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Planet Earth: The Swamp

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The Small-Town Vibes of Quy Nhon Half a Century Ago


The central coast city has been charming guests for decades with its awe-shucks charisma.

While war loomed in the distance with a military base outside the city, Quy Nhon's citizens enjoyed slow-paced lives with breezes carrying hints of ocean salt and the scent of petrichor rising from recently planted rice paddies. American Air force member Joe Kurtyka captured the atmosphere in 1966–1967 in this colorful set of photos.

While the Binh Dinh capital is quickly becoming a major tourist destination, for most of its existence it was a small city where agriculture and commerce mingled. Large fields lined the simple mud road in from the airport, while in the city several markets carried a variety of local and imported goods.

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Saigoneer Getaways: Vietnam's Best 'Secret' Beach Destination 

 [Illustrations] A Series of Colorful Depictions of Quy Nhon's Charismatic Coastal Cuisine

Republican Revisionists


There is a modern notion among the Republicans and their most vocal acolytes such as Dinesh D’Souza and Mark Levin that the Republicans are the healers and the Democrats are the racists. One political party and its advocates invent as much as the other.

These two devotees calling themselves conservatives, strain to blame the Democrat party for slavery, Jim Crow and most every other popular racial badness. The Republicans supposedly are angels wiping out these evils. Mostly this is a lot of claptrap–but then we are dealing with political parties—the womb of prevarication.

Dinesh D’Souza is a naturalized American who seems to know as much about his adopted country’s history as most people know about the political structure of Somalia. :)

Who's Right, CNN or the Academy?

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CNN draws a straight line from white advocacy to genocide, but European academics know better. 
They understand why whites don't want to give their countries away to foreigners, and why they must have a voice in politics. As Jared Taylor of American Renaissance notes, American elites keep trying to suppress the truth—but it's too late.

Know Dixie, Know America


A review of Conserving America (St. Augustine Press, 2016) by Patrick J. Deneen
Man has been created by God in such a way that the larger the object of his love the less directly attached he is to it.  His heart needs particular passions; he needs limited objects for his attraction to keep these firm and enduring … I am convinced that the interests of the human race are better served by giving every man a particular fatherland than by trying to inflame his passions for the whole of humanity
– Alexis de Tocqueville
Socrates was a gadfly to his native city and unusually open-minded toward Egyptians, Spartans, and other foreigners.  Yet it is also true that he fought for Athens against Sparta during the dreadful Peloponnesian Wars, and that he chose to die rather than flout Athenian law.

Mary Surratt–Guilty or Innocent? & A Re-Trial


Guilty or innocent? That question remains to this day in regard to Mary Surratt and you will still find people on both sides of this question that are perfectly sincere in their contentions.

Theodore Roscoe in The Web of Conspiracy  observed that: “By March she must have known that Atzerodt, Wood, and Herold were engaged with her son and Booth in some underground activity.

Evidence indicates that she was aware of a plan to abduct the President of the United States and carry him prisoner to Richmond…Yet to the day of her death, Mrs. Surratt would deny any complicity in Lincoln’s murder.” I feel that is the crux of the whole matter. I have no doubt she was aware of the abduction plot. I do not think she was aware of the murder plot. Though both were crimes, there was a big difference between abduction and murder.

Silencer Guide with Decibel Level Testing

 Duck season, rabbit season silencer meme

This project is a massive look at silencers with testing data that shows exactly what difference a suppressed firearm can make on your sound levels while shooting.
If you understand how silencers work and would like to jump straight to the data, here is a quick guide to the sections covered in this project:

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Hello Brock,

My name is Dave, and I’m with Ammo To Go. I've just been taking a look at your site. The news you've collected on there, it's a great reminder that the "We're not coming out of your guns, silly paranoid!" defense bandied about by leftists is more of an empty chant than anything else. I'd say "come and take them," but they'd need a small forklift just to take all mine away at once.

I’m reaching out to see whether you’d like to share with your readers something great that my has team cooked up. We’re hoping to dispel some myths about silencers.

We just did an exhaustive study -- how silencers work, their benefits, their legality, and we even used a decibel meter to compare several silenced and unsilenced calibers to one another. I think it comprises a ton of useful stuff about silencers. Here it is:

My team wanted to do this because silencers are increasingly becoming a hot button issue in the news these days, and we want people to be actually informed about the accessories rather than have their understanding of them limited to what they’ve watched in James Bond movies. If you could help to spread the word, I’d be much obliged.

Thank you dearly for your time, and for the work you do informing people about our passion!