Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deputy Appreciates Gestures Of Kindness

"In these days that people think caring about their neighbors may have died, I want to let people know there are some who still care." More HERE.

Princeville: The Oldest Black Incorporated......'s mayor owes $272,862.41 in back taxes. The story HERE.

Morri$ Dee$' Poverty Palace

Poverty Palace, indeed HERE.

44% Of South Carolina Republicans Have Unfavorable Opinion Of Lindsey Graham

"A lot more South Carolina Republicans are unhappy with GOP Senator Lindsey Graham these days." Read the rest HERE.


84% Of North Carolina Voters View John Edwards Unfavorably

"North Carolina voters aren’t in too forgiving a mood when it comes to John Edwards, their one-term senator who just six years ago was the Democratic nominee for vice president." Read the rest HERE.