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Trump Reportedly Considering Launching Fox News Rival Network

 Trump Reportedly Considering Launching Fox News Rival Network – OutKick 
If there is a business that Trump knows, it is media. No one person in the past several decades has played it better or had a bigger impact on its outlook, credibility, and direction — from his phone-ins to Fox & Friends to CNN changing its strategy, to MSNBC’s “Russia, Russia, Russia” coverage to sports personalities like Jemele Hill changing their careers. Finally, he exposed the media to biases that many suspected but couldn’t prove.

With Joe Biden closing in on 270 electoral votes, reports have surfaced that President Donald Trump is mulling the idea of launching a news network to compete with Fox News.

According to ABC, Trump is furious at Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, and there is a belief a Trump-led network could steal away Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson:

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There has been a revolution against red state America, not an election

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 Paul Craig Roberts

There has been a revolution against red state America, not an election.

There are many credible reports of organized vote fraud committed by Democrats.  The only question is whether the Republican establishment will support challenging the documented fraud or whether Trump will be pressured to concede in order to protect the undeserved reputation of American Democracy.

For those influenced by a partisan media that is denying the massive fraud that occurred, here is an overview of the elements of the fraud and the legal remedies.

A Republic — If You Can Keep It: Doing so will require that conservatives become as involved as devoted leftists.


According to American lore, a woman asked Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who had just adjourned from the Constitutional Convention, what sort of government the august body had just created. His answer was blunt, accurate, and cautionary: “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” Whether accurately portrayed or not, the truth of this vignette survived Franklin’s life and will continue to remain true: A democratic republic cannot exist without an informed, politically active people. Otherwise, its people are subject to “intrigue,” to borrow a word from Franklin’s era.

The Dems’ Playbook

As if to foot-stomp Franklin’s warning, the scenario playing out in the 2020 election is gridlock in Washington — assuming Republicans do end up winning the Senate and Joe Biden does hold on to his declared victory in the presidential contest over President Donald Trump. That victory was initiated in part by the Democrats’ standard playbook of voter fraud and deception. This “intrigue” is now poised to undermine the very legitimacy of our government, with unpredictable, dramatic consequences.

Of course, Democrats are experts at intrigue. Their figurehead leader, Joe Biden, counseled calm and used the book of Ecclesiastes to declare, “This is the time to heal in America.”

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Is Separation the Answer? (Half the country hates the other half and something needs to change)

As of Friday, November 6, the votes are still being counted in at least six states. The large pro-Trump margins that seemed to prevail late election night have now disappeared as mail in votes, many of doubtful legality have begun to trickle in. Large Democratically-controlled cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta have miraculously produced tranches of almost completely Biden votes—legal Republican poll watchers have been excluded from observing the vote count—mail-in votes with unverified signatures of doubtful provenance have been counted. In short the safeguards that would guarantee a fair election have been egregiously ignored and violated.

Philadelphia, heavily Democratic and where armed Black militia groups have been known to exert what they call “vigilance” over polling places, once again seems like “ground zero” in this year’s election. Whereas almost all counties in Pennsylvania were strongly supportive of the president, the local machine in urban Philadelphia was once again grinding out huge—and unbelievable—majorities for Joe Biden, almost like clockwork.

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America In Limbo Due to 2020 Election


Our POTUS will not go down without a fight. He WILL NOT concede. This election was stolen from We The People. We will prevail but we need your help! Or we lose our democracy. Our Great Republic

America – United We Stand – Divided We Fall. I’m sure you have all heard that statement a few times in your lifetime.

Ask yourself- who benefits from a weak and fallen America?

We are at war folks. Plain and simple.

Civil War? – Yes

World War? – Yes

Bio-War? – Yes

Cyber-War? – Yes Most definitely

Silent-War? – not anymore!

However…this 2020 election is FAR from over. The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet, and I doubt she ever will relating to our 2020 POTUS Trump.

That there are two Americas has never seemed more obvious. Each group has constructed its own view or perception of reality — of good & evil, right and wrong, political beliefs, faith & spirituality, of this election infection plandemic and so much more.

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Fox News, RIP: The Era of TV News is Over

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Make no mistake about it: Fox News is the network of Paul Ryan. For over a year now Ryan has been gloating that he was going to use his position on Fox's board to 'do something' about Trump. This wasn't a secret to anyone who has been paying attention to Fox over the course of the past year. Day by day Fox News slowly became CNN lite and the lone network of dissent in a sea of leftist propaganda succumbed to the will of our corporate oligarchy.

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Read it: 39 GOP House Members Send Letter to Barr: Investigate Voter Fraud


On Saturday, 39 House Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr requesting the Department of Justice to investigate allegations of potential voter fraud.

The letter asserted, “With widespread reports of irregularities, particularly in the vote counting process, it is time for you to use the resources of the Department to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that is fully consistent with state and federal law. The letter added, “The U.S. Marshals Service is also available to ensure that judicial orders are carried out. When it comes to a federal election, it should not matter whether those judicial orders come from a state or federal court.”

The full text of the letter reads:

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Sekulow: Campaign Should Be ‘Demanding a Manual Recount’ in Places with Software that Glitched in MI

 Sekulow: Campaign Should Demand Recount in Areas with Faulty Software

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said that the Trump campaign’s lawyers should demand a manual recount of any other areas that used the same software as Antrim County, MI, a county that had errors with reported election results.

Sekulow said,  “If 30 states have used a software that there’s already proved to be a glitch of 6,000 votes in one balloting area, and now you’ve got over 30 states using it, lawyers should be — for the campaign, in every one of those jurisdictions, demanding the fix and demanding a manual recount.”

A Trucker Strike In November Could Be Another Nail In The Supply Chain Coffin

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Rumor has it that a large number of independent truckers are planning multiple strikes in November during which they’ll stop transporting... well, everything. Considering that our supply chain is already in precariously bad shape, imagine the impact if transport also came to a halt.

Here’s how it’s being organized.

There’s a group on Facebook (for now – we all know how it goes on Facebook) called Stop the Tires Truckers that is organizing the strike. As of the writing of this article, more than 15,000 people had joined the newly formed group.

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Rudy Giuliani: (Going to the Supreme Court for sure) Legal Battles Incoming – Louder with Crowder


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Project Veritas


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefelll These are the times that try men's souls Veritas is on the ground convincing other whistleblowers to come public. Now is the time. Be Brave Do Something or 914-908-2300 11:32 AM 11/9/20 Twitter Web App'

Nevada Shenanigans: “The affidavit makes clear that we’re not dealing with oversights or sloppiness, this was intentional criminal conduct.”

 Whistleblower Says He Was Told to Process Ballots Without Signature Verification

Nevada’s Republican Party says a whistleblower is claiming that elections officials willingly violated the rules for handling mail-in ballots.

“A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada Republican Party wrote in a Twitter post Saturday.

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Arizona: Trump Lawsuit Alleges ‘Incorrectly Rejected Votes’ After Cutting Biden Lead To Nearly Half A Point

 WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 04: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on election night in the East Room of the White House in the early morning hours of November 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump spoke shortly after 2am with the presidential race against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden still too close to call. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The Trump campaign has sued Arizona’s Maricopa County alleging that poll workers may have disenfranchised thousands of in-person voters on election day by incorrectly handling some ballots.

The campaign announced its lawsuit in a press release on Saturday, claiming that some ballots cast on election day were marked as “overvotes” by the machines processing them, meaning the machine found that more votes were marked on the ballot than is allowed. Many overvote ballots were then canceled instead of being taken by a poll worker and counted by hand, the lawsuit says.

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