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Southern Avenger: Constitutional Conservatives?

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Tar Heels Roll of Honor

Badge worn by members of the North Carolina Confederate Veterans at various reunions around the state and at national conventions.

NC Confederate Flag/John Wilkes Booth/The Tyrant Lincoln

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Two Trillion Dollar Scam from Congress and Obama

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Day by Day


Though I'm not laughing.

36 Pictures From The Construction Of The Titanic

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Per Paul, Harland & Wolff shipyard Belfast Ireland.

construction of the titanic

Ann Barnhardt: Gunwalker: Laying it all out.

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Also check her more recent post "Breaking: Project Gunrunner Funded by "Stimulus"

Two big developments have emerged in Gunwalker. First, as I "tweeted" on June 24th, ATF Director Kenneth Melson has indeed spilled his guts and testified on July 4th before Congressional investigators. Gunwalker goes all the way to Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and that walking manifestation of Incubus and Succubus, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Further, Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea over at Sipsey Street Irregulars have broken news this morning that Holder/Clinton/Obama-Jarrett also were walking guns out of Florida into Honduras. Here's the money quote:

"There are emails in existence where (Special Agent in Charge Virginia) O’Brien has advised those involved that Tampa does not have to report their walked guns because Tampa FD is not a part of Southwest Border or Project Gunrunner."

Click Here for the full citation.

Whoopsie. I guess the "home office" did know all about Gunwalker, told other offices about it, and set up similar schemes with other ATF offices.

Multiple points:

1. Don't kid yourselves. This Obama regime gunwalking business is obviously going on all over the country. Don't think for a second that it was "just Tampa" in addition to the Mexican border. I would look for more ATF field offices to be revealed as virtual weaponry depots for enemies of the United States.

2. Now we know why Hillary Clinton and Obama were falling all over themselves to support and prop-up the Honduran Marxist dictator-wannabe, Manuel Zelaya back in 2009. I never could figure out why they would create such blatantly unflattering, pro-Marxist optics for the Obama regime for a small country like Honduras. Now it all makes perfect sense. Zelaya attempted to overthrow the Honduran constitution and install himself as dictator for life, a la Hugo Chavez. The Honduran Congress AND Supreme Court followed their Constitutional Rule of Law to the letter and removed Zelaya. Within hours Obama and Clinton were threatening Honduras and demanding that the Marxist dictator Zelaya be re-installed. Now we know why. Obama and Clinton were arming Zelaya and were coordinating with Zelaya to run arms through Honduras. Presumably the deal was that some of the arms would stay with Zelaya and most would move into Mexico from the South. Then, Obama and Clinton could "find" U.S. guns in Southern Mexico and Central America, and thus use these optics to bolster their false contention that "90%" of Mexican guns were sourced directly from the U.S. "See? U.S. guns are all the way down in Chiapas State and Guatemala. U.S. guns are everywhere! The Second Amendment simply is not feasible any longer!"

3. Mexican president Felipe Calderon has also parroted the Obama/Clinton fake statistics claiming that "90%" of the guns in Mexico came from the U.S. This strongly implies that the Obama regime colluded with Mexico City on this Gunwalker action with the objective of using the resulting bloodshed to suspend the Second Amendment and disarm the people of the United States.

THIS IS TREASON. This is the epitome of treason. The Obama/Clinton machine has directly coordinated with outside governments to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, and has facilitated the invasion of the United States by a de facto non-uniformed Mexican military in the form of narco-gangs, who, it is argued, are the real power in Mexico City already.

4. This is also textbook SEDITION. In attempting to create optics that implicated the Second Amendment to the Constitution as being responsible for arming narco-terrorists and the resulting mass murder, the Obama/Clinton machine has engaged in attempted insurrection against the established lawful order, namely the Constitution. They have subversively attempted to stir up rebellion against the Constitution by fraudulently stirring up commotion against the Constitution. This "commotion" took the form of the calculated murder of hundreds of Mexican civilians, law enforcement officers and regular military and the murder of at least two U.S. law enforcement officers.

5. Obama personally acknowledged these acts of treason and sedition when he told Sarah Brady on March 30, 2011 that gun control in the U.S. was coming, but that "we have to go through a few processes. Under the radar."

Nothing short of criminal arrest and trial is morally acceptable for Obama, Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Holder. Every one of these people should spend the rest of their lives in Florence, Colorado. Since Obama appears to not be a citizen of the U.S., but rather a dual citizen of the U.K. and Indonesia, he should be tried as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy combatant. The rest should be tried for treason, sedition and murder.

A Call for Attorneys: The Law and


=========================== has enemies. The proprietor, Dr. David A. Yeagley, has earned a good deal of opposition. Some of it is independent malice from individuals; some of it is inevitable cooperation of the internet itself, and the corporate entities operating there in. (I wouldn’t want to flatter myself that I have drawn so grand and awesome opposition because I was so very important that I must be opposed so magnificently.)

I am an American Indian, a member of the Comanche Nation. I happen to be an American patriot. This seems untenable, unacceptable, and intolerable to my opponents. To undo my “influence,” their basic manoeuver has been simply to claim that I am not Indian. They have used the internet quite effectively to this end, and they have used newspapers. They have also used a university press and a hard copy book published thereby.

Dr. David A. Yeagley, Comanche. Photo
by SKY, 2008.

The only reasonable thing for me to do was to file a suit against them. There were a variety of torts, but the focus became libel. I began to search for an attorney. My main problem, of course, was the fact that I did not have any resources, financial or otherwise. In the state of Oklahoma, I searched for an attorney for nearly two years. I managed to get a few “legal” letters written (at enormous cost) before any filing occurred. But I was unable to find anyone to commit. I searched also at a national level for an attorney willing to take such a case. Pro bono was probably the chief inhibition, to say nothing of the fact that Oklahoma attorneys are not particularly versed in libel, nor were there any willing to take on such corporations as Los Angeles Times, Google,, or the University of Nebraska.

It took nearly two years, but I finally found an attorney, who, for a retainer, would take the case. His name: Edward F. Saheb, and Iranian American with an office in Norman, Oklahoma. He was recommended to me by a very dear friend of mine, also Iranian American. Mr. Saheb had the nerve, the chutzpah, and the sense of initiative. I borrowed the money for a retainer, and the suit was filed November 4, 2009.

Since then, there have been a number of case manoeuvers and the progress has obviously been very slow. But the manoeuvers will continue, certainly. Two default judgments have been granted in our favor, but we are not yet certain of the terms and damages yet.

What we need is more manpower, basically. To sue a corporation that is able to buy the best defense attorneys available is an overwhelming assignment for one man, Mr. Saheb. The amount of research required, case law studied, and responses drawn up, is beyond intimidating. Although the libel against me was started apparently by individuals, it came to involved major corporations in support. We must be able to meet the challenges of the corporations as well as the individuals.

For instance, one Al Carroll started out by using my personal name for his “hate” site against me: He published his libel there. Eventually, he got his libel against me published in a hard copy book. The University of Nebraska released it in 2008. There is obviously a big difference between suing Al Carroll and suing the University of Nebraska.

By now, Google is featuring Al Carroll’s site at the top of the listings under “David Yeagley,” whether on the Google blog search, or the Google general search. Again, there is a big difference between suing Al Carroll and suing Google, Inc.

In the recent past (January, 2009), has appealed for financial support of this case. It may be a better approach now to appeal for legal support in terms of manpower, or personnel, as in paralegals, and especially other attorneys.

This case is really of national, historical import. It has to do with the dignity and honor of being American Indian; with free speech; with trademarked names; with libel and malice; with tortious interference with contract; and even with identity theft. It has to do with the integrity of one man and the combined forces of a cadre of opponents and massive corporations in apparently intentional cooperation against me. An American Indian who is identified a conservative, Republican, American patriot, will not be allowed, so they intend. The powers that be are set to destroy him. This appears to be the situation.

As an American Indian, of course, I can easily demonstrate my identity, directly back to my ancestor, Bad Eagle (quin-ne kish-su-it), 1839-1909. Our family has all the records. I am willing to sacrifice means, to go to court, and to “prove” who I am. (Unlike the current president of the United States, who is willing to pay abundant means to “hide” who he is, to avoid any legal requirements,) I am proud of who I am, and am willing to demonstrate it. No, I never dreamed there could be such a question, or than anyone would have such an exotic notion as to deny my identity; yet, it seems the burden is on me to prove who I am. My opponents say I am not who I am. I say they should have to prove that. But, all they needed to to is to claim, in public, that I wasn’t. They didn’t sue me. But, I have to sue them.

The stigma of court will never die. The fact that I and my family was accused will never change. But, the very least I can hope for is public, legal justification. Therefore, I sued them.

At this point, I am anticipating an overwhelming task of taking on the corporations. When the case is passed the initial manoeuvers, the weight of responsibility will be inundating. We need the participation of other attorneys or legal aids, not just financial support.

Therefore, appeals to all and any attorneys who are willing to offer time and effort to this prosecution. There are serious challenges to American values, and it will take great effort to defend the basic dignity of personhood and its inalienable rights.

If any firm or individual attorney is interested in our case, please contact me through this site. There will be major actions before this coming November, 2011. We need to be prepared.

Thank you for your consideration.

Islam in America A Religious and Constitutional Dilemma

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Mike Scruggs

Most Americans place a high value on religious freedom. Our religious freedom is guaranteed by the first 16 words of the First Amendment to the Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

America’s founders felt strongly about the issue because many had experienced persecution and discrimination as dissenters from established national churches in Europe.

However, we should note that it was the U.S. Congress—not state governments—that was forbidden to establish a national church. This protected several states that had loosely enforced official denominations at the time of its passage in 1789. Furthermore, the Amendment prohibits Congress and the Federal government from restricting the free exercise of religion. It protects all the states and their people from potential Federal interference in matters of faith.

A little remembered issue of the Revolutionary War was that the British had threatened to establish Anglican bishops over the Colonies. This threat was especially alarming to the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians who had suffered political discrimination by the British in Northern Ireland. The issue was prominent enough at the time to cause some British officials to refer to the growing resistance to British rule over the Colonies as “the Presbyterian Rebellion.”

It was in complete disregard of the First Amendment that a Jimmy Carter appointed Federal District Judge ordered the State of Alabama to take down its display of the Ten Commandments. In recent years, the Fourteenth Amendment, officially but not legally ratified in 1868 (See my book: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths.), has been used to suppress any outward expression of Christianity under the pretext of protecting religious freedom.

The founders had a strong tendency to equate “religion” with Christianity, or more broadly, Judeo-Christian beliefs. Thus they thought of religious freedom as roughly contained within the brackets of Judeo-Christian belief, but with allowance for agnostic or even atheistic dissent. They did not fully anticipate the consequences of religious freedom for a religion whose foundational doctrines call for heavy-handed and violent suppression of other religions. The Koran, the foremost doctrinal standard of Islam, contains many exhortations to violence against Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims. These doctrines, frequently elaborated in the teachings and example of Muhammad, also oppose democratic institutions and the concept of Constitutional government. Hence Islam presents a prickly dilemma to American thinking about religious freedom. Alexis de Tocqueville spoke frankly:

“I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that there had been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad.”

Yet under the influence of multiculturalism, political correctness, lavishly financed Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, and political expediency the three most recent American presidents have called Islam a religion of peace and tolerance. A more thorough study of the Koran, the teachings of Muhammad, history, and current events completely refutes that notion.

Recently, Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain was asked if he would appoint a Muslim to a responsible position in his administration. He answered with a brave and forthright, “No!” and elaborated on the dangers of Sharia (Islamic Law) undermining the Constitution. A primary goal of Islam is to bring all nations under Sharia. Cain is one of several Republican candidates who have courageously demonstrated some knowledge of Islam. Others are hiding under political correctness blankets.

Later Cain backed off somewhat by saying he would appoint a Muslim who swore to support the Constitution. But even swearing to support the Constitution is little guarantee of true allegiance to the Constitution and the good of the American people. We have seen many American leaders disregard the Constitution they swore to protect and enforce, while saluting it with empty rhetoric. President Obama is not the only Constitutional covenant breaker, but he is among the worst.

More sobering in regards to relying solely on official swearing to uphold the Constitution is the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya, which derives it authority from 92:17 and 49:13 in the Koran. This doctrine allows Muslims to lie to and deceive non-Muslims in order to protect or advance Islam. Koran 9:29 also allows Muslims to suppress non-Muslims unless they convert to Islam.

Thus appointing Muslims to high office or even allowing them to immigrate here and become citizens presents considerably more risk to the American people and to the republican form of government guaranteed by the Constitution than the adherents of most other religions.

Americans are thus faced with a dilemma on religious freedom when applied to Muslims. Unlike other religious freedom issues, this one entails high risks to national security, public safety, Constitutional government, and the continued religious freedom of non-Muslims. The Supreme Court of the United States has, however, consistently ruled that the right to exercise religious freedom is not absolute. Head-hunting, cannibalism, child-sacrifice, and polygamy are not allowed.

Complicating our dilemma is the fact that most American voters and political leaders are ignorant of the true nature of Islam. Furthermore, the chains of political correctness are so heavily forged in academia, the mainstream media, government, and many highly secularized churches that we may not recognize the demise of our security and freedoms until we have been swallowed up by the radical changes that are already overtaking us.

Many politicians and political candidates will try to avoid the issue or shove our dilemma under a comfortable rhetorical rug, but their lack of courage could be nation-destroying.

Confederate flag has meaning to southerners

As soon as my boxes were unloaded from the truck and cluttered the bland room I would live in for my freshman year, I didn’t even bother saying goodbye to my family.

After I hurried them from my room, I moved to my packed boxes and tore them apart.

I was on a mission.

Seconds later, hung in my room was a symbol of pride for my culture and heritage, but a misunderstood symbol that divides races and states within the United States: a Confederate flag.

I remember during my U.S. history class we discussed which government was better, the Confederacy’s or the Union’s.

I debated in favor of the Confederate states, since each state operated separately under regulations unanimously approved by all states within the Confederacy. Then, war and the economy would be contained in separate states.

Also, since approval had to be unanimous, the voices of others wouldn’t be underrepresented.

My classmates knew of my Southern heritage and referred to me as a ‘redneck.’

Redneck, no, I wasn’t.

Southern, I am.

Generations of my family hail from North Carolina, and they worked their asses off to get my family and me to where we are today.

After that history class, a black student approached me in the cafeteria and called me a “n****r hater.”

I was as insulted as ever. I never deliberately burden someone else’s life by mocking them for their alleged stereotypes.

A black student calling me a racial hater? Sorry, but wasn’t it you who just dropped a slur many are insulted by? Can you say, hypocrite?

But that’s beside the point.

Because I proudly display a flag of what America could have been doesn’t mean I’m pro-slavery or support the mistreatment of non-whites, it represents my family’s success over the same battles any other lower-class person had to overcome.

Not every white person owned slaves. Some of the poor even enslaved themselves through semi-indentured servitude, where they worked on plantations to provide their families with necessities like food and shelter. Because they were poor, people like my family didn’t have a valued role in society, even if they were white.

When it comes down to it, would you be willing to do anything for your family, even if it meant slavery or death?

Even though such a contract was voluntary, was it really? The lifestyle might not have been ideal, but it kept the family from getting cold six feet under.

If anything, the Confederate flag should exist as a mere storybook fable or fairytale. It represent something that could have been, but never was.

The flag represented a government, not segregation.

It represented a political system where sovereign states operated separately and followed unanimously approved regulations.

I don’t know if these students slept through the class, but I guess they missed the part where there were five border slave states within the Union, and segregation existed in the North and the South.

But that doesn’t stop people from taking the North’s side in debates or from displaying the American flag.

In the modern South, many households display some symbol of the Civil War-era South, specifically the Confederate flag.

The same flags can be seen in the North, too.

Whether they are flying in the wind, off the back of a Ford truck or hanging alongside the modern American flag in someone’s front yard, these flags aren’t flaunted because those who own them are proud of the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with the South.

They hang the flag to show their history and lifestyle. Confederate flags are also displayed and sold in Northern states like Pennsylvania and around battlegrounds like Gettysburg.

It’s not a way of proudly expressing the division of the country, but a nod to American history.

Though our families either came from Southern territories, Northern territories or even a combination of both, we are all now united as one nation, under one flag.

Though the South and its seemingly cruel ways were lost in the Civil War, social injustices also occurred in the North. They followed the United States into modern society.

So before you dare label anyone with such detestable slurs and allegations, check your facts.

Warrenton, VA 600 Confederate Dead

Mosby Country, my old stomping grounds.

The statue is dedicated to those 600 Confederates who died in the two Battles at Manassas. They were disinterred from their burial spots, which were unmarked, and are now resting beneath this monument. One account states that the soldiers had died in makeshift hospitals throughout the area and their grave markers were removed and used as firewood by Union soldiers.

The following inscription can be found on another side of the marble shaft of this majestic monument.

Once again, a community has come together to make sure that strangers, be it in life or death, have been acknowledged and thanked for their service to the cause.







Middleburg, Warrenton, Marshall, Fredericksburg/Raleigh

2. (Warrenton Cemetery with Confederate Monument in background. My mother bought the plot, then took my father to see it, but Daddy complained that since there were no trees it would be too hot! BT)

3. (Warrenton Cemetery. This is an old picture, and the monument area has been refurbished. There are stones around the complete circle with the names of each individual grouped by state. The office has a map with name/location of all Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery.BT)


4. (This is beside the Marshall National Bank which now has another name. Marshall was called Salem during the War. Daddy was on the board of directors. I grew up in Marshall from five on, a "city" of 600!:) BT)

Mosby Troop Disbandment Monument


Mosby, a story.


Mosby's Tombstone With (Two of my five Daughters)

Bonnie and Christine

"Mosby Country" Friends

43 Weapons in Phoenix Traffic Stop Linked to ATF's 'Fast and Furious'

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-06-11

Injustice Everywhere

Don't give a monkey a loaded AK-47

Things I never thought I’d see here

Australia Map

HERE are some things I never thought I’d see in this country I love.

I never thought I’d see people picketing shops because their owners were Jews.

But in Melbourne last Friday, 19 protesters were arrested as they tried to stop people from shopping at the Max Brenner chocolate and coffee store in Melbourne’s QV.

In Sydney last month, Leftist and Muslim protesters did the same to a Max Brenner shop in Sydney, claiming the Jewish-owned franchise company supported the Israeli Army.

I’ve seen pictures of Jewish shops being attacked before, of course, but they were in black and white, in another country at another ghastly time.

But this is Australia. Today.

Here’s another thing I never thought I’d see in this country I’ve loved for its fair go.

I never thought I’d see academics sign a petition demanding someone be stopped from simply arguing.

But in Western Australia last week, that’s just what was done by 50 academics, from professors to a PhD candidate specialising in the representation of the Salvation Army in Finnish cinema, who demanded the University of Notre Dame stop warming sceptic Christopher Monckton from speaking there.

I’ve seen pictures of people being silenced for heresy before, of course, but they were in history books, drawn from inquisitions centuries ago, in another continent.

But this is Australia. Today.

Oh, and I never thought I’d see people getting doctorates in Australia on how Finnish films depicted the Salvation Army. But they do in the University of Western Australia, and, to be honest, that’s a first anywhere.

Here’s another thing I never thought I’d see in this country, which I’ve loved for those great home-making suburbs that artists once mocked for being boring.

I never thought I’d see parents killed after telling off naughty teenagers, or great masses of people brawling in our streets.

Yet this week, a Melbourne mum, with her 11-year-old daughter beside her, was stabbed to death after confronting youths who’d egged her house. Yet this week, 300 youths fought each other and police in a Melbourne suburb.

Oh, I’d heard of such stuff about the meanest streets of the United States, years ago.

But this is Australia. Today


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Vietnamese Floral Display

For years Billee and I have passed this house and marveled at the floral display at 3725 No. Vassault St. in Tacoma, Washington. Last year there was no display and we had wondered if the Asian man who owns this house was ill. This year the display was back in force and we stopped this past Sunday to photograph it. Billee went up to the owner and told him how much we had enjoyed his garden all these years and he invited us to tour his creation. We found the backyard to be as beautiful as the front. He is Vietnamese, shy, very soft spoken, and speaks very little English, so we couldn’t discuss too much with him about the garden. I hope you all enjoy this as much as we did.

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NATO on the Ground in Somalia?

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American Boots Hit the Ground in Somalia After Drone Attacks ... Somalia is now the sixth country over which the United States is flying attack drones. Last month, the same Special Operations Command unit currently operating in Yemen carried out an attack on two leaders of the Somali militant group al-Shabab in a June 23 mission. The Washington Post reported the attack on Wednesday, and on Friday, Somalia's defense minister says that American military forces touched down to collect the bodies of the insurgents. – The Atlantic Wire

Dominant Social Theme: NATO is at war with numerous states now, but these wars are not its fault. They are defensive struggles.

Free-Market Analysis: Are America's wars expanding? NATO's wars are really America's wars, so that in a sense wherever NATO goes America's military-industrial complex follows. NATO is an engagement force of the Anglosphere. We would argue (as we have before) that as the size and intensity of these wars increase, the Anglosphere power elite behind them is gradually creating a regional World War III.


Oleg Volk speaks: Back in the USSR ... it sure feels that way lately

Our grandparents once defeated the real Nazis. These days, they are submitting to groping by the wannabes.

American parents would never hand their kids over to child molesters ... unless those molesters wear blue uniforms.

Those who value the Constitutional right to privacy just have to avoid airports ... and train stations ... and sea ports ... and subways ... and now public roads. If they stay home, TSA won't molest them ... but local SWAT just might.

The Torch And The Lemon

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As I commented, they remind me to a lesser extent of Cathal Brugha.

"He appeared to be the very incarnation of one of those brave Irish warriors of yore, the story of whose bravery in battle has been handed down to us in song and story. Cathal Brugha's courage in 1916 and the calmness with which he then faced the British when riddled with their bullets (**25 wounds) is only surpassed by the epic of his own passing in 1922. Then, alone of all the garrison, he refused to surrender, walked towards his enemies with his revolver blazing until he fell, mortally wounded."

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The Torch

The Lemon


Over kill, of course, and needless to say, that is the point of our tyrannical government. Coming to your local PD soon. Well, maybe not down here, as they still have some semblance of sense.

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