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‘Embarrassing’: Climate Expert Explains What’s Wrong With The White House’s New Climate Report


A climate change report published Friday contains cherry-picked data that appear designed to warn of the consequences if steps are not taken to mitigate global warming, according to one climate expert.
The scientists who wrote the National Climate Assessment (NCA) used unreliable information that exaggerates the risks global warming poses, University of Colorado Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. noted in a series of tweets. He fears the report will make it easier for critics to dismiss future climate studies.

“By presenting cherrypicked science, at odds w/ NCA Vol,1 & IPCC AR5, the authors of NCA Vol.2 have given a big fat gift to anyone who wants to dismiss climate science and policy,” Pielke Jr. wrote in a tweet Friday shortly after the White House released the report. “Embarrassing.”

Mugger Defense

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How to Run the American Revolution: Belated Advice

In the spirit of historical course correction, I herewith submit some thoughts to those who may find themselves in an American Revolution between 1774 and 1783.

1. Rule number one. Don’t cooperate with any leaders, even if you appointed them. If you do, such cooperation will later be taken as proof that you were just obeying the commands of some “sovereign” authority the whole time. Watch out especially for the more ambitious lot in the Continental Congress. You know their names.

Thanksgiving at Dixieland 2018

Driver Dies in Crash at Sebring International Raceway

Driver Dies in Crash at Sebring International Raceway

Katarina “Kat” Moller, a 24-year-old dragster driver from Sarasota, Fla., died Thursday as a result of an accident at Sebring International Raceway. The crash’s cause is currently under investigation by the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.

Moller, who had been racing professionally since 2014, began driving junior dragsters at 11 years of age. She was in her fifth season with Larsen Motorsports and was a graduate student at Florida Tech, following her achievement of a degree in mechanical engineering.

The fatal crash occurred during an exhibition run. The run was the first time Moller had driven the jet dragster she was piloting at the time of the accident.

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Young Driver Survives Horrific Crash at Macau Grand Prix

More Photos from Nguyen Ngoc Hanh (1927-2017)

Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
The two above.

Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh

Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
 Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh

Image result for pictures Nguyen Ngoc Hanh

Related image

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“It’s NOT OK To Be White” Says University Of Manitoba – “Reject White Interests”

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Check out the comments.

Predictably, the “It’s ok to be white” poster movement has baited wacked out racist liberals into proclaiming exactly what the 4 Chan set them up to screech: It’s NOT ok to be white.
The latest covfefe is courtesy of University of Manitoba. They recently published an op-ed in the student paper titled, well, “It’s Not Ok To Be White,” where the author, , claims “The white race is not founded in biology” but Rather, white identity is exclusively used as a means of obtaining an advantage over another group.” Singleton cites a “white studies historian,” David Roediger, who says “It is not merely that whiteness is oppressive and false; it is that whiteness is nothing but oppressive and false.” "(I don't know where they come up with this crap.)

MALKIN: First Step: Pro-Cop, Pro-Borders, Pro-Criminal Justice Reform

 A prisoner staring out of a window down one of the corridors of the enhanced wing at HMP/YOI Portland, Dorset, United Kingdom.

The package of criminal justice reform proposals endorsed by President Donald Trump is not "soft" on crime. It's tough on injustice. And it's about time.

Known as the "First Step Act," the legislation confronts the Titanic failure of the federal government's trillion-dollar war on drugs by reforming mandatory minimum sentences, rectifying unscientifically grounded disparities in criminal penalties for crack vs. powder cocaine users, and tackling recidivism among federal inmates through risk assessment, earned-time credit incentive structures, re-entry programs and transitional housing.

Comment on NEVER FORGET: Speaker Paul Ryan Promised to Fund Trump Border Wall – But Knew He Was Lying


“In January 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to pass funding of $12-15 billion to build the Trump border wall.
But it was all a lie.”

And now you know why the bloodbath at the elections this year. Washington elite don’t get it. Democrats don’t get it. Republicans don’t get it. The Media really don’t get it.

(Rasmussen: 51% today)

And these voters come from all parties and demographics. But they, like myself are done with politicians. I voted for NO ONE that did not stand for what I believe. And sadly I did not vote for many people. But the ones I did vote for won. The others, I don’t care if you had an “R” behind your name. You did not get my vote. I am done voting for evil, even if it is the lesser evil. It is still evil.

In the end it probably doesn’t matter. The left is pushing harder every day to start a war. A war they honestly believe they will win. In their hearts they believe that 100-million gun owners will just turn over their guns, because they say so. And the ones that don’t, police will break down their door and take them. Oh sure, a few dozen might resist and have to be killed. But such is the cost of security.

WOW, talk about deluded.

I see it going a different way. I believe once it starts it will not stop, until the purge, makes the bloody French Revolution, look like a Sunday picnic. And don’t think, they have not thought about this. When Eric Swalwell, California Democrat, warned gun owners that any fight over firearms would be "a short one," because the federal government has an extensive cache of nuclear weapons. That was NOT an off hand remark. They are planning this.

Like the first Civil War, the troops will be split. And also will the police. This is a real wildcard. The upper ranks of the police and military are politicians. But those on the ground and in the streets are real people. There will be a percentage that refuse orders. There will be a percentage that leave and defect to the other side. And there will be a percentage that sabotages from the inside. What are those percentages, that is just a guess. If the number is three to five percent, then the police and military will continue as instructed. As those numbers climb the police and military become neutered.

The final outcome. Everyone loses. Because I am not sure America will survive an all out Civil War. In fact, I am not sure the world will survive an all-out American Civil War.


"We don't see these people as Muslim refugees. We see them as as Muslim invaders"

 Image result for We dont see these people as Muslim refugees. We see them as as Muslim invaders

Far left reporter Christiane Amanpour invited Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on to discuss his country’s insistence on self-preservation, an idea that absolutely embarrasses the Western globalists today.
Before the questioning began Amanpour accused Hungary of holding “draconian” policies on immigration.

‘I hope they check it for sanity’: Russian FM reacts to UK general’s ‘Moscow worse than ISIS’ remark

 ‘I hope they check it for sanity’: Russian FM reacts to UK general’s ‘Moscow worse than ISIS’ remark
Russia’s foreign minister fired back at the UK chief of the General Staff who claimed that Russia is a bigger threat than ISIS, saying he hopes Whitehall is in the habit of thinking twice before promoting anyone to the top post. 
“We can’t ban anyone from showing off [their] intellect and political abilities,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in response to the words of Gen. Mark Carleton-Smith, who claimed Russia poses a greater threat to the UK and its allies than Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) or Al-Qaeda.

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They came and they kept coming. The British came. The Dutch came. The Swedes came. The Germans came. The French came. The Spaniards came. The Italians came and the Greeks came.

Individuals and families came because they were being religiously and economically persecuted in what had become tyrannical old Europe. They left their homes of a thousand years to settle in this new land called America. The risked everything to come for freedom. Some would never reach the shores of America and died on the voyage.

They found a pristine land and began to tame it.  They carved out the forests to grow their crops and build their homes.  They built churches to practice their faith.  They opened businesses to ply their trades.  They built public schools and colleges to bring education to the masses.  They built huge seaports to accommodate the great sailing vessels from all round the world.

New UN Pact Will Make it Illegal to Criticize Mass Immigration