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Video Shows Girl Savagely Beaten By Her Own Friends Who Then Held Her Down To Be Raped

The Lesson:  Avoid rabid animals.

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly beaten by other girls before being held down to be raped in a horrifying attack that was filmed on a cellphone, it was revealed today. 

Patricia Montes, 15, and 16-year-old Erica Avery are accused of punching, kicking and pepper-spraying the girl before holding her down to be raped by Jayvon Woolfork, 19, police said.  

The barbaric attack was filmed on a cell phone by Lanel Singleton, 18, and shows the girl writhing half naked and weeping in the yard of a home in Hollywood, Florida while her attackers leer over her.

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III Carolina Bourbon

Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon
90 Proof

Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon:North Carolina ABC Commission


This is outstanding, Patriots.  It means our III Brand is growing, it means our roots are growing deeply into the minds and Souls of Americans.  This is a good thing.

I also know a III Beer and III Vodka are in the works.  There are two III Patriots in Pennsylvania who make a superb selection of brandy's and bourbon and more.

Here's the note included in the email, I believe written by Hans, a brilliant mind in our community who contributes often at NCRenegade, and who I have had the honor of meeting because of Brock.

How To Succeed

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Northern Virginia Food Wars: Pho

Dated. I was looking for the current Pho article in Virginia Living and came across this. 



 Northern Virginia Magazine

Pho is to Northern Virginia as Pizza is to Brooklyn. So naturally we want to know which Pho house is the best of the best. We’ve placed our Pho houses at random against each other and we’re leaving the title of BEST PHO in NoVA in your hands. In a Final Four style, each day two different Pho houses will go up against each other in a total of four mouth-watering rounds. Voting will begin December 15th from 8am-5pm for each round. We will announce the winner of NoVA Wars: Pho Monday January 17th! Happy slurping!

(For those who are new to Pho.)

Pho (pronounced fuh): is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup. The broth is usually homemade, by boiling chicken stock or beef in water. The meat which can be found in pho can be virtually anything or a combination of the following: pork, beef, tripe, chicken, barbeque. Pho can be customized to however you wish to eat it. On a menu you will typically find every option with a number in front of it. For example: In most Pho houses you will find if you order a number one it has everything in it.

Pho is served in three sizes:

Large=Bathtub size

Pho used in typical conversation: You haven’t tried Pho!? Do you live under a rock?

NC: Patriots of '61 -- Private Louis Leon of Mecklenburg

Private Leon was a Jew who served in Company B, 53rd NC. My great grandfather and great uncle served in Company C. Many years ago I was advertising in the Confederate Veteran for information concerning this regiment, and I was sent Private Leon's diary by a gentleman in NC. I, in turn, sent it from California back to NC for Mr. Weymouth Jordan in the Division of Archives and History. He replied stating that he had never seen such, and after reading it over the weekend was certain he would use it. Fortunately, it was just in time to be included in Volume XIII, NC Troops published in 1993, and Private Leon is quoted extensively. Mr. Jordan also included some of the information I provided concerning my family.

Private Leon's diary was published later, and his last words bear repeating.

"When I commenced this diary, of my life as a Confederate soldier I was full of hope for the speedy termination of the War, and our independence.

I was not quite nineteen years old. I am now twenty-three. The four years that I have given to my country, I do not regret, nor am I sorry for one day that I have given - my only regret is that we have lost that for which we fought. Nor do I for one minute think that we lost it by any other way than by being outnumbered at least five, if not ten to one. The world was open to the enemy, but shut out to us. I shall now close this diary in sorrow, but to the last I will say that, although but a private, I still say our Cause was just, nor do I regret one thing that I have done to cripple the North."


North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
Unsurpassed Valor, Courage, and devotion to liberty”
“The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”

Patriots of ’61 – Private Louis Leon of Mecklenburg

A German immigrant of the Jewish faith, Private Louis Leon was not unusual as a Confederate soldier from North Carolina.  Captain Cornehlson raised the German Volunteers in Wilmington in 1861, which became Company A of the Eighteenth North Carolina.  Of the 102 men in Company A, every officer and every enlisted man but 30 had been born in Germany and volunteered to fight to defend North Carolina and the Southern Confederacy.

Lewis Leon of Mecklenburg, Sharpshooter Versus Sharpshooter 

“Lewis Leon, a well-known resident of Wilmington and a veteran of Confederate States service, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, November 27, 1841.  Three years later he was brought by his parents to New York City, whence he moved to Charlotte in 1858, and engaged in mercantile pursuits as a clerk.  Becoming a member of the Charlotte Grays, he entered the active service of that command, going to the camp of instruction at Raleigh on April 21, 1861.

The Gray’s were assigned to Col. D.H. Hill’s regiment, the First, as Company C, and took part in the Battle of Big Bethel, in which Private Leon was a participant.  At the expiration of the six months’ enlistment of the Bethel Regiment, he reenlisted in Company B [of] Capt. Harvey White, of the Fifty-first Regiment, commanded by Col. William Owen.

He shared the service of this regiment in its subsequent honorable career, fighting at Gettysburg, Bristow Station, Mine Run, and the Wilderness, receiving a slight wound at Gettysburg but not allowing it to interfere with his duty. During the larger part of his service he was a sharpshooter.

On the 5th or 6th of May, 1864, the sharpshooters of his regiment were much annoyed by one of the Federal sharpshooters who had a long range rifle and who had climbed up a tall tree, from which he could pick off the men, though sheltered by stumps and stones, himself out of range of their guns. 

Private Leon concluded that “this thing had to be stopped,” and taking advantage of every knoll, hollow and stump, he crawled near enough for his rifle to reach, and took a “pop” at this disturber of the peace, who came tumbling down.  Upon running up to his victim, Leon discovered him to be a Canadian Indian, and clutching his scalp lock, he dragged him back to the Confederate line.

At the Battle of the Wilderness he was captured, and from that time until June, 1865, he was a prisoner of war at Point Lookout and Elmira, N.Y.  Upon being paroled he visited his parents in New York City, and then worked his way back to North Carolina.

He is warmly regarded by his comrades of Cape Fear Camp, U.C.V., and has served several terms as its adjutant. When Col. James T. Morehead prepared a sketch of his regiment, the Fifty-third, Private Leon furnished him with a copy of a diary which he had kept from the organization of the regiment up to the 5th of May, 1864, when he was captured. 

(Chronicles of the Cape Fear River, James Sprunt, Edwards & Broughton, 1916, pp. 334-335)  



Last Tuesday, in Kernersville, GRNC won yet another victory! Prior to Tuesday’s meeting of Kernersville town leadership, the majority of the aldermen had expressed defiance toward gun owners. GRNC supporters were demanding the removal of illegal gun-ban signs in the town’s parks. Persistent citizens had been making phone calls and sending e-mails, demanding that town leadership follow the law, and the citizens were promising to support a lawsuit if the illegal signs were not removed. Outwardly, several town leaders held doggedly to the anti-gun position, and on the surface, it appeared as though gun rights supporters were having no effect.

However, when the time came to face the public, the aldermen capitulated—just like that. After all the anti-gun grandstanding and stubborn proclamations, the aldermen voted unanimously to update the illegal signs. Within thirty days, the offending signs will be replaced by signs that comply with state law. It seems that the phone calls and e-mails did the trick after all. Or, perhaps it was because four citizen speakers stood in the meeting to communicate reasoned opposition to the illegal signs, while not one spoke in favor of them. Or, maybe it was the two dozen GRNC supporters in attendance, boldly displaying their “Guns Save Lives” stickers that made the difference.

Whatever the reason, Kernersville town leaders must have realized—just in the nick of time—that gun owners were serious about sticking up for themselves. Kernersville town aldermen attempted to stand against them, and against the law. They tried to call our bluff. Bad idea. We didn’t blink—because we weren’t bluffin’.

As we enjoy our victory, let us not forget the one casualty from the fight. Not all things, after all, will remain un-banned in Kernersville parks. As the signs were debated, GRNC’s volunteer pointed out to the aldermen that the simplest, and least expensive, action Kernersville could take would be to remove the illegal signs, and leave it at that. Another frugal option, he suggested, would be to cover the offending language with duct tape, as some other towns have done. At this suggestion, Alderman Irving Neal jumped in and emphatically stated that, Kernersville “will not run on duct tape!”

Clearly, when Kernersville does something, they go all the way. Shiny new signs recognizing law-abiding gun owners are in. Using duct tape in town parks: banned! Works for us.

13 Year Old Capitalist Lauren Hudson: “Big Government, Minimum Wage and Debt Are Crushing Our Opportunities”

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World War II From Space

Via WiscoDave

With tensions raging in Asia (and the Middle East) and the anniversary of the start of World War I drawing closer, we thought it contextually useful to look at World War II from a different (and more broad) perspective. This History Channel documentary shows - using an all-seeing CGI eye - a satellite view of the conflicts, allowing you to experience it in a way that places key events and tipping points in a global perspective.

Arizona's Maricopa County Republicans Censure John McCain for Abandoning Values

The Maricopa County Republican Party in Arizona formally censured Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Saturday evening by an overwhelming 1150-351 vote, Breitbart News has learned. 

Maricopa County is Arizona's most populous county and includes Phoenix within its borders. The official GOP body's rebuke undermines McCain's reelection chances should he decide to run for the Senate again in 2016.

“As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates,” the formal censure resolution reads. “Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened.”

More @ Breitbart

NC: William Derek Church; the Round Ranger

Derek Church3

I reported this to Mary @ The P.O.W. Network.  She did a lot to bust Churchill which made my day.  Don't know if it's the same Mary as below, but twice is better than none. :) I did search the site and his name didn't come up.

I’ve been giggling like a little girl since I sent this guy to Mary a few weeks ago. He’s like “The Round Marine” and Paul Tillson rolled into one. But his name is William Derek Church (he goes by Derek Church) and these are pictures from his wedding, I guess. He’s on Facebook somewhere, but I can’t find him. You can tell he’s legit because he doesn’t care that his Ranger beret is dressed over the wrong eye, and he wears the full-sized Purple Heart on the wrong side of his uniform.

He’s a steely-eyed killer who can’t be bothered with details like getting his drawers tailored. Yes, that’s a Ranger scroll with no tab on left shoulder;

Fidel Castro Finally Appears in Public

87 year old Fidel Castro appeared in public this week for the first time in six months and the mainstream media can hardly contain themselves. This appearance coincides with the 55 anniversary of Castro’s “revolution.”

To read the media you’d think some effete and benevolent European monarch (from, say, Monaco or Liechtenstein) had made a brief cameo. Across the board the media refers to Fidel Castro as the “President” who “led” Cuba for almost fifty years. No hint of anything else happening in Cuba during that period.

You’d never guess Castro killed more Cubans in the process of “liberating” them than the Nazis killed French civilians in the process of conquering and enslaving them, that he brought the world closest to Nuclear war of any “leader” on earth and that he sunk a nation with a standard of living higher than half of Europe’s and swamped with immigrants into a pesthole that repels Haitians.

More @ Town Hall

$12 an hour is conservative rocket fuel, says Ron Unz

 $12 an hour is conservative rocket fuel, says Ron Unz

A nationwide minimum wage of $12 per hour would shrink government, aid families, curb illegal immigration, spur high-tech investment, and boost GOP support among working-class voters, says Ron Unz, the California libertarian entrepreneur who wiped out his state’s Spanish-only K-12 classes.

The $12 wage would slash the huge taxpayer subsidies now given to companies that hire low-wage immigrants, and move tens of millions of Americans into the middle class and sharply reduce the 47 percent of the population who are now completely or partly dependent on federal handouts, Unz told The Daily Caller.

“Politics would be completely different… what you’re doing is reducing the 47 percent by 10 to 15 points and giving Republicans a chance to make their case about cutting government spending and reducing taxes,” he said.

Man With Disassembled Airsoft Gun Shot In Head And Killed By Police

Via Daniel via WRSA

Man With Disassembled Airsoft Gun Shot In Head By Police

According to statements from Department spokesman Capt. Rod Light, Yakima Police Officer Casey Gilette observed a “suspicious” vehicle parked outside a local 24-hour car wash while on a 3 a.m. routine patrol.

After reportedly surveying the situation for one hour, Gilette decided to approach the vehicle, occupied by 23-year-old Rocendo Arias.

“Approached on foot on the driver’s side, moved around the vehicle to the passenger side of the vehicle,” Light explained to the KNDU News.

Instead of knocking on Rocendo’s window to further investigate the situation, Light admits the officer swung the passenger side door open without informing the driver. After noticing the disassembled gun, Gilette fired four shots, striking Rocendo once in the head.

1st 2014 Stingray to Break into the 9s

China Buying More GM Cars Than America


General Motors sold more cars in China last year than in the United States — nearly 3.2 million vehicles compared to 2.78 million in America.

GM sales in China were up 11.4 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year. The company sold an average of one vehicle every 10 seconds and nearly 9,000 a day, according to a report from MSN's Detroit Bureau.

Most GM cars sold in China are manufactured locally by GM and its 10 joint ventures there. The first China-built GM car, a Buick, was produced in 1998, and the Cadillac was introduced in 2004.

Buick sales in China rose 15.7 percent, finishing 2013 at an all-time high of 809,918 vehicles, while Cadillac sales were up 66.6 percent to a record 50,005 vehicles.

But rival carmaker Volkswagen is expected to outpace GM in China sales. Like GM, Volkswagen sells more cars in China than in its home market of Germany and the European Union.

One of GM's joint ventures, Shanghai GM, sold a record 1.512 million vehicles last year. The company has broken ground for a new Cadillac plant.

China now has 4,250 dealerships nationwide.

"GM maintained good growth momentum in our company's largest market, despite a modest slowdown in demand for commercial vehicles," said Matt Tsien, president of GM China. "We expect sales to remain robust in 2014, driven by ongoing strong demand across China for personal four-wheel transportation."

Sales of Ford Motor Company vehicles also surged last year, rising 49 percent to 935,813 units, while Toyota sold 917,500.

Postscript: GM began making Chevrolets in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 1993.