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NC: Some say concealed carry on campus would help curb assaults

“Thank goodness,” UNC senior Thomas Rees said. “But it’s there for protection.” 

Rees keeps a small Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol and a large Mossberg 88 shotgun in his off-campus apartment in Chapel Hill. On Tuesday afternoon, before bringing his firearms outside, Rees went into a back room and — with a click that accompanies guns being cocked — removed the ammunition from the guns’ chambers.

Sensible people with concealed carry permits should be able to take their guns on campus, he said.
“The bad guys would catch on and realize they can’t just rape or mug or murder whoever they want,” he said. “They’d know a lot of people have firearms, and they’re going to fight back.”

A North Carolina law passed in 2013 allowing concealed carry permit owners to bring guns on public college campuses — as long as they were stored in closed compartments in locked cars. Nationwide, there has been a push to allow guns more liberally on campuses.

 And now there’s a new argument; they’ll help curb sexual violence.

St. Matthews' Caleb Glover awarded Southern Cross of Honor

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031015 Calhoun Caleb Glover

Caleb Glover, an African-American who was awarded the Southern Cross of Honor by the Paul McMichael Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, played a pivotal role in the history of St. Matthews.

Glover was born around 1827 and died in 1920.

He was the manservant of Col. Olin Dantzler, a St. Matthews native who suffered a fatal battle wound on June 2, 1864, in Bermuda Hundred, Virginia during the Civil War.

Glover accompanied Dantzler to the battlefield during the Civil War and returned Dantzler’s body to St. Matthews for burial.

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In refugee-saturated North Carolina, Burmese refugee kills Burmese children in his neighborhood

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  I don't know what the Burmese are doing here as they weren't involved in our Indochina war.

He was described as crazy and people feared him.

So the next time a resettlement contractor tells you that refugees are screened before entering the US, remember that mental illness is obviously not a bar to admission.

Htoo is believed to be Karen (Christian).

Although this creep doesn’t appear to be a Muslim as was the Burmese child murderer in Utah, Esar Met, he should never have been allowed into the US.  His mental problems were likely apparent to his interviewers as were Met’s.

From the Charlotte Observer (hat tip: Cathy):


Longer Breastfeeding = Higher IQ and Income


Big news today is a new report that links long breastfeeding to higher IQ and even higher income. Study followed children all the way to age 30.

Wow. You wonder how our supposedly "scientific" age can get it so wrong so long, except that when you know that corporate profits are behind it you no longer wonder. NOTHING could be better for a human baby than a human mother's milk, and that speaks only of nutrition for genetic potential, and not of the importance of cuddling & kissing and loving on that baby. Yet millions of American mothers were guilt-manipulated into bottle feeding, and millions more poor 3rd world mothers.

Worse yet, on substitute, soy milk, contains phytoestrogens that suppress baby boys' sexual development.

Any cattle husbandman from 50 years ago or today on the cutting edge of the New Agriculture (low on inputs, high on nature) could have told you. You want mama cows with HIGH milk fat content and high milk output so that calf gets the food he needs to maximize his genetic potential. You may be a beef farmer, but underneath it all you're a dairyman. And that calf needs to STAY on that mama as long as possible to maximize that first growth. Humans are not bovines, but they are mammals, with the same needs.

I thank God for science and the advances in human health & prosperity in the last 100 years, but I have no time at all for Junk Science that promotes political agendas or corporate profits or fancies itself wiser than creation & the Creator.

Immigration policy should be forged with one consideration in mind: America’s economic self-interest.

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on February 18, 2015, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Naples, Florida.

The lesson from the last 20 years of immigration policy is that lawlessness breeds more lawlessness. Once a people or a government decides to normalize one form of lawbreaking, other forms of lawlessness will follow until finally the rule of law itself is in profound jeopardy. Today, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands. President Obama has decided that because Congress has not granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S., he will do so himself. Let us ponder for a moment just how shameless this assertion of power is.

It’s Official – Obama’s Deficits in 6 Years more than all Prior US Presidents Combined

 office of management and budget

A deficit occurs when annual government spending is greater than its revenues.  When a government overspends resulting in a deficit, it must borrow money to stay afloat.  Currently the US the government has over $18 Trillion in US Debt.  This is the result of years of overspending.  Of the $18 Trillion in US Debt, $13 Trillion is debt owed to the public but $5 Trillion is debt the government owes to other government agencies, like Social Security, where the government borrowed from these agencies when it needed money.   The $13 Trillion in debt owed to the public is due to deficit spending and the accumulated interest payables related to the large amount of debt.

Per, the accumulative total for all US Deficits combined was $11.6 Trillion through the end of 2014 (see Table 1.1—SUMMARY OF RECEIPTS, OUTLAYS, AND SURPLUSES OR DEFICITS (–):

1789–2020).  This $11.6 Trillion along with accumulated interest payables are what account for the $13 Trillion in US debt outstanding.

British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale"

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"Between acts of abuse sometimes stretching over a number of days, the Oxford men ensured girls were guarded so that they could not escape. In addition to being abused in various locations in Oxford, some of the girls were taken to other towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth for the same purpose." — Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

"I turned up at the police station at 2/3am, blood all over me, soaked through my trousers to the crotch. They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance." — Victim's testimony, Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

Suicide Bombing Class Gets Out Early

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Dated.  Can't win them all. :)

In Baghdad, a terrorist who was in the middle of conducting a training for future militants, accidentally blew up an entire class, killing 21 of his students, and himself. The group was part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Kurdistan: The children of the Fire and Sun

Via Dave "If there is anyone in the mid-east we should be helping, it is the Peshmerga. They are what all Muslims should strive to be."

The Cradle of Agriculture

Zippo A-Frame Hand Warmer

Up to 12 hours of warmth with one filling

'Most Transparent' White House Dumps FOIA Regulations for Itself

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The Obama administration announced Tuesday it will ditch regulations that subjected large portions of White House correspondence to public records requests, a decision derided by transparency advocates who wryly noted it was issued during a week celebrating open access to government.

The notice exempting the White House's Office of Administration from the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act was contained in Tuesday's Federal Register, reversing a three-decade-old policy during Sunshine Week, the annual celebration of the FOIA law.

Anne Weismann, interim executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), says the step "makes mockery of the administration’s commitment to transparency, especially given that it's Sunshine Week.”

“The White House has reversed a decades long practice of opening the files of [the Office of Administration] to the public,” she says. “Apparently they have abandoned even the appearance of transparency."

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 6.2/707 HP, 6-Speed, 9 Miles

- Customer preferred package 25R
- Supercharged 6.2L Hemi with 707 HP
- Tremec 6-Speed transmission
- Tri-coat Phantom Black Pearl
- Premium Black leather trimmed bucket seats
- 20 inch Brass Monkey SRT forged wheels
- 275/40ZR20 tires
- Uconnect AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV
- Red seat belts
- As delivered, never dealer prepped
- All stickers and markings on vehicle

General Michael Corcoran and the Confederate Irish in America’s Civil War


The recent erection of a memorial in Sligo to Carrowkeel man General Michael Corcoran, inspired historian Paul Burns to write this article on the forgotten Irish who fought on the Confederate side: 

All discussions of Irish participation in the 1861-65 American Civil War seem to lead, in next breath, to the North’s famous Irish Brigade. Few know that Irish immigrants played an equally important role in the Southern Confederacy. Over 40,000 Irish fought for the Southern cause. They were the largest immigrant group in the army, and they made up about 10% of all Confederate combatants. In contrast, there was less enthusiasm among Irish immigrants to the North, and they were underrepresented in its military.

The Confederate Irish were far more fervent in support of their side’s cause because they could identify in America with the desire for self-determination at home and the right to separate from what was viewed as a repressive government. They had little concern about slavery. The Irish in America were working class, and they competed for jobs with free blacks. Consequently, the Irish in both areas tended to support the pro-slavery Democratic Party. The Southern Irish encountered less animosity and much more religious tolerance than did their Northern brethren. There was no Southern equivalent of the anti-draft riots that occurred in the large Northern cities where the Irish were concentrated.

Skilled gunsmith helps Kurds turn ISIS' guns on terrorists

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In their fight against ISIS, the Kurdish army known as Peshmerga has a secret weapon – a second-generation gunsmith so skilled he can practically turn a bucket of rusty bolts into a killing machine for the rugged, but cash-strapped, fighting force.

Bakhtiar Aziz works in a dimly lit basement shop in Erbil, refurbishing guns taken from the enemy, bringing broken and even decades-old firearms back to life and helping to outfit an army as short on weapons as it is long on heart. On a recent day, he inspected an M-16A4 assault rifle badly damaged in a coalition airstrike. Pocked with holes, missing a large section of the barrel and with human hair wedged in its moving parts, the gun was found by Peshmerga soldiers near the town of Gwer.

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Police recording bill presumes to authorize journalists, threaten gun owners

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 Police can record us up close and personal, but we can't keep tabs on them, especially if lawfully armed?

“HB 2918 is meant to protect officers, NOT restrict the ability to keep them accountable,” Texas State Representative Jason Villalba tweeted in response to critics of his bill mandating members of the public to keep set distances away from a peace officer exercising authority. “It DOES NOT prohibit filming.”

Responders on Villalba’s Twitter feed were, to put it mildly, not convinced, prompting him to double down and tweet again about his interview on Time Warner Cable News Austin “Capital Tonight,” in which he denied wanting to limit anyone by “creating a halo.” He presented his bill as a “reasonable measure” and as “common sense,” something law enforcement had asked him for so that they aren't endangered.

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Syria shoots down American drone

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drone syria

After allowing the United States to use its air space to bomb Islamic State fighters for six months, the Syrian army appears to have imposed a "red line" by shooting down a U.S. drone over territory of critical importance to Damascus.

Islamic Sign Dearborn , Michigan

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Nothing on Snopes and similar.

Remington Defense Begins Selling To The Public

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Remington has announced that they’re going begin selling several of their Special Operations grade Remington Defense rifles to the general public.

The rifle that is probably going to sell the most units is the R4E (R4 Enhanced), Remington’s version of a best-in-class, AAC-suppressor ready, direct-gas-impingement AR carbine.

The MSRP on the R4E is $2,250, which isn’t out of line for some of the high-end AR carbines we’ve seen. The Haley Strategic Jack Carbine built by Bravo Company USA and many Noveske ARs are in this same much-better-than-mil-spec category, and the R4E should be able to hold its own here.

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We came to fight against fascists, NATO Americans............

Published on Mar 18, 2015
As the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues, thousands of foreign soldiers are joining the fight alongside the pro-Russia separatists of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR). While the majority of these soldiers are from Russia, a growing number of volunteers from western Europe, and even as far as Brazil, are joining the ranks of the separatist forces.

VICE News traveled to eastern Ukraine to meet volunteer fighters from Spain, Brazil, Serbia, and France, to find out what inspired them to take up arms and risk their lives on front lines with the DNR.

Map: Russia's planned fortification of the Arctic & Video: Putin: We Have The Best Army In The World

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Russia Militarization Arctic 

As The Heritage Foundation notes, most Arctic states have developed some kind of military presence in the region to bolster economic activities. Only Russia has taken the additional step of completely militarizing its Arctic frontier.

It's even moving most of its ships to the region. "Russia's Northern Fleet," the foundation reports, "based at Severomorsk, account for two-third of the Russian Navy."

Why I am Not a Doomsday Prepper



Population, Population, Population

If an apocalypse of biblical proportions were to take place, and by “biblical” I mean literally out the book of Revelation, where one third of the globe’s population is wiped out, then the US would be home to as many people as it was in the early 1970’s. Now, the ’70’s were bad–so bad, in fact, that they gave this country its first full-blown survivalist wave, the predecessor to the one that we’re currently in. But that decade was by no means the Thunderdome.

Wiping out two thirds of the population would bring us back to the opening decades of the 1900’s, the era of the early seasons of Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire. Neither of these two shows look anything like The Walking Dead to me.

Killing off a whopping 90% of the population would take us back to 1860, the year that Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States. I also saw the movie Lincoln, and it, too, did not look like The Walking Dead.

Losing 99% of our population would take us back to the post-Revolutionary War period of the 1780’s. At that point, Harvard University had already been operating for about 150 years. Again, Rick Grimes’ group of survivors would be out of place here.

My point is this: with only 1% of our present population, humanity had arts and letters, transatlantic trade, a thriving stock market (in London, at least, and a few years later in the US)–in short, we had civilization. It was not a Hobbesian “state of nature.”

Sure, the immediate aftermath of a sudden event that wiped out 99% of the population would look pretty much like a textbook “state of nature,” but before long we’d be back to doing our thing. And I’m pretty sure the stock market wouldn’t take more than a few days off, at most. Which brings me to my next point.

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Saying ‘so long’ to the First Amendment


Net Neutrality Protest Signs Call FCC Chair 'Obama's B*tch'

Two weeks after the Federal Communications Commission voted to regulate the Internet as a utility, the masters of the universe at the FCC, three unelected Democrats, are finally allowing Americans to see the actual order on exactly how they intend to ruin one of the major free speech and free market successes in the world.

Boy, do they have a plan. Their new rules for the Internet requires 313 glorious pages of vague, regulating terminology, allowing the agency to make up the rules as it goes along. Ever since the FCC started sidling up to the Internet like a dirty old man next to a supermodel, conservatives and other free marketeers have been channeling Cassandra, warning the nation that “net neutrality” was a pretext for the FCC to issue regulations putting them in charge of the Internet as a whole. That is just what has happened.