Sunday, January 12, 2014



Last Tuesday, in Kernersville, GRNC won yet another victory! Prior to Tuesday’s meeting of Kernersville town leadership, the majority of the aldermen had expressed defiance toward gun owners. GRNC supporters were demanding the removal of illegal gun-ban signs in the town’s parks. Persistent citizens had been making phone calls and sending e-mails, demanding that town leadership follow the law, and the citizens were promising to support a lawsuit if the illegal signs were not removed. Outwardly, several town leaders held doggedly to the anti-gun position, and on the surface, it appeared as though gun rights supporters were having no effect.

However, when the time came to face the public, the aldermen capitulated—just like that. After all the anti-gun grandstanding and stubborn proclamations, the aldermen voted unanimously to update the illegal signs. Within thirty days, the offending signs will be replaced by signs that comply with state law. It seems that the phone calls and e-mails did the trick after all. Or, perhaps it was because four citizen speakers stood in the meeting to communicate reasoned opposition to the illegal signs, while not one spoke in favor of them. Or, maybe it was the two dozen GRNC supporters in attendance, boldly displaying their “Guns Save Lives” stickers that made the difference.

Whatever the reason, Kernersville town leaders must have realized—just in the nick of time—that gun owners were serious about sticking up for themselves. Kernersville town aldermen attempted to stand against them, and against the law. They tried to call our bluff. Bad idea. We didn’t blink—because we weren’t bluffin’.

As we enjoy our victory, let us not forget the one casualty from the fight. Not all things, after all, will remain un-banned in Kernersville parks. As the signs were debated, GRNC’s volunteer pointed out to the aldermen that the simplest, and least expensive, action Kernersville could take would be to remove the illegal signs, and leave it at that. Another frugal option, he suggested, would be to cover the offending language with duct tape, as some other towns have done. At this suggestion, Alderman Irving Neal jumped in and emphatically stated that, Kernersville “will not run on duct tape!”

Clearly, when Kernersville does something, they go all the way. Shiny new signs recognizing law-abiding gun owners are in. Using duct tape in town parks: banned! Works for us.

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