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Forget the F-35: The Tempest Could Be the Future (Armed with Lasers, Hypersonic Missiles and Swarms)

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But will London pull the trigger?


With a flourish of a silk curtain at the Farnborough Air Show on July 16, British defense secretary Gavin Williamson unveiled a full-scale model of the Tempest, the UK’s concept for a domestically built twin-engine stealth fighter to enter service in the 2030s. The Tempest will supposedly boast a laundry list of sixth-generation technologies such as being optionally-manned, mounting hypersonic or directed energy weapons, and capability to deploy and control drone swarms. However, it may also represent a Brexit-era gambit to revive defense cooperation with Germany and France.

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Some Comments:

By 2030, there will be no UK worth defending.

By 2030 the U.K. and the EU will be the most formidable Muslim military nations in the world. Dinesh D'souza was mocked for predicting the United States of Islam in his movie "2016 Obama's America". Turns out he was almost right. His prediction was it would be middle eastern countries that would become a union, not Europe becoming the Muslim union.

2030's?? England won't be England then... Englstan perhaps but nothing else...

Zimbabwe's leader tries to rally white voters as gap narrows

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Zimbabwe's president tried to rally the country's white minority voters on Saturday as the race in this month's historic election becomes too close to call.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa told the gathering of a few hundred people in the capital, Harare, that the era of land seizures from white farmers is over. The deeply unpopular land grabs under former leader Robert Mugabe contributed to the economic collapse of the once-prosperous country.

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The US Intel community looks like a much bigger threat to American life and values than anything Mr. Putin is doing

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“For more than a decade, Russia has meddled in elections around the world, supported brutal dictators and invaded sovereign nations — all to the detriment of United States interests.”
The New York Times

The Resistance sure got a case of the vapors this week over Mr. Trump’s failure to throttle America’s arch-enemy, the murderous thug V. Putin of Russia, onstage in Helsinki, as any genuine Marvel Comix hero is expected to do when facing consummate evil. Instead, the Golden Golem of Greatness voiced some doubts about the veracity of our “intelligence community” — as the shape-shifting Moloch of black ops likes to call itself, as if it were a kindly service organization in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, collecting dimes for victims of childhood cancer.

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The Establishment Strikes Back

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 The Establishment Strikes Back
As Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin said in their Helsinki press conference, the coming together of the leaders of the world’s two most powerful nuclear armed countries is too important an opportunity to let pass.

There are a number of elements in the recent release of an indictment of twelve named alleged Russian military intelligence GRU officers by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein looking into possible ties between Moscow and the Trump Administration that I find either implausible or even incoherent. But before considering that, it is necessary to consider the context of the announcement.

The Department of Justice, which had, based on evidence already revealed, actually interfered in the 2016 election more that Moscow could possibly have done, continued in that proud tradition by releasing the indictment three days before President Donald Trump was due to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Helsinki Summit between the two leaders was critically important to anyone interested in preserving the planet Earth as we know it and there was no reason at all to release a non-time sensitive document that was clearly intended to cast a shadow over the proceedings. In fact, the surfacing of the indictment might easily be explained as a deliberate attempt by a politicized Justice Department and Special Counsel Robert Mueller to torpedo President Trump over concerns that he might actually come to some understanding with Putin.

Trump Stands His Ground on Putin: "America’s elites have been driven over the edge by Trump’s successes and their failure to block him."

 Trump Stands His Ground on Putin

“Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Under the Constitution, these are the offenses for which presidents can be impeached.

And to hear our elites, Donald Trump is guilty of them all.

Trump’s refusal to challenge Vladimir Putin’s claim at Helsinki — that his GRU boys did not hack Hillary Clinton’s campaign — has been called treason, a refusal to do his sworn duty to protect and defend the United States, by a former director of the CIA.

Famed journalists and former high officials of the U.S. government have called Russia’s hacking of the DNC “an act of war” comparable to Pearl Harbor.

The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump: Sedition at the Highest Levels

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Once Putin and Lavrov realize the true situation, they will understand that war or surrender is their only option. 

The annual budget of the military/security complex is $1,000 billion. This vast sum is drawn from US taxpayers who have many unmet needs. To justify such an enormous budget a major enemy is required. The military/security complex and the media and politicians that the complex owns have designated Russia to be that enemy. The complex and its political and media agents will not permit Trump to normalize relations with Russia. 

To prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that Washington has created, the military/security complex orchestrated Russiagate, a proven hoax, but believed by many due to its endless repetition. The military/security complex orchestrated the false indictments of 12 Russians.

NC: Durham store clerk thwarts robbery by taking suspect’s gun and shooting him with it

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A clerk working behind the counter at a Durham convenience store thwarted a robbery Monday when he shot a robber with his own gun.

Police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said Durham officers arrested a man after he was shot during an armed robbery at a convenience store on Guess Road.


Trump calls Cohen's taping of phone call 'inconceivable,' possibly illegal

President Trump on Saturday described former lawyer Michael Cohen’s taping of a private conversation between them as “totally unheard of & perhaps illegal,” but reassured supporters that he has done nothing wrong.
“Nothing in that conversation suggests that he had any knowledge of it in advance,” Giuliani told The Times. He also said that Trump told Cohen that any payment should be by check, not cash, so it could be documented properly
......Giuliani had expressed a similar sentiment when he told the Times that while there was a discussion, the payment was never made and the tape showed that Trump had done nothing wrong.
“In the big scheme of things, it’s powerful exculpatory evidence,” he said.
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Ocasio-Cortez: Flip This Seat Red in November

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