Saturday, July 5, 2014

Investigation Reveals He “Became Unresponsive”

Via Michael

 (A makeshift memorial containing balloons, candles, and stuffed animals near the spot where Sean Broaddus died.  Photo by Cherri Gregg)

They say smoking kills, but this wasn’t what they were talking about. Not even in a city that bears the name meaning brotherly love, as interpreted by the moral descendants Frank Rizzo rather than William Penn.  Philadelphia has long been a tough place to be black.

THE DAY WAS almost done, the street emptying out from a community barbecue. Inside Deborah’s Hair Salon in Nicetown, stylist Margo Broaddus put the finishing touches on her last customer, as her husband helped drag chairs inside from the day’s fun.
She needed cigarettes. So she gave Sean Broaddus $7 to run to the corner store. But seconds after her hubby disappeared inside the Dalvis Grocery, she said, cops emerged seemingly from nowhere and swarmed the store so quickly on Broaddus’ heels, it was as if the salon’s picture window had morphed into a TV screen showing a crime movie.
Not just cops. The Narcotics Strike Force.

Inside, she said, an officer had Sean Broaddus in a choke hold.


  1. When are we ever going to stop fighting among ourselves and stand up against the
    police state we are living in?