Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Map: Russia's planned fortification of the Arctic & Video: Putin: We Have The Best Army In The World

Via LH

Russia Militarization Arctic 

As The Heritage Foundation notes, most Arctic states have developed some kind of military presence in the region to bolster economic activities. Only Russia has taken the additional step of completely militarizing its Arctic frontier.

It's even moving most of its ships to the region. "Russia's Northern Fleet," the foundation reports, "based at Severomorsk, account for two-third of the Russian Navy."


  1. Little known fact. Look at the extreme right side of that map where the dotted line
    is running SSE and the Aleutian Island chain crosses the line. See those two small
    islands on the west side of the line? 6 years ago those island were sovereign US territory and the property of the State of Alaska. They sit on top of huge oil reserves.
    Obama GAVE THEM to Russia without consulting congress or so much as telling
    the Governor of Alaska what he was doing. CH

    1. Some links state this started with Bush and we had never claimed the islands which were closer to Russia than the US. Have to check more. Thanks.

    2. Here's Fact Check.