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Dear Sirs, Madams and Otherwise:

I am not a terrorist.

Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, I am not planning a violent overthrow of the current US government, nor do I anticipate engaging in such an activity in the foreseeable future. While I do have certain disagreements and issues with the current conduct of national policy both foreign and domestic, I have no illusions as to my ability to successfully mount, sustain and press forward to completion said overthrow. As a practical man, I see little gain in beginning a course of action that would have essentially no positive benefit for me and mine; therefore, I’m not the revolutionary/reactionary/domestic terrorist that you may believe me to be.

Given recent revelations vis a vis the government’s active program of domestic surveillance, I felt that it was necessary to write this letter to clarify certain issues which have almost certainly caused my correspondence and data to be stored away for analysis, or perhaps even caused my name to be placed on a ‘potential bad guy’ watch list.

It is true that I have been highly critical of a number of policies set forth and promulgated by current and past Executives and Congresses, as well as some of the decisions of the Supreme Court. It is true that at times these criticisms have used language which was deliberately intended to be provocative, as the use of such language is often highly effective in ‘stirring the pot’ of the reader’s mind. As this was my intent, I feel justified in doing so, and would remind anyone reviewing my words after the fact that satire and irony, while they seem to be dying arts, are nonetheless verbal techniques which we old farts once studied.

It is also true that I have made a number of statements concerning a possible future revolution against the current regime. While I am not actively promulgating said revolution (see above), my own study of history and current events leads me to believe that such a revolution is becoming more and more unavoidable with each passing day. Ultimately I am saddened by this; but again, I see no way for me to directly affect the course of events which will bring it about. All I can do at this point is rage against the dying of the light (as the poet said), and cry for the world I see today’s children having to endure.

So, keep this in mind as your computers churn away, mining my emails and comments and posts for signs of ‘suspicious behaviors’. There are still those of us who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and that belief includes the idea that bellyaching and kvetching about the government is protected under the First Amendment. Of course, many of us also believe that our electronic correspondence falls under what the Framers called “persons, homes, places and effects” which are private and protected unless subjected to “due process of law” (the Fourth and Fifth Amendments)…and it would seem that these restrictions have been allowed (or encouraged) to fall by the wayside in the name of “security”.

I would remind you of Ben Franklin’s words about liberty and security. I’m fairly certain that you’ve heard them, but if not, a quick web search will pull them up.

In closing, I would repeat that I am NOT a ‘domestic terrorist’, nor do I plan on becoming one. I am old, fat, and physically incapable of doing more than mouthing off at the keyboard. My eyes are bad and my hands unsteady, which speaks poorly of my ability to hit anything I might aim at or construct any explosive device more complicated than a vinegar and baking soda balloon-inflating bottle. In short, I am poorly equipped to lead a charge against anything more threatening than a buffet line.

Please keep this in mind as you continue to monitor my electronic life.


The Administrator,
Hype And Fail
(you know who I am)

The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement -- Party Historians are Party Men First

Very difficult to miss in reading the passage below is the current spate of political correctness and re-interpretation of American history to fit an ideological agenda.  This agenda demands that the past be explained by court historians to justify the present, and that it points toward the desired collectivist future.   Bernhard Thuersam

The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement -- Party Historians are Party Men First

“While the [Communist] Party [USA] was instrumental in building both Negro and interracial organizations in carrying out its united front program among black Americans, it did not neglect an important corollary activity, the reinterpretation of Negro history.  Communists had always sought to depict the development of the American Negro in terms of a revolutionary tradition.  

[Black vice-presidential candidate of the CPUSA in 1932, James W.] Ford purported himself to be something of a historian, and in a series of pamphlets and articles emphasized the radical heritage of American Negroes.  International Publishers, which handled most of the Party’s publications, issued a series of biographies of Negroes and whites who had been prominent in the anti-slavery movement . .
While the re-interpretation of Negro history had been carried out by earlier historians under the influence of the scholarly Carter G. Woodson . . . it remained for the Communists to produce and circulate widely the more popular versions and turn them to account in their propaganda work.  The Party historians sought to give the Negro in America a radical past as a preface to a radical present.

Constantly emphasized by writers were the instances of concerted action by Negroes and poorer whites against the dominant economic class.  [Black author Herbert Aptheker [wrote:] “The poor whites fled from its [the Confederacy’s] armies and waged war upon it. The slaves conspired or rebelled, or broke its tools, or refused to do its work, or fled its fields and mines and factories.  Many fought shoulder to shoulder with the poor Southern whites against a common enemy, and a multitude joined the army from the North and brought it information and guidance and labor and desperate courage.”

Woodson and [WEB] DuBois were among the first to challenge the traditional interpretation of the role of the Negro in the Reconstruction period. The Communist historians drew heavily upon these investigations and supplemented them with new data and concepts. They vigorously attacked the “bourgeois historians” for the falsification of the militant Negro political programs during the immediate post-Civil War period.  Ford, for example, declared:

“The reactionaries try to cover up the truth of this period and to conceal the revolutionary actions of the masses, particularly the white Southern masses. A whole literature has been built up on such revolutionary distortions and misinterpretations of the Reconstruction period. The “carpet-bagger” bogeyman has been used to frighten little children and the whole population of Southern whites.  The influence of the reactionary myth of “Carpet-Bagger Reconstruction” is not only confined to the South; this fallacy has been built up in the North also.  It is one of the crimes of bourgeois historical scholarship that it has buried the profoundly significant revolutionary struggles of the Negro and white masses in the South . . .” 

Aptheker’s . . . writings as a whole can be regarded as a sustained effort to “correct” the distortions perpetrated by the “bourgeois” historical school. 

[It] is important to note that the Communist interpretation of Negro history [as cited] . . . had a rather clear-cut set of purposes.  In the case of the Stalinist writers certain motives stand out clearly [and] there was a recognized need to build up the Negro’s belief in his own militant tradition . . . [and] there was a need to portray an identity of interests and joint action between Negroes and poor whites against a common oppressor in the past. 

Third, it was important to depict Northern industrialists and Southern plantation owners as the common enemies of Negro and white toilers, thus externalizing the evil against which the workers must struggle.  The Party, like its mother organization in the USSR, demanded that the past explain and justify the present, and that it point to the future – a future in which great things were seen for the Party.

If the role of great Negro figures was distorted; if small men were clothed in the garments of the mighty; if undifferentiated protest was imbued with heavy ideological overtones; if the accomplishments of moderate leaders were reduced to insignificance; if facts and scholarship suffered in the process, this could not evoke major concern. The Party historian was a Party man first and a historian second.” 

(The Negro and the Communist Party, Wilson Record, Atheneum, 1971 (original 1951), pp. 172-176) 

GRNC Paul Valone's Open Letter Response to NRA Chuck Cunningham


An Open Letter from GRNC President Paul Valone to NRA/ILA Director of State and Local Affairs Chuck Cunningham (Cunningham’s email to NRA members is below)
Dear Chuck:

It is always a pleasure hearing from you, even if it is secondhand and nearly two months after the NRA ensured re-election of a sheriff who has obstructed concealed handgun permits and, until recently, refused to sign Form 4’s for Title II firearms.

However, I am afraid your recounting of the debacle surrounding Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman isn’t exactly how it happened. In fact, if that is what Anthony Roulette told you, you might want to have a word with him. Here is the full timeline of Schatzman’s transgressions from alerts we previously issued.

Timeline of GRNC response to complaints about Schatzman:

August, 2011: GRNC receives member complaints indicating that the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is requiring concealed handgun permit applicants to provide full employer information, including the name, address and phone number of the applicant's employer.

September 1, 2011: GRNC president Paul Valone sends fax to Sheriff Schatzman, including the employment form printed from the FCSO website, notifying him of his non-compliance with N.C.G.S. 14-415.4.

September 8, 2011: Valone speaks at length with Davida Martin of the Forsyth County legal counsel's office, who directed him to Kevin McGuckin. Valone then leaves detailed message for McGuckin.

September 21, 2011: After both fax and phone message are ignored by FCSO (the former for 20 days), Valone again phones McGuckin, this time reaching him at 3:00 PM. When apprised of the situation, McGuckin replies “We’ll take that under advisement.” When Valone explains that failure to remove the form will result in legal action, McGuckin says, “Goodbye” and hangs up.

September 22, 2011: GRNC issues alert targeting Schatzman for requiring employment information:

September 27, 2011: GRNC board member advises Valone that the link for the employment form is still on FCSO website. However, when Valone checks the site he discovers that a new form has been placed there without notice. The new form does not require name of employer and clearly says that providing the information is "voluntary."

September 28, 2011: GRNC issues update to members noting that FCSO has complied with the letter (but not the spirit) of the law:

March 1, 2012: GRNC issues alert targeting Schatzman for placing arbitrary time limits on required training for CHPs in violation of state law:

Additional items:

• FCSO shortened the time of day in which it processed CHP applications from a full business day to the period 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM while most other departments place no such limits.

• Despite NRA’s recent assertion to the contrary, Schatzman opposes Title II firearms. On January 7, 2013, he interviewed with the Winston-Salem Journal, which said: “Our guy, Sheriff Bill Schatzman – a former Marine and FBI agent – has wisely declined to sign off on any permits to own automatic and assault weapons. ‘I’ve been firing automatic weapons since the mid-60s,’ Schatzman said. ‘I don’t see any purpose for them in the civilian world … What’s the purpose of (an assault) weapon? It’s a shoot-out gun, a combat gun. It’s a gun you go to war with.’”

Summary of Schatzman’s transgressions:

The documentation above clearly demonstrates that Sheriff William Schatzman first violated state law by requiring concealed handgun permit applicants to supply potentially intimidating employer information, including contact information for employers, then stonewalled when notified of the department's non-compliance. Telephone calls to the Schatzman's legal representatives were met with hostility, including hanging up on GRNC president Paul Valone. Only after an alert directed hundreds of contacts to Schatzman did the department grudgingly comply by replacing the form with one which indicates completion is "voluntary."

Schatzman continued to obstruct concealed handgun permit issuance, however, first by restricting permit applications to only three hours per day, then by refusing to accept valid training certificates from applicants. Grass Roots North Carolina stands by all of the statements made in the GRNC Political Victory Fund mailings and emails sent to Forsyth County voters.

‘Patently false,’ Chuck? Is that your final answer?

In responding to complaints about the NRA supporting Schatzman, you said:

“Unfortunately, the NRA has had to repeatedly clarify other attacks by Grass Roots North Carolina. Previously, GRNC claimed that the NRA ‘targeted Schatzman using his own words,’ in a legislative alert last year regarding efforts to repeal the handgun permit-to-purchase requirement. This is patently false, and the leader of that group knows this. Nonetheless, GRNC has repeated this falsehood in its latest anti-NRA diatribe, claiming that the NRA ‘issued an alert against (Schatzman), using his quote in opposition to repealing the law.’ Again, this never happened.”

“Patently false” and I know it? You don’t say. Once again, if that’s what Roulette told you, then you should have a word with him, since we have the alert you sent against Schatzman and already gave a link for it. Allow me to share it with you:

You will note that it contains Schatzman’s own words opposing repeal of the purchase permit system, which are:

"To my friends and political followers, thank you for expressing your concerns regarding our gun laws and for your strong support for our Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office for the last eleven years. I, like you, believe in and strongly support requiring purchase permits and background checks for all hand gun purchases. I do not support NC HB 937 Amend Various Firearms Laws as it is currently written. I oppose the provision, added by the NC Senate last Tuesday 6/11/13, which would repeal the pistol purchase permit law. I am on the NC Sheriff’s Association (NCSA) Legislative Committee and I know the NCSA opposes the added Senate provision, also, and has asked the NC General Assembly to delete it. If you have any questions about this matter, I would be happy to answer them. My best regards always. Sheriff Bill" [Emphasis added]

As you will note, this doesn’t quite align with the statement from NRA representative Katelyn Bledsoe that the NRA endorsed Schatzman over his support for repealing the purchase permit law, namely:

“He expressed support for every one of the NRA's legislative goals, including repeal of the Handgun Permit-to-Purchase which is a very important state legislative priority for us this year.”

HB 650 and HB 937

Roulette has apparently also been blowing you smoke about having gotten House Bill 650 and House Bill 937 passed. With respect to the former, it was GRNC which drafted the Castle Doctrine, concealed carry in parks and Title II language in conjunction with our good friend, former Rep. Mark Hilton. Roulette did add a few measures to the bill, principally one which purported to reduce concealed handgun permit issuance from ninety days to forty-five but, unfortunately, was so poorly drafted that it is now resulting in sheriffs delaying permits. In at least one county, it now takes nearly six months to get a permit.

With respect to HB 937, it left the House with only restaurant carry and a limited provision for guns in locked motor vehicles at institutions of higher learning. It was in the Senate, working with Sen. Buck Newton, that GRNC was able to add assemblies of people, all educational property, expanded areas of parks and, yes, the purchase permit repeal your representative calls a “very important legislative priority” for the NRA.

In fact, it is my recollection that when the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association convinced Governor Pat McCrory to threaten to veto the bill if it contained the purchase permit repeal, it was Roulette and the NRA who immediately capitulated, leading Speaker Thom Tillis to shunt the bill to a conference committee which nearly caused its demise.

We’re in agreement about one thing, Chuck: “A great deal of misinformation” is indeed being spread about this matter.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International

Begin forwarded message:
From: State and Local state&
Date: July 3, 2014 at 10:01:01 AM EDT
Subject: RE: Roulette
Dear Sir,
Your message to Chris Cox has been forwarded to me for response. As for your concerns about Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman, we appreciate you bringing them to our attention. Unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation is being spread about this matter.
While it is true that Sheriff Schatzman had once implemented a policy of only accepting firearms training certificates that were issued for one year from application for a North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP), this policy was eliminated when it was pointed out that such a policy was not in compliance with the CHP statute.
Similarly, when Sheriff Schatzman implemented his policy of allowing CHP applications to be accepted online (a very convenient practice that has not been implemented by all other sheriffs in North Carolina), his staff made sure that the old policy mentioned above was not accidentally included. However, Sheriff Schatzman’s office does not actually maintain its own website, as it is not staffed to do so. That task is handled by others in the Forsyth County government. At some point, the Sheriff website was refreshed and the old policy was mistakenly posted. The NRA contacted Sheriff Schatzman once we learned about this issue, and it has now been resolved.
Unfortunately, the NRA has had to repeatedly clarify other attacks by Grass Roots North Carolina. Previously, GRNC claimed that the NRA “targeted Schatzman using his own words,” in a legislative alert last year regarding efforts to repeal the handgun permit-to-purchase requirement. This is patently false, and the leader of that group knows this. Nonetheless, GRNC has repeated this falsehood in its latest anti-NRA diatribe, claiming that the NRA “issued an alert against (Schatzman), using his quote in opposition to repealing the law.” Again, this never happened.
Furthermore, GRNC claimed that the NRA told a “lie” when we stated “Schatzman supports repeal of our...pistol purchase law.” Again, this is patently false, and the group is fully aware that Sheriff Schatzman has pledged his support its repeal, as well as the reasons why, in a letter sent directly to NRA-ILA State Liaison Anthony Roulette. You can read his letter here.
Finally, with regard to Anthony Roulette, he has worked at the NRA for twenty years. He has been State Liaison for North Carolina since 2003. The NRA and our North Carolina members, with Anthony’s able and professional representative and leadership in the legislative arena, have achieved significant success for all Tar Heel gun owners, including passage and enactment of House Bill 937 last year and House Bill 650 in 2011. Our top legislative priority in North Carolina is repeal of the handgun permit-to-purchase requirement and, if that is accomplished, it will happen more because of the efforts of the NRA and support from our membership than GRNC. Anthony has also been successful in facilitating enactment of important pro-gun reforms in his other assigned states of Arkansas and South Carolina.
If you have additions questions about this matter, please contact me again.
Charles H. Cunningham
Director of State and Local Affairs
National Rifle Association

A one of a kind wedding, that's for sure

Early this year, Rowden and Leizl decided to get married on July 8, 2014, Rowden's 30th birthday. Together with their adorable 2-year-old daughter, they already had a perfect family.

Then a twist of fate, Rowden got diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer in late May. His last request was to marry his one true love. After 12hours of preparations, his dream was fulfilled. Unable to take him outside the hospital, we brought the church to him. It was like a heartbreaking fairytale.

Rowden Go, at the age of 29-years-old, passed away on June 11, 2014. Less than 10hours after he said his vows.

He is survived by his wife Leizel May, daughter Zakiah Rowzel, mother Lorelei, and brothers Hasset & Hisham.

Blinged Out Truck For Hero

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 The humbled man impressed me the most.

ISIS: Give over girls for 'sex jihad'


Radical Islamists murdering and imposing mayhem across Iraq, now calling themselves Islamic State but formerly known as ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, have demanded property and lives both as the price of their advances.

Now they want girls.

A report from the Clarion Project, which is an independently funded, nonprofit group that works to expose Islamic extremism, primarily through movies, reveals that ISIS has been putting up posters throughout Mosul, one of the captured Iraqi cities, telling residents to bring their unmarried daughters to ISIS soldiers.

Citing Arabic sources including those inside Mosul, the report said the posters call for girls to participate in “jihad al-nikah,” or “sex jihad.”

The Clarion Project cites information from Al-Masryalyoum, a “respected” Egyptian daily newspapers along with other Arab press sources.

Posters in public places in Mosul read:

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NKVD in Kalispell

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Investigation Reveals He “Became Unresponsive”

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 (A makeshift memorial containing balloons, candles, and stuffed animals near the spot where Sean Broaddus died.  Photo by Cherri Gregg)

They say smoking kills, but this wasn’t what they were talking about. Not even in a city that bears the name meaning brotherly love, as interpreted by the moral descendants Frank Rizzo rather than William Penn.  Philadelphia has long been a tough place to be black.

THE DAY WAS almost done, the street emptying out from a community barbecue. Inside Deborah’s Hair Salon in Nicetown, stylist Margo Broaddus put the finishing touches on her last customer, as her husband helped drag chairs inside from the day’s fun.
She needed cigarettes. So she gave Sean Broaddus $7 to run to the corner store. But seconds after her hubby disappeared inside the Dalvis Grocery, she said, cops emerged seemingly from nowhere and swarmed the store so quickly on Broaddus’ heels, it was as if the salon’s picture window had morphed into a TV screen showing a crime movie.
Not just cops. The Narcotics Strike Force.

Inside, she said, an officer had Sean Broaddus in a choke hold.

10 Southern Pictures 1905 - 1943

July 1939. "Mr. Whitfield, tobacco sharecropper, with baby on front porch. North Carolina, Person County, near Gordonton." 

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Obama's "A Bridge To Far"


In the fall of 1944 Allied military commanders in Europe had become quite impressed with themselves given the rapidity with which they had pushed the Wehrmacht back to the French frontiers and into Belgium.  This led the British commander, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, to propose a daring airborne assault into the Netherlands and across the Rhine river that would open the plains of Northern Germany to the Allied armies and possible end the war in Europe by Christmas of 1944.  This became know as "Operation Market Garden", and Hollywood later depicted it as "A Bridge To Far". 

The operation was a costly disaster.  British and American Airborne units found themselves dropped right into the face of marshaling German armor and mounted infantry units and were unable to long secure their objectives once the Germans counter attacked.  The follow on ground units also faced heavy and determined resistance and were unable to move forward to relieve the beleaguered airborne units.  The airborne units then had to undertake a fighting withdrawal back to allied lines and suffered heavy losses.

Empty Chair

“The ‘5 ‘L’s’ suggest that senior citizens must automatically be considered safety risks if they are firearms owners..."

Warren Johnson

Many Baby Boomers already dread “the talk” –- suggesting their aging parents surrender car keys –- but now two geriatric experts say another thorny, family question must be asked of some elderly folks. 

Is it time to give up your gun? 

In a recently published paper, the two physicians offer a five-point checklist meant to help caregivers assess whether firearms remain safe in the hands and homes of older Americans, particularly if the gun owners are exhibiting unclear thinking or depression.

“Just like with some (older) people, it’s not if you should stop driving, but when,” said Dr. Ellen M. Pinholt, a co-author and former chief of geriatric medicine at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. “If we find some dementia present in a patient, it can be about when to lock up the weapon or whether we have the family take it away.

More with video @ NBC

You Make the Call


I remember the outrage I felt when I read the first story about a store banning firearms. I still do but I have done a bit more investigating and while I still disagree I am a bit more understanding. Also, as I look into these incidents I think there is something more behind the scenes in play.

I grew up with guns and I love shooting. However if I walked into Target and saw a group of guys with AKs and ARs I would probably just turn around and exit. However, if I saw the same group of guys with 45s holstered at their waist I’d think nothing of it. Perception is everything and it seems in every one of these instances they are not carrying hunting rifles but an “assault” rifle to push a button. I can be at the range, have a thousand guns around, and never think twice. Someone carrying a rifle at Sears I have to think twice. Is this just a bunch of yahoos doing the wrong thing for the right reason? Perhaps there is a reason and not the one on which everyone focuses. What if they are really there to damage the gun rights movement.

Obama Look-Alike Dies in US Border Protection Commercial Aimed at Migrants

An actor with a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama stars -- and dies -- in a new federal government commercial aimed at preventing and scaring Central American migrants from attempting to illegally enter the United States. 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unveiled the commercial on Thursday on both sides of the border. According to ABC, the ads will be "dramatic, made in the telenovella fashion."

More with video @ Breitbart

Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Setting the Example for the $NAACP$

In keeping with the Communist Party USA’s efforts to unionize the South, Rosa Parks and others were sent to the Highlander Folk School for training in the mid-1950s where she met Michael King, later known as M.L. King.  King’s mass march organizer was communist Bayard Rustin. By the 1960s, the Democratic party in the US had fully absorbed the character and platform of the CPUSA; in 1964 Lyndon Johnson awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to collectivist A. Philip Randolph.   Bernhard Thuersam

Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Setting the Example for the NAACP

“In line with the creation of an interracial organization in the North, the [communist] Party set out to eliminate all racial barriers and to dispel any notion of racism within its own ranks.  One way of demonstrating this commitment was by elevating blacks to positions of leadership. Significant in this sense was the nomination of James W. Ford as vice-presidential candidate on the Communist ticket in 1932. 

The national secretary of the ILD, William L. Patterson and one of the national leaders of the Young Communist League, Henry Winston, were also black, as were a growing number of Party officials. 

By 1930 the Party had also begun to comply with the [Communist International’s] directive concerning expansion of organizational efforts in the [American] South. In the face of violence and intimidation the Party set out to organize Southern blacks and whites. 

[The Party’s main] demands included jobs or relief for the unemployed regardless of race and sex; houses for the homeless; a moratorium on rents for the unemployed; a seven hour day, five day work week . . . and the right to organize. 

Nothing helped the Communist party break out of its isolation and to gain sympathy and support from within the black community nationwide than its role in the Scottsboro case.  Throughout the early years of the depression, the Party was involved in a number of legal cases in defense of blacks.

In the Spring of 1931 nine young black men, aged 13 to 21, were charged with having raped two white women on a freight train in northern Alabama.  After a speedy trial . . . eight were sentenced to die in the electric chair. 

Upon learning of the conviction, the Party acting through the ILD [International Labor Defense], moved in.  The Communist party and the ILD were able to secure the support of most of the defendants’ parents and, after a brief fight with the NAACP, to take and retain control of the defense until 1935.

The Communist strategy developed along three parallel lines. In the courtroom it enlisted skilled and experienced lawyers to fight a legal battle which transformed the case into a national and international cause célèbre, the most notorious political case of the 1930s. 

Secondly, believing that only mass action rather than reliance on . . . courts could save the youths, the Party organized demonstrations, find raising events, petition drives, massive mailings, and countless mass meetings, always ensuring a numerous white presence to emphasize the interracial character of the fight against racism.  No party document or function was complete without an appeal for the freedom of the “Scottsboro boys.”  Several of the defendants’ mothers were sent on speaking tours across the country, and one was even sent abroad.   

Communist speakers were for the first time to speak in black churches, fraternal organizations and clubs. The Party began to enlist the support of black religious and community leaders. Most of the nations’ black press reported favorably on the efforts of the Party and the ILD in the case.  In the words of the editor of the Oklahoma Black Dispatch, the Communist party was the first white organization, since the abolitionist movements, to advocate openly “the economic, political and social equality of black folks.”

In the eyes of many blacks the Party’s role in the Scottsboro case reinforced the image of Communists as outspoken and committed defenders of the rights and freedoms of black Americans.” 

(The Communist Party of the United States, Fraser M. Ottanelli, Rutgers University Press, 1991, pp. 38-42)  

No Jobs for Americans

Special Interest Dominated Immigration Policy

Massive Wrongs against the American People

 Mike Scruggs

 In June, the Center for Immigration Studies ( released a research report showing that all the net employment growth in the working age population (ages 16-65) since 2000 went to immigrants. Immigrant employment increased by 183 percent or 5.7 million from the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2014, while native-born employment dropped 127,000. This is despite the fact that 16.8 million or 66 percent of the population growth during that period was native-born.

 Over 17 million immigrant workers came to the U.S. from 2000 to 2014, and the number of native-born not working increased by the same number, 17 million. The total non-working in the 16-65 age group has risen to an astonishing 69 million. In addition, 7.3 million who wanted full-time work were forced to part-time.

 Some other ways of looking at the situation look just as grim. The total population grew by 25.7 million or 14 percent from 2000 to 2014, but employment only grew 4 percent. The labor participation rate for natives dropped from 77.1 percent to 71.5 percent during that period. The labor participation rate for immigrants increased from 73.2 to 73.4 percent.

 The decline in labor participation rates has affected every age, race, and education group.

 The labor rate participation (aged 16-65) for those with college degrees has dropped from 87.7 to 85.3 percent since 2000.  Those with less than a high school education have seen the largest drop in participation, from 58.9 to 47.1 percent. Black labor participation has dropped from 64.5 to 56.9 percent. The rate for U.S. born Hispanics has dropped from 68.2 to 60.5 percent. The overall rate for the U.S. workforce has dropped from 73.7 to 66.4 percent.

 Although the negative impact of immigration on native employment is shocking, it is not really surprising. Edwin Rubenstein Economic Research Consulting has been tracking this displacement of American workers by foreign cheap labor since 1986.  Studies by the Rand Corporation and several other research institutions and university economic departments have been confirming and publishing papers on this displacement at least since 1980. The economics of failure to enforce our immigration laws at the workplace combined with excessive increases in legal immigration are exactly what common sense and classical economic theory would have predicted. Excess labor supply displaces many American workers and drives down their wages.

 The new CIS research and many previous and ongoing studies make it absolutely clear that there is no genuine labor shortage in the U.S. as claimed by the usual cheap labor lobbyist groups: the U. S Chamber, National Restaurant Association, National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Manufacturers, Business Round Table, and many other business associations and individual corporations. This generally includes Chambers of Commerce and Farm Bureaus at the state level. They have been joined by technology billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is leading the political spending charge on replacing Americans with cheaper foreign workers on H-1B visas. Inflated H-1B quotas have been doing substantial damage to American science, technology, engineering, and math graduates. In addition, ethnic lobbies now push for amnesty and higher immigration levels with the principal objective of increasing their political power. All of this lobbying power and high levels of political financial support for cooperative legislators is driving the U.S. toward “comprehensive immigration reform” that will make the plight of American workers and the American people far worse.

 The claim that the U.S. has a labor shortage, given the overwhelming objective evidence accumulating to the contrary, is completely irresponsible. Yet it is continually voiced by many Republican establishment politicians, especially Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan.

 The mantra of the George W. Bush administration was: “They are only doing jobs Americans won’t do.”  The truth is that there are very few jobs, if any, for which this is true. Only 6 of 415 job classifications by the Department of Labor have a majority of foreign workers.  Strenuous agricultural jobs are only a small part of the cheap labor immigration problem. Less than 1.3 percent of foreign workers are directly involved in agriculture. However, illegal immigrant workers quickly spread from low-paid jobs to higher paid jobs in direct competition with American workers in construction, restaurants, hotels, and now even high tech positions. Even the hardest agricultural jobs are still done by Americans in areas that have not become addicted to and dependent upon cheap foreign labor. Cheap foreign labor drives out American labor. Once foreign labor becomes pervasive regionally in a lower paid job category, that job is stigmatized as having no future. Employers then find it difficult to hire American workers. 

 Senate bill S.744, the Schumer-Rubio bill. would not only make things worse with an expensive amnesty for 8.5 million illegal immigrant workers, but according to the Congressional Budget Office would bring in another 20 million legal immigrant workers over the next decade. Including massive guest-worker increases, some analysts believe that number would be closer to 30-33 million. S.744 is essentially a special interest bill to please cheap labor business associations and ethnic power lobbies. In addition to its disastrous impact on American wage earners and the fiscal integrity of federal, state, and local governments, it would change the electorate from center-right to dominant-left, essentially dooming every conservative issue before federal and state legislatures—right-to-life, religious liberty, gun-rights, free speech, private medical care, etc.

 Besides the enormous displacement of American workers by cheap foreign labor, the resulting income suppression from having to compete with continuous waves of cheaper foreign workers in our own country adds  to the painful injustice of politicized immigration policy. According to economic studies by Harvard economist George Borjas, American wages are being suppressed nearly $2,800 annually per wage earner. These twin economic evils are the consequence of unconscionable political disregard for traditional American standards of ethical business and government. Moreover, it spits in the face of cherished patriotic values. Special interest dominated immigration policy and unchallenged illegal immigration are massive wrongs against the American people.

Murrieta Counter-Protest: Pro-Amnesty 'Aztecs' Shout 'White Supremacists Out!'

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Pro-amnesty activists beat drums and danced in full Aztec regalia, chanting, "White supremacists out, white supremacists out!" at a counter-demonstration at the Murrieta Border Patrol station Friday.  

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Private and Secure.
Real Time Messaging, Calling and Email.
From Iceland.  

Poll: Americans Believe Owning a Gun is an Act of Patriotism


According to a new Fox News poll, most Americans believe owning a gun is an act of Patriotism.
70 percent of voters consider volunteering on a political campaign to be patriotic, 61 percent say the same about participating in a political protest and 50 percent say owning a gun is an act of patriotism.

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A Cuban refugee family’s first Fourth of July

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All the “POPS!” and “BANGS!” from fireworks had my single (for the time) mother edgy. Firing-squads had been murdering thousands of Cubans ‘round the clock. Other thousands of Cubans waged a lonely and hopeless guerrilla war against the massively-armed forces of Soviet proxies Che Guevara and the Castro brothers. All this 90 miles from U.S. shores.

All those bombs and gunshots were only months distant on July 4th, 1962–the Fontova family’s first Fourth in the U.S. We landed in south Louisiana, deepest, darkest Dixie. Castro’s propaganda constantly hammered that such areas of the U.S. were infested by “gun and religion-clinging people with ingrained antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” In the following five decades this dovetailing of Castroite and Democratic “talking points” became very noticeable to Cubans in the U.S.

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In memoriam

One of ours who returned to fight Castro.

First Name: 
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2nd Lt
Home Town: 
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Quick, Somebody Call the Police! Buchanan’s Column has been Hijacked by an Imposter!

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Buchanan’s latest column is cringe worthy. It’s supposedly a defense of Richard Nixon against the charge of racism. While everything in the column is technically correct, it’s PC pandering. It is a common trick of PC phobic “conservatives” to claim that Republicans supported Civil Rights and Southern Democrats opposed it. Yes, because Southern Democrats were the more conservative element at the time. And all those white Southern Democrats became Republicans as the parties somewhat switched roles. Buchanan is better than this. I’m really disappointed.

CBM: Fabulous Kays Doo Wop Song

Why There Will Be No Revolution

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 I'll  vote for it.

Secession is better than revolution.~Ed.

I recently read an article on the Left-wing website in Great Britain, The Guardian. This has been the most consistently Left-wing publication in Great Britain. It was part of the organized Left as early as the 1920′s, and it has never varied in the slightest.

The author interviewed a former American spy. The spy is a very well read man. But he cannot think straight. He is a super Leftist. He talks about “the commons.” He does not like private property. He sees all of capitalism as an attempt to take away from the commons and privatize wealth. But there never was a state-free commons. The commons was always a state agency. Throughout men’s history, when there is common land, it is run by an agency that possesses political power. It possesses the power of coercion. Every time you see the word “commons,” think “commissars.” You don’t have commons without commissars.

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