Sunday, September 29, 2019

Joe Biden, What are you hiding?

Graham: Whistleblower Complaint ‘A Political Setup’— ‘Salem Witch Trials Have More Due Process Than This’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) declared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the Salem witch trials had “more due process” than the so-called whistleblower’s complaint against President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: Big week here, but I want to begin where Nancy Pelosi just left off. She lays out what she says is most problematic the sequencing.

GRAHAM: Right.

BRENNAN: The president in this call record says–

GRAHAM: Right.
BRENNAN: –“Would you do us a favor?” He brings up debunked myth about the DNC server and then he brings up the Biden family and the need for an investigation. He repeatedly lays that out. And also the aid package is mentioned.

GRAHAM: Right.

BRENNAN: You have no problem with any of this?

GRAHAM: I have zero problems with this phone call–

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Press 1.......

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Pollak: Democrats Are Meddling in the 2020 Election

 Supporters of US President Donald Trump cheer during a "Keep America Great" campaign rally at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, on August 15, 2019. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a colossal mistake this week by agreeing to an impeachment inquiry before she had seen the transcript of President Donald Trump’s conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

It was a strategic mistake, because the evidence contradicted her claims. But it was also a terrible mistake for the country, because it cast the fairness of the 2020 presidential election into serious doubt.

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Never-Trump Chris Wallace Blows a Gasket After Stephen Miller Tells Him: “A Partisan Hit Job Does Not Make You a Whistleblower” (VIDEO)

President Trump political advisor Stephen Miller joined Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday earlier today.

Wallace interrupted Miller and hurled continuous smears, conspiracies and insults at President Trump.

Chris Wallace cannot even hide his bias against this administration.

FOX News Sunday is truly unwatchable these days with this toxic Trump-hater as its host.

During the discussion Stephen Miller corrected Wallace on the alleged whistleblower.

A Few Quick Thoughts in Response to A Heavy Heart


If you believe for one minute that perp walks are coming from this IG Report, I’ve got some Oceanfront property in Arizona I’ll sell you cheap. No one of importance will ever be arrested nor imprisoned and it’s foolish to think otherwise. These are dreams that are keeping us from taking action against this evil that faces us.

We are truly on our own. No IG or AG or President Trump will do Squat.

I’d like to be more optimistic but we can’t keep fooling ourselves.

It’s going to take Blood, Sweat and Tears to take our country back and you best get your minds wrapped around that.

The Civil War is here, we just aren’t participating in it. Evil is winning, because we do nothing.
Yes keep preparing. But I urge you to start making plans to take this battle to them that they so desperately seem to be seeking.

--Wes Rhinier

Bring it here ANTIFA!

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Jon Voight: CPUSA v Trump

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Understanding Faulkner

A Review of: On the Prejudices, Predilections, and Firm Beliefs of William Faulkner. By Cleanth Brooks. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University Press, 1987. 162 pp.

 Of that generation, Andrew Lytle observed, it “was the last moment of equilibrium . . . the last time a man could know who he was. Or where he was from. It was the last time a man, without having to think, could say what was right and what was wrong.”

When I think of the state of literary criticism in the academy today, I think of a New Yorker cartoon someone has put up in the liberal arts coffee lounge at Clemson. It shows a fool, in cap and bells, juggling before the king. The caption reads: “In France they consider him a creative genius.”

Underneath someone has written: “Does this refer to Jerry Lewis or Derrida?” For the uninitiated, Jacques Derrida is the French critic who founded deconstruction, an arcane methodology that regards written texts as primarily self-referential wordplay. Whatever may be said for the metaphysics of this approach, it, along with structuralism and other recent forays into “critical theory,” is frequently more difficult to understand than the creative works it is meant to explicate. Glossolalia may or may not have its place in religion; in literary exegesis it is deadly.

How different things were when the Southern “new critics” were running the show.

Levin: “If you guys in the media would do your damn job and ask Joe Biden and Hunter Biden what the hell’s going on, maybe the president wouldn’t have to raise the issue"

Rep. Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer

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Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. Is this why he’s willing to lie in front of the nation when accusing President Trump of crimes?

Adam Schiff is arguably the biggest liar in Congress…. ever.  He now leads the House Intelligence Committee and this past week oversaw the Intel Committee where he attempted to align President Trump with some ‘trumped’ up allegations concerning his phone call with the President of the Ukraine.  Schiff lied in his opening remarks and claimed numerous falsehoods about the President’s call in spite of the transcript being provided the day before. Students Think The World Will End In 12 Years

Democrats Reveal the Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation

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The Democrats know that there is no impeachable offense.  What they intend to do is to use the investigation to look into every aspect of Trump’s life and try to make dirt out of things unrelated to his talk with the Ukrainian president.  This “impeachment investigation” is a political act to help their candidate win the next presidential election.  

Democrats themselves describe it in this way. For example, here is how Rob Kall, the director of one of the progressive Democrat websites, described the purpose of the investigation:

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Rudy Giuliani: President Trump Would Violate Constitution If He Did Not Pursue Evidence from Foreign Leaders on Biden’s Serious Criminal Conduct

Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night on Justice with Judge Jeanine.

Rudy and Judge  Jeanine discussed the latest impeachment charges announced by Democrats this week against President Donald Trump for his conversation with the Ukrainian President in July.
Rudy and Judge  Jeanine discussed the latest impeachment charges announced by Democrats this week against President Donald Trump for his conversation with the Ukrainian President in July.