Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Matthews' Caleb Glover awarded Southern Cross of Honor

Via Cousin John

031015 Calhoun Caleb Glover

Caleb Glover, an African-American who was awarded the Southern Cross of Honor by the Paul McMichael Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, played a pivotal role in the history of St. Matthews.

Glover was born around 1827 and died in 1920.

He was the manservant of Col. Olin Dantzler, a St. Matthews native who suffered a fatal battle wound on June 2, 1864, in Bermuda Hundred, Virginia during the Civil War.

Glover accompanied Dantzler to the battlefield during the Civil War and returned Dantzler’s body to St. Matthews for burial.

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  1. I recall reading about Glover. One of the good guys. Thanks

    1. Certainly and they wrote the article like he was being presented it presently, but it was awarded when he was alive as seen in the picture.