Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Strong majority supports the idea of a state "seceding" from U.S. (POLL) (83%)

 Via Red Pill Jew


Most people support a state "seceding" from the U.S. whether the action is peaceful and legal-- or not.

That's according to the latest unscientific poll of about 1,700 people at

In all, a combined 83% support secession. But 15% of that group said "only if peaceful and/or legal." Sixty-eight percent (68%) offer no such qualification.

Thirteen percent (13%) do not support a secession.

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  1. Peaceful secession is not and never has been an option. The people in power would rather rule over a pile of debris than live in a functional society that they don't control. They will burn it all down trying to keep Texas or any other states from slipping out from under their thumb before they relinquish control over anything.

    1. Thanks and there was a comment mentioning such but don't remember which post/comment.

  2. Secession is a principle of the American Revolution, a right of "free and independent States". The Federal Government is a creation and agent of the free States and was given NO delegated power to prevent a State or States from leaving the Union. The words of the 10th Amendment are clear that without delegated power, the federal government may LAWFULLY DO NOTHING! That it violates that and the Bill of Rights is very good reason to secede. God Bless the Republic--Long Live the Revolution. --Ron W

    1. God Bless the Republic--Long Live the Revolution

      & the second one better be the charm. :)