Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saying ‘so long’ to the First Amendment


Net Neutrality Protest Signs Call FCC Chair 'Obama's B*tch'

Two weeks after the Federal Communications Commission voted to regulate the Internet as a utility, the masters of the universe at the FCC, three unelected Democrats, are finally allowing Americans to see the actual order on exactly how they intend to ruin one of the major free speech and free market successes in the world.

Boy, do they have a plan. Their new rules for the Internet requires 313 glorious pages of vague, regulating terminology, allowing the agency to make up the rules as it goes along. Ever since the FCC started sidling up to the Internet like a dirty old man next to a supermodel, conservatives and other free marketeers have been channeling Cassandra, warning the nation that “net neutrality” was a pretext for the FCC to issue regulations putting them in charge of the Internet as a whole. That is just what has happened.


  1. Just one more alphabet agency that needs to be defunded, and disbanded immediately.

  2. Get rid of them all and start over.