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Photo of Smiling Police Chief Holding Activists’ Controversial Sign Has ‘Angered a Lot of Officers’

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Image source: Facebook/WWhat's Up Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh’s police chief is embroiled in controversy over a Facebook photo of him holding a sign that many of his officers reportedly believe accuses them of racism, KDKA-TV reported.

During the city’s First Night activities this week, Police Chief Cameron McLay was getting coffee when an activist group called WWhat’s Up Pittsburgh? got him to hold a sign that reads “I resolve to challenge racism @ work #EndWhiteSilence”:

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The Covert Operations Of Hans Tofte During The Korean War

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By the beginning of 1951, the belligerents of the Korean War had been locked in a brutal struggle since June of the previous year. Ground combat had seesawed up and down the peninsula, at first seeming to favor the North Koreans, then the United States, then the Chinese, and then finally no one.

China’s momentous entry into the war as American forces approached its border had sent the United States reeling; only by an extreme effort had the Americans been able to stabilize the front and prevent a complete collapse. The winter cold now brought unrelenting misery and disease to the Chinese, grinding their progress to a sickly halt.

Equipped only with quilted cotton uniforms and plagued by inadequate provisions, they had suffered immensely, far more than their American antagonists. But the orders from Peking (not yet called Beijing) were clear: attack and evict the Americans from the peninsula now, with one final push to Pusan. The spring of 1951 promised to bring a massive series of coordinated Chinese-North Korean offensives.

How to quickly draw out of a tactical holster with world record shooter, Jerry Miculek

While Obama Boasts of Ending War in Afghanistan, Marine Family’s Letter Puts It In Perspective


While President Obama boasts of ending the War in Afghanistan, a Marine dad’s letter from 2012 helps put this “achievement” in perfect perspective.

The comments on a letter of condolence from President Obama to Steven R. Hogan, posted publicly, tells a much different narrative than the one the White House and much of the news media have trumpeted.

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Michele Bachmann Once Mocked for $2 Gas Claim - Now Proved Right!

Back in 2011 when Michele Bachmann was trying to become the GOP nominee for President she promised to get America back to $2 a gallon gas. At the time this seemed… a reach. However, the folks at the liberal rag TIME Magazine called it a “fantasy” as they made fun of Bachmann’s grab for votes.

Well… Michele Bachmann has some news for you TIME…

9 Reasons You Must Travel To Russia



Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. Russia is also the world’s ninth most populous nation. Extending across the entirety of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, Russia spans nine time zones and incorporates a wide range of environments and land-forms. From northwest to southeast, Russia shares land borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea – that made Russia even more unique.

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Moms Demand Action Founder: We Win by Bypassing Congress

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On January 1, Salon published an interview in which Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts said that more gun control is needed and the path to securing it includes bypassing Congress.

Watts suggested the pro-Second Amendment landslide in the midterm elections is not really a hindrance to her group’s goals. She also stated that just as no one gave up on immigration–even through it faced a tough road in Congress–no one should give up on gun control, either.

Obama secured amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants by bypassing Congress and handling the issue on his own.

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"We must act now to bring anti-globalist parties to power"

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 Migrants arriving on the island of Lampedusa (Wikicommons). The NATO-led invasion of Libya has opened a huge breach in Europe's defences.

A synthesis has been forming in the field of human biodiversity. It may be summarized as follows: 

1. Human evolution did not end in the Pleistocene or even slow down. In fact, it speeded up with the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, when the pace of genetic change rose over a hundred-fold. Humans were no longer adapting to relatively static natural environments but rather to faster-changing cultural environments of their own making. Our ancestors thus directed their own evolution. They created new ways of life, which in turn influenced who would survive and who wouldn't.

2. When life or death depends on your ability to follow a certain way of life, you are necessarily being selected for certain heritable characteristics. Some of these are dietary—an ability to digest milk or certain foods. Others, however, are mental and behavioral, things like aptitudes, personality type, and behavioral predispositions. This is because a way of life involves thinking and behaving in specific ways. Keep in mind, too, that most mental and behavioral traits have moderate to high heritability.

Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality

 In the east of Brazil, two hours away from Sao Paulo, there's a small community that has a direct blood link with people from the southern United States. They call themselves confederados. Families with last names like Thomas, Strong or Williamson are living proof of the American emigration from Brazil that started after the Civil War. They left the devastation in the southern states to start over in Brazil, which was still a slaveholder nation. The Americans brought with them their expertise in farming, especially cotton, and helped start an agricultural revolution in Brazil. Confederado Celebration 2008

Confederados 2009

Brazil's Grey Ghosts



  • Americana resident Jim Jones stands with then-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter alongside a commemorative monument at the Americana cemetery. Carter made the visit in 1972. ┬áNotice the Confederate insignia and names of the original ninety-four settlers of Americana etched in the based on the monument. (Photographer unknown)
I pressed the buzzer to the gate on the crest of a steep hill and waited, not knowing who or what to expect. I hadn’t written or called, and didn’t really expect to find anyone home. Within seconds, though, a dapper white-haired man with black metal-frame glasses came walking down the yard's path in a chipper sort of way. He looked like Colonel Sanders’s twin, but without the goatee and moustache.

After I fumbled something in Portuguese about my being an American and that I had come to write a story but wasn't sure that this was the right place, the man flashed a great big smile.

Well, yaw cum raht in,” he chirped excitedly. “I’ll git mah whife, and we’ll set us down and have us a rail nahce vis-i-ta-shun.”

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Africa’s Long Heritage of Human Bondage

Prior to the British and New England transatlantic slave trade which brought Africans to the America’s for labor, human bondage was a well-established institution in Africa. Though seen as a scramble for African colonies by European nations, the 1884-85 Berlin Conference also looked for an end to the slaving operations of Zanzibari/Swahili strongman Tippu Tip.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Africa’s Long Heritage of Human Bondage

Nigerian history along the coast, like that of Sierra Leone and the Gambia, begins with the Portuguese. A Portuguese ship reached the Bight of Benin in 1472. Traders of other countries, including the British in particular, then began to reach this wild, forlorn, fragrant coast — they sought “pepper, Elephant’s teeth, oyl of palm, cloth made of cotton wool very curiously woven, and cloth made of the barke of palme trees.”

Soon came traffic much more lucrative, that in human beings. Indeed slavery dominates Nigerian history for almost three hundred years, with all its bizarre and burning horrors. We have already touched on slavery in East Africa; on the West Coast its history was different.

First: the origin of the Atlantic trade was the discovery of America and the consequent development of sugar plantations in the West Indies. When the American aborigines were killed off (by English, French and Spanish settlers), as they were promptly, a labor force had to be found somewhere, and slaves from Africa were a marvelously cheap (as valued by African tribes) and convenient device to this end. The trade brought fantastic profits.

In the Cameroons in the early days the purchase of a slave from African tribes was “two measures of Spanish wine” and he could be sold for a thousand ducats, the profit being 5,000 percent. As late as 1786, a slave could be bought from African tribes in Nigeria for 2 pounds and sold in America for 65 pounds. In that period, 100,000 slaves or more were shipped across the Atlantic each year.

Second: Aside from the British and Portuguese there were slave traders of several other nationalities, but Britain got a monopoly of the business by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1712.

Third: Africans were as much involved in the overseas slave traffic as the Europeans since the latter did not dare as rule penetrate inland from the sea — the interior was too dangerous.

Instead, they bought slaves from warlike African tribes — the Ashanti on the Gold Coast for instance — who seized and collected other Africans and marched them to the coast. As much barbarity accompanied these raids on Africans by Africans as accompanied the actual voyage across the ocean.

Fourth: Africans also sought and captured slaves for themselves. In Northern Nigeria for example, slavery was almost universal until most recent times; slavery did not become illegal in Nigeria till 1901, and a few domestic slaves are still alive who have never been emancipated. A case can be made for slavery and the slave trade. It is that tribal wars took place in the African interior without cessation, and that it was better for a man to be taken prisoner and made a domestic slave or even sold into slavery, than to be killed and perhaps eaten.

On a slave raid the object was to get the prisoner alive and with luck, he might survive the trip to America or Arabia. On balance, the slave trade (despite its inferno-like horrors) may have saved more lives than it cost. In any case it is the origin of a great many healthy, useful and progressive Negro communities in the Western world.

(Inside Africa, John Gunther, Harper & Brothers, 1955, excerpts)

Rand Paul And Libertarianism Inc.’s Decay Into Anti-White “Anti-Racism”

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 How low can you go.......?


In a move condemned even by Jennifer Rubin, Rand Paul poses with Al Sharpton. So now it appears that House GOP Whip Steve Scalise did not after all speak to David Duke’s EURO group, although the news is disseminating suspiciously slowly [Steve Scalise spoke to civic association meeting, not white nationalist conference, David Duke adviser Kenny Knight says, by Julia O’Donoghue,, December 31, 2014].

This presumably means that the Main Stream Media will be thwarted, for now, in its obvious intent to spread the smear to Senator Rand Paul via his father [If you’re a politician and your chummy past with neo-Nazis resurfaces, don’t worry. Ask Ron Paul, by Jeb Lund, The Guardian, December 30, 2015]. But there can be no doubt that, if Paul had been brought under more pressure, he would have groveled. Perhaps the most ominous trend on the American Right today is libertarians’ adoption of prevailing “anti-racism” dogma, to the point where they can increasingly only be interpreted as overtly anti-White.

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‘They Had a List of Full Names of Christians in the Building’: Masked Gunmen Storm Living Complex and Kidnap 13 Christians

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Image via Google Maps

Masked gunmen in central Libya kidnapped 13 Coptic Christians on Saturday after seven were abducted days earlier, said a witness and a priest, in a new wave of assaults against Egypt’s Christians working in the war-torn North African nation plagued with Islamic extremists.

Witness Hanna Aziz told The Associated Press that the gunmen in the Libyan city of Sirte went room to room in their residence at 2:30 a.m. Saturday and asked for identification papers to separate Muslim workers from Christians. Aziz says the gunmen handcuffed the Christians and drove away with them.

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Jack Hunter pushes establishment falsehoods about blacks and the police

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Jack Hunter was a minor radio personality in Charleston, SC from around 2000 to 2008. His main subject matter was the Confederate flag. He wore a Mexican style wrestling mask, and refused to give out his real name. He claimed that his right-wing views put him in danger.

Around 2009, Jack Hunter proudly declared that he stood by everything he wrote and said he was “even more radical now.” Around the same time he went on the Political Cesspool Radio Show and proudly declared that the late Dr. Samuel Francis was his favorite author. Francis is the author of the CofCC Statement of Principals. He also boasted on the radio and his own website about being a former activist with the right-wing League of the South.

Then he started writing for the left-wing Charleston City Paper. The City Paper told him that he had to use his real name and a his real picture. No wrestling masks allowed. Suddenly Jack Hunter was a lukewarm moderate, denouncing conservatives for being too hard on Obama.

Jack Hunter got a job working for US Senator Rand Paul, but continued to rapidly drift to the left. Then one day he resigned from Paul’s staff and publicly denounced himself as “a racist.” Since then Jack Hunter has written establishment left-wing diatribes on racial issues.