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Biden Administration Cannot Find 20 Million Vaccine Doses & no one is surprised. :)

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 Biden administration unaware of 20M COVID-19 vaccine doses' location

 President Joe Biden is learning firsthand how difficult former President Donald Trump’s job was over the last year as he struggles to fulfill his promise of getting a handle on the coronavirus. The Biden Administration cannot account for as many as 20 million vaccine doses that have been sent to states, according to a report from Politico.

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Inciting Violence

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 Image may contain: text

Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.

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Here it is – The Bill to Destroy Gun Ownership

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Firearms BILLS-117hr127ih

Here we have it. They are going after EVERYONE who has a gun or ammunition. They are deeply concerned about a revolution and they want to know every person who has a gun or ammunition. The object of this bill will be to identify every person who has a gun. They will be able to revoke a license and confiscate the gun under rules to be created by the Attorney General. Biden swore he would end the NRA. He was not joking. Like a diverse license, once they create this federal license, they effectively limit the Second Amendment claiming if you obey all their regulations which they can change at any time, then you have that right. But all such rights are eliminated whenever they say so.

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Comment on The Future for Whites In a Post-Trump America: ...

I don't know that it will come down to complete segregation. Us conservative minded folks have enough enemies as is with all the communist, blue haired, liberal, tranny, sodomite, satanists out there. If a black/brown/red/yellow etc person shares my beliefs then we are good to go. If they don't and we can get along for the purposes we need to then that's fine. I don't discriminate based on color. I discriminate based on actions and beliefs. I like to associate with like minded people for the most part. I think that's most folks.

It will be divided among beliefs imo. I could be wrong who knows. I can only speak for me and my family. We TRY to love everyone that deserves it. Even some that don't. If things got really out of hand we all know that people are going to group according to color most likely first, then beliefs or a combo of the two.

Outside of all that I agree with Muhammad Ali...


Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.

We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!


Many upsetting things have occurred over the last year. The natural reaction is to cast blame, or to jump to pre-mature conclusions.

We should, in the spirit of Parley, place aside our differences, place aside our biases of one another, and have a respectful conversation in order to improve our society. We shall check our baggage at the door, and start fresh with one another.

I believe everyone in the tech community, political, and others should put their differences aside to move forward together.


Over the past few weeks, Parler has been repeatedly mischaracterized and treated unjustly. But the recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family are reprehensible.

Alina, whose working-class family lived in the former Soviet Union, came to America to start her own multi-racial, interfaith family with John. To subject them to baseless accusations that their marriage is part of some twisted espionage scheme—all because she is an immigrant—is precisely the sort of “racism, nativism, fear, [and] demonization” President Biden urged us to reject in his inaugural address.

The Entire Parler Team stands behind John and Alina. Our new President called for unity: “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this, if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.” The smears against John and Alina are exactly the sort of tactics he is imploring us all to abandon. Let’s all commit to working together toward unity and healing.

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Watters World 1/30/21

Expert: Biden Actions Against American Oil, Gas Energy Production Could Kill as Many as 1 Million Jobs

Industry, unions warn of job losses as Biden freezes ...

“For the first time in 2019 in 67 years [the U.S.] became a net exporter of energy rather than a net importer. That’s a huge deal. And abandoning federal leasing heads in a different direction,” Macchiarola said.

President Joe Biden’s first days in office have sounded an alarm for those concerned about American jobs.

Frank Macchiarola, the senior vice president of policy, economics and regulatory affairs for the American Petroleum Institute, voiced his concerns in an interview Jan. 23 with Matt Boyle of “Breitbart News Saturday” on Sirius XM.

Biden wasted no time in canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, delivering on a campaign promise to kill a project that was expected to provide 11,000 direct jobs and as many as 60,000 others, according to a news release from several Republican senators.

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Tulsi Gabbard On Dangers Of Pelosi & Dems Painting Opponents As Terrorists & Taking Away Rights

Flu Cases Remain Almost Non-Existent in the U.S. This Year

TACOMA, WA - NOVEMBER 28: A nurse waits to administer flu shots during a COVID-19 testing and flu shot event at the Tacoma Dome on November 28, 2020 in Tacoma, Washington. The free event, organized by Pierce County, comes as cases continue to rise in the area following the Thanksgiving holiday. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)
  • The drop is tied to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Experts warn that flu cases could still surge.
  • Vaccination is the best protection.

During the second week in January, 23 people tested positive for the flu in the United States.

More than 14,657 tested positive for the flu during the same time last year, before the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

“It’s crazy,” Lynnette Brammer, who leads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Domestic Influenza Surveillance team, told The Washington Post. “This is my 30th flu season. I never would have expected to see flu activity this low.”

For the week ending January 16, the CDC reported low or minimal flu activity in almost every state and territory.

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Maricopa County, AZ, Board Approves ‘Full Forensic Audit’ Of Voting Equipment, Will Test ‘Hacking Vulnerability’

 PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 31: Ballots are counted by Maricopa County Elections Department staff ahead of Tuesdays election on October 31, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. Early voting lasted from October 7th through the 30th in Arizona, which had a record number of early voters. (Photo by Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved on Wednesday a “full forensic audit” of the county’s election equipment after weeks of wrangling with state legislators.

The Arizona county intends to hire independent firms to conduct two separate audits, one beginning on Feb. 2 and the other on Feb. 8, on its voting machines and other equipment. The investigators will look at the voting equipment’s “hacking vulnerability, verify that no malicious malware was installed, and test that tabulators were not sending or receiving information over the internet,” the county said in a statement.

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The Future for Whites In a Post-Trump America: Consider an Ethnostate

 Via Paul


TWO PATHS: There are therefore essentially two paths open to White Americans.The first is to do nothing, and just let things slide so that Whites become a minority in the country their ancestors founded. 

This will inevitably lead to America becoming a larger version of present-day South Africa, which contains a shrinking White minority, hated and despised because they still are the only ones who can create wealth and progress—blamed for all non-White failures to achieve, and subjected to ever increasing violent criminality as the have-nots seize what little the Whites have left.

The second option is for European political activists to finally understand that the only manner in which they can assure their survival is through a radical re-understanding of the relationship between race, political power and demographics. Whites will not survive as a minority. Survival can only be achieved by being a majority in your own geo-graphically defined region. And here is the good news—at last. 

Despite the grim-sounding demographic projections outlined earlier, Whites are only shrinking when expressed as a percentage of the entire population, and not in real numbers. In fact, there are possibly more Americans of European descent than ever before, and this fact must never be forgotten. Astute political activists must therefore take heart from this fact, learn the relationship between race and demographics, and bring this principle to practical application. This means not relying on “Trumpism” to save them—it will not—but instead to start actively working towards geographic consolidation. 

Politically conscious European-Americans will have to start actively congregating in certain areas, with the aim of being a majority and, eventually, edging towards secession as the rest of the U.S. declines into Third World status.This is the ultimate law of nature: Those who form the majority population in a territory determine the nature of the civilization in that region.There are, of course, huge stumbling blocks on this path. An aggressive far-left administration, inherently hostile mass media and other factors will make this task difficult. But, before the naysayers dismiss it as impossible, they would do well to answer the question: What else do they propose? What other choices are there? The road to European-American survival will not be easy. But it is a path which must be trod, because the alternative is endless night.

This Is the Most Sweeping and Audacious Assault on Civil Liberties in American History

 Via  Average Joe via Bob 


Here’s the really interesting thing: they seem much more afraid now that Donald Trump has left office. With Donald Trump gone, they sense that a period of actual populism has begun, real populism, and they may be right.

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Black Lives Matter Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize: Not a Parody

The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In his nomination statement, Norwegian Member of Parliament Petter Eide writes, “I find that one of the key challenges we have seen in America, but also in Europe and Asia, is the kind of increasing conflict based on inequality. Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice. They have had a tremendous achievement in raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice.”

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Face facts: 'Black Lives Matter' is all about hate

Black Lives Matter Was Violent From The Start, And Media ...

Team Candace Owens: Big Tech Censorship


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Steve Bannon: What’s happening in Wyoming & what’s happening on Wall Street have a lot in common.

Letter from Gardner’s Corner, South Carolina

Col. Joseph Newton Brown led the Fourteenth South Carolina Volunteers in the Gregg-McGowan Brigade at Gettysburg, and later at Spotsylvania. At Gettysburg’s Seminary battle his regiment lost heavily from enemy artillery, losing over 200 in killed and wounded out of 475 carried into action.  After the war Col. Brown became Anderson, South Carolina’s first millionaire, who built an imposing home on three acres of land on North Main Street in 1890. It was demolished in August, 1953.

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"Stop It! We are now a communist nation."

Dictators have reemerged as the greatest threat to the liberal democratic  world - The Washington Post

It’s time to stop. People who criticize Q for being a method of quelling the masses offer little difference when they speak of keeping oaths and defending the republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. 

None of it is happening.

The most logical and rational meme is that “no one is coming to save you.” Also, no one is going to save the republic. There are a lot of reasons for this, good, logical reasons. One is that the chances of a patriot surviving the first conversation with a federal agent are slim and none. Who knows who they are, they have infiltrated every situation. Suddenly, the patriot is carted off for conspiracy of something. So, there is no one to trust.

The reason for this is that the war has been raging for decades. The enemy is inside the lines. In fact, they are the lines. Those who hate America as founded and hate those who adhere to the founding are using the prison system as POW camps. No one has tried to stop these agencies from doing what they do. The truth is, they won. The declaration by the DHS that identified Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” (up to 80 million people) proves that they won. All without our side having to exhibit heroism.

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An Increasingly Fragile Empire

 Via Bob


Our creaky, late-stage American empire is looking fragile. Texas is talking secession. Wyoming is paying close attention.

Everything looks brittle. Perhaps things will break. William S. Lind has been telling everyone who will listen that a legitimacy crisis is looming.

One would hope our ruling elites were prudent enough to lower tensions right about now. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi and “the enemy within” could retire to a secret chandeliered hideaway for a pleasant game of whist.

That is not happening. The Washington swamp is seething with anger and malice. Word has gone out that deplorables must not only be punished as domestic terrorists, but publicly humiliated. No tweet is too small to become a federal crime as needed.

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Pelosi Bought $1 Million In Tesla Stock Days Before The Biden Administration Released Plans On Buying 645,000 Electric Vehicles


This is just another case of politicians doing what they know best.

Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought $1 million worth of Tesla shares just days before the Biden administration released plans that they would replace current government-owned vehicles with an all-new electric vehicle fleet.

This has raised several eyebrows and has many people thinking Pelosi was given some inside knowledge of Biden’s plan.

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Comment on Sidney Powell: “President Trump Had 80 Million Voters


Trump Team’s Peter Navarro Drops Third Major Report

 Sidney Powell: “President Trump Had 80 Million Voters


If you think Mrs Powell is blowing smoke, you can do the math yourself.

In '19, the voting age population in this country was 255 million (rounded).

The rule of thumb is only about half are registered to vote, but you can use the Census figure of 60% and it still works.

Turnout was about 2/3, as it usually is.

Assume all the votes Trump got are honest. Reasonable since everybody figured he'd win. If you want to assume he got more, there is evidence to support it, but we don't need it here.

That math gives us a pool of between 86 to 100 million votes cast in toto.

With those figures, the lying dog-faced pony soldier and the Ho got between 12 million and 26 million votes (no wonder they stuffed the ballot boxes). It also means Lin Wood's statement Trump may have taken 49 states and other estimates that he won CA may be a lot closer to the truth than we might have imagined otherwise.

To accept what the Left says, that the doofus from Dover got 80 million votes, you'd need a pool of 154 million votes. That means you'd either have to have 100% turnout (even the Demos concede that didn't happen) or a pool of 201 million registered voters, which means there are either 400 million people in this country or a lot of grade school kids voted.

State GOP parties standing with Trump

 Viewpoint: We Need an Investigation of Hatch Act Crimes at the Republican  National Convention - Government Executive

Many state and county Republican Party committees across the country are showing their loyalty to former President Trump. In swing states and GOP bastions, state and local Republican committees are stocked with Trump supporters who remain loyal. Trump critics have been pushed out or marginalized. 

Party committees from Washington state to South Carolina have moved to punish many of the 10 House Republicans who joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and voted to impeach Trump. On Saturday, the South Carolina GOP will decide whether to censure Republican Rep. Tom Rice for his vote to impeach the former president. It's a move meant to scar the five-term congressman for what many of his constituents considered a betrayal, said GOP chairwoman Dreama Perdue in Rice's home Horry County.

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The 'After Trump' era begins

Via John

Facebook suspends President Trump's access to his account for at least 2  more weeks

The new AT age – “After Trump” – began on either Election Day, Nov. 3, or on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. But either way, reality as we had known it for four years has been abruptly reinvented.

Pfizer had hinted that a vaccine could be ready in late October. Then, mysteriously, it wasn’t. Then, stranger still, it appeared – a few days after Election Day.

Suddenly, after Joe Biden’s inauguration, Illinois, Michigan and other blue states eased some of their lockdown restrictions to get their economies back on track despite little change in COVID-19 rates.

During the Trump Age, the president was supposedly responsible for every death from COVID-19. Now, the media reports that career scientists and health administrators in the federal government, especially at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were largely to blame for past slow testing, and were tardy and lax in apprising the nation of the infectious threat.

Coincidentally, after weeks of disastrous state incompetence in getting residents vaccinated, Amazon has told the new administration that it will lend its infrastructure and organization to speed up vaccinations. If Amazon could announce that in late January, why not weeks earlier?

Speaking of Amazon, it is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. Amazon says it’s worried about fraud. Yet Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which ridiculed those who were concerned about massive mail-in voting in the 2020 election.

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Sidney Powell: “President Trump Had 80 Million Votes And Biden Had Less Than That” Expert Mathematician Says “Impossible” For Biden Numbers To Occur Naturally, Steal Proven!

Sidney Powell: “President Trump Had 80 Million Votes And Biden Had Less Than That”


Biden to Debate Wearing Brain Implant, 'Super Bazooka' Arms

Every once in awhile, Barack Hussein Obama told the truth, and he once told an interviewer that he wouldn't mind running things behind a straw-man president.  "President" Joe Biden is a potato head, a man who is obviously suffering from some form of Dementia. 

I initially believed the true intention behind stealing the election was to get Biden fraudulently elected and then the Democrat-controlled Congress would use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden and that would allow Vice President Kamala Harris to take the presidency.  That theory would certainly support the concerns that the intention was to overthrow the United States Government to a Communist model, because Harris is a solid Communist.
But based on the violent response of Antifa against the Democrat Headquarters in Portland, Oregon after Biden was elected and not immediately removed, it appears Antifa and BLM  were also sold that outcome.  That hasn't happened and it doesn't appear to be on the horizon either.  There is no push by the Democrats to remove Biden, and that has apparently infuriated the leaders of those Domestic Terrorist groups that have been rioting and burning our cities.  So what is going on?
The former president who was the most prolific at issuing constitutionally unsound Executive Orders (EOs) was Barack Hussein Obama, and since Biden was "elected", Biden has somehow had the mental resources to issue over 40 EOs since just over one month into his "presidency".  Obama liked EOs because he could issue and enforce them until the issue was finally heard and ruled upon by what we now know is a hopelessly corrupt U.S. Supreme Court.  That takes a lot of money in legal fees by those opposing the EOs Obama and now Biden has embraced, and that cost has an inhibiting effect when such EOs are blasted out of a White House in a shotgun manner.  Most observers are convinced Biden doesn't have the mental capability to write those EOs, so they are also convinced Biden never wrote them himself.  They are being prepared for Biden, and like the good little straw-man president he is, whoever is actually running things simply sticks them under Biden's nose and tells him to sign them.  I have come to believe the hidden hand behind Joe Biden is former President Barack Hussein Obama.
The incredible organization behind the stolen election in November of 2020 took a great deal of time, planning and money.  I believe its genesis began the moment President Trump was sworn into office, and it had to be.  All the moves and counter moves had been anticipated by the conspirators.  Corrupt judges set up to refuse to hear the evidence of election fraud had to be pre-positioned all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, a court whose Chief Justice John Roberts is strongly suspected of being blackmailed by none other than Barack Hussein Obama for private sexual activities that Roberts is terrified might be publicly revealed.  There is evidence Roberts had a relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein and that Roberts had visited Epstein's Lolita Island.  If true, we know Epstein videotaped the sexual encounters in his bedrooms on Lolita Island, particularly of those individuals in positions of power.  It was Roberts who dominated the argument against hearing the election fraud Texas lawsuit for alleged lack of standing when it was clear to every honest legal scholar that the Texas lawsuit had solid standing.  President Trump had joined that Texas Lawsuit, and if anyone had standing it was President Trump.
We know that, unlike all the presidents before him, Obama stayed active in the political theater, often publicly opposing and criticizing the decisions made by President Trump.  Most former presidents go quietly into retirement, but Obama, who had served two terms and could not run for president again, seemed to be campaigning to be president all over again.  Based on the circumstantial evidence, behavioral evidence and the content of the EOs issued since Biden was sworn in, I have come to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama is in fact making all the decisions for Biden from behind the curtain.  In at least one of his homes, Obama installed a specially constructed room that prevented eavesdropping.  It was constructed no differently than rooms inside the White House used for intelligence briefings involving discussions of top secret national security matters.  I believe the plot hatched to steal the November election was orchestrated in Obama's special room.


Video: Romney Says That For ‘National Unity,’ Republicans Must Publicly Say Biden Won Legitimately

 MITT ROMNEY TO BUY HOSTESS. - Democratic Underground

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) during an online forum presented by the Economic Club of Chicago on Tuesday said Republicans must publicly announce President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election legitimately to achieve national unity.

Romney said, “There is no question that the nation is divided now, and there is a lot of anger. To the people on my side who say an impeachment trial is going to inflame passions more. I say, first of all, have you gone out publicly and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States? If you said that, then I’m happy to listen to you talk about other things that might inflame anger and divisiveness.” 

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Missouri Gun Store Announces New Policy: No Guns, Ammo for Biden Supporters



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Orwell's final warning - Picture of the future

Franklin Graham accused of helping incite Capitol rioters (Not a parody)

Via Billy


Enraged leftists blast Christian leader for statement he believes Trump

An activist group accusing former President Trump, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and evangelist Franklin Graham of "inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol" is urging board members of the two ministries Graham leads to fire him.

Board members of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – for which Graham serves as president and CEO – are the targets of a petition drive by the group, Faithful America.

Faithful America is described by D. James Kennedy Ministries as "a left-wing group" founded by the National Council of Churches and funded in the past by George Soros.

FA also has launched a campaign to prevent anyone from publishing Hawley's new book.

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Is White House Creating a Firing Squad Lawn? US Army Old Guard Role? Regimental Order?

 Via G.W. Long

I am informed that firing squads are very much on the agenda for January and February.  The below graphic shows how firing squads could be used on the White House lawn, with kneeling traitors and the firing squad shooting down into the grass. There is no need to set up a wall. There are those that want the firing squads at Guantanamo, but I personally think they need to be right here in DC, on the White House lawn.  First up, subject to Military Tribunal process and judgement: the Governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan,  Georgia, and Wisconsin followed by the Governors of California and New York. The Old Guard (photos and links below) is the logical provider of the entire spectrum of capabilities needed to do national-level firing squad executions for treason. This is my personal view and does not reflect any privileged access to WH, DoD, Army, or TOG plans and intentions.

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The Bad Theology of America’s “Original Sin”


Slavery, we are repeatedly told, is America’s “original sin.”  But unlike the effects of Biblical original sin, there is no possible atonement.  The Left and its racial Grievance Factory will never let original sin be blotted out or separated from American politics.  In the words of Yale historian David Blight, there exists a “the living residue” connected to African slavery that is “ever-present yet ever-changing in our world.”[1] 

According to research by Heartland Institute scholar Duke Pesta, students entering American colleges “are convinced that slavery was an American problem that more or less ended with the Civil War, and they are very fuzzy about the history of slavery prior to the Colonial era. Their entire education about slavery was confined to America.”[2] 

More @ The Abbeville Institute

Report: 'Climate Czar' Kerry Still Owns Private Jet... ...Warns: 'We Have 9 Years Left'


Report: 'Climate Czar' Kerry Still Owns Private Jet...

...Warns: 'We Have 9 Years Left'

Kerry to oil and gas workers: Let them make solar panels!


This prompts a tough question: Is “make solar panels” the new “learn to code,” or the new “let them eat cake”? The correct answer is … yes. When confronted with the obvious job-killing outcomes in the American energy sector of Joe Biden’s new energy and climate-change policies, new “climate czar” John Kerry intoned that those workers will have to make “better choices” in the future.

More @ Hot Air

Lysander Spooner's No Treason: The Georgia SCV's 10 Law Suits Defending Confederate Monuments and the First Amendment

Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) was a "Champion of Liberty, a lawyer, abolitionist, entrepreneur, legal theorist and scholar" according to the plaque on his birthplace in Athol, Massachusetts. He's known for setting up a post office to compete with the government but it was shut down. He is author of a number of famous works including No Treason., and The Unconstitutionality of Slavery. He is still influential in libertarian circles and was cited in two United States Supreme Court Cases recently. Justice Antonin Scalia cited him in District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down Washington, DC's ban on handguns in 2008. Justice Clarence Thomas cited him in McDonald v. Chicago, a 2009 firearms case.

More @ Charleston Athenaeum

Milking the Capitol Melee for All It’s Worth

Via Billy     

Not surprisingly, leftists are milking the January 6 Capitol melee for all its worth. There is a simple reason for that: they wish to use it to introduce a new wave of domestic tyranny into America, just as Republicans did after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start referring to the melee as simply 1/6.

That’s why they continue to describe the melee as an insurrection, revolution, rebellion, sedition, terrorism, invasion, and a grave attempt to destroy our democratic system and overthrow the government. It’s clear, according to leftists, that the intent of the “invaders” was to take control over the reins of the federal government and make Donald Trump king. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they determine that Russia was behind the “invasion.”

More @ LRC

Rt COVID-19 By State

 Via 4Branch

COVID-19: The Straight Facts - 

Below are up-to-date values for Rt, a key measure of how fast the virus is growing. It’s the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

More @ RT Live

Louise Allen House and Smiley Cottage Warrenton, NC $35K, 2,992 Square Feet Requires Complete Rehabilitation

 Louise Allen House and Smiley Cottage


Architectural and Historical Information Preservation

The Louise Allen House is a lovely, large home built in the 1840s in the Greek Revival style and later refashioned in the Colonial Revival style, which was highly popular in the early 1900s. When the house was redesigned in the 1920s, a brick veneer was applied and additions were made including a warm, south-facing enclosed sunroom. The interior of the home retains several elements of the 19th century, including some elegant neoclassical mantles by noted Warrenton builder Jacob Holt and prominent Greek Revival woodwork. The interior also includes a graceful double staircase with delicate turned balusters, which was added in the 1920s.                          

More @ Preservation NC

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Request from Hedge: Not a Naked Lady but pleasing nevertheless

Telegram surpassed 500 million active users.

French terror investigators grapple with Telegram app –

In the past 72 hours alone, more than 25 million new users from around the world joined Telegram.

Thank you! These milestones were made possible by users like you who invite their friends to Telegram.

If you have contacts that joined in the last few days, you can welcome them using one of Telegram’s unique features, such as an animated sticker or a video message.

To find out more about Telegram features, have a look HERE

Saigon 1969-70 by Brad

 Flickriver: Photoset 'Saigon 1969-70 by Brad' by manhhai

 Old photos of Vietnam and cheese: two things you can never too much of.

We've featured numerous images of Saigon from the 1960s and 1970s before, but there are always more angles and sights to explore. This set, curated by Flickr Jedi manhhai, includes film photos from an author who's only known by his first name Brad.

Our man Brad may not be the best photographer to ever grace this website, but he caught plenty of interesting tidbits of daily life, from crowds exiting a movie theater and people hanging out at a TV shop to residents riding a bus and all kinds of transportation.

Judging by the captions, Brad was likely in the Australian military, as a number of photos were taken from the Canberra Bachelors and Enlisted Men's Quarters (BEQ) on what is now Chau Van Liem Street in District 5.

Take a ride around Saigon of 1969 and 1970 through Brad's lens:

More @ Flickr/Saigoneer

Rock ‘n Roll has a Southern Accent


Rock ‘n Roll may be the most significant cultural export in American history.  There is no doubt that American culture, for good and bad, has had an enormous impact on global culture, and Rock ‘n Roll is one of our most iconic contributions.  Around the world, people don’t hear Rock ‘n Roll and think of Switzerland or Brazil or Thailand.  Rock ‘n Roll is purely American, and by that, I mean Rock ‘n Roll is purely Southern.  It even has a Southern accent.

More @ The Abbeville Institute

Democracy and Liberty

 Circa 1865

 George Fitzhugh, a Virginian born in 1806, never progressed in formal education “beyond the old field school” and his learning in the law was picked up on his own. His real education came from independent and wide reading, including what he described as “whole files of infidel and abolition papers” such as the New York Tribune and Liberator. In the early 1850s he wrote that “Liberty and equality are new things under the sun,” that France and the Northern States had proved the experiment was “self-destructive and impracticable.” He saw “half of mankind [as] but grown up children” and it was apparent that “liberty is as fatal to them as it would be to children.”

Democracy and Liberty

“Democracy and liberty are antagonistic; for liberty permits and encourages the weak to oppress the strong, whilst democracy proposes, so far as possible, to equalize advantages, by fairly dividing the burdens of life and rigidly enforcing the performance of every social duty by every member of society, according to his capacity and ability.” George Fitzhugh

(Cannibals All! Or, Slaves Without Masters, George Fitzhugh, Harvard University Press, 1960, excerpt, pg. 82)

Santa Claus Busted in Vietnam Drinking Beer. :)

Via Nguyễn Ánh Nhung


Strong majority supports the idea of a state "seceding" from U.S. (POLL) (83%)

 Via Red Pill Jew


Most people support a state "seceding" from the U.S. whether the action is peaceful and legal-- or not.

That's according to the latest unscientific poll of about 1,700 people at

In all, a combined 83% support secession. But 15% of that group said "only if peaceful and/or legal." Sixty-eight percent (68%) offer no such qualification.

Thirteen percent (13%) do not support a secession.

Read the full results below. Meantime, be sure and vote in our latest poll at on the home page. Look for the black box in the right sidebar or scroll way down on the mobile site!

More @ Sharyl Attkisson

Emperor Joe Breaks Promise Not to Ban Fracking Leases on Federal Lands... ...Former CBP Commissioner: Joe Kills 5K Construction Jobs by Canceling Border Wall

 Crews construct a section of border wall in San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020, in Douglas, Ariz. Construction of the border wall, mostly in government owned wildlife refuges and Indigenous territory, has led to environmental damage and the scarring of unique desert and mountain landscapes that conservationists …

Emperor Joe Cancels More Jobs: Breaks Promise Not to Ban Fracking Leases on Federal Lands...

...Former CBP Commissioner: Joe Kills 5K Construction Jobs by Canceling Border Wall

Gingrich: Voters will judge Dems for 'radical' impeachment push

 Dems bring impeachment article

A former Speaker of the House who witnessed Bill Clinton’s impeachment turn against Republicans says Democrats are revealing how much they hate Donald Trump and hate his supporters by moving forward with impeaching the now-former president.

Democrats in the House formally delivered one article of impeachment (pictured at left) against Donald Trump Monday, and the very next day Democrats and a handful of Republicans in the Senate defeated a procedural vote that attempted to halt the impeachment trial scheduled for Feb. 8.

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Warning: Biden set to topple Trump's hard-fought wall of protection



 Cartoon of the Day

The retired INS official considers it incomprehensible that the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of America's armed forces would not want to keep America and Americans safe.

"Contrary to the lies of the open-borders immigration anarchists, immigration laws make absolutely no distinction about superficial characteristics, race, religion or ethnicity," he notes.

A former federal immigration agent is warning that policies being set in motion by the Biden administration will open the door for an enormous influx of immigrants that could harm the country in ways that are incomprehensible.

On Fox News this week, Chad Wolf – the former acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security – challenged the lawfulness of President Joe Biden's executive actions on U.S. immigration policy. Wolf argued the policies are unlawful and a threat to border security.

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The Domestic Terrorism Act Boils Down to State Prosecution of White People for False Sedition

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 10 Interesting the First Crusade Facts - My Interesting Facts

This bill will be used to set up a witch-hunt for mainly white people in America, mostly white males. Half the country will be considered guilty. It will be used to destroy businesses, steal property, incarcerate those that oppose the state narrative, separate families, to censor speech at every turn, and even murder.

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”

~ Baron de Montesquieu

A very horrendous bill was introduced recently in Congress called the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021.” The irony of this bill title is that it is not about preventing terrorism; it is about legalizing terrorism by the state against the citizenry. It would be more appropriately titled the U.S. Government Terrorism Authorization Act of 2021.

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Rand Paul’s Cage Match With George Stephanopoulos Is A Pattern Everyone On The Right Should Follow

 Rand Paul’s Cage Match With George Stephanopoulos Is A Pattern Everyone On The Right Should Follow

Every single Republican lawmaker and figurehead should be required to watch the Rand Paul clip as a clinic for how to take on the left-wing media.

Rand Paul’s patience ran out this week when he made an appearance on ABC with George Stephanopoulos and the latter exchanged journalistic inquiry for partisan hackery. The ensuing fight, however, was a case study in what the media has become and how all conservatives who hit the airwaves ought to take them on.

Rather than pose legitimate questions to the Kentucky senator, Stephanopoulos, who made his money as a Clinton-era Democratic operative before jumping over to the world of “objective journalism,” assumed one of the corporate media’s favorite stances. Let’s call it “media antagonism.”

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In a Paranoid Nation, "Treason" Is Everywhere

                                              DC green zone

In a free society, peaceful citizens deserve the legal benefit of the doubt. In an age where government agents have endlessly intruded onto people’s land and into their emails, citizens should not be scourged for transgressing unknown or unmarked federal boundaries. There are enough real criminals in this nation that federal prosecutors don’t need to seek publicity by destroying people who may have unknowingly illicitly violated politicians’ sacred turf.

FBI agents across the nation are tracking down and arresting Trump supporters who walked into the US Capitol during the January 6 protest that turned into a brawl. Scores of protestors have already been charged with unlawful entry—“knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority.” The media is treating this as a heinous and self-evident offense, but my own experience at Washington protests makes me wary of treating transgressions as treason.

I roamed downtown Washington on the day before the inauguration. The city was a ghost town, and most of the stores were either boarded up or out of business. More than a dozen subway stops were barricaded shut to prevent any guys wearing furry hats with horns from suddenly appearing from underground to strike terror into the hearts of the media.

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Tulsi Gabbard Warns Brennan, Schiff, Big Tech Oligarchs Greater Threat to U.S. Than Capitol Rioters

 Watch: Tulsi Gabbard Warns Brennan, Schiff, Big Tech Oligarchs Greater Threat to U.S. Than Capitol Rioters

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) claimed Tuesday that former CIA Director John O. Brennan, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and the oligarchs of Silicon Valley pose an even greater threat to American liberty than the rioters who stormed the Capitol earlier this month.

“The mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 to try to stop Congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities were behaving like domestic enemies of our country,” Gabbard said in a video to Twitter.

“But let’s be clear, the John Brennans, Adam Schiffs, and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our country into a police state with KGB-style surveillance are also domestic enemies, and much more powerful, and therefore dangerous, than the mob that stormed the Capitol,” Gabbard continued.

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Video: Conservative Journalist Flees US Amid Constant Antifa Death Threats

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo has fled the United States amid a constant barrage of Antifa death threats.

In an interview with Sky News about his upcoming new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” Ngo explained to his hosts that “for an number of months now there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me.”

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


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I read your thread on the Biden tax, a magazine & semi-auto firearm proposal. Many commenters think they’ll just ignore it and the IRS won’t find them.

However, I believe we’ve all heard at one time or another of the IRS “Report a Tax-Evader and get a Reward” program.

 Firearm owners should consider this if they have relatives, acquaintances neighbors who are Liberals

1-     Submission of Information for Award under IRS-7623 (a) or (b)

2-    All whistleblower claims must be submitted under penalty of perjury.

3-    Individuals must submit information on Form 211 PDF, application for Award for Original Information.

In addition the FBI has in their computer system a file on gun purchases. Any legal firearm purchase has to go through a licensed dealer and an ATF form-3310.4/ 1140-0020 (Firearms Transition Record) filled out and filed after an FBI background check is made and the purchase approved.

BINGO: The ATF, FBI and IRS share Information!

CWT Presents - Michael C. Hardy - North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg

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Rand Paul Highlights Democrat "Incitement" in Speech Against Impeachment Trial

America has an Abraham Lincoln problem


Last year we launched one of our latest efforts to educate the general population about the Southern tradition. These short videos have been designed to grab public attention and promote our mission in less than ten minutes. To date we have produced three, with the most recent being a punchy effort by Professor Tom DiLorenzo on "The Abraham Lincoln Problem.

If you missed the previous two, check our Phil Leigh on "The Real Reason for Confederate Monuments" and Brion McClanahan on "The Gettysburg Address."

We also started offering Zoom Conferences in December and will continue to do so throughout 2021. Our first conference, "Was the War About Slavery," is now available on demand at our Abbeville Academy. If you cannot attend future live Zoom Conferences, have no fear. They will also be available on demand at the Abbeville Academy.

This one-two punch is why we hope you support our efforts to explore what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition. Click the link below to help us in our cause.


Donald Livingston, President, Abbeville Institute

Trump's Impeachment DOA in Senate


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) got 45 Republicans to side with him and vote on Tuesday that the second impeachment trial against former President Trump is unconstitutional. The motion was voted down 55-45, meaning the trial will proceed. But, as Sen. Paul notes, 45 senators will be more than enough to acquit Trump, meaning that this trial is “dead on arrival.”

Notably, Sen. Mitch McConnell, who publicly criticized Trump for “provoking” the mob that went to the Capitol, voted in favor of Sen. Paul’s point of order.

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Breitbart Business Digest




Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to push ahead with his left-wing economic agenda. Democrats on Tuesday reintroduced the Raise the Wage Act, a bill that would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. That will squeeze less productive and younger workers out of the labor market, eliminating summer jobs for teenagers and making it harder for people re-entering the labor market to find work — not what anyone would recommend as the economy is still staggering from the pandemic. It would be far better to raise wages at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder by reducing immigration and raising tariffs, moves that would tighten the labor market.

Not going anywhere: Trump announces ‘Office of the Former President’

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 Not going anywhere: Trump announces 'Office of the Former ...

 Like a thorn in the side of his antagonists, Donald Trump just made it clear that he will not be going away anytime soon.

With Senate Democrats about to launch another kangaroo court to impeach a private citizen from an office he no longer holds, Trump announced the establishment of the “Office of the Former President.”

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Permanently Banned from Twitter


He is also facing potential litigation from Dominion Voting Systems for claiming that their voting machines played a role in alleged election fraud, the Associated Press reports. 

But, upon hearing of the threat, Lindell told the New York Times: “I would really welcome them to sue me because I have all the evidence against them.”


Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives is quite literally a game of follow the leader, or a severe case of the domino effect. One by one, platforms started flagging tweets, then temporarily suspending accounts then simply removing users for good. It started out with Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, then the idea spread like wildfire, conservatives taking the heat – or the boot.]

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Watch: Richard Grenell: Susan Rice Calling the Shots in the Biden Administration

Giuliani Fires Back At Dominion Voting Systems After They Sue Him For $1.3 Billion

It looks like Dominion Voting Systems’ plan to sue Rudy Giuliani might end up backfiring on them.

Dominion Voting Systems recently filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Well, Giuliani firedback at Dominion and was quoted saying “Dominion’s defamation lawsuit for $1.3B will allow me to investigate their history, finances, and practices fully and completely”.

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