Church) had come the local library, public health services in the minority community, the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, community recreation programs, worker organization efforts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and so much more to engage citizens on all levels.  International relationships were there from those engaged in Africa or with an Asa T. Spaulding, Sr.’s of the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance company’s sponsorship of George Allen from the Agency for International Development.  We also learned to take care of the poor without government help from our clothes closets, food drives and special offerings for scholarships, those burned out of their homes or from the efforts of our home mission societies.  And we marveled as one of our own, tore up the NBA in the person of Sam Jones whose records for accuracy and championship rings elevated him to the ranks of one of the NBA Hall of Fame’s top 50 greatest athletes. The church would do and provide what wasn’t available elsewhere.

Reminiscing with my fellow baby boomers, it is not uncommon to hear folks say in many ways we were better off during segregated times than we are now — Integration stripped away a history which was the base of our foundation as well as that for this nation.   We were required to assimilate while others have taken our knowledge as their own and we watch as our kids don’t appreciate the relevance of personal liberty which coloreds had as important to our well-being and survival.  Blacks were pivotal in building the US Capitol, laying out the streets of Washington, DC via Benjamin Banneker as well as building a clock to keep us on time, being the model for the Statue of Liberty given to the nation in recognition of the end of slavery (not as a beacon for immigrants), establishing the Republican Party, fostering the economy of the south and many of the inventions of the industrial revolution as well as through the work of Charles Drew showing us that blood can be transfused from one person to another across ethnic lines making us all brothers under the skin.  

If only there were more time for I love to tell the story, which in so many ways is my inspiration.

LA Times Announces: White Men are Terrorists

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The establishment media wasted little time after the Southern Poverty Law Center sent a letter to the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security demanding the mailed fist of the state crack down on Americans expressing opposition to an increasingly tyrannical federal government.

“There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal,” a Los Angeles Times op-ed claimed on March 8, a couple days after the SPLC letter went out warning of another Oklahoma City terrorist bombing.

The rant published in the second-largest metropolitan newspaper in the country – following up on the heels of the grand lady of Mockingbird propaganda, the New York Times – doesn’t mince words:
“They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.”

Despite the ethnic diversity of the patriot movement, the LA Times engages in brazen racism and deliberately singles out white people. This feeds into the SPLC’s absurdist propaganda arguing folks actively resisting constitutional violations perpetuated by the federal government – from the trashing the Second Amendment to the Fourth and beyond – are intimately linked to a minuscule and entirely marginalized white supremacist movement. By raising a fantasy specter of Klansman armed with AR-15s gunning for black and Latino people, the SPLC and the establishment media are actively colluding in an attempt to demonize and eventually destroy an increasingly effective political opposition.

More @ Info Wars

Spring 2013 NC PATCON & 2nd Amendment Rally: Thursday May 2nd to Monday May 6th

GOA Action Alert: Congressman Paul Broun Takes the Lead in Opposing Gun Control


The Stockman-Broun letter to invoke the Hastert Rule on gun control continues to gain momentum.
The "Hastert Rule" provides that no bill will be brought to the House floor if it is opposed by a majority of the Republicans in the House – a number which is now 117 members.

It has been violated three times this year.  But, in all three cases, the violatees wanted to be violated.
If 117 GOP House members sign a letter insisting that the Hastert Rule apply to gun control bills, it will apply to gun control bills. Game, Set, Match.

So the letter being circulated by Congressmen Steve Stockman and Paul Broun may determine whether Barack Obama's gun control package is considered and passed in the House – or not.

This is particularly clear because House Speaker John Boehner has publicly stated that the House will "consider" any of Obama's gun control passed by the Democratic Senate.

The Stockman-Broun letter is picking up momentum.

But is does not yet have the signatures of Georgia Congressmen Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston or the other Georgia Republicans.

ACTION:  Contact your congressmen and urge them to sign the Stockman-Broun letter.
P.S. Please also call Congressman Broun at (202) 225-4101 and thank him for sponsoring the Stockman-Broun letter invoking the Hastert Rule with respect to Obama’s gun control
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Stockpile: DHS announces second $4.5 million gun purchase in less than a week

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 Sig Sauer .40 cal

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted details of a no bid contract with weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer, worth $4.5 million over the next five years.

The contract is identical to the one DHS announced last week with Heckler & Koch.

Both contracts are for $900,000 worth of "replacement parts" a year, for weapons used by DHS agents.

While it is hard to imagine how or why a domestic agency could anticipate firing their weapons enough over the next five years to need $1.8 million annually in replacement parts, the DHS documents clearly state their need to "stock sufficient quantities of parts needed to fulfill the quantities of parts anticipated to be ordered."

In April 2012, DHS purchased $143,000 worth of submachine guns from Heckler & Koch.

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The Greatest of Rights Reserved to the States

The peaceful political separation desired by the American South in early 1861 is best summarized in President Jefferson Davis’ inaugural address: “We seek no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated. All we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms.” 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

The Greatest of Rights Reserved to the States:

“From Mr. [Robert] Toombs, Secretary of State, Message No. 5, Department of State, Montgomery, Alabama, May 18, 1861. 

To: Hon Wm. L. Yancey, Hon. Pierre A. Rost, Hon. A. Dudley Mann, Commissioners of the Confederate States, etc. 

Gentlemen:  My dispatch of the 24th ultimo contained an accurate summary of the important events which had transpired up to that date, and informed you that the Executive of the United States had commenced a war of aggression against the Confederate States. 

On the 20th instant the convention of the people of North Carolina will assemble at Raleigh, and there is no doubt that, immediately thereafter, ordinances of secession from the United States, and union with the Confederate States, will be adopted. 

Although ten independent and sovereign States have thus deliberately severed the bonds which bound them in political union with the United States, and have formed a separate and independent Government for themselves, the President of the United States affects to consider that the Federal Union is still legally and constitutionally unbroken….He claims to be our ruler, and insists that he has the right to enforce our obedience. 

From the newspaper press, the rostrum, and the pulpit, the partisans of Mr. Lincoln, while they clamorously assert their devotion to the Union and Constitution of the United States, daily preach a relentless war between the sections, to be prosecuted not only in violation of all constitutional authority, but in disregard of the simplest law of humanity. 

The authorized exponents of the sentiments of [Lincoln’s party]…avow that it is the purpose of the war to subjugate the Confederate States, spoliate the property of our citizens, sack and burn our cities and villages, and exterminate our citizens…..

[The] real motive which actuates Mr. Lincoln and those who now sustain his acts is to accomplish by force of arms that which the masses of the Northern people have long sought to effect – namely, the overthrow of our domestic institutions, the devastation and destruction of our social interests, and the reduction of the Southern States to the condition of subject provinces.

It is not astonishing that a people educated in that school which always taught the maintenance of the rights of the few against the might of the many, which ceaselessly regarded the stipulation to protect and preserve the liberties and vested rights of every member of the Confederacy as the condition precedent upon which each State delegated certain powers necessary for self-protection to the General Government, should refuse to submit dishonorably to the destruction of their constitutional liberty, the insolent denial of their right to govern themselves and to hold and enjoy their property in peace.

In the exercise of that greatest of the rights reserved to the several States by the late Federal Constitution – namely, the right for each State to be judge for itself, as well of the infractions of the compact of the Union, as of the mode and measure of redress – the sovereignties composing the Confederate States resolved to sever their political connection with the United States and form a Government of their own, willing to effect this purpose peacefully at any sacrifice save that of honor and liberty, but determined even at the cost of war to assert their right to independence and self-government.”

(A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy 1861-1865, James D. Richardson, Volume II, US Publishing Company, 1905, excerpt, pp. 26-31)

Congressman Jim Moran Hosts Anti-Gun Townhall, Gets Grilled By Gun Owners

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Last night, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) hosted an anti-gun townhall panel event at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA.

With the help of the Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans club, hundreds of constituents from Virginia’s 8th congressional district-mostly Second Amendment activists-came to the event to express their dismay with Congressman Moran’s support for anti-gun policies.

The event, “Preventing Another Newtown: A Conversation on Gun Violence in America,” featured five gun control speakers:
Omar Samaha – Advocate with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; family member of gun violence victim in Virginia Tech tragedy
David Chipman – ATF Special Agent (retired), advisor to Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Josh Horwitz – Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Earl Cook – Chief of Police, City of Alexandria
Jonathan Lowy – Director of the Legal Action Project, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Karen Marangi – Advisor to Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Principal, the Raben Group
“Our nation’s gun problems go far beyond these mass shootings…People are shot on a daily basis,” Moran said.

During the Q&A section portion of the townhall event, young conservative activist and gun owner Celia Bigelow confronted Moran about supporting female victimhood.

Bigelow asked, “But why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?”

She added, “Why do male politicians like to stand from their ivory towers and like to tell women how they should defend themselves…for example, why don’t you guys listen to the young rape victims in Colorado when they said that if they had a gun they could have prevented their attacker?”

Watch the full exchange below:

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Prelude to a revolution: Shumer’s gun transfer ban

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Chuck Schumer’s S. 374, the Orwellian “Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013,” has been an empty shell… until he slipped in Amendment ALB13180 (PDF) today, which shows the “teeth” of the bill.  It is an extremely aggressive attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by isolating and criminalizing extremely common behaviors among gun owners.

Doubt me?

Take a looking at a sampling of what it Sebastian notes it would outlaw:
  • If you leave home for more than 7 days and leave anyone at home, that becomes a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • if you take a friend shooting and allow him to fire your gun, that is a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • If you have a gun lost or stolen and don’t report it within 24 hours, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison.
  • If you lend a gun to someone for to try out at the range, provide a loaner for a student in training, let your son shoot a rifle you purchased while hunting, or provide a gun to a woman for self-defense, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison for each of you.
That’s just scratching the surface.

More @ Bob Owens


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Alabama Corps of Cadets Call to Battle


                                           University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa April 3, 1865

It was the twilight of the Confederacy in the spring of 1865. Federal armies were tramping throughout the southern states, burning, pillaging, and destroying anything of value, with little resistance from the remnants of the Confederate army. In late March of 1865 Union General John T. Croxton was given orders to take his cavalry force of 1500 troopers to Tuscaloosa and "destroy the bridge, factories, mills, university, and whatever else may be of benefit to the rebel cause." Three hundred young men from the Alabama Corps of Cadets ranging in ages from 15 to 20 years old were all that stood before the invading force.

At the start of the war the University of Alabama converted to a military form of governance, with it's primary duty to produce new officers for the Confederate Army. The university soon became the "West Point of the South," supplying Confederate armies with 7 generals, 25 colonels, 14 lieutenant colonels, 21 majors, 125 captains, 273 staff and other commissioned officers and 294 private soldiers.

Near midnight, as lightning illuminated the stormy skies of April 3rd, the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets James T. Murfee called to battle his remaining 300 cadets with drummers at the guard house pounding out the "long roll". Excited young cadets quickly gathered into their formations next to the guard house and Rotunda. The President of the University Landon Cabell Garland supervised the cadets on his white horse.

Once formed, the Corps of Cadets marched down University Boulevard and met the Federal Sixth Kentucky Cavalry just east of the intersection of University Boulevard and Greensboro Avenue. The Cadets formed a defensive line of battle in the street where a heavy exchange of fire ensued. But it was immediately clear that the Cadets were outmatched against the large Federal force. Bravely the Cadets held their ground until ordered to withdraw, going back to the University to gather supplies and leave Tuscaloosa heading south on the Huntsville Road. The night of April 3rd had been the Alabama Corps of Cadets last call to battle.

This painting was commissioned by the University of Alabama to commemorate the 145th anniversary of the defense of the campus by the Alabama Corps of Cadets. 

Sen. Ron Johnson on Benghazi: “The Admin Was Lying to the American Public.”



During the Benghazi trials, instead of praising Hillary Clinton Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson caused her to say the infamous words, “What difference does it make?” Sen. Johnson speaks very candidly with PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell from the West Coast David Horowitz Freedom Center event.

For the Purposes of the Government, You Are Already Engaged in “Civilian Military Activity”


As outlined below, an organization is engaged in “civilian military activity” if they meet any of the following conditions. This definition would apply to any organization that is providing or receiving instructions in the use of firearms or other weapons. Based on the lack of ammunition and firearms in this country, it appears that the government may be correct.

David DeGerolamo

18 USC § 2386 – Registration of certain organizations

(A) For the purposes of this section:

“Attorney General” means the Attorney General of the United States;
“Organization” means any group, club, league, society, committee, association, political party, or combination of individuals, whether incorporated or otherwise, but such term shall not include any corporation, association, community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes;
“Political activity” means any activity the purpose or aim of which, or one of the purposes or aims of which, is the control by force or overthrow of the Government of the United States or a political subdivision thereof, or any State or political subdivision thereof;
An organization is engaged in “civilian military activity” if:

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To the National Review Online: This Wrong Needs to be Righted!

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by Allen West (Notes) on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 9:33pm
This Chaplain (COL) served as my Battalion Chaplain when I was a Battalion Executive Officer. He has asked me to right this wrong. I want everyone to know this email was sent to me by someone I served with and completely trust, and no one should defame our warriors for an agenda. Here is the email in its entirety:

Gunslinger 5,

The National Review Online is running an article about CH (LTC) Jon Trainer implying that he received the Bronze Star for creating a PowerPoint presentation. This is false! I served with Jon Trainer in Kabul, Afghanistan and he is one of the finest men and chaplains I have ever worked with in almost 22 years. He received the Bronze Star for his cumulative meritorious service during his overall deployment to the combat zone. He did primarily produce the slide presentation per General Allen's direction to do so. For the NRO to demean his months of faithful service and paint it like this is horrible. The author, Pat Brennan, has been notified that he is conveying a misinterpretation and told Jon "thanks for your service," but this article speaks to a cause.... No apology, he's content to run with a lie to pursue his agenda. Jonah Goldberg was tweeting the same fallacy today. A woman named Debbie Schlussel wrote a horrible trash piece propagating the same lie. No one called Jon to check the facts! Is this what conservative journalism amounts to? Ironically, Jon is very conservative and a fan of NRO and the blog that now is propagating a false and slanderous depiction of him.

I write for two reasons: 1) if you know any of these folks from your time in DC, I ask you as a personal favor to ask them to retract the article. They are demeaning a true Patriot who has every right to be proud of his service to our country! 2) As a charge that now that you are more and more a voice in the media, stick to the truth. No agenda that needs lies and misinterpretations to advance is worthy. Good journalism must be true journalism. I have no reason to doubt you at all, but I bet Brennan, Schlussel and Goldberg never got into their line of work with the desire to belittle the honorable service of a veteran for their own gain. The ability to do this to someone comes along slowly cloaked in rationalization and I never want you to stoop to this. You have so much more to offer!

Thanks for reading this! I will personally appreciate any help you can offer, even if it is your prayers for a good officer and a brother in Christ!

Be Bold!
God bless,
Gunslinger Chaplain

AGP Arms

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