Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Far You Have Fallen, Hussein

Barack Obama Heckled In Manhattan
"With Obama’s sliding poll numbers and growing voter rejection of DC’s wars, amnesty schemes, and socialized medicine, some heckling is expected.

But in Manhattan? At a Democratic function? And not just any Democratic function, but at a fundraiser. Wow. Seems like only yesterday, Obama was blazing new trails in fundraising.

Now it looks like this presidency has the shelf life of live bait."

Another DISCLOSE Alert

Protect Free Speech: Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on the DISCLOSE Act

Act immediately to phone and email your senators in opposition to the DISCLOSE Act. A vote in the Senate is scheduled for tomorrow, September 23.

Back on June 24, the House passed the DISCLOSE Act, H.R. 5175, by 219-206. In July the Senate failed to pass this bill and it was considered dead until after the November 2 elections, but now suddenly this week the bill has been revived for partisan political reasons by the Democrats and is scheduled for a vote tomorrow, September 23.

Do you remember how President Obama called out the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address back in January? He was referring to the Court’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that unexpectedly upheld the Constitution and free speech by ruling that corporations, unions, and nonprofit organizations are permitted to make campaign contributions under the First Amendment. After chastising the Supreme Court, Obama urged “Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps correct this.”

The DISCLOSE Act is the bill that President Obama was asking for in his State of the Union address. It is a direct attack on the free speech rights of corporations and organizations, even online bloggers, during campaigns.

See Raven Clabough's TNA article from July 29, 2010, “DISCLOSE Act Stalled by GOP Filibuster," for further information about the DISCLOSE Act.

Phone and email your senators in strong opposition to this unconstitutional regulatory scheme known as the DISCLOSE Act.


Your friends at The John Birch Society

Tarboro's History Days

On Saturday September 25th from 9 am until around 3 pm, Tarboro’s History Day event at the Blount-Bridgers House, will host a visit from Civil War reenactors the Edenton Bell Battery (artillery), and General Johnston will be here as well. The 11th NC Regiment will be on the grounds as well portraying the Edgecombe Guards and Eric Russ will give informal talks about the Battle of Bethel Church. Author David Norris will talk about his book, Potter’s Raid at 11 am and at 2 pm in the main parlor of the Blount-Bridgers House. An historic exhibit in the gallery features the East Carolina Railway (1899-1954) memorabilia and artifacts on loan from Farmville collector Bob Newton. At 3 pm, the town’s 250th birthday jamboree begins on the Town Common. Visit for other details.

Constitution Day TEA Party Event Excludes Constitution Party Candidate

"This is an outrage! There has long been a debate about whether the TEA Party movement is really an independent non-partisan affair or if it is simply an adjunct of the Republican Party. This is a complicated matter due to the spontaneous and decentralize nature of the phenomenon. In some communities it is more the former, and in some it is more the latter." The rest.

Medicare Czar Flees 'Rationing' Query

I. After Donald Berwick's controversial recess appointment to head the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), his allies claimed that he was preparing a "point-by-point" rebuttal to his critics. Berwick does have a lot of explaining to do, after all. Check out the video.

II. Top 10 Failures of ObamaCare After Six Months.

GOA Alert

Senate Scheduled to Vote on anti-Free Speech Bill
-- DISCLOSE Act Vote Set For Thursday

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV) is giving voters yet another reason why he must be defeated in November.

Preparing for heavy losses in the general election, anti-gun Democrat leaders like Reid and Charles Schumer (D-NY) appear to be readying for a vote on the so-called DISCLOSE Act, possibly this week.

While Reid has not yet officially taken the necessary steps to move the bill, his communications director sent out this Tweet on Tuesday: "We're debating DISCLOSE Act tomorrow [Wednesday] w/ vote Thursday."

You may recall that the DISCLOSE Act, which passed the House in June, died in the Senate in July after an intense lobbying effort by Gun Owners of America and other groups.

The bill, sponsored by Schumer, puts severe and unconstitutional limits on GOA's ability to hold individual congressmen accountable in the weeks leading up to an election.

Instead of protecting the most important type of speech protected by the First Amendment -- political speech -- this bill would force groups like GOA to "disclose" the names of donors in certain political advertisements.

Since Gun Owners of America is not willing to disclose its membership lists to the Federal Election Commission, we could be prohibited from running radio or TV ads exposing a federal candidate's voting record within 60 days of a general election.

This is just another attempt by pathetic, anti-gun politicians to save their jobs before the political earthquake in November strikes.

And, as has been the case so often over the past two years, Reid, Schumer and Co. are using the rules of the Senate to bring the bill directly to the floor. There have been no committee hearings to debate the merits of the bill, thus the American people have no opportunity to see just how egregiously DISCLOSE violates the Constitution.

While the bill does contain a controversial provision to exempt the National Rifle Association, GOA remains adamantly opposed to it on constitutional grounds.

Please urge your Senators to protect ALL of the Bill of Rights. Remind them that your ability to protect the Second Amendment relies on the safeguards of the First Amendment.

ACTION: Please contact your Senators and urge them to oppose the DISCLOSE Act. You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send your Senators the pre-written e-mail message below.

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Senator:

I stand with Gun Owners of America in opposing Senator Schumer's so-called DISCLOSE Act.

This bill was defeated once in the Senate, but now anti-gun Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to bring it back to the floor for another vote.

The DISCLOSE Act is just another attempt by politicians to cling to their jobs by silencing groups like Gun Owners of America.

And, as has been the case so often over the past two years, Reid, Schumer and Co. are using the rules of the Senate to bring the bill directly to the floor. There have been no committee hearings to debate the merits of the bill, thus the American people have no opportunity to see just how the ironically named DISCLOSE Act violates the Constitution.

Gun Owners of America represents the views of hundreds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters. Any bill that squelched the free speech rights of groups like GOA is also an attack on my rights.

Please vote NO on Sen. Schumer's DISCLOSE Act.


Tea Party, NRA and GOP To Gain 623 State Level Seats In November

"Our analysis of state polling and news reports from columnists in all 50 states who are state legislative experts; have us making the following prediction: 623 state house and senate seats will change hands to a coalition of Republicans, Tea Party supporters and NRA grassroots activists."

Gun Ownership Rises To All-Time High, Violent Crime Falls To 35-Year Low

Coinciding with a surge in gun purchases that began shortly before the 2008 elections, violent crime decreased six percent between 2008 and 2009, including an eight percent decrease in murder and a nine percent decrease in robbery.1 Since 1991, when violent crime peaked, it has decreased 43 percent to a 35-year low. Murder has fallen 49 percent to a 45-year low.2 At the same time, the number of guns that Americans own has risen by about 90 million. Predictions by gun control supporters, that increasing the number of guns, particularly handguns and so-called “assault weapons,” would cause crime to increase, have been proven profoundly lacking in clairvoyance.4 Good chart and more HERE.

Via Richard, SWR

There Is Mourning In America

In 1984, the Reagan reelection campaign set the standard for modern political advertising with its fabled "Morning in America" series, which included one of the greatest political ads of all time -- "Better, Prouder, Stronger." The ad captured the zeitgeist -- America under President Reagan was coming back, full of optimism and confidence in the future.

Today, the zeitgeist is exactly the opposite. Americans are worried about their future, and about a government determined to implement policies that just don't work. But like its predecessor, "Mourning in America" offers a new hope -- if we can just get our government to return to time-tested policies that can spark a rebirth of liberty.
See the excellent one minute video HERE.

The Five Most Annoying Republicans In The World

2. Sen. Lindsey Graham. He's never met a liberal issue he couldn't embrace if given enough press coverage. Unlike the rest of the folks on this list, he's truly disingenuous -- Graham pretends to be a conservative when grilling Elena Kagan, then votes for her confirmation; he pretends to care about the tea party, but bashes it as "unsustainable." Here's what's unsustainable: Graham's career. Sooner or later, the voters of South Carolina will figure out that he's a used car salesman.