Friday, February 24, 2017

California Bans Students From Traveling To ‘Anti-LGBT’ States

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 The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

California has created a travel ban of its own, which prohibits its own public university students from traveling to “anti-LGBT” states.

The law that went into effect Jan. 1 prohibits state-funded travel to states that are not LGBT-friendly, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

The law prevents students of the University of California and California State University from traveling to four states outlined by California attorney general Xavier Becerra, including Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Pence: Democrats' Obamacare promises were 'fake news'

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Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday blasted “liberal activists” showing up in droves to protest at GOP lawmakers' town hall events, promising they won't deter Republicans' mission to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls around the country, the American people know better,” Pence said, addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland.
“Obamacare has failed and Obamacare must go,” he added.
The vice president also quipped that Democratic arguments in favor of Obamacare are "fake news."

“Talk about your fake news, folks,” he said. “Just look at all the promises liberals have made about Obamacare.”

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Walker's proposed welfare reforms are an exciting example for the rest of the country

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In 2011, Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., delivered his first inaugural address. He laid out an agenda focused on returning to "frugality in government" and building an economic climate that would create new private-sector jobs. Walker assured everyone that, despite the tough challenges facing the Badger State, Wisconsin was up to the task and would serve as a model for the rest of the nation to follow.

To some, this seemed quaint and naïve, given the lingering effects of the economic crisis. But Walker has spent the last six years proving those skeptics wrong.

#CNNLeaks: Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN

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A Trump wine boycott backfires spectacularly

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They tried to stop Donald Trump in the primaries. Old story.

They tried to stop him on Election Day. Everyone knows how that turned out.

With Trump in the White House and their options dwindling, the president’s opponents finally tried to #StopTrumpWine.

Want to guess how that’s going?

Bannon's goal: 'Deconstruction of the administrative state'

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White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said Thursday that one of the main goals of the Trump administration is to significantly reduce the power of the federal bureaucracy.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Bannon said two other goals are boosting national security and "economic nationalism."

"The third, broadly, line of work is what is deconstruction of the administrative state," he said to cheers.

He said one key move the Trump administration did right away was leaving the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he said fit those goals.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Suggests 12 Year Old Girls Are The Problem If They Don’t Want To See A Male’s Genitals In Locker Rooms

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo thinks that a 12 year old little girl is the problem if she doesn’t want to be in a locker room with a male where he can expose his genitals to her. He also said that if her father had a problem with it, he is either overprotective or intolerant. There are no words for the level of degeneracy this man has sunk to. What kind of society do we have when it’s not even a priority to protect our daughters from sexual perversion?

STEVE BANNON Reveals Trump Administration's Plans - Leftists Ought to be Scared

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Docs vs. Glocks: Court Rules that Doctors Can Interrogate Patients About Guns

 Ask all you want, but I will simply reply that it is none of your business.

A federal court ruled on Thursday that doctors have a constitutional right to ask about their patients’ firearms—and record their answers—even if those questions are irrelevant to the health of the patient.

The ruling ends a controversial battle between doctors and the state of Florida. The Florida state legislature passed a law in 2011 barring medical professionals from asking about their patients’ guns unless those questions were directly related to the patient’s situation (i.e., the patient was suicidal or violent).

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Straightforward From Here To The Left’s Fascist, Maybe Violent, Endgame

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The Democrat Party, its Media serfs, and Social Justice Incorporated are all outraged because we uppity normals are again presuming to rule ourselves, and their agony is delightful. Less delightful is how, in the process of trying to claw their way back into power, they are incinerating the norms and rules that preserve our political order. That stuff Hillary babbled about honoring the legitimacy of elections? Yeah, no. There’s an invisible asterisk only liberals can see that explains that the norms and rules are void when liberals lose.
So, where does this crisis end?
We know where the leftists want it to end, with us silenced and subservient forever, toiling to pay taxes for them to redistribute to their clients as they pick at, poke at and torment us. You look at the things Trump stands for and all of them are about lifting the yoke off of us – cutting taxes, slashing regulations, guaranteeing the Second Amendment, protecting our religious liberty, and safeguarding us from terrorists and illegals. But everything liberals want, everything Hillary ran on, is about clamping the yoke ever tighter around our necks – raising taxes, issuing more regulations, disarming us, limiting our religious freedom, and putting us at risk from terrorists and alien criminals. The whole leftist platform is about putting us down and keeping us down.
Think what they will do if they take power again.

Is the media repeating mistake about Trump polls?

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Look anywhere and you'll see it noted that Donald Trump has the lowest job approval rating of any president at this stage in his term. It's true. Go down Trump's approval rating in recent surveys: CBS News 39 percent; Gallup 43; Rasmussen 52; Reuters 45; Economist 48; Quinnipiac 38, and on and on. Trump's current approval rating in the RealClearPolitics average of polls is 44.3 percent approve, 50.3 percent disapprove. Previous presidents at this point in their terms were definitely higher.
There's no denying Trump's numbers, but it is reasonable to question whether they say what they seem to say.

According to the RealClearPolitics average, Trump's personal approval rating was 58.5 percent disapprove, 37.5 percent approve on the day he was elected president. In exit polls that day, 60 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, versus 38 percent favorable. A candidate with a disapproval rating around 60 managed to win Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and other key states on his way to winning 306 electoral votes and the presidency.